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  1. aakash01manu

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    Mario 10 and Mario 14 on NES
  2. aakash01manu

    Games you regret buying/playing

    It has to be WWE 2k17
  3. aakash01manu

    Racing games

    Crash Team Racing
  4. aakash01manu

    What is your biggest fear?

    Agree with you mate
  5. aakash01manu

    Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai DVD/Blu-ray Covers

    Thanks!...looks really good.
  6. aakash01manu

    post three classic rock groups you like

    Nirvana Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath
  7. aakash01manu


    Welcome...have a good time!
  8. aakash01manu

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Samurai Jack
  9. aakash01manu

    Best Dragon Ball Z Encodes

    Thanks @Koby @Roizentai @Akai-Shuichi....I think I just found files on XDCC that seem to be raw Toei Remasters. These might be higher quality than DHD's but I am not sure who encoded these: Ex. FakeEtzimal - #65040 on XDCC
  10. aakash01manu

    What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Pro evolution soccer
  11. aakash01manu

    Best Dragon Ball Z Encodes

    Can anyone recommend the best quality DBZ (no Kai) encodes they have seen? I am looking to upgrade to best HD encodes - and currently have version encoded by DHD.
  12. aakash01manu

    PC vs Console gaming

    Console gaming experience has been better for me. Never used a high end computer system just for gaming.
  13. aakash01manu

    Ps3 or Xbox 360?

    PS3 - Always been a PS user
  14. aakash01manu

    Ps4 or Xbox One

    PS4 - Always been a play station user, never liked XBOX that much