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  1. Jhonny bravo

    Wrong section and the link is not working.
  2. SOTW #295: Disney [vote Now]

    I like the stitch one
  3. Avatar is an anime!

    Nope not an anime. Sure the animation has an anime vibe to it but it's techincally not made in Japan.
  4. How to find proper cartoon episode order?

    I usually organize my episodes the way that they're listed on iTunes or DVD. I mean they are both officially released in that orders, aren't they?
  5. Cartoons with the most creative/amazing art styles?

    Yup indeed it is. Season 2 will make you enjoy the show even more. Have fun watching.
  6. I suggest making 2 downloadable options. One for your original plan to encode the files to a DVD disc size and one untouched as you can see there's a high request for it too.
  7. What was your favorite cartoon from the 90s?

    The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  8. Cartoons with the most creative/amazing art styles?

    Wander Over Yonder was done beautifully in every aspect. The characters, the backgroumds, the animation, they were all very unique to the show.
  9. Last Manga You Read

    One Piece.
  10. Morning or Night Person?

    Definitely a night person.
  11. Which do you prefer: characters or plot?

    Plot always comes first. It's better to have a series with a good story and reasonably decent looking characters than a series without a story with a moral/point.
  12. Paladins vs. overwatch.

  13. Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    I'm currently watching OK K.O & We Bare Bears
  14. Has Anyone Taken a Break from Anime?

    I took a break from anime 2 years ago and recently started to get back to it again.
  15. Yes, there's going to be a new season in 2018 and it'll be the final season of fairy tail.