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  1. Theme: Fire(?) <Subject to change> I'm back~. Haven't used this signature in a SOTW yet.
  2. Hello friends! Long time no see. I think She's (Gasai Yuno) an anti hero, otherwise just strike me off the list. Theme: Anime Movies
  3. Seems like a fun game! :3 You have good etiquette? Don't know why that came out as a question
  4. +2 = 216 Sorry Job, I'm not sure! ( I download everything I watch, so I don't know any streaming sites. :x )
  5. I was hoping I caught it out before you got to watch anything! Ahah. XD Sorryyyyy!
  6. As always, thanks for the c&c! I've actually been keeping my Photoshop files rather clean, so that would be as simple as changing the order of layers! Do you mean something like this? - (v 2.0)
  7. No worries! Your order has successfully gone through. Thank you for your patronage at Breathless' GFX Store! :3 (I'm getting way too into this whole 'store' thing) No problem, I'll work on it soon as I can. Thanks for the faith, ahah! Thanks to both of you for showing interest here! I'll try complete the requests as soon as possible!

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      professa X

      yea i know preeety sweet!

  9. I think in terms of handheld consoles (Wii U for example), they're fine to leave it as it is. Even if it's just as a sign saying, "We're not dead yet!" I heard Osborn talk about Nintendo on one of his podcasts, and I pretty much agreed with what he said. This isn't an exact quote, but it was something along the lines of: "Nintendo's games are amazing, but they're losing the console war. I believe that they should move into game/software development, and put less money and focus into their consoles" When I heard that, I thought to myself about what consoles/games I play. I love the nintendo games (Mario Party, Smash Brothers, etc.) But I would buy the sony/microsoft Next Gen games, because they have games + stronger consoles. However, if I could buy Nintendo games on the PS4, I would do that in a heart beat! Mario Party is my #1 favorite game, but I wouldn't buy a whole console just for it. :x I'm a big fan of Nintendo though, and always will be!
  10. Sorry! Just realized I gave you the wrong one. You want: Magi; The Labyrinth of Magic Magi; The Kingdom of Magic is the second season. (Sorry!)
  11. Hit my 500th Post, and opened up a request shop! :3

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      Congrats on both! ^^

      ... Oh we can set up shops? XD

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      wish i could be saying that

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      Thaaaanks everyone! :3

  12. Welcome to Breathless' GFX Store! If you would like to see some of my samples feel free to check out my Showcase! (./Note: I have recently moved my showcase branch! If you would like to see my older samples, you can see it here at my Old Showcase!) That being said, Breathless' GFX Store is now open! MOST RECENT: ./Note: Using my most recent work here. I'll replace it with most recent requested GFX upon completion! FAQs FAQs __________________________________________________________________________ How do I request a GFX from your store?! You just post in the thread! Can I request one of your pre-made GFX?! If you would like to use one of my works from my current showcase, just let me know which one and I'll apply your name to it! What about one from your old showcase?! Unfortunately, I've lost all my files from my old showcase, so I'll be unable to edit those. (I can try but It wouldn't look very good!) Can I request an original GFX from you?! Of course you can, just post away! Do I need anything in order to request?! No! You don't! That being said, I'm not sure what kind of GFX you would want either. I think it would be best for you to post at least what character/anime/game you want the GFX to involve! What about if I want specific things in my requested GFX?! That's awesome! Just let me know what you would like in your GFX with your request post, and I'll do my best to adhere to it! Is there a certain template that I need to use?! Well, you don't need to use it. But it's easy to fill out, and it would help. There's a template in the bottommost spoiler tag! After making a request, how long until the GFX will be complete?! Good question! Breathless' GFX Store, is a non-profit store that runs off of fun, not money! The speed of which I can complete the GFX strongly depends on how busy my real life is. It could vary from a few days to some weeks! __________________________________________________________________________ ./Notes: ./Notes: I'm not the best at doing renders! I can do them, but they won't turn out top quality! If possible, post a chosen render, or I can choose one at my own discretion. (Maybe we could request a render from another GFX shop.) This thread was my 500th post! It's a milestone for me on my forum journey! When I hit other milestones, I may hold special events! I can only do what I'm capable of, no more than that. __________________________________________________________________________ Template Template GFX Type: <Avatar, GIF, Signature, Banner, Wallpaper> Size: <Dimensions of GFX> Text: <What text you would like> Render/Stock: <Your chosen Render / Stock> - If there's none, I will choose one at my own discretion. Misc: <Anything I've missed out, or things you want me to include / exclude> __________________________________________________________________________
  13. Log Horizon is what you're looking for! Persona 4 - The animation and Accel World might also fit in your criteria. Those are the only ones that come straight to mind, though.
  14. Thanks Rimi and Aaron! A new update, with another sig/ava combo. I've been dying to make a vocaloid signature, so I just went off and did it a few days ago. (quite happy with the results) *Note: It was a fan-art render that I used, and they changed their outfits! :x I'm 90% sure that it's Kagamine Rin/Len though!
  15. I've been meaning to post here for a while, but somehow keep forgetting to! Out of those three, the Asuna one is definitely my favorite! :3 soo good! Also, I've never seen a Gundam look so cute, ahah! You're really good at making/choosing space-themed backgrounds. :x (I'm jealoussssss)
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