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  1. Today
  2. There is a new Netflix series out: https://i.imgur.com/s7JBqHS.png

  3. Happy Birthday mate :)!

    1. DRX


      A day late, but Happy birthday bud ;)

  4. Tokyo Ghoul: re (Season 3) official trailer...



    1. kitkat


      Read the manga dude so that you won't be confused.. cause this time they will follow the manga.

  5. Yesterday
  6. Happy birthday @Scyrous 

    1. Scyrous


      Thanks friend :D

    2. basheer_naimi


      Happy Birthday :)




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    2. Inverti


      I'm not exactly a Tokyo Ghoul fan, but regardless of how S3 turns out, I'll be watching it. Anyone want a simuldub of it when it's out in Japan? 

    3. kitkat
    4. kitkat


      @monsieurcooler lol it's confirmed.. they'll follow the manga this time. HYPED AF.

  8. Happy Birthday @Scyrous

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    2. Koby


      Happy Birthday Young'in

    3. (AC)


      Happy birthday, Erm well If it gets too hot for ya AC will come cool ya down.

    4. monsieurcooler


      Happy Birthday mate :exciting:

  9. Will anyone from Kametsu do Fate Stay Heaven's feel movies? The JP bd comes out in May, though I'm not sure on USBD... :) I'm also interested in No Game no Life movie or either Mahouka retousei.. :) Curious whether they will dub Mahouka retousei movie or not, since they dismissed the entire series..  I guess if these get no dub, none from Kametsu will do them 

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    2. dorall


      That is nice to hear, :) also  kinda sad about the treatment irregular magician series received... irregular magician novel is licensed and read by many people abroad, we recently got movie and they do not even bother dubbing it lol. 

    3. Inverti


      Same could be said about the Monogatari series. It's Ishin Nishio's more successful series, yet his nicher work, Medaka Box, got a dub instead.

    4. dorall


      That is very sad.. Honestly Medaka Box manga was insane but VIZ screwed like always and did not license it. Meanwhile Medaka box anime was not so good. At least we got Monogatari Novels by Vertical now. I am also happy that Re zero is getting dubbed, hope it’s good. Oh and btw is not Heaven’s Feel shown in cinemas now? I couldn’t find any web rips for some reason, :/ 

  10. Last week
  11. Hi Scyrous, I wanted to have a quick chat with you about Attack on Titan... Are you sure that Winter encode is the best for your Dual-Audio release? I have the FFF release and I made a close comparison of some scenes. I see Winter encode has some tiny grain in shadows on shirts, where FFF does not have it.. I can send you snaps if you would like.. Im sure FFF video looks better and would be better for your release. :)

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    2. desu-ka-moe


      Im missing episode 21 from your release. Im not at home rn, but I have my 2 external hdds with me, can you please split it in two parts with rar or zip etc so I can dl it? I dont have enough space on either disc so I will need to put it on both. Can you upload it to MEGA or somewhere for the next hour pls? Would that be a problem?

    3. Koby


      On top of the loss of detail in FFF, FFF also had some weird tints of green in some scenes.

    4. (AC)


      Less grain = detail loss pretty much In most cases.

  12. Hi, did anyone of the project crew release Yosuga no Sora BD 1080p FLAC Dual-Audio? 

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    2. sfaxt



      heres the att.

      included stock ane subs too in case someone doesnt want the modified i linked above.

      where ane includes 2 sub tracks its  1 gg | 2 retail

    3. dorall


       I can translate what Beatrice's encoders said about their release since , I do speak in Russian. Though, I've no access to old nya's comments, since they're gone.


      On Beatrice's page, Vladrako said that tp7 idk who's that, affiliated with Ane prob, somehow managed to make lines thicker on his encode, but in overall his - Beatrice release is better ,- according to him of course. When he was given those comparisons from nyaa about his release being inferior than Ane's he had replied to anon on his page that "the details are in place on my release, and I had achieved  better noise reduction, or either handled the noise better". Though he wasn't sure himself about it, more or less he was satisfied with the result, like whatever. That's all , I found... :)


      I'm not an expert on encodes , Ane's subs were good, but what annoyed me that their colour was different on every movie/ova , if I recall. Grey retail subs aren't that bad, especially compared to other companies like - Sentai's subs lol. I suppose both releases are far from perfection , but idk?

    4. Gogeta-Blue


      I don't think that Yosuga no Sora has been dubbed.

      If you want a BD 1080 FLAC subbed version then take a look at this :-

      https://nyaa.si/view/947536 {Yosuga no Sora (2010) [Doki][1920x1080 Hi10P BD FLAC]}.

  13. 45+ minute episodes were a mistake.

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    2. SSJLuffy


      Sounds like we have an expert 

    3. CyborgIcarus29


      This status update is a mistake.

    4. TheStig


      I am an expert. If they at least employed "show don't tell" approach, like Banshee (one of the greatest series) did, it'd be bearable, but no - most seem to just talk and talk and talk.

  14. Hello! 

    I’ve seen you said thanks to this topic: 

    Can you tell me if you have the 1080p seasons? If you do please upload them on mega or Sendit.cloud or somewhere...please, I’ll buy you 10 beers or anything... I really need them...I’ll backup them and upload on some really good trackers, and it will never die again...I just missed them when they were here...



