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  1. Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    Their sister site, TotallyKids (Live-Action), has opened as well. Get in there! http://www.totallykids.tv/index.php?page=signup *** EDIT *** Both CartoonChaos + TotallyKids have closed their sign-ups. Welcome all who joined! Don't forget to read the rules/FAQ
  2. What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    Summer break in 2012. Was browsing through Netflix and came upon FMAB. I remembered seeing commercials for it a long time ago. Figured I'd give it a shot... 2 episodes in I was past the point of no return...Glorious day!
  3. AnimeBytes is open for application sign up

    That's a pretty neat program. Would make staying on-top of open sign-ups easier. Thanks for the tip-off!
  4. My name is Leon...and my ex-girlfriend was named Claire...Just thought that's kinda funny Never played/seen resident evil, but I know there's a guy named Leon in it. Didn't know there was a Claire too.
  5. Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    In order to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) you need a program that can connect to an IRC server. Similar to how you need a torrent client to download torrents, you need an IRC client to connect to IRC servers. It can't be done through a web browser like chrome. If you're on windows, the most popular program is called mIRC. However, it is not free and does cost money. There are free alternatives though. Find an IRC client, download/install it, connect to the server, then connect to the channel.
  6. Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    I don't know what client you're trying, but check this out... More specifically... Personally, I use mIRC, and use the '/server irc.server.net' then the '/join #channel' command.
  7. Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    You're trying to join the wrong channel. Go to... #cartoonchaos.help Not... #cartoonchaos Are you sure you can meet the reqs?...IRC knowledge is basics when it comes to trackers... If you have the ratio proofs, make sure theyre reputable...otherwise you may not qualify... P.S
  8. Cartoon Chaos Invite!

    Just thought I'd post this here for anyone interested... Not a very active tracker, but doesn't mean it's useless. A lot of the seeded content is untouched ISO's.
  9. VPN Service

    I second this. Been using PIA for ~3 years now. Price is more than reasonable (~3.50 USD/month if you get the 1 year subscription). I have OpenVPN setup on my FreeNAS running Transmission. Works great. I also use it on my main PC for DDL. Proxy is nice too for my IDM client. All my downloads that go through IDM are done through a proxy, so just a bit safer. If I hit the download cap (6gb on Mega for example), I just switch servers, which gives me a new IP and I start downloading again. Not to mention the regional limitations you can bypass by making yourself appear anywhere in the world. Android app is nice too, but I don't use it that often. Bottom line, definitely worth it for anyone who downloads often or wants more security for their sensitive data.
  10. Mega limited download

    VPN probably the best way. Just used OpenVPN (PIA) to download from mega non-stop these last 3 days. Just gotta change servers whenever you get the pop-up. Didn't login to my mega account while downloading. Easy peasy. Worth it for anyone who downloads a lot.
  11. Post Your Desktop

    Does nobody use Fences?... Here's mine, though the wallpaper shuffles between ~1000 different ones every 10 seconds
  12. Which MMORPG game are you playing?

    I use to play Runescape...kinda quit like 4 months ago...might get back into it when i get my new PC...Played it for a while...all my stats are at least 50+ and i gots a skill cape
  13. Final Fantasy 13-2 Question/Discussion

    Question - What IS final fantasy? Ive only played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (WHICH WAS AWESOME!), and Final Fantasy Tactics (REALLY lame :/)...Ive never played any of these Final Fantasy V, Vii, X, etc...I know they are JRPG (My favorite category is RPG), but what can you do? P.S I know V, Vii, X is for Roman Numerals -.-
  14. paid subscriptions

    I wasn't around back when this donate feature was around, so I have no idea what you guys are talking about :3 However, Dude888 stated that if we are gonna pay for a subscription to download illegal stuff, we should just buy the legal stuff....I'm not saying I disagree with this, but I do view it differently...I pay for a premium account on FileFactory (about 12$ a month), which I use to download anime...I'm thinking I've saved well over 500$ from downloading them VS buying them...and I've only had my premium account for a month ...obviously I'm PAYING for a subscription, but I'm still saving a TON of loot..so I think depending on the subscription, it would be better to pay for and download...also I would rather download, because you can't always get a hold of the Blu-ray releases in your area... P.S If this donate system you guys had was something much different, then this is just a rant I guess
  15. Shakugan no Shana

    New voice cast? Totally blows original voice cast for season 1 was already amazing...and I got them in my head for the show....not cool...