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  1. khudea

    Installing IRC client on the Windows platform

    I suggest using HexChat instead. It's free and better.
  2. khudea

    the worst color ever...

    Shit brown
  3. khudea

    OneRepublic vs Chevelle

    OneRepublic personally.
  4. khudea

    Favorite File Hosting Site to Download From

    Mega. I'm used to it, also I love megatools!
  5. khudea

    Best antivirus software for PC?

    They are pointless to nowadays. A good adblocker is more than enough, as long you know what you're doing.
  6. khudea

    Family Guy vs American Dad

    American Dad is better.
  7. khudea

    E-Cigs Or Cigarettes?

    Avoid smoking. It's bad for your health.
  8. khudea

    Soy Luna - anybody heard of it or watching it?

    Gosh, it's terrible. They used to air another one here called "Nini", which is even worse.
  9. khudea

    What OS is beter?

    Windows for compatibility and driver stability reasons, but Linux it's fun to play with too.
  10. khudea

    Pepsi or Coke?

    Normal Coke and Pepsi Twist.
  11. khudea

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    I don't remember clearly. Most likely Shrek.
  12. khudea

    Favorite Type of Music

    Pop, dance and house.
  13. khudea

    What gaming system do you have?

    Currently I do not own any consoles. Just my PC and laptop.
  14. khudea

    Walt Disney old classics vs new Movies

    I love them both personally.
  15. khudea

    Popular Music Genres

    I grew up on pop and I still listen to it a lot. House and dance music are my other favorites.