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  2. Forum loads way faster now. 😃

    1. Karyl


      You're welcome :)

    2. Pollux


      meep meep




  3. Aight where my peeps at

    1. Koby


      We've mostly migrated to Discord. Come join us: https://discord.kametsu.com

  4. Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard, Sony buys Bungie.... Whats Nintendo gonna buy???

    1. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      Nintendo's gonna buy your wallet.

  5. Sharing Linux distros


    1. Koby
    2. Hark0n


      Well hello there!

  6. Twas a few day's before Christmas, with bad weather reports, and the folks of Texas were out wearing shorts. Rushing to the grocery store for milk and potatoes, and maybe some candles in case of tornadoes. While many are dreaming a Christmas of white, I'm wondering if I'll need my A/C tonight. Before you start thinking my cheer sounds too reckless, I'm just saying Merry Christmas from Texas!!

    1. Xykan


      Merry Christmas, Koby. 

  7. BDRyan here (aka IkarosBD), just a quick heads-up that I have dropped my old persona and adopted a new one. I'm still the same 'ol person as before, just new name.

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