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  2. FUCK! Still don't have internet zzz.. I'm kinda getting tired of using my phone lol.

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  4. New Dragon Ball Movie confirmed for December 2018 HYPE!!





    1. Inverti


      /will patiently wait for the A+ rank Funimation dub

    2. basheer_naimi


      Personally i will watch it subbed first and when the dub comes i will watch it too.


      Well because i watch anime subbed and also dubbed

    3. TheOneWhoSees


      It'll probably take them a year or two.

  5. My Animebytes application just got approved :D I got an achievement just for being a member, that's so nice xD

    1. emjay911


      nice .. make sure to read the rules

    2. DRX


      Already did ^_^

  6. Last week
  7. I really need new USB cables as these can't seem to stick to these HDDs for long...anyway, AnoHana 8-11 and TABOO TATTOO 1-3 in a couple of hours.

  8. What should I watch this weekend any suggestions? 





    38155l.jpg   or   gosick-3474.jpg



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    2. Ashven288


      My votes also for Accel World

    3. manc4life


      Oh man, i was leaning towards Accel World more just that I heard that if I didn't rate SAO all that much, then I should stay away from this. Thanks for the response, Accel World it is then. 

    4. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Gosick & Shaman King :P

  9. I'm trying to work on syncing the English audio for two of these shows: Wunschpunsch and Three Delivery.


    I'm not good expert on syncing them losslessly. MKVToolNix isn't the job. Any tools to trim some stuff and syncing the audio losslessly, anyone?

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    2. spaceman99


      What about avi demux or handbrake? They allow you to increase or retard audio synch.

      I had wolf warrior 2 and the audio was off, I managed to figure out how much by focusing on one part and retarding it, was off by 2 seconds, used VLC to figure it out, then used avidemux to fix it, removed the chinese audio (started with a 7GB file) and ended up with a 5GB file, dunno if any of this helps or not.


    3. Catar


      The problem with handbrake at least (and I assume avi demux as well) is that they cannot do it losslessly with lossy audio, they can only re-encode it - which leads to quality loss. Akai-Shuichi has the right method, by finding delays and using DelayCut to chop up the audio into multiple files and stringing them back together with eac3to. It's a bit tedious but it retains quality.

    4. DJStarfish


      It's very hard for me to do DelayCut nor eac3to. I just use Vegas to sync it, not losslessly.

  10. Does anyone else hate New York because of its overexposure in media (especially bad ones, like superhero stuff)?

  11. Deciding which anime for me to watch next now is basically which anime will soon reach my seeding goal and will be deleted.
    So might as well watch that shit first before uploading to filehosters and deleting them. :'v
    Next on the list seems to be Gravion and Onmyou Taisenki. :/

  12. burned 414 calories doing 55 minutes of Cardenas Arnis de Mano #myfitnesspal

    1. SSJLuffy


      i just ate poptarts 

    2. emjay911


      Nice .. Keep it up 

  13. Good News: bought a new PC and HDD

    Great News: my HDD with my encodes and other anime...NOT DEAD! I'm so fucking happy right now! You can expect AnoHana 8-11 and (god knows how many eps) Taboo Tattoo this weekend!

    1. mrbaer


      :victory:GOOD NEWS for you:victory:

    2. emjay911


      Glad everything is sorted out

  14. You seem to have turned off your messenger (don't blame you) so this is in public:


    If your current limitation on uploading is due to you not having anywhere secure to store your files online, please contact me. I may be able to help you out.


    PM me here, on IRC or email me at ctranime AT gmail.

    1. olympustenay


      If possible please take his Christmas collection.

  15. Steins; Gate 0 airs SPRING 2018




  16. Someone want to point me in the correct way to what would be considered the best release(s) for naruto Shippuden dual?

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    2. EljayFlintok


      I tried a few times to actually find the best for Shippuden. It's not that easy, there is nothing really consistently good for dual audio out there that I could find. @J363 Your's may be 720p but they don't have any subtitles ergo signs so misses out some information required to fully enjoy it.  BakaBT has RAX and Chaosblades 480p up until Season 11. After that nothing on Baka and nothing consistent I think anywhere else. I wish there was a proper 720p dual audio release from when they made the change from 480p. 

