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  1. Dhruvthegamer75

    Courage the Cowardly Dog

    This is being probably revived.
  2. Dhruvthegamer75

    Keep One, Drop One

    Red color
  3. Dhruvthegamer75

    Keep One, Drop One

    Orange juice
  4. Dhruvthegamer75

    Count to 100,000

  5. Dhruvthegamer75

    Count to 100,000

  6. Dhruvthegamer75

    Popular Music Genres

    I like electronic music
  7. Dhruvthegamer75

    What Games would make good Movies?

    The last of us would make a really good movie
  8. Dhruvthegamer75

    Legendary Anime shows ever made.

    Dragonball z!
  9. Dhruvthegamer75

    Anime with the best story

    Naruto and dragonball z
  10. Dhruvthegamer75

    Walt Disney old classics vs new Movies

    They are all good
  11. Dhruvthegamer75

    First Video Game

    Captain claw PC game
  12. Dhruvthegamer75

    The Bleach Manga or The Anime?

    Anime for me
  13. Dhruvthegamer75

    Which one is better? ANDROID or IOS

    iOS is better for professional use
  14. Dhruvthegamer75

    Broly the legendary super saiyan VS The HULK

    The hulk will smash