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    What is your preferred method of downloading?

    I defintely use torrents the most (Though I only do so through private trackers). After that I'd have to say DCC and then Mega/GDrive. Any other filehost I'll just ignore entirely. However, if torrents don't have what im looking for then the other two usually never do either. Therefore I rarely use them. the only exception is a site I use that has Mega links neatly organized on upload pages with posters, summaries and such. Makes copying the links and JDownloader detecting them too easy.

    MEGA links down.... Suggestions!!

    Im a member of a private DDL site that has links as old as mega itself and they still work great. Obviously being private our userbase is smaller, but the big thing we do to make links last for years is archive everything, encrypt + password protect it, and name it something random/garbage. The only way to know what something really contains is by downloading it, but of course we trust our uploaders and have a report system in place (though I've never heard of anyone reporting malicious links) Im sure there would be users outside of Kametsu who wouldn't trust files with such discrepencies and this could help the lifetime of the links.

    How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    As a child, im pretty sure I saw them all up until Advanced. As an adult, I KNOW I saw them all up until Advanced. I know ive watched the first few movies at least 5x each.

    Best Free VPN?

    I mean...pay $30/year for a quality VPN or risk losing your connection along with paying a few thousand in copyright fines and trashing your history... I know I wouldn't be concerned about $30 at that point...
  5. Pretty sure you cant use voice search, but Kodi has a lot of options for narrowing down your results. I know it has a regular text search option though. Plus the interface is beautiful so youll be able to take advantage of that with all your movies. As for that app, it looks like it just tells you what DRM's your device is capable of playing, bur it doesnt let you play the ones not supported by your device. It's just to help developers know more about a device. Either way, if you get your stuff from sites like this then you shouldnt have to worry about DRM. ***EDIT*** I totally forgot you could do voice commands with Yatse. It's an app that acts as a remote for Kodi. You use the app to control Kodi and use voice search on it: https://www.howtogeek.com/253506/how-to-control-kodi-with-your-voice-and-more-using-yatse/

    [SOLVED] Python Error Youtube-DL

    So what was your solution to the problem? You just upgraded to python 3.6.x?

    The Count to Infinity


    Count to 100,000


    The Count to Infinity

  10. What happened to the Live-Action section? I know I downloaded a few series from it before, but now it's nowhere to be found. Even my old forum posts that I made in that section aren't showing up on my profile page. Is there some class-restriction that got put in place or something? I looked through the guidelines but didn't find any matches using ctrl+f

    The Count to Infinity


    Count to 100,000


    Portable Media Player that Supports Hi10 1080p Anime?

    If it supports 4K then it will most likely support h265 (h265 being the standard for 4K). Depends on your budget. A FireTV will work, but you'll crap out with 10bit (Kodi support will also be kinda shitty). If you got the funds, go all-out and get an Nvidia Shield TV (You can find them for ~$120 on Craigslist). It has an expansion slot, but either way playing your media over the network would be ideal for convenience. I personally just have an HTPC setup running OpenELEC. The files are read from off my NAS via SFTP. My laptop also has Kodi installed and I use that to stream my media via SFTP when im off the LAN. HDMI port lets me plug it into a TV if I want to.

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Oh yeeeeah. I didnt know the Xbox supported backwards compatibility. I was about to buy one a few years ago when the Rare Replay collection came out. Play some OG Conker and Grabbed by thr Ghoulies.


    Hello to you too!