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  2. Walmart went up earlier. Target yanked every one out of my cart right at the last screen. I finally broke down and bought one of the Gamestop bundles just to secure one. I wanted the book they were offering anyway, but the two controllers? Meh. At least their bundles were better than the ThinkGeek ones. I don't want a god damn NES Cart "flask". I don't plan to try and get a stand alone one now. Yesterday was stressful. I LIKE MY SHINY THINGS.
  3. You asked him a question which I answered for you. I'm on your side. And no, youtube-dl doesn't re-encode the downloaded stream or anything. So you're right about that. Quality of the stream is the exact same.
  4. Just a PSA, if you are going to make multiple request posts right after each other, it's better to put them into one post instead of 3 separate ones: You probably aren't the only one who has done this, so don't take it personally. Just noticed it when when I saw the 4 notifications (one being your most recent request).
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  6. Pretty sure you will just grab what ever youtube has encoded the video to. So no real choice - both are designed to grab what is only available. Unless youtube-dl is running it through some fancy-af avisynth encoding script with top notch x264 settings to boot? Which ways? None. There is no ''best'' Youtube downloader. There is no 'professional' standard of any kind. Youtube-dl is just one of the many software available that can download Youtube videos, and because that guy prefers it over other software, he's resorted to making things up to justify his opinion. JDownloader 2 offers the same quality and results. Just because Youtube-dl was originally designed to handle Youtube videos doesn't automatically make it any better. The quality of the stream being downloaded is the exact same, and since JDownload 2 nor Youtube-dl re-encodes the video in any way, there is no difference in quality between the two. End of story. I don't know whose side you are on . You quoted me but was replying to what mcmxcixmm said?? lel.
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    Get on our level. They are there for a reason and should reduce when you obtain a higher rank. Otherwise just be more specific for what you are looking for the first time around
  8. Let us know when your completely payment free, ad-free, speed limit free, unlimited file hosting service is available for use and I will sign up. I'd also like there to be no link expiry times as well as unlimited downloads for all users. \o/ But it's the longest standing and still surpasses most file hosters in terms of longevity. Don't forget, most of the XDCC bots are maintained by their personal owners out of their own pockets on home connections. Except for say FakeEtzimal and Moody|Bot which use some black magic and can let you download from them with your maximum download speed OR those bots hosted on fibre connections.
  9. Hi I searched this on kametsu , charlieBrown post's appeared I downloaded 1 episode to check the series I found it interesting So I started downloading the whole series later it appeared to me that the series have S02-S04 that is : VeggieTales.in.the.House.S02.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-QOQ VeggieTales.in.the.House.S03.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-QOQ VeggieTales.in.the.House.S04.1080p.NF.WEBRip.DD5.1.x264-QOQ I found that the series was available on rarbg but its seeders are dead now so can anyone of you download this one ?
  10. The request board should be used for those kinds of things @dudebro Edit: Then I saw this: Doesn't help multiposting in sections that aren't "request topic" specific.
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    No problem. And yeah that's definitely on the list of things to do next, now that part 2's BD audio is available. Am I allowed to inquire which "group" you are referring to (don't feel you have to answer that if you don't want to)??
  12. Hello, anyone have the Dragon Ball Z Kai Nicktoons TV-Rip from C-W Version?
  13. Hi, I'm new to this site and I found out about it by searching for anime downloads on the internet. Anime is my new-found passion and I just love shows like Berserk and Neon genesis Evangelion, I very much like the themes explored in them. Hope I can be of help in the future! Thanks Kametsu for accepting me as a member!
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    Thanks for the releases, i hope you do S2 of Assassination Classroom BD. i really enjoyed season 1, and the last group that did S2 dual audio BD didnt really do a good job.
  15. You mean I can shave seconds off my download time! Sign me up! =P No worries dude, I'm the patient type, no rush. I still have so much to watch and so little free time right now anyways.
  16. yup @ThePJzer Though idk when future things will release. Been tied up helping out with various karaoke's I am currently doing all of the karaoke for both the English music and Japanese music for Kimi No Na Wa.
  17. protip: users in #ctr get a speed boost. 1 whole kilobyte per second :3
  18. "I'm his official mirror, because I'm fucking awesome, as usual" You forgot that part there in the middle. No worries, I fixed it for you. Well, that makes it easy on me then. One stop shop for all @Dragoncb234 releases. Nice
  19. oh wait being blind again u said lossy.............................. @Hark0n............... those solar eclipses I swear man.
  20. @Hark0n Or I am just crazy and I am thinking about Code Geass. Then mixing that up with Baccano since there is no 5.1 flac on ab.
  21. @Hark0n If i recall the 5.1 and the 2.0 have differences. Maybe soundtrack. I remember when I did the release I saw notes about it from the group I got the audio from, something along those lines. @ThePJzer On Kametsu yeh.
  22. On the topic of Baccano, how about including 5.1 English dub? BD releases seems to be stereo only, but Funimation DVDs contain 5.1 dub - while lossy, it could be beneficial.
  23. and your release sucks anyway. why would you take out all the best subs. worst. edit: @ThePJzer I'm his official mirror, as usual. FakeEtzimal, available in #ctr, #Kametsu and #XDCCLeech (where it announces new stuff). Now with massively higher queues.
  24. Would those be Kametsu bots or do I need to add another channel to my list? Sorry, I'm away from my PC so I figured I'd ask while your available. I do have an AB acccount thanks to a special someone, but no BakaBT. I can't recall if Animetorrents is a private tracker, I want to say it is though.
  25. It is okay @Surlias I blatantly steal from @Catar without credit all the time (only once, and I may have been drunk, oops) lol
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