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  2. That's just bizarre that it happens on every machine. Spec wise I'm assuming we are talking SSD's as boot options if Firefox opens virtually straight away. Unfortunately with these things, too many variables. That said, I have seen what you experience. I.e. on other computers (not mine, and windows 7 and 10 mainly) I have seen Chrome just hang or do nothing when clicked. As for the font, yeah I remember that conversation. This is what it looks like on mine currently, I am running a smaller font and page zoom set to 100% http://puu.sh/w4mzQ/18cd4e0504.png @Koby here you go: have some fun! Passmark AppTimer: http://www.passmark.com/products/apptimer.htm Setup: Clean versions of both Firefox and Chrome 64-bit editions installed and updated. I know Chrome is in the x86 folder, but it is 64-bit. Chrome results: C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe - 5 executions Time in seconds 0.1064 0.0996 0.1018 0.0972 0.0964 Configuration: Firefox results: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe - 5 executions Time in seconds 0.7327 0.5939 0.6257 0.7239 0.6240 Configuration: Conclusion: I seem to experience the issues that you have with Chrome, but with Firefox, haha >_<
  3. Just do all the drugs, it's gonna be fine.
  4. My coworkers are assholes.... But I guess that's expected in law enforcement. Fuh....
  5. Pinocchio
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  7. Those are the u.s. encodes and I don't know if I ever encoded the vol 3.
  8. Yes it is 1080i interlaced but just remember this is a web-based TV show. There is something not right with the US blu rays I went over them with a fine-tooth comb and I just don't like them. The Japanese Blu Ray has a higher bitrate than the us version. I believe I have an encode of the Japanese Blu-ray available on this site so you can look at it you can also look at my old encode of the us Blu Ray but it was before I realized a trick with blu rays. You should find my old version somewhere on the web don't know if it's on my server.
  9. you had realesed RWBY vol1 and 2 a year or two back ...where can i get your vol3 encode
  10. What are the best quality releases of films by Makoto Shinkai? 5 Centimeters Per Second? @Home, lleur, tlacatlc6, MS, BeatriceRaws, Yurasyk The Place Promised in Our Early Days Children Who Chase Lost Voices The Garden of Words Your Name
  11. Do you have comparisons or a source on that? From a glance at U2 the JPBD seems to be 1080i video.
  12. @Moby sounds kinda like Le Castle Vania, brings me back https://mitchmurder.bandcamp.com/track/dr-wily since I'm seeing all this 80s revivalist stuff
  13. I am very sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead but I did not want to start a new thread since it's basically the same request. I'm looking for the Japanese version because of superior video and plus the Japanese audio is lossless sadly the US audio is basically the same thing on the North American blu rays unless the new steelbook edition has lossless audio I have nothing to prove that it does.
  14. Hilarious. I've actually burned my thumb a billion times lighting bowls for girls cuz every time you tell them to pull they hesitate for 10 full seconds like I don't need the force from their breath sucking the flame away from my thumb to prevent it from getting burnt or anything cuz of the direction of the flame. I've seen all sorts of fucked up shit with fire and burns and shit from dabbing. I had a loose nail fall off a rig and burn through a mattress (and my shorts, it was actually like less than an inch away from burning my most sensitive flesh, YIKES, you can only imagine how terrifying that was. I've seen girls scar themselves with a torch dabbing, I have a few burn scars on my knuckles from grazing my knuckle against a red hot nail on accident. I saw my friend burn the living shit out of his nostril lighting a torch on the highest flame setting directly under his nose all cocky and shit cuz it was both locked on safety mode AND broken for 3 weeks at that point and decided to fully function out of nowhere but as fucking hilarious as that was it was pretty terrifying too. He literally goes "Oh what are you bitching about? Nothing's gonna happen..." *10 inch flame goes straight up his nostril*
  15. Ha, been there once upon a time ago myself. Ever see a chick light her thumb nail on fire after she just flamed the bowl far longer than she should have? You shoulda seen the look on her face when she jumped up and started flailing her arm around in the air, priceless.
  16. I 3rd this request
  17. Packed a bowl, knocked it over and everything fell out and onto the floor, feels like 9th gradeI really should't be smoking cuz of my nose anyway and it's a tiny bowl but that's still mildly upsetting
  18. If I remember correctly the subs/video source I was using had hard subbed kfx in them. Namely gg, KnKF & SHS and Shinsen-Subs, so I just used those as a point of reference. Doesn't have to be the best quality, just enough to get an idea and trial out a few things
  19. @Scyrous nice stuff really enjoyed it here is some heavy stuff because why not :3
  20. I 2nd this.
  21. PC - hitman (2016) & just cause 3, and will start just cause 2 again after finish with just cause 3
  22. looks like it was uploaded here http://ww1.kametsu.com/dub/rurouni-kenshin-part-iii-the-legend-ends
  23. Reboot or sequel of Crysis & Prince of persia
  24. @ThePJzer Interesting stuff! Haven't heard of him but that's definitely the kind of music I would have enjoyed 2-3 years ago. My taste tends to change over the years hehe. And yeah I had the exact same reaction! It's an incredible song. This track just grabs you starting from 0:45 and never lets go. Just like Turbo Killer, it's one of his more famous and heavy tracks. Honestly I'd recommend checking out his (one and only) Trilogy album and listening to all 18 tracks. It's compiled of 3x6 EPs (666, what a surprise). Unfortunately there have been no other EP/albums since then (trilogy is from 2015). He did hint at something coming late 2017 though.
  25. ~in progress: Wolf's Rain~ fun fact: before posting this project, all of my DVD-only releases were on the same row on my index.
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