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  2. @Scyrous Any hints on when Monster Musume will be available to the public? Any chance you will be doing other older anime? I'm looking for archive-quality remux of Haiyore! Nyaruko-San series with flac audio.
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  4. hello friends could someone tell me if you have the movie of the smurfs and the magic flute of 1976 in DVDISO edited by shoutfactory or fabulousfilms if you could please upload them here in the forum, thanks and hugs... https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/the-smurfs-and-the-magic-flute?product_id=2302 http://www.fabulousfilms.com/products/26
  5. Village of the Damned '95. Finally sat through the entire film after watching it in parts for 7 years on HBO and Starz combined. Leagues better than Firestarter, itself a horribly dated film.
  6. One obscure song and one from T. Hawkings
  7. wow. idk how many times ive downloaded a release just for subs and attachments to use with another raw well not too many but more than 20:P thanks a bunch
  8. Go with the home video releases, the TV broadcasts are just... odd to me. Just look at Spongebob; 1 season is broadcast, then they air a new one midway... no, I have no time for that.
  9. @Audioboxer sounds like the attachments were certainly nuked. What I'd recommend as a method of restoring without having to download tons of video/audio you still have is to use MKVToolnix's Header Editor and go trawling through AnimeTosho for the attachments, since they scrape them and have them as a nice small separate download. The header editor will allow you to attach (or remove) files without remuxing the file entirely, which will save you a ton of time and disk activity. Still going to be an awful manual trawl, but at least it'll speed it up a bit and save you a ton of bandwidth.
  10. There really is not much to do anyway, right? The source is bad. Well, thanks for the help, I'll leave it that way.
  11. Netflix 5.1CH audio works fine in windows app on windows 8.1 kindly check played content should be available in 5.1ch otherwise it will only show 2ch audio
  12. For the Total Drama episode this is the best solutiion, I think: assumetff() QTGMC(preset="slower",sourcematch=3,lossless=2,tr2=0,edimode="nnedi3") srestore(frate=23.976,speed=-1, cache=10) Not much you can do regarding the ghost lines. It's a bad PAL transfer.
  13. Rewatching Dagon Ball Z from episode 1, this is going to take me months lol... I just rewatched the first Dragon ball, but think i'll skip GT this time around ;)

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    2. basheer_naimi


      Watch Dragon Ball KAI the pacing is better and almost no filler

    3. Emrys


      You get more story with the original and not just the fight scenes and I like the filler in dragon ball.

    4. Arian


      @Emrys If we're getting technical, the FUNimation Blu-rays are not the original dub of Ocean or FUNi but I think I know what you mean so don't worry about it. ;)

  14. Well, not all shows have 5.1 audio. Try looking in any Netflix Original Show like 13 Reason Why and you will see it does offer it.
  15. yes great news. thanks. Vanguard - what were you trying to dl from hulu with ? you would probably need to use commercial software like allavsoft or getflv. there is a free program called "stream transport" which is meant to work aswell but the last version has adware in the installer apparently.
  16. we can modify wvstream as per new DRM. If anyone is willing to help me we can discuss in private. Current leaked wvdownloader uses same source code but bit modified and fails during hdcp check which is done when playing any hd movies which is main reason of not downloading raw video. I dont have wvdownloader source code otherwise I could have fixed in mins.
  17. Hey guys anyone willing to do a 1080p Funimation WebRIp with English Dub + Subs? Also If anyone knows where to find English Subs for the OVA that would be great, I can only find RAWs. MAL: (TV) https://myanimelist.net/anime/2104/Seto_no_Hanayome (OVA) https://myanimelist.net/anime/4163/Seto_no_Hanayome_OVA Funimation Link: (TV) https://www.funimation.com/shows/my-bride-is-a-mermaid/
  18. Yeah, it's my fault! It's a pretty powerful/handy tool, but I've not set it up right.
  19. Well damn, that sucks. I just read through the MetaX Help.pdf and it states that it has to rewrite the file to add meta data, so there are options to Keep Original File or Auto Delete ect. So it would appear that it is indeed demuxing and remuxing in the background. Didn't see anything regarding attachments in the help file either.
  20. Attachments section shows blank. It appears you can delete attachments without remuxing https://mkvtoolnix.download/doc/mkvpropedit.html#mkvpropedit.attachment_selectors $ mkvpropedit movie.mkv --delete-attachment mime-type:application/x-truetype-font Seems the shitty application removes all attachments for no reason Ah well, this is a painful lesson. Thankfully as above uTorrent and relocating renamed files is allowing me to repair some of this collection through redownloading 0.1~1% chunks rather than whole releases. I like my bloat, so CTR releases, as well as all the other contributors of 1080p/FLAC on this website, are my collection!
  21. @Audioboxer I'm not at my computer right now to check and see if this is possible, but if MetaX does not remux the files then maybe it just disabled attachments in the MKV header. Load up a file in MKVtoolnix's Header Editor and check the flags to see if something like this has happened.
  22. I normally use qBittorent but I've installed uTorrent 2.2.1 to use the relocate file option. It seems I can avoid having to rename all the files, but I do need to relocate each one in a torrent. For example on the files I've relocated just there they are showing as 99.7~99.9% complete. It's still going to be a slooooooow process of fixing all these broken files if the fonts are missing. Some things I will need to redownload fully as they weren't obtained through torrents. I'd still be interested to know if anyone knows if it's possible to remove attachments, such as fonts, completely, without remuxing an MKV. Or if they are simply corrupted, somehow. MetaX literally takes a second per file to retag the MKV file title.
  23. tell them the truth, call it porn, or multimedia, and the drives i am replacing are OLD 6-8 years old 2TB drives i have 10 more to order over time gonna be a whore and a half
  24. Yeah, I'd need to rename files too for torrents as I also used filebot for naming for Kodi lol. That would be slow and painful but still quicker than redownloading everything. I saw I could use a property editor like that, but read MetaX is easier to use and quicker. It is. It just seems to nuke MKV attachments for some reason. So I guess the question I could ask is it possible to actually remove fonts/attachments from an MKV file without remuxing? If it is, then yeah, seems MetaX has actually removed them and not just somehow corrupted them. I have a few hundred GB of torrents I leave seeding for a while until I shuffle them/remove them to free up hard drive space. So I'm not starting from 0 again. I still have lots to replace though
  25. How did you get it to work at all? I tried but got same error as everyone else posted here. Where did you download your copy from? I'd be happy to have a look and see if I can get something.
  26. Hmm... that sounds painful. If indeed no fonts appear in mkvmerge when you drop the files back in after being run through MetaX, I would say they are gone/corrupted. The only property editor I have used is JMkvpropedit (GUI for mkvpropedit compiled in Java) - https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=163753. Bit more a manual effort but you could do a series at a time.
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