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  1. Today
  2. Rewatching Dagon Ball Z from episode 1, this is going to take me months lol... I just rewatched the first Dragon ball, but think i'll skip GT this time around ;)

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    2. basheer_naimi


      Watch Dragon Ball KAI the pacing is better and almost no filler

    3. Emrys


      You get more story with the original and not just the fight scenes and I like the filler in dragon ball.

    4. Arian


      @Emrys If we're getting technical, the FUNimation Blu-rays are not the original dub of Ocean or FUNi but I think I know what you mean so don't worry about it. ;)

  3. Yesterday
  4. I got the Instrumental version of Despacito stuck in my head and it won't stop, The one with All the instruments playing it.

    1. elegeng


      Haven't heard the instrumental version. I should give it a go then if it sounds so catchy.

  5. Having issues with Kodi Subscene add-on. For some reason it simply says "No Subtitles Found" whenever I search.


    It worked find before.

  6. How long until someone rips Neo Yokio?

    1. Arian


      It's been done already. Not sure how you feel about the quality but it's been done technically.



    2. Beemo


      Neat. Thanks for the tip.

  7. :D Ok everyone. I'm ready to upload, re-upload cartoons and everything that would help others to get back the memories of their childhood...which this site helped me as well. Let's begin. :)

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    2. VSHD


      @olympustenay Well...for the moment I'll try to get and reupload what's missing or what users need...like you. :)


      @EljayFlintok I just discovered a new hosting website, no limit on storage and traffic...I'll upload there...and maybe torrents as well...I hate slow speed hosting websites as well :/

    3. EljayFlintok


      A new hosting website? Do share your find. Thanks. 

    4. VSHD


      There we go: https://sendit.cloud:D This one of the best hosting services! 

  8. Last week
  9. The announcement of D.Gray-Man Season 3...


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    2. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      Than you're missing out greatly. Good luck.

    3. Inverti


      I'll decide when I'm missing out on anything, thank you mom.

    4. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      You're welcome, kiddo. And don't forget to brush your teeth before bed time. ;)

  10. I'm a little bit insulted by Disney UK's new "Disney Life" streaming service. I see no quality settings anywhere and shows that should be HD aren't. 


    First second of every episode of something: block city.


    Not going to bother with that then. In a world with 4K i'm genuinely shocked by how poor the quality is. Its not even 720p!

    1. Symb


      It's typical of disney.. I expect nothing more.

    2. Abandoned


      Just another proof that pirates offer a better service, not just a cheaper one

  11. This is the best effing opening in any series Ever! Music and production. 
    Simply Beautiful. Play it and Enjoy!



    The original soundtrack, which I have downloaded, is 10 minutes long !!

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    2. emjay911


      Where is the dislike button when you need one !?

    3. EljayFlintok


      Man, ratings for this show go through the roof... need to check it out more, thanks, emjay! The opening does make you wanting more. 

    4. emjay911


      @EljayFlintok This is now one of my top three favourite shows. 

      Its as good as the opening and more. Both quite original.

  12. Does anyone have Arthur season 18 in 1080p?

  13. Fuck. I did it again. Working on Tsuredure Children now...

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    2. IkarosBD



    3. NeutralHatred


      Blame Renzourin.

    4. Renzourin


      I refuse! I shall blow up your inbox! till it gives up on life!

  14. I shall be down for the next few days in order to upgrade my system!

    Lots of new downloads with higher quality coming soon, so just be patient!

    See you all very soon!


    Best regards,


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    2. Tooncore


      @Albandyou alright no problem and thank you.


      @DabDeity710 yes very much needed!


      @Duckgoose yes I do have that one and never opened it up yet, still in plastic along many other titles yet to be shared. I will get to uploading it!

    3. VSHD


      OMG! God bless you! Cannot wait! :o:D 

    4. Pippa72
  15. I've been listening to, mostly, the same music since high school (10 years now. Man, I'm old). I may find random anime songs here and there over the years but, that's it. Is Spotify or some other music streaming service worth it? I'm tired of listening to the same music over and over only to find a new song or two, listen to it 1000 times then get sick of it. v.v

    I'm bad at enjoying music, guys.

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    2. Ka44tsUU


      Oh man, I used to be like that for a couple of years! The trick isn't to force yourself aswell, just for the sake of finding music. I can't attest to streaming services since I don't use them, but you try out small things, browsing around soundcloud / YouTube reccs., getting into other genres you'd never listened to mostly before, see how they feel to you, checking out rate lists on some good music review sites, finding artists similiar to the ones you like right now etc., I'm sure you'll find your way.

    3. Ryutai


      My strategy is to subscribe to channels (Mainly youtube but also bandcamp/soundcloud/Niconico) who release music I like while I simultaneously archive like a ton of music especially on the japanese side from a mixture of mikudb (usually browse latest releases) or AnimeBytes/nyaa sometimes from other more obscure sources. There are a few torrents poking round with 500 vocaloid/utauloid albums which are worth looking at if you like that genre (basing this on your previous status post) also playing osu! definitely helps expose me to a ton of music and when you download beatmaps you actually get a 192kbps version of each song so kinda works on that side too. On the other hand subscribing to say spotify is fine albeit there collection of japanese/vocaloid music is far from extensive last time I checked so if that's what your looking for maybe this isn't the solution you are looking for. 

