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  1. Koby

    Blocking Subforums in Unread Content

    No, not in the unread content link. However yes it's possible to create your own activity stream which will be automatically linked in the sub-category of the Activity link in the navigation. Activity -> My Activity Streams -> Create New Stream. Then you just configure it. Select Topics under Content Type then you can Narrow by forums. You can create all sorts of different activity streams to suit your needs. In fact the "Status Update" stream wasn't even a default in IPS, it was one I manually set up and made it for everyone.
  2. Koby

    Final Fantasy X-3 teased by Square Enix

    Yeah I fear it'll be another FF15 reskin like the FF7Remake has turned out to be. Maybe even released in episodic format like they plan to do with FF7Remake. >_>
  3. If you're a Final Fantasy fan, chances are you're at least familiar with Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X. Regardless of your stance on the game or the sequel it spawned, Square Enix seems to have been toying with the idea of making a Final Fantasy X-3 for a while, and we even have some concept art to go along with the idea. Nothing has been confirmed, but a Tetsuya Nomura illustration showing Tidus and Yuna's "later years" was shown during a recent Final Fantasy NT live-stream. Yoshinori Kitase revealed during the stream that most of the Final Fantasy X team that worked on the HD Remaster a few years ago got excited about the idea of making an X-3 when they included the voice drama detailing the latest chapter of Spira's story. Kitase-san also revealed that most of the team has been busy since the remaster's release and they just haven't had time to sit down and make a full, third entry into the world of Final Fantasy X. If you recognize the above illustration, you might have seen it during coverage of Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary event in Tokyo earlier in the year. Dissidia Final Fantasy director Takeo Kujiraoka stated that he's received requests to make a "later years" costume for both Tidus and Yuna, but Nomura-san wants Final Fantasy X-3 to happen first. Kitase-san hopes fans can just sit and wonder about what X-3 could bring, prefacing the thought with a mysterious "for now." Square Enix doesn't appear to have green-lit a Final Fantasy X-3, but with Tetsuya Nomura seemingly in favor of making it happen, there's no telling what could happen. The realm of Spira is one many Final Fantasy fans have enjoyed over the years, and regardless of your stance on X-2, many of us would be willing to revisit Spira if Tidus can outgrow his infamously annoying laugh. To use Kitase-san's wording, "for now" all we have about a potential Final Fantasy X-3 is the above illustration from Tetsuya Nomura. Only time will tell if we'll have the opportunity to explore Spira once more. Source: Gamestalk
  4. For two years, Funimation and Crunchyroll partnered to make anime more widely available around the world. But all things must come to an end, and the two leading anime platforms parted ways in November, creating a new landscape for the medium outside Japan. The partnership benefited both parties, but when negotiations reached an impasse, Sony-owned Funimation eventually decided to walk away, but not before trying to re-up with Crunchyroll first. “We did try to renew with [Crunchyroll], but there were some terms that they would not give on that we really had to have, to have a longer-term renewal with them,” Funimation President and CEO, Gen Fukunaga told Newsweek. “And they wouldn’t budge, and we couldn’t renew on those terms. So Sony had to make this tough decision: if they weren’t going to budge on those terms, then we just have to double down and decide if we’re going to go at it alone. And that’s what happened.” The dispute centered around international expansion. Under the old deal with Crunchyroll, Funimation wasn’t allowed to stream in certain regions. Sony Pictures Television Networks, which acquired Funimation in 2017, felt it was impossible to remain in the Crunchyroll deal under those conditions. Fukunaga describes Sony’s approach as a “one-Sony strategy,” integrating all branches under the company’s umbrella, including movies, music, gaming and electronics. One example of this is the trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly being attached to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, a film distributed by Sony Pictures. In Fukunaga’s view, Sony’s technology and infrastructure provide Funimation with unique opportunities for global exposure. What’s more, Funimation’s relationship with Sony-owned Aniplex, a distributor of numerous popular anime titles like Sword Art Online , has also strengthened since the 2017 deal. The Sony acquisition and Crunchyroll split aren’t the only recent changes to Funimation’s business. Earlier this month, the company announced a new partnership with Hulu which will likely help it find an even larger audience. “One of the benefits of that deal is that it doesn’t have some of the handcuffs that we couldn’t get around with Crunchyroll,” Fukunaga explained. “Obviously, we could do this new deal that included no restrictions on global expansion.” Fukunaga described the partnership as an “output-style deal,” where Funimation gives a limited set of content to Hulu while maintaining a larger library of anime. Dubs will be “windowed back” on Funimation, but subbed versions will debut on both Funimation and Hulu at the same time as Japan. “[Hulu] have their own anime base and this will help us co-buy content, and bid for the bigger titles,” Fukunaga explains. “They’ll help us get the mass exposure and we can get the hardcore anime fans on our platform. It was a good partnership in that sense and we can co-exist. And that’s why it works for us.” Anime fans may be left wondering where to find their favorite series. Each platform will retain its original stable of titles, but all the content produced during the partnership will remain on both platforms. “Anything we’ve already done, we’re going to continue to release it on home video. We’re locked in together on the stuff we’ve worked on together,” Fukunaga said. “The question is ‘what’s going to happen to future titles, to future seasons?’ The answer to that is: it depends. The contract wording is a little bit nebulous, and we are going title by title and deciding what we are working on together.” Fukunaga said the January season of anime is “mostly” together. But the process of divvying up the series should get simpler as the year goes on. “Right now, we’re vetting through every title to decide what we’re working on together and what we’re not. Until both parties agree, we don’t know [how long it’ll be until fans know].” The split between Funimation and Crunchyroll likely means more intense bidding wars for upcoming anime moving forward. Exclusivity will be key on all fronts, as platforms fight to bring their subscribers the best content, something that’s important for Fukunaga. “When we start bidding on new titles, whoever wins those bids will obviously get exclusivity,” Fukunaga said. “It will become an issue where we’re bidding for exclusivity for the sub and dub. That’s important for [us] to get that exclusivity, and global rights.”
  5. Koby

