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  1. When I'm with buddies in private, I'll cuss lightly ("Damn", "crap", or "hell" at the most) but they cuss like crazy. In public we have enough respect to know when to calm-down for the sake of those around us. The only time I swear more heavily is when I get pissed, but even then I got a really long fuse. I treat cussing like I treat gay-marriage, identifying as a potato, racial equality, or sexual discrimination; Do whatever you wanna do, I really don't care. The only time I have a problem with it is when someone is purposely doing it loud enough so that the people around them have no choice but to acknowledge them. I was at the store the other day and their where a couple guys my age doing just that. I could tell none of the people around them wanted to hear it, but nobody said a thing. I got pissed as soon as I heard them. I called them out on it for the whole store to see. If you cuss with at home who cares. If you do it in public 1st amendment. Just have some common courtesy for those around you. Being obnoxious doesn't show people how "hard" or "cool" you are, It'll just piss off people like me and then we'll have a real problem. I can't stand it. It's one of the things that makes me lose my crap right-away.
  2. I took martial arts growing-up. I don't actively practice it today, but I can still recall just about everything I learned. Even though I'm glad I took it, I don't expect to ever be in a situation to use it. However, I rather be ready and never need it, than need it and never have known it. I'm sure that in the moment, the years I spent learning that skill will make all the difference. Being taught that as a young child makes no difference.
  3. I was raised by my momma and influenced by an older sister. Pretty much got Romance/Slice of life in my SOUL...Though bad-ass content still tickles my testosterone
  4. While eating, I only watch dubbed content (Usually things with no plot). For story-driven content, it has to be original. I wanna experience it the way god intended.
  5. If a shop/restaurant advertises 'Organic', 'non-gmo', etc, I rather go somewhere that doesn't give a crap.
  6. A few years back I was part of the team that reviewed applications and decided to either allow or deny people. For anyone interested, here's what we looked out for (Doubt its changed much over the last couple years)... Knowledge of torrenting: This is the biggest one and will pretty much make or break you. You don't gotta know the details of how they keep track of your stats, but you gotta know basic torrenting terminology and how to do it. After all, the community is supported entirely by its users having healthy torrenting habits (Which comes from having knowledge of what they're doing). Full answers: The reviewers are volunteers who review EVERY application individually, and nothing's more irritating than someone half-assing an application with one or two words for each question. Pretty much spits on the face of anyone who actually put effort into their application and wastes the time of the guy reviewing it. It's the first thing that you notice and an auto-decline whenever I saw it. Anime-interested: For the anime questions, you don't gotta bleed your heart out, but show interest in the topic. Write a tiny review of your favorite show, at-least enough to make it clear you actually saw them and didn't just read the summary. Be cool: The main-reason for an application is of course to judge if an applicant would be a positive impact on the community. Answer the questions, but throw in a joke or two when appropriate. Going through dozens of these things in a row gets real old real quick. Remember, if you can make them laugh you can make them buy (or in this case, approve). Those are just some quick-tips. I personally joined through an application myself. AnimeBytes is, in my opinion, the best place to get your feet wet in the private tracker community. The staff/rules are very understanding of new users, the community is pretty diverse, and if you're looking to get into the 'Elite' trackers that are so sough-after, AnimeBytes is also a great place to do that thanks to the recruitment threads in the forums. Good luck!
  7. As a child, im pretty sure I saw them all up until Advanced. As an adult, I KNOW I saw them all up until Advanced. I know ive watched the first few movies at least 5x each.
  8. I mean...pay $30/year for a quality VPN or risk losing your connection along with paying a few thousand in copyright fines and trashing your history... I know I wouldn't be concerned about $30 at that point...
  9. Pretty sure you cant use voice search, but Kodi has a lot of options for narrowing down your results. I know it has a regular text search option though. Plus the interface is beautiful so youll be able to take advantage of that with all your movies. As for that app, it looks like it just tells you what DRM's your device is capable of playing, bur it doesnt let you play the ones not supported by your device. It's just to help developers know more about a device. Either way, if you get your stuff from sites like this then you shouldnt have to worry about DRM. ***EDIT*** I totally forgot you could do voice commands with Yatse. It's an app that acts as a remote for Kodi. You use the app to control Kodi and use voice search on it: https://www.howtogeek.com/253506/how-to-control-kodi-with-your-voice-and-more-using-yatse/
  10. What happened to the Live-Action section? I know I downloaded a few series from it before, but now it's nowhere to be found. Even my old forum posts that I made in that section aren't showing up on my profile page. Is there some class-restriction that got put in place or something? I looked through the guidelines but didn't find any matches using ctrl+f
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