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  1. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

  2. Anime with the worst ending.

    Soul Eater.
  3. Physical or Digital Media??

    If it's a rare thing, then physical.
  4. Torrent or Legal content?

    Mostly torrents.
  5. [movies and series: Dubbing or original]

    For serieses, only original with subtitles. For movies, dub is sometime acceptable.
  6. What display do you use to watch anime?

    Mostly with my 32'' inch TV.
  7. does anyone here watch Max Steel?

    I don't think I've seen it
  8. Forgotten Cartoons

    Definitely Bonkers lol.
  9. Busen Is a B

    I saw it a lil bit on my Nick channel. Is it worth watching?
  10. Do they still air Sonic X? That's nice. And yes I agree someone should redub sonic x.
  11. Who else have a hate boner with Toei Animation

    I don't understand how can you hate Toei for all the hard work they've put into their animations. Especially in One Piece. I mean just look at these: You can't say they aren't beautiful.
  12. What is Your Favorite Youtube Channel to Binge?

    Unbox Therapy or some vine compilation channels.