    Free Games Megathread

    Subnautica free at Epic https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/subnautica/home
  6. No more dinners with female colleagues. Don’t sit next to them on flights. Book hotel rooms on different floors. Avoid one-on-one meetings. In fact, as a wealth adviser put it, just hiring a woman these days is “an unknown risk.” What if she took something he said the wrong way? Across Wall Street, men are adopting controversial strategies for the #MeToo era and, in the process, making life even harder for women. Call it the Pence Effect, after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who has said he avoids dining alone with any woman other than his wife. In finance, the overarching impact can be, in essence, gender segregation. Interviews with more than 30 senior executives suggest many are spooked by #MeToo and struggling to cope. “It’s creating a sense of walking on eggshells,” said David Bahnsen, a former managing director at Morgan Stanley who’s now an independent adviser overseeing more than $1.5 billion. This is hardly a single-industry phenomenon, as men across the country check their behavior at work, to protect themselves in the face of what they consider unreasonable political correctness -- or to simply do the right thing. The upshot is forceful on Wall Street, where women are scarce in the upper ranks. The industry has also long nurtured a culture that keeps harassment complaints out of the courts and public eye, and has so far avoided a mega-scandal like the one that has engulfed Harvey Weinstein. ‘Real Loss’ Now, more than a year into the #MeToo movement -- with its devastating revelations of harassment and abuse in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and beyond -- Wall Street risks becoming more of a boy’s club, rather than less of one. “Women are grasping for ideas on how to deal with it, because it is affecting our careers,” said Karen Elinski, president of the Financial Women’s Association and a senior vice president at Wells Fargo & Co. “It’s a real loss.” There’s a danger, too, for companies that fail to squash the isolating backlash and don’t take steps to have top managers be open about the issue and make it safe for everyone to discuss it, said Stephen Zweig, an employment attorney with FordHarrison. “If men avoid working or traveling with women alone, or stop mentoring women for fear of being accused of sexual harassment,” he said, “those men are going to back out of a sexual harassment complaint and right into a sex discrimination complaint.” Channeling Pence While the new personal codes for dealing with #MeToo have only just begun to ripple, the shift is already palpable, according to the people interviewed, who declined to be named. They work for hedge funds, law firms, banks, private equity firms and investment-management firms. For obvious reasons, few will talk openly about the issue. Privately, though, many of the men interviewed acknowledged they’re channeling Pence, saying how uneasy they are about being alone with female colleagues, particularly youthful or attractive ones, fearful of the rumor mill or of, as one put it, the potential liability. A manager in infrastructure investing said he won’t meet with female employees in rooms without windows anymore; he also keeps his distance in elevators. A late-40-something in private equity said he has a new rule, established on the advice of his wife, an attorney: no business dinner with a woman 35 or younger. The changes can be subtle but insidious, with a woman, say, excluded from casual after-work drinks, leaving male colleagues to bond, or having what should be a private meeting with a boss with the door left wide open. ‘Not That Hard’ On Wall Street as elsewhere, reactions to #MeToo can smack of paranoia, particularly given the industry’s history of protecting its biggest revenue generators. “Some men have voiced concerns to me that a false accusation is what they fear,” said Zweig, the lawyer. “These men fear what they cannot control.” There are as many or more men who are responding in quite different ways. One, an investment adviser who manages about 100 employees, said he briefly reconsidered having one-on-one meetings with junior women. He thought about leaving his office door open, or inviting a third person into the room. Finally, he landed on the solution: “Just try not to be an asshole.” That’s pretty much the bottom line, said Ron Biscardi, chief executive officer of Context Capital Partners. “It’s really not that hard.” Article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-12-03/a-wall-street-rule-for-the-metoo-era-avoid-women-at-all-cost A rather unsurprising reaction to some of the ridiculous levels reached by the #MeToo movement and its failure to dismiss the frivolous and the completely unsubstantiated allegations.
  7. As someone who once was a huge fan of the show, I think they right time to have ended it sailed past us several seasons ago when they ran out of ideas, stopped being funny, and forgot why people watched the show. The dynamic drastically changed when they gave everyone on the show girlfriends/wifes instead of being a bunch of desperate geeks in search of love it seemed they'd never obtain and stopped referenced popular geek-culture. I mean the latest seasons references "Momma Mia!" for crying out loud.
  8. Koby

