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  1. I enjoyed it a lot and loved how the quality stayed top notch through the whole show. Very fitting in helping to bring the story alive and packed with detail.
  2. It's interesting hearing how studios made certain decisions and "cut corners" to make things faster/cheaper. Yeah I don't like the stiff animation stuff either, and couldn't get into any of those shows you listed.
  3. Anime counts, haha. This looks great, thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Yeah, digital is definitely a plus for binge watching too. No need to change discs.
  5. Just by the look of that comic cover it would transition into a great looking cartoon! I really like the colors and style.
  6. I think you got me beat there, fruit flies are really annoying but at least they are quiet.
  7. There are so many stinking fruit flies in my house and no matter how many the traps catch there always seem to be more, and the follow me around when I am trying to eat my delicious fruit! They've never been as bad as this year.
  8. What's something you'd love to get a cartoon adaption of? I'd really like to see the Metroid video game series as an anime and the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson as a cartoon mini-series. I think they'd work well in the medium.
  9. My favorite movie has to be The Fellowship of the Ring, for sentimental reasons.
  10. Great work! I see a lot of potential, and liked how you included that Goku silhouette in the first piece. Finger smudging is how I like to work too, haha, just something about getting your hands on the picture.
  11. I'd have to say Metal Gear Solid 2. I played that game a lot and it is the one that sticks out to me the most. Oddly I think I've played PS1 more...
  12. It really seems the next thing now for everyone to have their own streaming services, not so great for the consumer but all the companies want to get the most money out of their media as possible.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with it. I love holidays were things can be decorated and themed, just the atmosphere change. Plus dressing up in different costumes and stuff is fun, probably why cosplay has taken off so much. Now, if adults showed up at my door trying to get candy I'd be less cool with it, haha.
  14. I don't believe someone can "grow" out of cartoons unless they are written just to entertain/educate infants (even then parents often get drawn in). A lot of hard work and creativity goes into making most cartoons, and they are an art form that needs more respect in our culture. I haven't had anyone make fun of me but I wouldn't care if they did. I mean, look at Japan, the majority of them enjoy Anime and Manga are they all immature then? No. Cartoons are just like any other form of entertainment.
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