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  1. Since my last post I've finished Final Fantasy III 3D Remake and also finally finished The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. Also nearing the end of FF1 PR. Saved and quit right outside the final dungeon.
  2. Since finishing up Final Fantasy II via PSP, Final Fantasy III 3D Remake via PC, and Final Fantasy VI via SNES over the last year... I've now started playing Final Fantasy I: Pixel Remaster.
  3. Final Fantasy: Pixel Remaster (PC) - $7.29 Final Fantasy II: Pixel Remaster (PC) - $7.67
  4. Koby

    Edge of Eternity

    Patch and Bestiary Update New feature: Bestiary Added directly in your inventory, the bestiary lists each creature you've already faced on Heryon, their habitat areas and what they drop! Now, you can't miss out the crafting feature of the game. AMD FSR AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates in Edge Of Eternity and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card. DLSS 2.2 NVIDIA DLSS version has been updated to 2.2 bringing new improvements that reduce ghosting (especially noticeable with particles) while improving the image, also the sharpness of the DLSS can now be driven by the sharpness slider in the graphic settings Balancing: Reduced MagDef on some entities Balanced multiple battle objectives Rebalanced multiple fight Performances: Improved performances in different areas: Jungle, Clockworks Fields, Mount Berenroth and Jagholm. Added an algorithm to optimize the number of monsters present on the map at the same time to limit performances drop on wide areas Speeded up loadings (~20%) Improved multiple CPU Performance (Cloth, Particles, Logic) Polish and improvements: Improved multiple cutscenes, autocutscenes and sidequests Added sprint toggle mode in the options Added new blue armors lootable in the world Improved multiple translations (especially French and Japanese, Chinese improvements coming soon) Added semi scripted cameras on some fights especially with gigantic enemies Polished the lighthouse area in the Solna plain Staging of the NPC improved in Herelsor, Jagholm, Tyr Caelum, Refugees Village, Kora Camp, Wurldzend added new NPCs “work-idle” animations Improved camera in the autocutscene “Caravaner” in Chapter V Added missing NPCs in cages during the Oboros Phases Switch some autocutscene to textbox : the plant Ricardo and the dynevent "Breeding Trouble" Collider added for the canons in Tyr Caelum Crystal visible in the autocutscene "Magic Hates A Vacuum" Animation of Nicholas on his knees during the Oboros Phases Improved the autocutscene when Myrna join the party Now Alpharius is visible before the cutscene “The Reunion” and Derek is visible in the autocutscene Improved camera and some animations in the autocutscene "Welcome to Tyr Caelum" Improved the dynamics event "A Man In Need" with rewards according to the chapter, new animations and objects Improved Nekaroo Controls Improved battle cameras for multiple battles Improved multiple vegetation models Improved multiple scene load triggers to place them in a way that the scene “popping” is not visible anymore Balanced voices volumes of cutscenes from Chapter VI Modified Victory camera algorithm to prevent the camera from going underground when fighting on steepy grounds Polished minor cutscene animations and lipsync Polished audio and tweaks (added missing SFX, Balance, etc…) Bugfixes: Fix Nepentha Boss not acting when players were too far Improved feedback for wall control panel during Mercury Fight Fix wrong target spell issue (icon not displayed + effect not applying) Fix Skittan digging outside of battle zone Cleanup battle interface after casting a special attack Fix interface not disappearing when killing the last enemy with a special attack Fix weapon side effect will no longer make battle objectives fail Fix Last boss’ core not spawning at the right place Fix Status UI browsing issue Fix Myrna's first fire knife not causing fire damages Nerf Threptik elemental shift is now ex piring after 3 seconds and can't be shifted if an immunity is already active Added Stalagbomb in Borborygm battle area Fix issue causing a character to have twice a spell in his spellbook Fix Mercury being able to shoot at character that are covered Fix Softlock Equipment occuring when equipping item before the tutorial starts Balancing: Reducing proc time for Stalagbomb + reset proc time when leaving the range Fix defensive stance removed when interactable objects effects are triggered Fix missing name on summoned entity Fix Advancing time not possible when someone was entering casting phase Fix Reynan Earth Snap not reducing HP to one Fix Leader not switching when removing everyone else from the party Fix kill marked enemy first objective failed when a player character dies Fix Borborygm not stopping cannibalism cast when available targets are dead Fix Fallon turning her back when changing side during landmines sequence Fix enemy spawning on top of structures in Valorian pass Fix quick tutorial that were overlapping with main tutorial explanation Fix collisions softlocks in differents areas (Herelsor, Mine, Clockwork field, Junkyard, Mount Berenroth, Cathedral) Fix flashing marker in Herelsor Fixed a rare case when two entities with opposite factions are moved in the same nexus at the same time, the UI will now cancel the action and display a visual feedback Fixed a rare bug where the repulse effect could be called twice resulting in a wrong visual nexus positioning Fixed multiple collision exploit that could result in a game state breaking preventing to progress further in the story Fixed multiple softlock cases Fixed multiple collisions issues Partial fix of a