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  1. aakash01manu

    Favorite Old School Videogame

    Mario 10 and Mario 14 on NES
  2. aakash01manu

    Games you regret buying/playing

    It has to be WWE 2k17
  3. aakash01manu

    Racing games

    Crash Team Racing
  4. aakash01manu

    What is your biggest fear?

    Agree with you mate
  5. aakash01manu

    post three classic rock groups you like

    Nirvana Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath
  6. aakash01manu


    Welcome...have a good time!
  7. aakash01manu

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Samurai Jack
  8. aakash01manu

    Best Dragon Ball Z Encodes

    Thanks @Koby @Roizentai @Akai-Shuichi....I think I just found files on XDCC that seem to be raw Toei Remasters. These might be higher quality than DHD's but I am not sure who encoded these: Ex. FakeEtzimal - #65040 on XDCC
  9. aakash01manu

    What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Pro evolution soccer
  10. aakash01manu

    Best Dragon Ball Z Encodes

    Can anyone recommend the best quality DBZ (no Kai) encodes they have seen? I am looking to upgrade to best HD encodes - and currently have version encoded by DHD.
  11. aakash01manu

    PC vs Console gaming

    Console gaming experience has been better for me. Never used a high end computer system just for gaming.
  12. aakash01manu

    Ps3 or Xbox 360?

    PS3 - Always been a PS user
  13. aakash01manu

    Ps4 or Xbox One

    PS4 - Always been a play station user, never liked XBOX that much
  14. aakash01manu

    Should I buy an XBOX One S or a PS4 Slim?

    PS4 Slim is better in my opinion