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  1. Koby


    Hi gliadon. I've ran forums since 2001 and used nearly all the differing forum softwares through the years: yabb, vbulletin, phpbb, smf, invision, xenfor, ikon, mybb, burningboard, and likely many others that history has forgotten about. Kametsu itself was created in 2004 and actually started on IPS (then known as IPB) 1.3, before moving to IPS 2.0, because of script kiddies and exploits in the software we then moved over to SMF, then eventually bought a license and moved over to vBulletin 3.6, then moved to IPS 3.4, and ultimately ended up on IPS 4.x that it is currently on. I play video games too, but most of my play is on turn-based jrpgs such as The Legend of Heroes series currently and then games like Resident Evil. In the last few years I've also enjoyed Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Light Fairytale, Dragon Quest XI, etc. As for anime a few of my favorites are Black Lagoon, ef ~ a tale of memories, Yuyu Hakusho, and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. Welcome to the community!
  2. Koby

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I wish I could clear out my backlog entirely, but that is never going to happen as it's far too large. Same with my anime ptw backlog, which is nearly 200 series again. Anyways I beat Cold Steel 3 a over a week ago. Ended up playing it about 135 hours, making it the longest between CS1-CS3. I started Tokyo Xanadu eX+ and was enjoying it, but damn it's really punishing if you don't get the dodge timing just right. The Chapter 1: Side Story that you have to solo with the guy in the White hood, I forget his name.... and you can't change his equipment or anything during this part was actually pretty tough as a result. I kept failing to dodge perfectly and thus had to retry the segment about a dozen times. When I finally managed to beat it I had used up all my healing items and only ended up winning because I realized I had some ultimate attack on him I hadn't been using which wiped out all the adds on the boss fight making it go by a bit easier. But yeah... definitely gotta figure out the proper dodge timing. It would help if my daughter wasn't always distracting me. Perhaps this will be something I play while she sleeps and do some practice dodging on some of the weak enemies. Game is fun, and it seems like it'd be really easy if I got that aspect down. In the meantime, I jumped back to Light Fairytale: Episode 1. This game was fun, although extremely short. Ended up beating Haru's story in about 3 hours. Now I'm about to play Kuroko's story in a New Game run (shame you can't carry over your equipment and shit). Hopefully episode 2 lets us load our saves from this one. Episode 2 is due to release sometime Q2 2020, so basically pretty much any time now. Actually discovered a bug in episode 1 that was apparently introduced in the last update to the game and it made Kuroko's story unplayable, but I reported it and the dev fixed it in less than 8 hours and then credited me in the update for the bug report: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/539330/view/2206146856288096061 Pretty cool. It's also great to see that the dev actively supports the game and is quick to respond and patch issues. I still have plans to get to Resident Evil 3 Remake, but that keeps seemingly getting pushed back. Was waiting for a friend to play the game with me like we did RE2 Remake, but that obviously isn't going to happen so I'll play it by myself.
  3. Koby

    Free Games Megathread

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/435790/10_Second_Ninja_X/ 10 Second Ninja X is currently free on Steam.
  4. Saga of Tanya looked great even if it was native resolution of 720p. Death Parade was excellent too. Mob Psycho 100 I haven't watched but everyone seems to generally praise it. So lots of reasons to suggest that this would be a good watch, on top of the synopsis or what little we do know about it seemingly being right up my alley... thus I'm definitely going to be checking it out.
  5. Koby

    Free Games Megathread

    https://register.ubisoft.com/might_and_magic_chess_royale/en-US Might & Magic: Chess Royale is free on Uplay. https://register.ubisoft.com/rabbids-coding/en-US Rappids Coding! is free on Uplay.
  6. Koby

