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    I shall be down for the next few days in order to upgrade my system! Lots of new downloads with higher quality coming soon, so just be patient! See you all very soon! Best regards, Tooncore
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    Koby is without power but is safe.
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    hi everyone i am alive again. Raildex will continue again soonish. all other projects are stalled for the moment. as for requests (to the various people PMing/posting here): As it says right at the top of the thread, I'm not actively taking requests right now. I have enough projects to work on for a while. However, if you want to post whatever your request might be in this thread anyway, do so. You don't need to ask ahead of time if I'm taking requests. There's a lot of talented people watching this thread. Odds are someone will pick it up, or at least have good advice on where to go next.
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    First episodes of Assassination Classroom S2 will start appearing around the 21st September. \o/
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    I'll start ripping them. The Amazing World of Gumball S05E31 - The Singing US Airdate: September 1st, 2017 at 7PM Synopsis: The town of Elmore becomes an all-singing, all-dancing mash up. Everyone has a song inside them, but do they really need to be heard? The Amazing World of Gumball S05E32 - The Best US Airdate: September 8th, 2017 at 7PM Synopsis: No matter what Gumball does, Carmen thinks she knows better. Gumball attempts to gain the moral high ground but fails spectacularly. He decides that self-improvement isn't his style. The only option he has left is to bring Carmen down to his level. The Amazing World of Gumball S05E33 - The Worst US Airdate: September 15th, 2017 at 7PM Synopsis: Each member of the family thinks their demographic has it the toughest. Gumball and Darwin think guys have it the worst. Mom thinks women do. Anais thinks kids do. And Dad thinks that grown-ups do. They decide the only way to figure it out is to spend a day in each other's shoes, no matter if they're too-small, too-big, or high-heeled. The Amazing World of Gumball S05E34 - The Deal US Airdate: September 22nd, 2017 at 7PM Synopsis: When Mom wins Employee of the Month at the Rainbow factory, Richard feels like he is never celebrated for all the work he does at home. Nicole is suspicious of how much he actually does, but when Richard goes on strike, his important role in keeping things under control becomes painfully clear... All episodes + subtitles: https://mega.nz/#F!kzAUWL4S!tMvHU_NpmBE4ZhpbYlcFeg
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    I have kept quiet about this for the longest time but it's getting to the point now that I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by this. I normally wouldn't make a status post regarding something like this but I feel it's very important. I will be posting an announcement for all to see within the next day or two - regarding so-called "first post" spam. That is, new accounts making a new post or thread simply to gain access to other features, often times in complete disregard of our rules. Especially our rules that govern spam. Now I'm not saying ALL of you new-ish people have done that, but a very large portion has actually been deemed in violation. To date I have been extremely lenient in dealing with these. At first I merely told new members that's not the way to get started. I've moved on now to deleting such posts - especially those that bump VERY old threads without actually adding anything of value to it, and then locking it. I'm hoping this will get my point across. People, we have specific guidelines laid out on what is and isn't considered spam. We expect you to follow these at all times. No exceptions. If you suddenly find your account features restricted again after making your first post, the likely cause is because someone deleted your only post due to it being classified as spam. The best way to get started here is to make your first post in Meet & Greet. Not post something of absolutely no value in some months-old thread. Not make topics that serve no purpose. I want to keep this community open to expression. I ask you please to respect our rules regarding spam, because if this problem continues, I won't have much other choice but to start issuing warnings. Please, PLEASE respect our rules, especially those regarding spam and bumping old topics. Thank you for reading, as well as your understanding of this matter.
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    Sure. Just a reminder, I'm too lazy for detailed naming, so episode no. & order will be exactly the same as it is on Hulu. Season 1: Season 2: Season 3:
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    Good call @Idle. Completely forgot about this topic. Most of the projects I'm doing can be found on Catar's sheet but I guess I'll share some of them here as well. Atleast the remaining 2017 projects. Anohana / The Flower We Saw That Day (Kametsu encode, 1080p/720p) Alderamin on the Sky (Beatrice/Neko, 1080p/720p) As far as joint projects are concerned, I'm doing The Testament of Sister New Devil season 1+2 together with Etzimal.