bug that could result on some terrain assets not being loaded until modifying the graphic settings Fixed multiple weather issues with wrong weather in some areas Fixed skinning issues on Myrna causing her skin to go through her clothes in some animations Fixed a rare bug where monsters could spawn visually during a cutscene / autocutscene Monsters cannot spawn on the player anymore Fixed multiple shadow bugs Fixed multiple visual issues Fixed a rare visual bug in the battlefield intro when starting a new game twice in a row that could cause a visual artifact for a few frames Fixed a bug with monster orientation during tower defense phases Fixed a volumetric light issue in Chapter VII Proc effects like weapons passive will not contribute towards bonus objectives anymore (prevent some issues with objectives invalidated by proc effects) Fixed camera going underground when borrowers are digging Fixed a bug that could cause a negative timer with Nekaroo races with slow hard drives Fixed a scaling issue with Daryon sword in the intro chapter Fixed entities being able to attack through walls when using fallback target when the main target died Fixed multiple weather issues with wrong weather in some areas Fixed jittering on the camera in exploration in some rare cases Fixed invalid stats / levels / icons on multiple items Fixed blurriness on the final boss Recycling the last item of an inventory page will not block the UI anymore Fixed food icons not being preloaded when opening innkeepers UI for the first time Fixed stuttering in billboard UIs like monsters informations in the world Removed Myrna from crafting table UI Fixed multiple minor issues around fast travel UI
  5. Since last week I've watched: Blood Red Sky [2021] Die in a Gunfight [2021] Edge of the World [2021] Fear Street: Part 3 - 1666 [2021] Gunpowder Milkshake [2021] Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard [2021] Jolt [2021] Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway [2021] The Bumblebee Flies Anyway [2000] The Forever Purge [2021] The God Committee [2021]
  6. The Boss Baby: Family Business [2021]
  7. Final Fantasy XIII (PC) - $6.45 Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PC) - $7.24 Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns (PC) - $7.24 Final Fantasy XV (PC) - $13.00 Final Fantasy XV: Episode of Ardyn (PC) - $1.23
  8. Got bored of grinding in FF3 near the end so took a break and started back up the psp version of Final Fantasy II playthrough I had started a few months back and finished it up. Can finally mark that one off my on-hold backlog. Guess back to FF3 now.
  9. Since my last post I've seen: Black Widow [2021] No Sudden Move [2021] Settlers [2021] Space Jam 2: A New Legacy [2021] The Boss Baby: Family Business [2021]
  10. Final Fantasy III: 3D Remake, Steam PC Edition Started playing this one a few days ago. HLTB suggests I'm probably not that far off from actually finishing it. Much shorter than 4.
  11. Episode 01: Full Release Patch #7 - 2nd Anniversary Update! Full Release version 2021-07-09 changelog: - The game now defaults to Easy Mode. - for players that want to focus on the exploration and story. You can switch back anytime to Hard Mode in the options on the title menu - for more challenging battles. - During battles the turns view now display thetiming of your next move. - Haru now have a new personal skill: Protect. If it succeeds, the enemies will target him instead of Kuroko while having the effect of Guard on Haru. - You can now zoom out in the field, and control the camera while selecting a command in battle. - Fast forward time anywhere with L3 / F (press) and R3 / T (toggle). - Switch the display language by pressing SELECT / L. - Savepoints now have a sound effect when close by - that you can disable in the options. - Improved stereoscopic 3D mode: Activate it in the options on the title menu, then go ingame and press F6-F7 to change the convergence and F8-F9 for the separation. And many more improvements and fixes! Most of these changes comes from Episode 2 - now playable on Early Access! Episode 02: Early Access Patch #4 - Better balancing for Ayaka! Early Access version 2021-07-11 changelog - Ayaka's healing skills (Pray / Flowerbed) are now 20% less effective - they were too powerful and felt a bit like cheating as they don't consume MP. Thanks @thatdiesel! - Fixed a possible crash on the Executioner battle. Thanks @Dalia! - Added 2 pages to the instruction manual (title menu > Extras) listing all of the gamepad and keyboard controls. - Improved stereoscopic 3D mode: Activate it in the options on the title menu, then go in-game and press F6-F7 to change the convergence and F8-F9 for the separation. And a few more improvements and fixes!
  12. BeamNG.drive (PC) - $19.99 Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC) - $19.99 Hero must die. again (PC) - $13.99 Nexomon: Extinction (PC) - $13.39 Forza Horizon 4: Ultimate Edition (PC) - $44.99 Shores Unknown (PC) - $15.99 Torchlight III (PC) - $14.79 Wreckfest - Season Pass 2 DLC (PC) - $7.37 Steam summer sale baby!
  13. Haven't played episode 2 yet, was trying to get other games finished up and give the dev time to fix any issues brought forth after the initial release. Episode 1 was fun though, albeit a rather short and not very open to choices. Dev says it'll open up more with later episodes though so I'm looking forward to seeing how Episode 2 and so on are.
  14. Another comparison. Suggests Square-Enix got lazy and really only updated the sprites for the main characters while re-used most enemy sprites as they were. Backgrounds were of course updated mostly to support 16:9.
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