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  1. Samue1

    Count to 100,000

  2. Samue1

    Count to 100,000

  3. Samue1

    Count to 100,000

  4. Samue1

    Should Energy Drinks be banned

    If it's not natural and loaded with ton of sugar, then don't drink too much. I'm sorry I'm just a health conscious person and I would look at the amount of sugar I'm going to consume into my body!
  5. Samue1

    Storage Solution's ?

    We're DOOMED! I can't find any good ones. Why don't we just paid for something like Box.com?
  6. Samue1

    Morning or Night Person?

    Night people know what they're doing in the night but often gets accused for watching 18+ stuff.
  7. Samue1

    Rate The Signatures Above

    7/10. For trying.
  8. Samue1

    About My Presence on the Site

    Have you see me liking something that is MKV and it is torrent based MKVs. No. I believe that the stuff I want isn't what I really want. I want iTunes Plus and that's what I want. I'm done I can't do this anymore. I'm out.
  9. Samue1

    4 word story

    Dancing around in a...
  10. Samue1

    4 word story

    I faced the mirror...
  11. Samue1

    4 word story

    or is it maybe...
  12. Samue1

    About My Presence on the Site

    I think I'd better stop replying because I make it sound so useless.
  13. Samue1

    About My Presence on the Site

    I know how it feels to re-upload stuff. It's tiring.
  14. Samue1

    4 word story

    and he falls in...
  15. Samue1

    About My Presence on the Site

    I thought that 'person' on reddit did something so traumatizing that you feel like over-protective over the replies I replied.