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Morning or Night Person?


28 members have voted

  1. 1. Well?

    • Morning
    • Night
    • Afternoon
    • A different, oddly specific time not covered above
    • I prefer to be awake all the time
    • I prefer to sleep all the time

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3 hours ago, DabDeity710 said:

Unless it's being TOO loud, something I'm habitually accused of to the point where cops have showed up on my front lawn multiple times:grimace:


Fuck em, don't hate me cuz I'm a 20 year old dj and you're an old and decrepit nobody or someone who uses the badge to get back at the world for being such a loser in your teen years. I was a loser too during my teen years, that's no excuse to be scum. Thank god last time that happened for the first time ever the cop who showed was not only not a complete piece of garbage, but actually a pretty cool guy. More cops should be like him instead of sullying the badge for the few good ones out there. Maybe there wouldn't be so many police shootings if the the majority of them did their job the right way, just a thought. Maybe songs like Fuck The Police wouldn't exist of there wasn't a need for them to existo.O


Nah that can't be it. Death to all women and all the non white people, Trump for life. At least that's the vibe I get from my governmento.Oo.Oo.OCuz let's not forget: there are some bad hombres on both sides:haha::haha::haha:


Wrong topic bro

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2 hours ago, Nabull said:

Wrong topic bro

Nah son the context shows that my neighbors and certain local cops AREN'T night people I was actually pushing the convo forward

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44 minutes ago, DabDeity710 said:

Nah son the context shows that my neighbors and certain local cops AREN'T night people I was actually pushing the convo forward

Still wrong topic bro

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26 minutes ago, Nabull said:

Still wrong topic bro

Hmmm I wonder weather or not Trump is a morning or night person


Definitely a night person:haha:


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21 hours ago, thefarmboy said:

What is this "morning" people keep speaking of? It can't be all that good.

I find that I am more productive and creative in the evening.

I hear you. I am absolutely useless in the morning.

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i am the embodiment of a night person, as i wake up at around 3-5 pm during the day, and go to bed at around 8-9 am in the morning. and that sorta is a 50/50 for me, as i can usually avoid any big conflicts in my household (i have around 5 step-siblings who get into trouble with the police almost every year), but i have to deal with on the weekends only getting 1-3 hours of sleep. 

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Don't have a particular better or worse towards being up morning/afternoon/evening/night but in recent I prefer trying to be a morning person. Don't really like being a night owl anymore.


I like waking up in the morning, grabbing breakfast, then working out (if I feel like it. Sometimes I do before breakfast) then going about my day from there. Started lifting weights as of November, been keeping at it, enjoying the results ^_^

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