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  1. The yelling is even worse in the Japanese dub.
  2. Gundam Requests

    I certainly want to have Thunderbolt finished under Kametsu. First one was Beatrice video with my own subtitles OCR'd from the Blu-ray subtitles and restyled. If I was to do it though, I'd have no way of uploading it currently, so if one of the other team members want to do it, I'd happily pass it to them. As for Origin, the plan was to do my own encode. I had BDMV for the first 2 or 3, but now I'm not so sure it's gonna happen. Might end up being picked up by one of the other Gundam fans on the team as a remux. If not, then it'll be on my planned list until the eventual day I can get to it.
  3. AC | Anime Index

    Already have the audio and everything.
  4. AC | Anime Index

    I've already finished everything for season one. So it's just a matter of uploading at this point. Has kfx and updated typesetting, etc.
  5. Can anyone identify these subs?

    Well I took at a look at deanzel's release before posting since it was what I had archived and every single sign you have a screenshot of in the link above was identical to his release which listed Commie as the subtitle source. As for a link, the release can be found here:
  6. Can anyone identify these subs?

    I believe it is [Commie]'s subtitles for A Letter to Momo. [deanzel] also utilized them for his dual-audio remux with [Fussior] video.
  7. The official website for Basilisk: Ōka Ninpōchō – the television anime adaptation of Masaki Yamada's Ōka Ninpōchō Basilisk Shinshō (Ōka Ninja Scrolls Basilisk New Chapter) novels – revealed the first promotional video, more cast members, and the January 8 premiere date for the series on Friday. The 24-episode series will premiere on Tokyo MX, TVK, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, BS11, and AT-X on January 8. An advance screening event for the anime's first two episodes will be held at Tokyo's Shinjuku Wald 9 theater on December 29. Voice actors Tasuku Hatanaka and Inori Minase will also have a talk show at the event. The Basilisk: Ōka Ninpōchō novel is a sequel to Futaroh Yamada's original Kōga Ninpōchō (The Kouga Ninja Scrolls) novel. The story is set 10 years after Kōga Ninpōchō in 1626. Tatsuya Shihira (Q, Robotics;Notes Revival Legacy) also launched a manga adaptation in Kodansha's Young Magazine on July 24.
  8. This year's 52nd issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine revealed the title, visual, and story for Norihiro Yagi's upcoming new manga on Wednesday. The manga is titled Sōkyū no Ariadne (Ariadne of the Azure Sky), and it will debut in the magazine's second 2018 issue on December 6. The manga centers around a certain boy who lives alone away from people, but harbors a special dream. One day, he meets a lone girl, and the story begins as he becomes part of the girl's destiny. The work will mark the first time Yagi is publishing a manga in Weekly Shonen Sunday. Yagi debuted his Claymore manga in 2001 and ended the series in 2014. Viz Media released the 27-volume series in North America. The manga inspired a television anime adaptation in 2007, and Funimation released the anime on home video. Yagi's Angel Densetsu manga ran from 1993 to 2000, and Jump Comics published 15 compiled book volumes. The series inspired an original video anime in 1996. Most recently, Yagi published a one-shot manga titled "Gekkō no Arcadia" (Moonlight Arcadia) in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in March.
  9. Drifters Season 1 [Blu Ray] [720p] [Dual Audio]

    I mentioned way back when the Simuldub was still airing that I would be encoding the Blu-ray. I have the BDMV sitting on my drive. The main issue at this point is that there is apparently a new re-release of the last couple episodes in production that fixes some continuity with the possible arrival of a season two as well as adds some new scenes, not really sure what it's all about, but in any event it's unsure if FUNi will get this updated version of the episodes or not. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I believe there was also suppose to be two additional episodes tacked onto season 1 with the new JPBD, which I found odd since this late in the game you'd expect them to just add that content to season 2 rather than adding on to a previous season. I guess it's not really an issue as the current version of the episodes could be done, but I just don't really see the point if they're probably gonna be obsolete soon. In any event, Some-Stuff still hasn't released their subtitle-work of the final episode, and I haven't obtained the English audio as even if I worked on it now, I wouldn't have a way of uploading the release.
  10. Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    They used the shitty bluray everyone in this thread already dissed and as a result got a lot of shit over at nyaa about the lack of quality. Again, the bluray was fucked beyond compare. Dvd source is better.
  11. Nozomi Aria Upscale Screenshots

    Well the Japanese bluray was terrible too so I didn't expect much. As with most upscales, the bluray "remastering" is done by people with little knowledge of how to do so properly and as a result the dvds tend to remain higher quality.
  12. Nope. Wouldn't work, even if resume was a feature, because of the way torrents work. With filehosts you start from point a and go to point b when downloading, so resuming can pickup where it left off. While with torrents you download random pieces throughout until it adds up to the whole.
  13. I couldn't read between the lines. I didn't know, I didn't try.
    Wish we saw our name in lights, but we were blind.

  14. Anime to watch list.

    *moved to recommendation board.
  15. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Boruto doesn't have "filler" in the same sense that Naruto did because Boruto the anime is it's own thing rather than an adaption of the manga. Similar to how Dragon Ball Super the anime is being handled. In this regard the manga and the anime are their own separate entities and neither is truly an adaptation of the other. As a result the anime-exclusive arcs in Boruto are classified as canon to the Boruto timeline, even if they can for the most part be ignored from the larger scope of the series. So far, very little of the anime's content has been featured in the manga as episodes 1-18 and 25-32 have been anime-only. Despite being canon though, these anime-original episodes really do feel like little more than filler in my opinion as we're showcased to the day-to-day life of school kids trying to get by in a world of deadbeat parents where ninja's really are no longer needed and thus everyone has just kind of let themselves go. We see that both Naruto and Sasuke have severely been weakened from their lack of utilizing ninjutsu, in that it took Sasuke a while to be able to active his visual prowess against Shin Uchiha. If you're expecting something like the original Naruto just because it's a new generation of characters, you'll be sorely disappointed as the fights here thus far have been severely lacking and very far inbetween. The few fights we've gotten thus far have pretty much been over as soon as they began and none of the next-gen seems to have any original abilities as they all just utilize the same jutsu their parents did.