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    Delays, delays, delays, don't you guys love me? /s. Seriously though, I am sorry about that. Anyways since the topic probably won't be updated soon I'll just post them here: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (HD Remaster) (TenB, 720p only) Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny (HD Remaster) (Lunamaria, 720p only) Mob Psycho 100 (comparisons need to be made, 1080p/720p) The Irregular at Magic High School (Beatrice-Raws, 1080p only?, subtitled only) Don't panic, will finish my current "to do" list first. Also there might be other projects I might not be remembering about, and a few backburner projects that I want to do too.
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    Today is my 17th birthday! So wish me a happy birthday! Feel free to!
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    The old Myanmar/Birma stream died, but I found a new stream. 3Mb/s and English audio. It's now airing Chowder and Steven Universe should air at 5PM local time (Vietnam), which is about 12 hours from now. Screenshot (don't worry, I'll encode it properly): https://extraimage.net/images/2017/08/24/7d29026573204b2566e6c8fd51f77a67.png EDIT: Found a 1080p HD stream.
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    Hark0n's Release Index Release standards/preferences Some general rules I use to decide sources for my releases Video Resolution - Highest available in source, unless source is poor upscale from lower resolution one. If source has black bars in either top, bottom, right or left (letterboxing), those are removed if possible. Upscaled resolution (e.g. DVD encoded at 720p) may be used, if other criteria is superior comparing to other options. Resolution of chroma has similar preference - upsaling from low resolution to high one generally avoided (unless filtering demands it). Filtering - Minimal filtering used. Fixing obvious source issues should be done, but any attempts to "enhance" video are avoided. Noise/film grain is preserved unless there is a good reason to remove it (e.g. if noise prevents fixing other serious source issues) Visual quality - Best source determined by visually comparing considered options. Decision is made considering other preferences and encode's similarity to source. Format - AVC (h264) High 10 Profile (Hi10P) used. Other AVC profiles also used if no Hi10P variation is available or it does not match other preferences. HEVC (h265) generally avoided unless no acceptable AVC alternative is available. Future projects may, at some point, use AV1. Audio Alterations - Only alterations necessary for synchronization to video and fixing serious issues accepted. Any other alterations avoided, unless track included alongside unaltered version. Format - All lossless formats transcoded to FLAC without loss of data. All lossy formats left in their original format without transcoding. Exceptions may apply if source requires editing that can't be done without conversion. Subtitles Source - Fan subs/fan edits used when available. Official translation used over fan translation if it is deemed to be better in quality (decided subjectively) or fan translation is inconsistent between episodes or seasons. Styling - Main dialogue uses simple styling. Signs that can be seamlessly integrated in background uses style/format to achieve this, while other signs are simply placed on the top of the screen. No elaborate karaoke effects for songs, unless subtitle source have them and they are not deemed to be intrusive (decided subjectively). Format - ASS (Advanced SubStation Alpha) used as default options for main English track. Additional track may use picture based formats as they are in source. Chapters Ordered chapters - Generally not used. May be used to achieve alternate cuts of the feature - in this case multiple editions are used and primary one does not contain ordered chapters. Naming - Chapters named after tiles provided in the source (BD or DVD). In case no titles are provided in source, names are based on common practice (e.g. "Intro", "Opening", "Part 1", "Part 2", "Ending", "Preview") Format - xml format used by Matroska Multimedia Container (mkv, mka, mks) Track naming ordering Video - Generally single video track, but alternative ones could be used for storyboards. Name includes source and encoder (depending on available information) Audio - Japanese and English tracks (in that order) if available. Additional tracks may be included (usually for movies), but no extensive effort will be made to have them. Name includes source (if known) and additional notes, if needed (e.g. there are multiple variations of the audio) Subtitles - Full English dialogue and signs tracks (in that order) if needed. TV shows where no signs are needed may have an empty track to avoid media splitter from selecting full dialogue track. For movies, if no signs are needed, no track is included. For non-English languages, separate signs tracks are not made, even if there is use for them (they will be included if available in source). Subtitle track language flag is determined based on corresponding audio track for if full dialogue and signs tracks use the same language (e.g. 