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  1. If you hate something don't go inside it
  2. Don't talk about her then
  3. Not if you show us a picture
  4. Inazuma Eleven
  5. 7766 7767 Eljay made it
  6. 7762 7763
  7. @Tanisyou wouldn't need 8gb + RAM. If you can spend the 700 you should buy what Scyrous has recommended
  8. I need you to make me a sig .Its final you can use kuroko no basket,hxh,naruto characters Thanks
  9. I can do neither to my satisfaction lol
  10. Get Out Great movie, credits to @DabDeity710
  11. This maybe
  12. @Taniswhat will you be using it for?
  13. Hop on board for Season 3!!!