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  2. Bleach HDTV Dual Audio

    Hello, sorry for the very late one. Uploading 350 and 352-365 (don't know about 366??) to mega for you: https://mega.nz/#F!oHhwDZII!SfHe0Y1UZwM8pgKUJGx9Dg ETA is about 4mins per episode, so should all be up in about an hours time or so.
  3. Thanks to you I just grabbed these 2 diamonds for free, thanks
  4. Poke me later on today <3 ... poke <3 That moment when "today" becomes 1 month and 17 days later. Yay for time travel!
  5. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    Do you have a friend that lives nearby that could assist you in completing this operation? If they have both the Bluray driver and HD Capture, then this can be done. Though, I think I'm more curious as to why you bought the BD despite having no BD drive.
  6. Actually, hearing about the removal of the "Net Neutrality" bill will just mean that ISPs will not require a Title II (broadcast) license to even operate and the Government may not be able to willingly censor people for as little as a wasteful social media post come 8 years time (mainly since the Net Neutrality rules were snuck in the Military budget (NDAA) for 2017, where it says that the organization made to "fact check" (read: determine if a organization is leftist, so that they can be shut down) in the original document). The Open Internet rules were shot down one time, but then were repackaged with nasty red tape as "Net Neutrality" which (to summarize the original bill that was shot down) would've made a company outside of the government office that calls back to the federal government, and after approvals of think-tanks and NGOs would've banned anyone for as much as a full website or as little as a shitpost, even going so far as to revoke the Title II license if the ISP refused to remove said "Fake News". Basically, "Net Neutrality" was an extra hurdle for ISPs, made a government office that could shut down anyone big or small at the drop of a hat, and looked into social engineering tactics against the populous at large to use on them at a later date.
  7. Salutations!

    Nice to meet you, Dino Disco. I hope you'll have a good time here.
  8. Today
  9. Seedbox questions

    How did you install megatools? I tried following a few tutorials, but I don't have proper permissions.
  10. Hmmm...I thought minitheatre folded a few years ago...
  11. apply is now open again atm https://animebytes.tv/register/apply lol now just closed, after 2 mins since i checked. anyway check it out
  12. Welp. Looking at the AB and BTN releases, they are all in AC3 format for the ENG track... which tells me that FLAC was not available for this release. Perhaps @Hark0n could shed some light on the matter? The JPN audio track seems to be obtainable in FLAC, so the best release would be AC3 ENG audio and FLAC JPN going by my assumption.
  13. Skip Beat Dual Audio

    I'm only used to ripping DVDs, HDTVRips, WEBRips, but not BDRips as I don't own a Blu-ray Driver. I don't currently have an HD Capture either (either way a HDCP stripper is needed for that). If I ever get one at a reasonable price then I don't mind learning how to rip it (or at least doing untouched ripping of discs).
  14. I'm a bit late to this, but there is a 720p version based over here if you want (specials, commentary and uncensored). Granted 720p only. As for 1080p there is Shir¤â's version here which I believe he encoded from the JPBD They tend to free up their bandwidth every now and then. So if you catch them in an "off-peak" time, you can download quite I bit in one go. @Pollux will be able to contribute some totals as to what he has been able to pull. There is still the trick of switching your IP address if you're on a dynamic one from your ISP.
  15. Anime You've Recently Completed?

    I just watched food wars - good fun light comedy plus learn a little bit about cooking!
  16. hello friends first thank you very much for reading my petition friends I also like this series a lot and if a friend has it Aaahh !!! Real Monsters DVD ISO please share with me this fabulous series friends thank you very much for everything greetings friend and I hope that slgun friend share it
  17. Gargoyles DVD ISO Complete Series

    hello again friends I hope you are very well friends I would like to know if a friend here has a series that I like a lot and is the Gargoyles please if a friend has it on DVD ISO please share with me from now thank you very much everyone for your attention daludos
  18. hello again to all friends I hope you are very well friends I really like the series and I look for it in high quality King Arthur and the Knights of Justice if a friend has it in DVD ISO please share with me this wonderful series greetings and thanks for all your attention
  19. Hello friends how are you ? I hope that very good friends I am looking for the series such from the Tales From The cryptkeeper in DVD ISO I really like this series if some friend has asked please share with me please or if it is in HD I would also like to thank you very much for your attention greetings to all
  20. Yesterday
  21. Did mediafire get slow for anyone

    i'm getting a steady 5.3MB/s per file like always
  22. and condolences. its a black day in the history of computing. but hey its a place where cops can kill people in the streets. i didn't expect anything better. i can only hope it stays in america. though surely we' ll see how things play in courts. or google and amazon might just buy that FCC startup company^^ https://www.neowin.net/news/fcc-close-to-repealing-net-neutrality-but-security-halts-final-vote. if you can stop supporting those isps who'll act like douchebags. and to cheer things up
  23. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I downloaded something yesterday and it had audio.
  24. dont really need anything particular tbh. my russian brothers provide for me <3. only U2 would be great for me. but i got my kagura's already and everything else i can find got some exclusive hard to find stuff from your xdcc too <3
  25. If only AB wasn't getting steadily more terrible with their staff actions lately ;-; It's been closing and opening periodically based on volume of applications, so that staff doesn't get overloaded. The site is still ~1400 users under the limit, so there are plenty of slots open. Keep checking every day or so.
  26. as i said they close and open it. yesterday was closed but today opened again. no idea tbh, but its not a bad idea to check it for some days
  27. AnimeBytes is open for application sign up

    Damn. Missed it.
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