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These rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand these rules before participating in the forum.


• Don't lie!
• Don't steal!
• Don't be a jerk!
• Don't spam!
• Don't double post!
• Don't post one word posts!
• Don't post illegible or nonsensical posts!
• Don't post porn!

• Don't post unmarked spoilers!
• Don't have a huge signature!
• Listen to the mods and admins!
• Have fun!

Yes, there are exceptions, but you'll have to read the full post to see what's appropriate.


Useful Links

Forum FAQ
IRC Tutorial Index

What is Spam?

The Spam Litmus Test!
Signature Size Limitations
The Moderating Team
Kametsu Facebook Page


General Forum Etiquette
• Staff and members are expected to maintain an environment safe for and conducive to discussion and the open sharing of ideas.
• All opinions, neither right nor wrong, will be respected.
• Abusive, threatening, or hostile content will not be tolerated.
• Proper spelling and grammar, as well as keeping the use of smilies to a minimum, is encouraged.
• Adult content is subject to removal, revision, or relocation and should be limited to the Mature Realm.

• Adult content is defined as any material inappropriate for a PG-13 audience and includes, but is not limited to, graphic depictions or descriptions of violence or sex, nudity, and excessive profanity.

• Material in the Art & Literature section containing such content may remain there provided it is labelled properly.

• Content that may be triggering to other users must be labelled appropriately.

• Spoilers must marked and denoted with spoiler tags.

• Libel, or otherwise purposely spreading false information, will not be tolerated.


• Multiple or alt accounts are not allowed.

• Falsifying information to maintain multiple accounts will result in punishment.

• Registering an account with a disposable email address is grounds for an immediate ban. Please use a real email address.

• Forum etiquette applies.

• Forum etiquette applies.

• No duplicate threads or cross-posting. You may make your own thread even if the same content has already been shared.

• Threads closed for length or age may be revived as a new thread.

• The reopening of closed threads may be requested via PM.

• Necro-posting (reviving old threads) is allowed, as long as there is something relevant or constructive to add to the thread.
• Do not double post or bump threads, instead use the edit button or multi-quote feature when needing to respond to multiple posts.

• Exceptions are made for posting new content (graphics, stories, news, &c).


Personal Messages (PM)
• Forum etiquette applies.

Exception: Adult or triggering content exchanged between consenting members is not subject to removal or supervision unless a report is made.

Signatures and Avatars
• Forum etiquette applies.
• See Signature Size Limitations for more details



• Forum etiquette applies.

• No spoilers of any kind.


See Channel Rules.

Reporting System
• Should only be used for official forum business.
• May be used to notify the staff of any thread or post that requires their attention, regardless of whether anything is specifically wrong or in violation of the rules.

Examples: Requesting a thread be closed or moved; requesting a post or posts be moved or deleted; requesting the merging of posts or threads.

• Staff will deal with reports accordingly. Not all reports will be actioned.


• Users are encouraged to report any and all infractions to members of staff.
• The rule of precedent is not employed here and all cases will be reviewed separately and individually.
• Punishments include, but are not limited to: loss of posting privileges, loss of signature and avatar privileges, deletion or editing of posts/threads/avatars/signatures, suspension, being put on a moderation queue, or being banned.
• Evading punishment will not be tolerated.
• Serious infractions may result in a ban/IP ban without prior notice to the user.

Member Privileges
• All work posted by users remain the property of the user. Ownership is not transferred to the forum upon posting.
• Concerns or questions regarding the forum may be sent via PM to any member of staff, so long as it is done in a respectful manner.
• Private messages are to remain private between users and will only be pulled in situations where safety or security is a concern.

Staff Privileges
• Failure to comply with a moderator’s instructions will result in proper punishment.
• In the absence of a specific rule concerning a topic not covered above, members of staff are expected to act judiciously.



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