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  1. Koby

    Does FLAC matter?

    Some people claim they can hear a difference, but whether it's true or if it's just the "placebo-effect" can be debated. I don't have some bad-ass audio system setup so I can't hear the difference if it's a decently encoded AAC, however I prefer FLAC because it's future-proof for archivist reasons. If for some reason years from now I decide to encode it down for a mobile phone, tablet, or some specific device, I can do so without the added loss of converting lossy audio a second time. If I ever do get a nice audio system, then I'd benefit from my archives already being at top level and not require searching out new releases to trump my archives.
  2. I download everything these days pretty much exclusively through torrents. Occasionally grab things via XDCC. On the rare occurrence of using a filehost, the most popular choice these days here seems to be GoogleDrive, due to the trick some users have done to get unlimited GoogleDrive storage, so they're hostings like 250+TB of files for people to download. I don't see much MEGA links these days. Outside of Kametsu, ClickNUpload and OpenLoad seem like reliable picks. I tend to avoid those that severely limit speeds of free downloaders. XDCC is superior to most file hosts: free (for the downloader), faster speeds (hell some bots are on 1Gb connections and allow you the full speed of it), better longevity (no worries of filehosts deleting files, files remain as long as bot operator wants them around), safe from DMCA takedowns (no filehost link removals, no one DMCA's XDCC bots), etc. Like literally everything you commented about XDCC is false. it sounds like you're talking about "fserve" from 20 years ago, rather than XDCC which is generally hosted on dedicated servers using iroffer and ALWAYS available.
  3. Some info about the manga and anime: Season one covered chapters 1-101 and this season covered chapters 102-197 (The specials, Seisen no Shirushi, are a mix of original content and bits of manga content meant to bridge the seasons and smooth out some of the inconsistencies that arose due to the first season not entirely following the manga at the end). The manga is currently at chapter 274 (released July 11, 2018), 77 chapters ahead of the anime. The upcoming movie is an original story-line (though written by the manga author), so it will be ~20 weeks before there is sufficient material for a new two-cour season, assuming they continue at the same average rate of roughly 4 chapters per episode. The first season began airing October 5th, 2014, a full month before the last chapter it covered was released. This season, on the other hand, started airing January 13th, 2018, roughly 1 year, 3 months after the release of the last manga chapter it adapted. So while technically, we could see a new season in as soon as 5 months, realistically I assume it'll be another 18 months or so before we get a third season.
  4. Earlier today, FUNimation's Simuldub page began listing premiere dates for their Simuldub line-up. The only one without a date set is Attack on Titan season 3 at this point. Angels of Death: July 23rd 3pm ET Attack on Titan: Season 03: TBD Chio's School Road: July 25th 3pm ET Dies irae (Episodes 12-17): August 28th 3pm ET Free! -Dive to the Future-: August 2nd 3pm ET Hanebado!: July 25th 3pm ET Harukana Receive: July 24th 3pm ET How Not to Summon a Demon Lord: July 25th 3pm ET Island: July 21st 3pm ET Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King: August 2nd 3pm ET Magical Girl Raising Project: July 29th 3pm ET Overlord: Season 03: July 31st 3pm ET The Master Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar: July 28th 3pm ET Of course Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-, My Hero Academia 3, and Steins;Gate 0 left over from the spring season will continue on as normal through the summer Simuldub season.
  5. Koby


    You failed the test. "Lets Talk Cartoons" section is not the "Meet & Greet" section. *moved to the correct board.
  6. Identified my devil. Wings to the sky on the run from trouble,

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      Firefox is better than Chrome on all accounts: faster, less ram, etc.

  7. Koby

    Original Hunter x Hunter vs 2011 Reboot

    The old one is better in absolutely every aspect. It's darker, gives the characters more development early on with "filler that actually benefits the show", better art shading that gives the show more feeling of tension and depth, better soundtrack with more diverse background music and classic OP.
  8. Yeah, this will only get you banned for rule breaking in a lot of instances. Nyaa for example only allows you to upload 5 torrents at once of a show, else they want you to batch the series. Well I guess if you're uploading dozens of different shows rather than a dozen torrents for one show, it's fine... But how often does one do that? Like the initial re-uploading for new trackers after Old-Nyaa died, sure... But I doubt people are going to regularly be uploading dozens of torrents every day and it's not that hard to just open multiple browser tabs to get descriptions filled out, etc... Looking at the screenshots above, you can't even adjust descriptions on a per torrent basis, which ultimately makes this useless to anyone worth a grain of salt who'd actually be listing the specs of their release rather than just saying "fuck the downloaders, lets leave em guessing". It really needs a way to include descriptions for each individual torrent so that proper info: video info, audio info, subtitle info, etc.. can be detailed. So it can have it's uses, but it needs more polish to be something that could/would actually be worth utilizing.
  9. Koby

    Is x265 encoding worth it?

    Heh, I already take 30-40 hours encoding a movie in x264 10-bit, although because of avisynth filters bottle-necking the encode and only using like half the CPU so I could actually run multiple movie encodes at once for better productivity. In any case, I'm not interested in spending a whole week on a single movie for no added benefit. As mentioned above, the only reason at this point to use x265 is for 4K HDR purposes; which I've never set out to do myself, thus I don't use it. For 1080p or lower SDR releases, you get better results and much faster with x264.
  10. Koby

    Got any recommendations of anime?

    *moved thread to proper board.
  11. I wonder how they'll include both dubs, considering the reason a new dub was needed was due to the new scenes in the cropped upscale edition. Are they gonna leave those sections with no audio, splice in the new dub, splice in the Japanese, or setup the Blu-ray to play a cut version of the video for the old dub? Guess we'll find out next year when it's released.
  12. The official website for the Ingress anime based on Niantic's AR game revealed the show's main cast, story, and key visual on Sunday. The site also revealed that the show will stream worldwide on Netflix. The anime will also air on Fuji TV's new "+Ultra" programming block starting in October. The show will also air in Japan on Kansai Telecasting Corporation, Tokai Television Broadcasting, Television Nishinippon Corporation, Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting, and BS Fuji. The show's English website describes the story: Since he was little, Makoto had a strange power which enabled him to read the memories of objects he touched. Hiding his uncontrollable power, he works as a special agent in the police force. One day, while investigating an explosion at a laboratory that researches a unknown substance called “XM”, he sees a mysterious memory. The memory was from Sarah's ring, who was the sole survivor of the accident. It was a sight of a person being swallowed into a red light and disappearing. Makoto becomes embroiled in a massive conspiracy. The battle for “XM”, a material that could affect human mind, starts now―― Niantic launched Ingress in 2012, and the company revealed a sequel titled Ingress Prime in December. The new sequel is slated for this fall. Yūhei Sakuragi (The Relative Worlds) is directing the anime at Craftar with assistant director Yoshinari Irikawa, and Sōki Tsukishima (Final Fantasy Type-0: Change the World novels) and Tora Tsukishima are writing the scripts. Hidehiro Kawai (The Relative Worlds, Phantom of the Kill -Zero Kara no Hangyaku-) is composing the music. Takeshi Honda (Beyond, Blue Submarine No. 6, Den-noh Coil, Millennium Actress) is credited with the original character designs. Atsushi Furukawa is the CGI director, and Hiroshi Katō (Totonyan) and Hirofumi Sakagami are directing the art with assistance by Hōmi Arai. Masashi Miyaoka is serving as modeling director. Maru Kobayashi is the animation director, and Tatsuya Nomura is the director of photography. The app has inspired several manga adaptations.