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  1. khudea

    Status Quo

    You could have moved the main server in place, where copyright barely matters (like Russia let's say) and hide it behind some reverse proxies. That's how huge databases of illegal content usually avoid legal trouble.
  2. I always used my phones as MP3 players.
  3. AAC encoded with QAAC will provide best results.
  4. Record the music from Apple Music with Audacity, export to MP3 160kbps, tag it with MP3Tag and add it to your library. It will match automatically and you will get a 256kbps AAC once you delete the original.
  5. Naruto is objectively better.
  6. I will def watch a Grand Theft Auto themed show.
  7. Lord of Rings series and Back to Future series, 12 Angry Men
  8. Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Shakira for as long as I remember.
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Naruto and Pokemon.
  10. Comedy, Action and Sci-Fi. I don't like horrors and too depressing movies.
  11. Soft subs are obviously better.
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