'Full English dialogue' track will be flagged as Japanese and 'English signs' track will be flagged as English), otherwise translation language is used. Exceptions Any project is unique in some way and exceptions may apply to any of standards/preferences mentioned above. Distribution Currently, only torrents used for distribution. There are no plans to include DDL or XDCC option provided by me. If any other member is willing to provide alternate options for downloads, I will be happy to add them to main post of the respective release. Currently completed releases The Vision of Escaflowne [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Escaflowne: The Movie [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Mai Mai Miracle [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Bubblegum Crisis [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Dual Audio] Paprika [BD 1080p 10bit] [FLAC] [Multi Audio] Future plans No clear plans for now. If I decide to definitely do something, I might add it here. Other high quality release indexes Indexes of other members of forum that have similar standards for quality (not a complete list): AC | Anime Index deanzel's "Amazingly Fratty" Download Release Index Moodkiller's Topic Index RASETSU Anime Release Index SCY - Anime/Cartoon Index The CTR Index - Your new home for GLORIOUS bloated best quality dual-audio releases! [INDEX] ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index [Kametsu] Projects (not an index, but no proper index is available as far as I know)
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    Completed: Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC)
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    When did you become a mod? You smell bad. Who allowed this?
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    Welcome to my index page. Here you'll find all kinds of remuxes and encodes/upscales of mine. I strive for high quality encodes along with dual-audio/typesetting if applicable. Absolutely no mini-encodes or re-encodes. LostYears/Kametsu releases will be marked blue and purple respectively, while (non-Kametsu) joint-projects will be marked red. If any of you ever end up using one of my encodes or modified subs for your own remuxes: [SCY] is the appropriate tag to use (which, obviously, is an abbreviation of the name Scyrous). Releases without a dual-audio tag are either sub-only or dub-only. You'll have to check the topic to find out. For sub-only releases I tend to stick with Japanese titles (for example: 'Koutetsujou no Kabaneri' instead of 'Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress'). If a dubbed USBD appears for a particular series, I will update my sub-only release accordingly. If I have the option, I prefer doing 1080p-only remuxes. I'm not very interested in 720p or lower, so unless it's a Kametsu/LostYears release or joint-project with someone else, you won't see me do 720p encodes/remuxes. However, exceptions apply. I may decide to remux or upscale DVDs to 720p if a proper Blu-ray release does not exist. Or 480p encodes if requested by project crew. When it comes to audio, I will use the highest quality audio available. Generally speaking that means untouched AC-3 audio for DVDs (and upscales), FLAC for BD 1080p and AAC for BD 720p. When it comes to public requests, usually I only accept stuff if I'm interested in watching it. You can check out my MAL page to get a general idea of my taste. v0 means the project is either sub-only or utilizes (temporary) English dub TV-audio. Such projects will be upgraded with USBD FLAC audio once/if available. I only upload to Nyaa, AniDex and AnimeBytes (majority of my own releases + handful of unrelated things). File host/XDCC mirrors will always be mentioned (and credited) in the project topics. - Status of releases - Planned: Monster (DVD 720p AC-3) [Dual-Audio] <> some Pokémon movies here, will update in the future <> [Kametsu] The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - USBD date unknown, possibly early 2018 (Joint with @Etzimal handling 720p) [Kametsu] My First Girlfriend is a Gal (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - 2018, USBD date unknown [Kametsu] Inuyashiki (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - 2018 or 2019 (if it gets dubbed in the first place) Current: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (DVD 720p) [Kametsu] Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] Waiting for USBD (Oct 31 2017) [Kametsu] Monster Musume (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - 1080p done (Joint with lots of other people) [Kametsu] Alderamin on the Sky (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - 1080p/720p done, waiting for USBD (Oct 24 2017) [Kametsu] The Testament of Sister New Devil (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - 1080p done, waiting for USBD (Oct 31 2017) (Joint with @Etzimal handling 720p) [LostYears] My First Girlfriend is a Gal (WEB-TV 720p Hi10 AAC) [Dual-Audio] Completed: Attack on Titan OVA 1-5 (DVD 720p Hi10 FLAC) [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan Season 2 (BD 1080p/720p Hi10 FLAC/AAC) [Dual-Audio] - v0 released, waiting for USBD (2018) Avatar: The Last Airbender [1080p RedditRemaster] High School DxD New (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) - v0 released, waiting for USBD (TBA) Keijo!!!!!!!! (Funi-DL 1080p Simuldub) Pokémon Origins (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [Dual-Audio] Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters (DVD 720p Hi10) Dropped: N/A If you are interested in various other indexes/groups with similar standards, I recommend you check out some of the links below. AC | Anime Index CTR Index Deanzel's Download Release Index Hark0n's Release Index [Kametsu] Projects Moodkiller's Topic Index RASETSU Anime Release Index ShadyCrab's Anime Release Index
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    The Amazing World of Gumball S05E35 - The Petals US Airdate: September 29th, 2017 at 7PM Synopsis: When Leslie's petals begin falling off he feels like his good looks are fading, Gumball and Darwin use everything they know about style and beauty to try and help him. The only problem is they know nothing about style or beauty. As Gumball and Darwin's methods become more extreme, Leslie questions whether he's prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for beauty. The Amazing World of Gumball S05E37 - The Puppets US Airdate: TBA Synopsis: While searching the attic for items to put in their yard sale, Gumball and Darwin stumble upon a load of their old toys. Darwin is especially pleased when he finds his old puppets, Frank and Howdy. However, as Darwin starts playing with them again, Gumball gradually realizes that Frank and Howdy are actually playing with Darwin... The Amazing World of Gumball S05E38 - The Nuisance US Airdate: TBA Synopsis: The Wattersons fear the worst when they are summoned to a Town Hall meeting, but are pleasantly surprised when they're offered a brand new house. Until they discover it's in a different state! The Mayor of Elmore has decided they are bringing down the real estate value of the entire town so the family have to prove that they're upstanding members of the community. The Amazing World of Gumball S05E39 - The Line US Airdate: TBA Synopsis: The family has waited in line outside the movie theater all night. They are devastated when Larry tells them they won't get into the first screening of the Stellar Odyssey sequel. But, hardcore fans that they are, the Wattersons are determined to be the first to see the movie and so set about battling their way to the front of the queue. All episodes + subtitles: https://mega.nz/#F!kzAUWL4S!tMvHU_NpmBE4ZhpbYlcFeg
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    ^=Update=^ Nazo no Kanojo X | Mysterious Girlfriend X is complete, 13/13 episodes + OVA/NCOP/NCED posted to Mega, AnimeTosho, and torrents. Next up in the near future: Ichigo Mashmallow (a ridiculously cute show requested by the very patient ThePJzer), and then something quick and easy before I tackle This Ugly Yet Beautiful World. At Idle's suggestion I'm currently reviewing [=^_^=]/frost's video encode of Absolute Duo against Chihiro, it's possible that'll get revised soon.
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    The Amazing World of Gumball S05E36 - The News UK Airdate: September 18th, 2017 at 3PM GMT Synopsis: From police chases to the inside scoop on Daisy the Donkey, Channel 6 Elmore News has all the top local stories; experienced newscaster Kip Schlezinger brings the latest news, sports and weather, even when there is absolutely nothing to report. Entire episode: https://mega.nz/#F!VugxWJhB!9g2hflzsmZmLVGDDT3wJRQ NB: There's one or two places in the episode with distortion. I'm not sure if some if the stream had some hickups or it's just part of the episode.
