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  4. bitcion or digital currency

    I'm not sure how reliable it is, but bitcoin is completely legal. It can be sold and you can use it at many places lately. Here is some info on how you can use biycoin: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/1834716-where-can-i-spend-bitcoins-
  5. the fresh gankutsuou encode looks pretty good, it was pretty much overlooked and thanks for covering that.
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  7. Few things are as gut-wrenching as UnREAL

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  10. Hi, I'm Michelle. I joined a couple days ago. Recently got back into anime after like a decade away.
  11. How you doin'?

    Hi everyone! It's such a great community and I hope to be with you guys for a long time.
  12. bitcion or digital currency

    Is bitcoin reliable and legal and what kind of products can we use bitcoin to buy? do you guys do bitcoin mining?
  13. Waifu2xcaffe vs. XMedia Recode?

    It seems I need to manually tweak the AviSynth script for SuperResXBR to make it work with MeGUI. Also, I can't find any download links for SuperResXBR. A little help here?
  14. Spring 2018 Anime Season

    awesome cant wait to check out some of this ;p
  15. Looking for Recommendations

    I know it's buried in a couple of the massive lists up there, but as you specifically called out sci-fi, you should definitely check out Steins;Gate.
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  17. I have been experimenting with this lately. I have managed to get the encrypted links from there in 1080p using IDM. On YouTube, it is using Widevine DRM. But if you watch it on the Google Play website, there is no widevine.
  18. 4K iTunes Download How?

    I reckon they would be recordings/caps, as there is no way to download iTunes videos in 4K, except on Apple TV (I don't even know if they allow downloading of 4K on there even). Maybe there is a way to get the file on the Apple TV (via Jailbreak) and decrypt it using a program like TunesKit, but I haven't heard anything like that.
  19. Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Made an account here about a year ago but I don't believe I've made a post yet..so here it is. Name's Maxwell.
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  21. Hi , I am Ice-T from Rick and Morty and it's a very cool site. I am glad that I found this. "My dog turned into dawg when I showed this site to him"
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  23. 4K iTunes Download How?

    Lately I see Movies from 4K iTunes on Internet. UHD BDRemux 2160p | HDR | iTunes. Does somebody know is this recording or is this the orginal file from iTunes and decrypted from Apple TV. And if it is a recording or decrypted what software or hardware are used for doing this?
  24. Recent Anime Purchases?

    Tales of Zestria the X Season 2 Free Season One LE
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