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  1. Yes, only playing Basketball. College sucks
  2. Sounds suspicious
  3. No it has no effect on vocabulary
  4. Still wrong topic bro
  5. Wrong topic bro
  6. Join the discord bro 

    1. ThePJzer


      I'm just about to retire for the evening. I will this weekend though. ^_^

    2. Nabull
  7. If you hate something don't go inside it
  8. Don't talk about her then
  9. Not if you show us a picture
  10. Inazuma Eleven
  11. 7766 7767 Eljay made it
  12. 7762 7763
  13. @Tanisyou wouldn't need 8gb + RAM. If you can spend the 700 you should buy what Scyrous has recommended