    iTunes vs. Amazon

    The thing is, legally iTunes gives you a download you can view offline, while Amazon is streaming only. I believe Amazon does have some sort of offline viewing mechanic, but if it's still around it was a pretty poor implementation with a lower quality video selection, etc. However, in pirating terms, Amazon WEB-DL is typically better quality than an iTunes WEB-DL, while generally having smaller file size. Not always, such in when a show is really grainy and bitrate is needed, Amazon actually gives it the bits needed while iTunes doesn't. iTunes generally has a specific size set for everything and so some things will be bloated while other things will be overcompressed. Like for example, one show may be 800MB an episode at iTunes but 2.2 GB an episode at Amazon, while another show may be 800MB an episode at iTunes but only 500MB at Amazon. Audio is typically better at Amazon too... Since they offer 5.1 E-AC3, while iTunes tends to be a lower bitrate 2.0 AAC. Generally for some odd reason iTunes seems to crop like 4px on the sides and release 1916x718 instead of 1920x1080 in a lot of cases. That isn't to say Amazon is always better though. Comparisons are needed on a show by show basis. Amazon will sometimes be bitrate starved when iTunes isn't. Sometimes Amazon is sharper but full of compression artifacts while iTunes is blurrier and over-cropped. So it's sometimes simply selecting the lesser of two issues as neither may be perfect.
  9. Koby

    Anime Archiving: 1080p or 720p

    A lot of anime from 2000-2010 was made digitally in SD, and so can't be rescanned at higher resolutions, thus only option is to "upscale". Anime before that time was mostly animated on film and can simply be rescanned at a higher resolution to be legit HD, as you've seen so many older animation having been done. While anime after this time period mostly is at least 720p, so it's only this one decade that really suffered. When it comes to anime however, even in 2018, most anime series are NOT animated at 1080p. We generally get 1 out of every 25 series animated in 1080p. The rest generally being 720p to 810p productions, with some being 900p or some other random resolution. Shoot in 2018, we've still had a couple anime series such as Megalo Box that was animated in SD at 480p. Regardless of animated/native resolution, they still get upscaled to 1080p for streaming and blu-rays. We have a few 4K anime Blu-rays, but all of them are basically 1080p upscales with HDR. I'm not sure if we have any legit 4K anime.

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      This is the best show of current season😍.