    4. DabDeity710


      Oh you like vocaloid? Oh wait nevermind, I was about to say talk to Moby he'll hook you up only to realize Ryutai is Moby:haha::haha:

  16. Just found my new anime!


    1. Etzimal
    2. Code Geass Fan

      Code Geass Fan

      It's not. And the same voices in Big Windup do the voices here.

    3. Code Geass Fan
  17. Finally ordered a new capture device Aver DVD EZMAKER 7, thanks @PannenkoekenNL for donating half of the price! Please do say is it enough to get high quality audio? Please do help me how to perfectly capture shows with it and the recommended softwares needed! Thank You!

  18. If you use 32-bit CCleaner, please update it. Hackers infected the software with malware. Piriform claims to have fixed the issue so, be sure it is up-to-date. Ensure you have the latest version, 5.34.

    1. Duckgoose


      I use 64-bit, i'll update anyways. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. lucaslink2


      Thanks for the heads up NH.

  19. Ok @Idle and I got LostYears FINALLY caught up on Knight's & Magic. We had to use HorribleSubs for now (so they are considered 'v0'), but we'll replace with new encodes when we batch it after the end of the series dub.


    Oh and we also got Ep 8 of Classroom of the Elite out as well. Go get 'em :P

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    2. IkarosBD


      @NeutralHatred, @Etzimal I imagine that (first off) we were unaware of *why* the encode we were using was stalled...until we found out about all the recent drama. I think it's safe to say that at least played a decent part in encoding activity, and led to Idle and I deciding to just use HS for now given how far behind we were with the show. It was a stall we could not avoid as it did not originate within LostYears but rather, upstream.


      In an emergency, you do what you must. With any luck we can resume from the original encoder we were sourcing from, by the time we batch the show.

    3. Idle


      Still don't know about any drama :3 (only that there is/was some apparently), probably doesn't concern me though.

      Anyways, will try not to stall LostYears stuff anymore, no promises on Kametsu stuff though. They are getting worked on, I just need some time. Not my fault signs aren't consistent throughout the series...

    4. Etzimal


      I'm also unaware of any drama.

  20. Well, I've decided. I'm going to buy the UHD Blu-ray of Batman and Harley Quinn, watch it, then rip it.
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    2. Arian


      Yeah, totally. Especially at that price? Go for it!

    3. jasonnguyen648


      Windows 10, Intel Core 7th Generation (Kaby Lake, between 4 and 8 cores), 8 GB RAM, and SSD drive is the recommended requirement to rip Ultra HD Blu Ray movie. Could take 1 hour to rendering.

    4. DabDeity710


      Your boy huh? This "friend" of yours sounds pretty shady to me:confuse:

  21. Someone find me this Hachioji-P EP. Kthx.

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    2. Ryutai
    3. NeutralHatred


      Ryutai is best.

      @Moodkiller I usually still go for 320 Kbps. Longest time, Windows didn't support FLAC audio. Not sure if Win10 corrected this. Can Androids play FLAC? Haven't tested that.

    4. Ryutai


      I am. 


      Boooooooo lossy peasant FLAC is literally the only way to go, also I can play FLAC on my phone (nexus 5).


      Also re; windows - Microsoft has added native FLAC support in Windows 10. 



  22. Earlier
  23. These two files are giving me hell... if you think you can help in any way, please do, anything is appreciated.


    1. wayshway


      I'll take a look at then after work today. :)

    2. wayshway


      They play fine in TMPGEnc Masterworks 5.

      Please let me know what I could do for you. :)

      Upload them on your Google Drive and share it with me at BobbyCannon999@gmail.com

  24. HaruChika is almost scripted, yay. Only 1 episode left.

  25. Google Drive account also disabled:

    This means I won't upload anymore! Big thanks for the one reporting it... :/

    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. DabDeity710


      This is very sad to see

    3. LanguidIdiot


      Sucks Balls. 

      Goodnight sweet prince.

    4. schmirnoff
  26. When did you become a mod?


    You smell bad. Who allowed this?

  27. Can I just shove a coax cable into the telephone pole outside and then shove the other side into my house and have cable and internet service, completely eliminating the need to deal with Time Warner/Spectrum? That'd be nice.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Catar


      oh man if it did though, I'm pretty close to one of the main lines crossing the ocean. I could just directly into that and get 10TB/s service right?

    3. NeutralHatred


      We can pick up a fucking signal from midair and BAM, interwebs but I can't shove a damn cable into a wooden pole for access to said webs? Technology sucks.

    4. Renzourin


      Most ISP's these days and cable company's for years have had their services gated by ID's which is given to you by the company. Theoritically you could indeed hook into said networks with a coax cable but A i think in america its a felony to tamper with phone lines and B without a valid id the network is gonna reject you.

  28. BitHQ is down! Any word on if it has shut it's doors for good or just experiencing problems or changing servers or such?

    1. wizisi2k


      no clue.  Given another website was down (that isn't in the torrent business but deals with other stuff) for a few days but came back up (server troubles), I am inclined to believe this is a longer than normal downtime.  If it's not back up in say, 1 month, start worrying

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