    Final Fantasy VIII (8) Discussion

    Final Fantasy 7, 8, 8 Remastered, and 9 mods can all be found on Qhimm's forum. But for 8 Remastered exclusively, you can find most of the mods linked on this thread.
  7. The CW announced what would normally be considered its fall schedule, except the lineup later this year has been largely scrubbed given the ongoing production shut down due to the coronavirus. Instead, the network's official kickoff is now being planned for January. The only other broadcast network to reveal their fall plans so far is Fox, which will have a semi-normal fall lineup. "Of course, for original scripted series we do not have an exact return of production yet," CW CEO and chairman Mark Pedowitz told reporters. "We are going with this strategy to give producers and studios ample time to get back up and running in the best and safest way possible. Strategy and protocols are still being developed. What other broadcasters do is up to them. For The CW, this is right for us." Only the final episodes of Supernatural are still planned to air in fall (with no date yet set). The network has five episodes of the long-running fan-favorite series shot with two more to go, and expects it will be able to finish those final episodes in time to air in the fall. The network also plans to air other unspecified originals and acquired series of some kind in the fall. "Jared and Jensen [Ackles] will go back to finish the last two and then Jared will go off to work on Walker," Pedowitz said. "We hope they will start shooting [Supernatural] late summer early fall. If not, we’ll be flexible in our schedule. We all want to end the 15 years the right way. It's important that these two episodes will be done the way they hope to do them. If not, we'll wait it out." The network's usual Arrowverse crossover will still happen, but not until first or second quarter 2021. The crossover will also be shorter than usual, only two hours are planned, but Pedowitz plans to put the network's new Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Batwoman (Ruby Rose) together. Two new shows will be held until deeper into mid-season: The reboot of Kung Fu and rebellion drama The Republic of Sarah. While Katy Keene is not on the lineup, yet not canceled. A verdict on the musical comedy is still to come. Here is The CW's schedule effective January 2021: MONDAY 8:00-9:00PM ALL AMERICAN 9:00-10:00PM BLACK LIGHTNING TUESDAY 8:00-9:00PM THE FLASH 9:00-10:00PM SUPERMAN & LOIS (New Series) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:00PM RIVERDALE 9:00-10:00PM NANCY DREW THURSDAY 8:00-9:00PM WALKER (New Series) 9:00-10:00PM LEGACIES FRIDAY 8:00-9:00PM PENN & TELLER: FOOL US (New Night) 9:00-9:30PM WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (New Night) 9:30-10:00PM WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? (New Night) SUNDAY 8:00-9:00PM BATWOMAN 9:00-10:00PM CHARMED (New Night)
  8. Director Yuzuru Tachikawa (Mob Psycho 100, Death Parade) and KADOKAWA are bringing their latest original series, DECA-DENCE, to FUNimation as part of the Summer 2020 anime season! Set in a world where all of humanity lives on a giant moving fortress, this series follows the fight against a legion of treacherous kaiju! From Studio NUT (Saga of Tanya the Evil), DECA-DENCE crew includes series composer Hiroshi Seko (Banana Fish, Vinland Saga) and character designer Shinichi Kurita (Death Parade, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV). Studio NUT produced its first anime project Youjo Senki (The Saga of Tanya the Evil) in 2017—an adaptation of Carlo Zen's fantasy military light novel of the same title. The studio also collaborated with Production I.G and Revoroot on FLCL Alternative last year. Official Teaser
  9. Koby

    Final Fantasy VIII (8) Discussion

    A lot of fan mods just dropped for the "Remaster" in order to update the game further graphically. Here is some comparisons between the official remaster as-is and the fan mods created for it. some enemy battle models official (before) vs. fan mods (after): https://imgsli.com/MTYyODU https://imgsli.com/MTYyNjk https://imgsli.com/MTYyNjY click the link and use the slider to go back n forth... fan mod is extremely more detailed. and then some background comparisons official: fan mod: official: fan mod: official: fan mod: Full size them of course to fully see the difference.
  10. Yeah, the timeline gets a bit muffled since games somewhat overlap in terms of chronology. Sky 1 happens, then Sky 2... but after that.... Sky 3, Zero, and Cold Steel 1 are all taking place within the same time frame more or less. With Azure starting near the end of Cold Steel 1 and continuing into Cold Steel 2. Then Cold Steel 2 has an arc related to Crossbell right before the final chapter called Divertissement. But really that just makes it sound more confusing than it really is. You can safely start with any of the arcs: Liberl (Sky), Crossbell (Zero/Azure), or Erebonia (Cold Steel) and the games will explain everything you need to know in order to enjoy that arc. However if you did want to play the games in chronological order with the least amount of spoilers... I'd recommend Sky 1 -> Sky 2 -> Sky 3 -> Cold Steel 1 -> Cold Steel 2, stop at Divertissement chapter -> Zero -> Azure -> finish Cold Steel 2 -> Cold Steel 3 -> Cold Steel 4 -> Future Games. But again, playing every arc isn't a requirement to enjoy individual arcs.
  11. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is a role-playing video game developed by Nihon Falcom. A part of the long-running The Legend of Heroes series and a direct sequel to The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III. The game was released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan in September 2018 and is scheduled for a worldwide release in Q4 2020. Ports for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows are scheduled for release in 2021. The game plays very similarly to Trails of Cold Steel III as a traditional JRPG with turn-based battles, bringing back features such as the Order system, Orbment system, mini-games and battle commands being mapped to specific buttons rather than various menus. Each character from the new Class VII in the game has new, unique S-Craft techniques in combat. Additionally, characters will be able to utilize Lost Arts which are significantly more powerful than regular Arts but expend a full EP gauge. It features a large number of returning characters from the Trails in the Sky trilogy, the Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki duology, and the previous titles in the Trails of Cold Steel quadrilogy. Announcement Trailer: Story Trailer:
  12. Koby


    Howdy there LightYagami11. Always nice to see a new face. Welcome to the community. Thanks for the compliment!
  13. Koby

    New Inuyasha Series

    Hmm... weird selection of characters and story, but I'm down for more Inuyasha any way I can get it.
  14. Koby

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Heh, putting that Humble discount to good use I see. Alliance Alive and Ys 8 are both on my Wishlist, but I didn't think I should grab them at this time. Having PC problems... may end up having to do the new build sooner rather than later.