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    Quick update: @Idle and I will be coordinating a multi-release of Knight's & Magic this Sunday to catch us up on the series. Please monitor the release thread for any updates.
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    I'll be be picking up remuxing jobs, mostly either 720p or 1080p. My current life schedule only allows me to work on one project at a time. At least that's how it is at the moment. Current Project(s) Paranoia Agent Planned Project(s) Completed Projects Basilisk.1080p/720p.Hi10.FLAC/AAC.Dual.Audio On Hold Code:Breaker - video philosophy-raws, subs Hatsuyuki Uploads - just that, unmodified. Beelzebub+OVA Kyousougiga + OVAs
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    I cannot fathom why companies produce shows and then throw them away in some storage bin for eternity So many shows would be lost to time if not for the efforts of crazy people like us who Archive stuff Its not just Cartoon Network, Disney are guilty of this and so are plenty of others, they seem content to let stuff rot forever It genuinely angers me sometimes, couldn't they at least release it on YouTube or something?
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    Joint-project with MoodKiller! 5.1 TV audio for now because the USBD probably won't appear until 2018. Eps 7-12 will be released once Beatrice/Winter encode vol. 2, so be sure to follow the topic to stay updated. Also, I've finished muxing Re:Zero and Kabaneri. But since it's sub-only I would like to QC everything first, which could take a while. Edit: working on Re:Zero again because I'd like to add translations for the previews. Edit2: and slightly fix encoding mistakes by Beatrice-raws...
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    Prayers for Koby everyone. Hurricane Irma looks more and more to make a direct strike on Florida with each passing advisory.
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    >>Basilisk 1080p DualAudio released<<
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    I'm beginning to realise just how expensive a hobby it is to collect TV shows, especially in 1080p Even if you don't buy any shows you download you still have to pay for the hard drives or media to keep it. Worth it? Probably.
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    I didn't realize we were dead. Welp, being a zombie isn't as bad as I thought.
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    Best antivirus is learning what to avoid on the internet, to be honest. Besides that, Microsoft's built in Security Essentials is effective enough. Most antivirus software all uses the same database, so there's little difference between the various scanners in practice, and Microsoft's does end up using less resources on average. If you want something up the chain a bit, Malwarebytes is probably a good choice.
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    The CTR Index of Glorious Bloated Dual-Audio Releases XDCC / Anidex / AnimeBytes / AnimeTosho / AniDB Nyaa.si / AniRena / NYAA IRC: #ctr@irc.kametsu.com #ctr@irc.rizon.net CURRENT PROJECTS: Claymore, whatever's on this sheet. REQUESTS: Currently closed. Feel free to make a request in this thread anyway, someone else might pick it up. (Read this and check this before requesting!) Jump to Standards/Projects/Leaderboard Jump to Simplified Release List Jump to Request Info / Donations ~HEY, YOU THERE!~ Do you like shows to be at their best quality? Do you prefer watching in English? Do you want your audio in as many channels as possible, as high quality as possible? Do you absolutely need to have a Signs subtitle track, even if it's just for the opening and closing song? You've found the right thread. but seriously: My releases will all feature the best quality encode I can find, chapters/signs/subtitles all included and lossless audio ripped straight from the blurays. If it's a show I'm really looking forward to, you might see an early release using Funi-DL audio or the like, but I will always come back and finish it off with a lossless release down the line. In addition, I will edit the English signs track to match the English voiceover dub, so you won't get that weird disconnect between what you're