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  1. Ah, the old forums.kametsu.com sub-domain. Well that would be it then, because it was never configured for SSL. I had forgotten about that redirect cause it happened like 3 years ago. Kind of surprised to hear anyone would have still been using it after all this time...
  2. Everyone is free to share their encodes or even upload releases that aren't made by them. =) Just be sure to place them in the correct sub-forums.
  3. Strange. Any non-https link should redirect you to the https version. Could you by chance share the exact link in a code box? It's the button that looks like <> on the top bar of the editor (in between the quote and spoiler buttons).
  4. Looking for someone capable of ripping the higher quality CR rips (the CRF based ones). PM me or reply here if you can.

  5. It'll be up on my usual places when done: Nyaa, AnimeBytes, XDCC, and AnimeTosho. Someone might mirror it on AnT... and some nice forum user might opt to upload it to MEGA or something. Anyways thread is up, but files are still uploading to the XDCC server. https://kametsu.com/topic/58158-one-punch-man-bd-1080p-hi10-flac-dual-audio/
  6. https://diff.pics/NdgXkPnxH6Wj/1 Alright, yeah... I'll go ahead and do a remux using Beatrice. File size is halfway in between Sally and Yousei, while looking identical to Yousei in bright scenes, and in dark scenes is slightly less grainy and more uniform while maintaining nearly the same level of detail. The dual-audio audio 1080p FLAC remux should come out around 23 GB I think when I'm done with it.
  7. There is less than 10GB difference in size between Beatrice and Yousei... Anyways I'll get comparisons up in a bit for them.
  8. Any specific reason for Beatrice over Yousei? I'll make comparisons with them and possibly remux it for everyone...
  9. So erm here is the comparison: https://diff.pics/NPjZ0zd4MpZt/3 In bright scenes Sally is a little blurred in comparison (likely a result of an AA filter) but otherwise fairly close. In dark scenes however Sally lost a lot of detail, lines just seem to vanish, grain looks muddled, banding is fairly prominent, and it looks overly degrained. Up to you to decide if the differences are worth 3x the size though. As Yousei with Japanese audio and subs only is 30 GB while SallySubs with Japanese audio and subs only is 10 GB. Adding English FLAC to the show adds about 1.8 GB The guy who did the Yousei video with SallySubs subtitles and FLAC dual-audio on animebytes though left A LOT of dialogue subtitles in the signs track. I assume they didn't bother to QC and just removed lines with the default styling and not the other ones such as Default - UP, etc. So I'll probably redo it.
  10. You could always read tutorials. XDCC downloading is as simple as copying a filehost link like MEGA and pasting it in a download client like jDowloader for example. You literally go to our XDCC parser, click on what you want, and it gives you a line of text to paste in the IRC channel to start the download.
  11. It's on animebytes, but the uploader hasn't finished seeding it to anyone... Already going on like 2 days of downloading, but almost to 80% now. Anyways once it's done I'll probably compare it to SallySubs video encode... cause it's like 1/3 the size of Yousei's video. Then I might put it up on XDCC on the Xide bot.
  12. @Etzimal and @Baal have been working on a dual-audio Blu-ray encode. They wanted to do it so badly they even bought the JPBD themselves to work on it, even though it was as expensive as hell.
  13. AMC has ordered a third season of its martial arts drama “Into the Badlands.” Sixteen episodes will air in 2018, which is up from the 10-episode, currently airing Season 2. “‘Into the Badlands’ looks like nothing else on television, a literal high-wire act attracting passionate and dedicated fans by the millions,” said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios, in a statement. “Thanks to series creators and showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar, the terrific cast, led by Daniel Wu, the amazing martial arts team guided by the incomparable Master Dee Dee and fight directors Stephen Fung and Andy Cheng, and everyone else involved who brings this thrill ride to the fans.” The show follows Sunny (Daniel Wu), the top warrior for a savage tyrant named Quinn (Martin Csokas), who rules over an empire in a dystopian future. But a boy named MK (Aramis Knight) may hold the key to Sunny’s escape from a life he has come to hate. From AMC Studios, the series was created by showrunners, executive producers, and writers Gough and Millar. Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg, director David Dobkin, fight director Stephen Fung and Wu also serve as executive producers. “Into the Badlands” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.