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  3. If I use their DVR through a cable company, do I not only keep the box, but also the recorded content should I switch tv providers?
  4. here is mine mpv.config . IF you're going to use this be sure to change the "screenshot-directory=F:\000Libraries\Pictures\" to the folder you desire (default is on the desktop) MPC (KCP/CCCP) tend to be slow in heavy signs files, hell in "[LNS] Sora no Method 05" @ 3:40 - 4:20 MPC straight up crashed because of this. Just put the mpv.conf in the folder where the mpv.exe is
  5. My response may have been blown out of proportion, but heavily weighting a staff member's vote honestly rubs me the wrong way. That's why I got annoyed by it. It makes it seem like the rest of our votes don't mean anything. That's why I emphasized on fairness and the like in my response.
  6. Obviously the poll was never going to be the definitive list on what he works on next. Like most polls, it would've been purely to gather interest in various projects he has planned so that he can weigh up the options. Since Shaman King and Bleach had similar results, obviously Kimiko would work on the easier project first, as opposed to the one that would take longer and has multiple encodes available already. I don't see why you're getting so worked up about this.
  7. Hi everyone! Keep going with the awesome work!
  8. Owner is accused of sexual harrassment. Apparently there were a couple of situations, but they were all swept under the rug. In the current climate he's been outed and there was a mass exodus of moderators and users shitposting in order to get their accounts permabanned. Many users banned in the past for tiny infractions are celebrating the fall of probably the largest video game-centric forum on the net. I was a member and stayed out of the politics stuff as it seemed like any straying into those topics (and not having the "correct" outlook) would cause trouble. It was a good place for actually talking about games though.
  9. I prefer Firefox.Lots of add ons and you can easily configure it so that it doesn't save where you been. I don't like Google Chrome. I call it snitch-ware because it saves where you been and it seems like you got to constantly clean it with Ccleaner,Super Anti-Spyware out to get it to run right.
  10. Well crap, the site seems awfully slow today (for me), and I'm trying to find links to Season 1 of... Noragami Aragoto


    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      Today is Slow :(

    2. basheer_naimi


      Noragami Aragoto is the 2nd season of Noragami and Kametsu's release is the best release.

    3. Koby





  11. For anyone who likes Harry Potter/bloat someone upped remuxes of all the movies on megalinks, a few remuxes got upped recently you could grab the Dark Night trilogy too

  12. Request

    I have some more episodes that I will post soon, I just have not had time lately.
  13. Not worth, I have a Switch that is collecting dust on my table...
  14. Did you download a zip file like from here or install it? If you downloaded a zip file and extracted it, just put mpv.conf in the same directory as mpv.exe
  15. It's 100% fine if you wanted to work on Shaman King. Nobody's faulting you for that. And if that's all the reason you need, just simply because YOU want to work on it, then so be it. Doesn't take a genius to know that you're a diehard Shaman King fan. You know I'm right. In that case, the poll is thus obsolete. So drop your BS favoritism by increasing the weight of an admin's vote more than other users. Hell, just close down the poll if you can't be bothered to make it fair to begin with. Or, in your words, "the poll was going nowhere". Make up your mind, dammit.
  16. well I agree with @Arian I have seen his work and I understand his ideaology since this series is ended so just a final nail to it that is a bluray so my vote goes for arian he do little but his results lasts thanks alot arian from the start till now dear
  17. uncalled for. I did that cuz the POLL was going nowhere. and Shaman King will take less time then Bleach.
  18. it's 2-1-0 so far please comment about the vids if you have an ideas subscribe to my Youtube channel if you enjoyed any of these vids, I'd appreciate it
  19. Do I have to add anything else besides this in conf file? And about its directory. Where do I place it ? I placed it in "C:\Users\Pawan Shah\AppData\Roaming\mpv" and its not working.
  20. then maybe i can rip from iTunes AU after all, thanks for the info
  21. Which ones do you want exactly?
  22. I know you're not going to do it but I'll tell you anyway for clarification : Actually you don't need an Australian residence to buy from Australia itunes, there is a work around. I've got an Australian itunes account and I live in the UK I created it by trying to download an app and for some reason it allows you to select the none payment method if you do that, put in a fake address -- - they don't check Then once you have your au iTunes account add gift card codes and buy what ya want. I've already bought multiple things off of it
  23. i will be getting my first youtube check, but, I guess go with the blu-ray, i'll see about the iTunes soon, just not now Sorry for the argument
  24. Long, long, long day at work done...and I'm still not tired from it. WTF

    1. Etzimal


      Cocaine is a hell of a drug

    2. DabDeity710


      Damn it etzy beat me to it:haha:

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