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  1. Not yet, but I'm making more of a concerted effort to do so instead of just hoarding and hoarding... I should be through everything I currently own in about five years.
  2. To be honest, I've almost entirely stopped using "anime" in reference to anything but style cues. As far as I'm concerned, everything is a "cartoon."
  3. It's not a contradiction. Even though the content is being produced at 720p, it's being produced with the knowledge that it's going to be upscaled to at least 1080p. In that sense, upscaling is part of the intention.
  4. "Pointing people in the direction of" piracy is not going to help keep Koby's nose clean in the eyes of the copyright owners who're already scrutinizing his every move.
  5. Same boat. Pisses some of my friends off. "Why don't you have XBOX Live?! What the fuck, dude?!" Whatever, man.
  6. PhoenixPress


    I'll never get over the fact that they didn't try to tie this show into Arrowverse. It would have been clever to have had Solomon Grundy be a Max Rager zombie.
  7. Has anybody read the comics this is based on? I've been looking to get into a new comic universe lately that's still... sort of in the superhero ballpark. I love the Marvel and DC stuff, but I just can't keep up with the number of books they put out every month x.x;
  8. I thought about getting one... mainly so I could play some PSP games that were added to PSN with the comforts of a DualShock controller.
  9. There isn't really "overkill" when it comes to building a PC, because your components will be outdated in a couple of years no matter what you buy. All that matters is if you're making the smarter decision by buying expensive components now when they're going to be cheaper later on, and if they'll still be serviceable for new games once their price drops.
  10. I think Melee and Smash 4 are sort of neck-and-neck... weirdly, most of the people who don't usually play video games seem to prefer Melee over the newer ones. It might be nostalgia, it might just be that they aren't familiar with newer ones, but I think there's a sort of... eh, hipster brownie points thing going on.
  11. I don't usually play a game just for its music, but you're right that racing games do usually have awesome OSTs. F-Zero music is timeless, man.
  12. People ask me this and I always answer: "How much do you care about Halo?" Because if you don't dig Halo or Gears of War, there isn't any point in choosing the Xbox One over the PS4 (for most people). There really aren't many huge exclusives this generation, and all the online action for multiplats is happening on the PS4.
  13. I am right there with you, man. I've been waiting for a Pikmin 4 announcement ever since the Switch launched.
  14. I don't usually regret game purchases, but I do regret acquiring a physical disc of New Super Mario Bros. U just a week before Deluxe was announced for the Switch x.x;;
  15. What kind of games are you into? It doesn't do us any good to list a bunch of action platformers if you're only into tactical RPGs.
  16. I'm up around 500 hours in Pikmin 3 now. Mostly Bingo Battle with my girlfriend over the years. That is without a doubt the most time I've ever sunk into a single video game.
  17. Man, I always get back to Balloon Fight somehow. One of these days I'm going to see nines all across the screen, baby.
  18. I think your goal is probably a little crazy. These Jump crossover games usually have about fifteen protagonists from different series in them, and that's a lot of material to attempt to cover before the game comes out. It sucks, but you're probably going to be better off just enjoying the game when it launches and letting yourself get a little bit spoiled. Edit: As general Jump Force discussion, I just want to add that while it's really cool that Shueisha likes to include Yugi in these Jump crossover games, I'd almost rather just play as Dark Magician instead. Maybe have Yugi off to the sidelines whenever Dark Magician is in play or something. It just... Yugi isn't the combatant, he's a commander, he has no actual place on a battlefield.
  19. Competitive scenes in general are exceedingly toxic. Actually, scratch that, they don't even have to be competitive--I remember Neopets and Gaia Online having plenty of toxic personalities as well. It seems like "social" games tend to draw a pretty nasty crowd... "social platforms," too.
  20. I originally got an XBONE, because I was big on the 360 train the generation before. I now own a PS4 as well, and while I've played excellent games on those devices, almost none have been exclusives and I've sold them off and replaced them with Steam copies. My XBONE and my PS4 are both basically dust collectors at this point (though I will be picking up Spider-Man when the price drops). Heh, I bought the Xbone because Microsoft had just revived Killer Instinct and they were talking about Conker a fair bit and then Rare Replay came out and I assumed they were getting on board with bringing Banjo back, but it never materialized. Mainly the XBONE is a glorified N64 for me. Though I will say that I had an absolute blast with Super Lucky's Tale, and that's a game which isn't offered anywhere else. Generally I do prefer my Xbox One to the PS4, but it comes down to the one game and the controller at the end of the day. Neither one offers much value in a PC-dominated market.
  21. The Xbox 360 by a mile. Despite the RROD reports, my original console only started having the issue about three years ago, and by then it was at least a decade old. I've always preferred the aesthetic design of the console to Sony's offering, the controller was super comfortable and in my opinion one of the finest controllers on the market, and the 360 has a truly great library of exclusives--many of which aren't even available on PC. It's probably going to be the only Microsoft console I can say that about. Yeah, as far as non-Nintendo consoles, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 2 are the only ones to hold up. The PS3 has some interesting exclusives, but nothing killer.
  22. Nearly four years in and I'm the bastard who comes along to tie things up.
  23. Well, I don't know what's going on in that mystical "VIP" section, but I voted yes. Kametsu has been a fresh of breath air in a sea of poor quality and half-baked communities, and I'd love for that to be spread into other film domains.
  24. I've always been one to take things at my own pace. That means I have very little regard for being "part of the conversation" regarding new material. I'll gladly wait until a season over and binge it for a weekend.
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