  15. Please PM me anyone who:


    • Is an expert AviSynth user/encoder and can decently encode in h.264 10-bit

    • Uses Discord

    • And is willing to encode some anime series/movies

  16. RIP Stephen Hawking 1942-2018


    1. Nabull



      Just found out, I'm depressed now

    2. MarioSonicU


      Damn, I didn't know he was dead. He's such a great guy tbh.

  17. I downloaded the R2 Japanese ISO of South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut (Japanese Dub with all jokes and songs dubbed) from MySpleen. I am wondering if it's such a good idea to upload here, possibly to Cartoons and Animation or the VIP section.

    1. TheOneWhoSees


      I can't see why not.

      It's got an English track as well, so it shouldn't hurt.

      Just specify somewhere on the post that it's from the Japanese DVD.


      I would wait for a reply from an admin on here though.


  18. Been curious for a bit as to the lyrics of the Overlord II OP. Found lyrics online and subbed it. What do you think?



    Lyrics taken from here: https://www.animethemesongs.com/overlord-ii/go-cry-go

    Followed above aside from one of the ending lines 'Sou We gotta just get crazy, crazy in it'. I did the lyrics on top and translation (english) on bottom. Didn't really see a point in doing lyric/translation for that line though... just 'Sou' instead of 'So'. So I just disregarded that and did 'So We gotta just get crazy, crazy in it'.


    Sourced the OP from today's episode of Overlord II [Dub] (Ep.07) from Golumpa (720p Release). Albeit, I re-encoded (Handbrake) since I needed to burn in the subtitles for YouTube. 


    I've subbed a few things recently for myself but this is the first thing I'm sharing for feedback~ gonna do the ED later. I'll share when done if there is interest.

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    2. Koby


      Haven't had the chance to see it obviously, but if you don't mind it being used, maybe [LostYears] could utilize it for the season batch? Talk with @Scyrous

    3. RyanEsau


      @Koby I wouldn't mind. I'd prefer to hopefully get opinions/some polish beforehand though. Namely for the ED since the misalignment of lines I mentioned above. I just guessed what matched up. I think the OP is fine but still asking for opinions regardless.


      Example: https://imgur.com/a/V5C06


      "Mirai datte inochi de" with sae... popping in. The translation according to the lyrics on the page was "My future, My life".  So I just assumed and did "My future, My" on the bottom with life... popping in. Assuming the singer is carrying the word life. The connection I made there could be wrong though, I don't know since I don't know japanese and was just going by the lyrics on the page.

    4. Scyrous


      Thanks for the offer but kBaraka and I already had something in mind.

  19. hello, dear tooncore, there is the possibility that for the third time you re-up american dad, from the s1 to 4 are the ones that I could not find in other places. regards

    1. Tooncore


      Yes, I can eventually. At the moment I'm working on uploading all Hanna-Barbera and The Simpsons.

    2. tankardchile


      Thank you very much for responding, I will wait patiently for a future re-up. Saludos!

  20. Why do you like Top Cat so much ? :) I see it as your DP as well as your profile header. I have memories of Top cat as one of the first cartoons I saw. It was a nice show!

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    2. PrincessAlicia


      Scooby-Doo is also my favourite :D

    3. Fred Flintstone

      Fred Flintstone

      I always wondered this myself, thanks for sharing Tooncore. My first was probably Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes.

    4. marbleroll


      :D Yep HB had a bunch of good shows ;) (listing all the ones I like would take a whole paragraph :P )

  21. Hello Tooncore
    First of all thanks for the biskitts
    I was seeing Jumanji's episodes and this episode is corrupt
    Can you turn it around?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tooncore


      Hello Pippa72,

      In the process of removing things from that drive so some things may not work from there.


      Try this MEGA link Jumanji.TAS.S03E02.Young.Alan.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-Tooncore

    2. Pippa72


      Thanks thanks thanks!
      You can cancel.
      If you need something, I'm always available!
      You know ....

  22. Excuse me, can you please help me? I am having a really hard time searching for your release page for [AC-Shiro] Aria The Scarlet Ammo [1080p Dual-Audio]. Please understand, I am here for the first time, and browsing the site is exhausting..especially when the search is not finding any results. Can you PLEASE tell me where it is? I downloaded it yesterday an now I see I am missing episodes 8 and 9! 


    Please check your mega folder, there are 2 "undecripted" files.. are those episodes 8 and 9!? I really want this release... so please help me out.. 

    Good thing I had the link bookmarked, because I cant find it on via search again, at all. I want to download this before the maintanance periods.


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    2. desu-ka-moe


      Thanks you. I couldnt find that page since yesterday! 

      But what about the two udecripted files? 

    3. (AC)


      the individual links all work and there is also the XDCC option thanks to @Catar

    4. desu-ka-moe
  23. Is she Psycho! What they heck is wrong with her! https://t.co/FcNcstOfhh

  24. This has been out for a few days. It sorta went unnoticed.




    Yup this thing's back.:waaaht:

  25. Thanks to "Headheader" for helping me discover this hidden anime gem!


  26. I just want to boost this hidden gem of an anime.


  27. I assume the Scooby-Doo movies and Tom & Jerry movies threads are the last ones to update ;) also so many uploads in one day :D wow 

  28. Tooncore. Are you going saturday morning cartoons: 60's, 70's, 80? Thank you. 

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