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  1. Thanks for the link and reply, like I said always nice hearing real world experience over rumors to either get them confirmed or debunked. Might have to look into getting one.
  2. It's nice knowing people who have real experience with them answering those worries. I've heard those things that I said, but really wondered how true they were so thanks for clearing it up.
  3. Please delete
  4. If you mean the Netflix Death Note movie, I loved it but I wouldn't really consider it anime much like the new Ghost in the Shell movie. More like based off an anime or something. Now live action movies from Japan, I wouldn't exactly call them anime, but I personally have a folder called J-Live for all my fansub live shows and would relate them to anime while not exactly be anime.
  5. Yeah, the prices are really adding up with all the new ones. I cut cable to save money, but I want my Netflix and Funimation, now I'm looking at HiDive and I really want the Disney and DC ones. Problem is, this is all adding up so quick if it doesn't stop it will end up costing more than my cable did.
  6. I'm thinking about subbing to HiDive, though not sure how trustworthy they are or if they have a lot of different sows than Funimation. Anyone know how good their service is and how it compares to Funimation? And by the way, thanks Koby for the info.
  7. I'm not trying to be an ass about anything on this subject, everyone has their own opinions and that's cool and I respect that. To me though, only those shows made in Japan count as anime to me as 'anime' is a special term for me meaning they come from Japan and were great, and done in that style. Personally, no I wouldn't want to see non Japanese shows end up being called anime because it starts to make the term less special, and if a few shows get a pass how long until more and more want that same pass. I am not trying to offend someone with these following examples because if you like them then that is cool, I just don't. If more and more shows start getting a pass and being labeled as anime, how long until cartoons like Spongebob or Annoying Orange gets labeled as anime?
  8. True, extended support does go until January 14, 2020, but mainstream support ended on January 13, 2015. And since it is only a year and a half until even extended support ends, Windows 7 sadly doesn't get all updates only the security ones and with the support end date, I don't trust that they will keep up with the security patches as well as they should so I still prefer Windows 10. Still, that does give people about 1 3/4 years to keep windows 7 with hopefully up to date security patches which would be awesome for those still using it. Either way, whichever OS people want to use, I say use it since everyone needs to be happy and comfortable with what they choose. (I try to keep an open mind and respect everyone's choices.)
  9. I have a lot of bays in my computer so have a few 4tb HDD in them.
  10. I think I will let Jay Sherman answer this one for me... https://youtu.be/YdDMrncAy4U
  11. Only 5 more posts for you as or me posting this, so it will be very soon for you. Good luck!
  12. This would be a hard one, but I would say if I narrowed it down then it would be a tie between Anime America and Ownage Pranks.
  13. I did 1 of 3 things usually, played games, read or watched cartoons lol.
  14. Love them all, though I have to say the Hinata one was my favorite.
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