    3. Etzimal


      W/e BakaBT has, LTZ's episodes and @J363's episodes.


      At least, that's what I have archived.

    4. J363


      @EljayFlintok True, mine don't have subtitles. Mine are mostly for those who want to enjoy the English dub. Since I synced it, I can't put in subtitles because it could mess up the whole flow. However, for most episodes from 349 and up you can add the subtitles of HorribleSubs with no issue. As for the ones before 349, they were done by wrongfun and getting subs in them is practically impossibe I'm afraid.

  17. If anyone is trying to download some of my uploads and can't. I know of the issue and it'll be fixed by the weekend. :S

  18. This place really seems dead now that Cartoons and Tooncore are gone.

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    2. Inverti


      I concur with Emjay. The forum is still one of the best places to look for (dubbed) anime content. 

    3. Tooncore


      I'm still here just no way to share atm.

      And yes, Kametsu is wonderful place, I agree!


    4. spaceman99


      It's slowed down, but then again so much has been shared we're probably running out of stuff. As always it's a "wait and see" what's released to MOD, DVD, HULU< Netflix or Amazon and if anyone rips and shares.

      Lots more series that haven't gotten proper treatment in good quality, like the rest of Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, Jana of the Jungle, etc


  19. {Test} I wanted to say thanks to all you uploaders and to @Scyrous for your beautiful comments in nyaa.

    1. Scyrous


      LOL you're welcome xD

  20. Hi @Tooncore,


    I'm sorry for this out of the blue question, but I was just curious about where you got your cartoons from for the kids cartoons thread? 


    Kind Regards 


  21. I should have specified: does anyone have Tooncore's rips of Gummi Bears?

    1. spaceman99


      @Beemo, some of TCs rips had serious issues, "digitized" (I call it) out and then went out of synch, I think about a dozen or so of the episodes.

      If Blitz's ISOs are still up and you have DVD9s those are fine.

      TC was going to fix the bad ones, then everything went to hell with the reddit and 4chan sharing and as I recall it never happened.

      If those Blitzepidemic links are still good, get those. You could always rip them with Handbrake or another convertor if you need to, I'm sure there's a tutorial on here somewhere.

  22. I want your advice on something. The purpose of the Signs/Song subtitle track for releases is solely for the English Dub track right? For example, if the OP/ED theme songs are dubbed or if the insert songs are dubbed or if the insert songs were completely removed in the dub of an anime, I shouldn't include any translations in the Signs/Songs track for the above 3 instances right? Please,  I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this.

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    2. Badman


      just do a signs only track

    3. Badman


      Btw that's the best dubbed opening. It's so catchy

    4. Badman


      Those dubtitles look good though, they have the appearance of the white japanese subs that appear on old anime openings

  23. Anyone know what anime this is??


    Hate it when people don't put the title lol.

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    2. emjay911


      I was just like you years ago ... but since experimenting and than transitioning to private trackers from filehosts and public torrents .. my life has been more convenient and simpler

      ...... bye bye forever to the endless and frustrating and feeble attempts of finding proper encodes and long lost shows and movies.

      ...... bye bye to dead links and torrents ...... bye bye to downloading from obscure websites that offer weird filehosts

    3. ramensama92


      @monsieurcooler Can't find what you're looking for? Request it at https://kametsu.com/forum/32-requests/
      And in case you haven't know, there's a site that leech english subbed anime torrents and upload them to filehosters. 
      Here's the entries for this anime

    4. monsieurcooler


      @ramensama92 How did you come to the conclusion that I don't know about AnimeTosho.


  24. Law and Order SVU: a show about vindicating special snowflakes by poorly writing tons of filler dialogue :)

    1. Octirius


      Starring a man named iced tea, and created by a guy, whose name might get me a warning or a ban ;)

    2. Akai-Shuichi


      Sounds just like anime.

    3. Badman
  25. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/EJO3yDrnSR Trucking Q&A - 12/10/17

  26. It saddens me when i remember that physical media is going to die in the coming years.




  27. Anyone here play on xbox? 


    Games im currently on are -


    Destiny 2

    Call of duty ww2

    Gears of war 4

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