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  1. If it's not natural and loaded with ton of sugar, then don't drink too much. I'm sorry I'm just a health conscious person and I would look at the amount of sugar I'm going to consume into my body!
  2. We're DOOMED! I can't find any good ones. Why don't we just paid for something like Box.com?
  3. Night people know what they're doing in the night but often gets accused for watching 18+ stuff.
  4. Have you see me liking something that is MKV and it is torrent based MKVs. No. I believe that the stuff I want isn't what I really want. I want iTunes Plus and that's what I want. I'm done I can't do this anymore. I'm out.
  5. Samue1

    4 word story

    Dancing around in a...
  6. Samue1

    4 word story

    I faced the mirror...
  7. I think I'd better stop replying because I make it sound so useless.
  8. I know how it feels to re-upload stuff. It's tiring.
  9. Samue1

    4 word story

    and he falls in...
  10. I thought that 'person' on reddit did something so traumatizing that you feel like over-protective over the replies I replied.
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