  11. Koby

    Goblin Slayer

    People keep saying that, but it really seems like people just don't know how to use it. I've never had problems using the search here. In fact searching "Grimgar" with the "content titles only" option toggled for me pulls up my release as the second thread. There are options with the search, that are recommended to be used. For example, selecting to search only thread titles instead of all contents of every post. Also if you're within a certain board, such as [Kametsu]Projects or Dual-Audio, you can toggle the search to ONLY search within that board thusly narrowing results down to specifically what you're looking for.
  12. Capcom is already working on a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, according to ResetEra member and leaker of all things Resi, DuskGolem. Speaking in a thread discussing the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake, DuskGolem revealed that a remake of the 1999 survival horror title 'is in full development right now,' but wouldn't comment any further. 'Resident Evil 3 Remake is already in development. I hope Code Veronica happens as I do feel it’s the RE game most in need of a remake, but RE3 is the last mainline RE game that needed a version for easier porting in the future (RE0, RE1, RE2 (after REmake 2 comes out), Code Veronica, RE4, RE5, RE6, RE7, Revelations & Revelations 2 all have versions on MT Framework and RE Engine that can be ported to future consoles, only RE3 is missing after REmake 2),' he said. Resident Evil 3 takes place 24 hours before and after Resi 2, and sees former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine attempting to escape a zombie-infested Raccoon City while being hunted by one of Umbrella's bio-weapons, the Nemesis. To be fair, DuskGolem has accurately leaked a bunch of stuff in the past, including details on the Not a Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7. Furthermore, Capcom has said that it would consider the possibility of more remakes after Resi 2 comes out. Capcom will launch its remake of Resident Evil 2 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.
  13. Oh SHIT! [Chyuu] undeded to dish out some more Kamuy!

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  14. Koby

    Goblin Slayer

    How so? I didn't say I didn't like the show. It's still my second favorite of the season (come on this season was a weak anime season), it's just it doesn't feel like it's living up to the potential of the source material.
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    2. Koby


      Nah, if you have something to discuss with me, discuss it with me rather than going through the grapevine of staff who'd then have to come to me (stuff gets misinterpreted when middle-men so to speak are involved in relaying messages. I don't mind when potential issues are brought up, I guess I just don't see what the issue was here, what kind of answer you hoped for, or what you hoped to achieve from it.


      Maybe it stems from the fact it started with a lame joke among friends. Maybe it's cause I speak with you almost every day, so the method of which this transpired (status updates) was kind of an odd way to address a concern you have with the community. Discussing it in live chat, or in more public of places (like the assistance board) would have allowed for much more active responses and more community input into the matter.


      I find it odd that you'd compare Reddit to Kametsu (funny my auto-correct keeps wanting to change Kametsu to Kamehameha)  and expect some kind of similar thing. To me it's like comparing apples and broccoli, or comparing a big team of staff at a AAA Game Studio to a small indie game studio made up of 3 people. Obviously a huge business will likely be held to higher standards and business protocol than a fan-group of people who just share a similar hobby. The basis of the comparison was also of totally different things in my eyes; one was modifying or silencing a political party on a huge base where no one really knows anyone or are close friends, the other was an insider joke among friends in a tight-knit rather small in comparison community.


      If it's solely about what sort of bad things COULD happen in the same vein... Well you shouldn't fear that, and if it ever became an issue, bring it up at that time, rather than taking issue with a joke. To me your concern seems to be about potential issues that I wouldn't allow to happen, nor would most of our staff be willing to put up with. I'm not running this site as a hobby to go around pissing off friends by modifying posts to change opinions or speak for them through their account. But yeah, when people voice concerns about this potentially being an issue, it's practically the same thing as saying they don't trust me not to abuse whatever abilities I may have. So in a way, it does come off as sort of an attack against my character, whether intended or not. The simple question to any of these concerns is... Do you trust that I can be responsible enough to not abuse my authority? If the answer is no, then there isn't anything to talk about and there wouldn't be any reason to stick around. If the answer is yes, then there is nothing to worry about.


      The only "agenda" in this ordeal was boredom and a bad attempt at getting some people to smile. I wasn't trying to force a different opinion, I didn't re-write posts to any degree (simply inserted two words that didn't change the contents meaning besides the addition of a o.O joke). Some of the parties involved found it humorous, but obviously you did not. Unfortunately with anything there will always the "that one" that takes issue. Are you wrong for taking issue? No, I just didn't see things from your pov to understand why you felt there was an issue or what kind of result or answer you hoped would come of it. I honestly do feel however that some people simply take every aspect of anything far too seriously and sometimes we just need to take a breath and chill. Not everything has to be professional and devoid of any emotion. I'm not faulting anyone here. Mainly the biggest issue, as always, is simply a miscommunication/misinterpretation or lack-thereof.

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