reading and what you're hearing. In short, I aim to provide the best viewing experience for my fellow English dub fans. Japanese seiyuu fans are welcome, as these releases are archive quality, but do know that you're not the priority here. Sorry, but there's better, more thorough groups out there. I'm here for the lesser-served group. In addition, my releases are pre-named to match up with TheTVDB scraping conventions, for Plex/Kodi/etc users. Any media center fans can just drop my releases in without any worries about renaming, media managers, or anything else. It's already set to go. This includes special episodes, recaps, multiple seasons where the second season has superfluous subtitles, etc. All handled. ~if the below section looks weird, it is designed for viewing at 1920p/Chrome and IPB sucks at resizing.~ Official CTR Releases All 1080p Dual-Audio unless otherwise noted. 720p usually offered. These can be considered my personal recommendations. Canaan ~Ordered chapters are the worst~ Claymore ~720p only, Collaboration with Kametsu~ Cowboy Bebop ~Simply the greatest~ Cross Ange ~Best worst show~ Death Note ~(BD 540p) all according to keikaku~ Death Parade ~Collaboration with Kametsu~ Durarara!! ~Includes Shou/Ten/Ketsu~ Ergo Proxy ~hyper existentialism~ Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet ~Includes specials! (E14/E15)~ Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. ~cyberpunk masterpiece~ Girls und Panzer ~PANZER VOR!~ Haibane Renmei ~angelic tranquility~ Log Horizon ~Seasons one and two~ Magi ~Labyrinth and Kingdom~ Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ~Seasons one and two~ Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit ~Seirei no Moribito~ NANA ~(DVD480p) NANA is best~ Noein ~(DVD480p) may or may not exist~ Now and Then, Here and There ~(DVD480p)because life is too short~ Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ Rage of Bahamut: Genesis ~Shingeki no Bahamut~ Red Garden ~(DVD480p) for everyone else who's dead inside~ Serial Experiments Lain ~is Lain God?~ Scrapped Princess ~classic adventuring. 720p only~ Spice and Wolf ~praise Holo!~ Selector WIXOSS Franchise ~Infected and Spread~ The Twelve Kingdoms ~Juuni Kokuki~ Wolf's Rain ~(DVD 576p) more classics for the modern age~ Wolf Children ~Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki~ Yona of the Dawn ~Akatsuki no Yona~ S Y M P H O G E A R ~SWAN SONGS OF THE VALKYRIES~ Completed Requests Requests are usually up to standard but may lack in a few areas. Also, this section not alphabetized because I'm lazy. Barakamon ~my first completed request yay~ Only Yesterday ~Omohide Poroporo~ The Rolling Girls ~featuring Vroomsigns™!~ KILL la KILL ~something something scissor blade~ No-Rin ~or nourin. Is God Etzimal?~ Space Dandy ~All 26 episodes~ Chaika the Coffin Princess ~Hitsugi no Chaika~ No Game No Life ~dumb but gorgeous~ Gungrave ~stop using ordered chapters, dammit~ Bodacious Space Pirates ~Mouretsu Pirates~ Maria the Virgin Witch ~Junketsu no Maria~ Eden of the East ~Higashi no Eden~ Blood Blockade Battlefront ~Kekkai Sensen~ Highschool of the Dead ~Gakuen Mokushiroku~ Yurikuma Arashi ~Lesbian Bear Storm~ Outlaw Star ~deanzel ripoffs at half price!~ My Love Story!! ~Ore Monogatari~ RWBY ~definitely anime~ Snow White with the Red Hair ~Akagami no Shirayuki-hime~ Utawarerumono: False Faces ~Itsuwari no Kamen~ The Book of Bantorra ~Tatakau Shisho - Armed Librarians~ Tears to Tiara ~this logo looks terrible. someone please get me a better one ;-;~ Monogatari Series (No dub) ~Bake, Nise, Kizu, Owari, Neko, Tsuki, etc. pick your prefix~ Shirobako (No dub) ~how anime is made! (hint: it's soul-crushing)~ Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ ~anime was a mistake~ C - The Money of Soul ~and possibility control. this title is ridiculous.~ Tamako Market ~enjoy more crappy CTR logos~ Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro ~The not-Ghibli Ghibli~ Beyond the Boundary Movies ~Kyoukai no Kanata: Kako-hen / Mirai-hen~ A Certain Raildex Archive ~Magical Index Scientific Railgun etc etc etc~ Projects In Progress Projects dropped so far: 0! Hunter x Hunter 2011 ~this is gonna be here forever...~
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    The guy I was telling you all about sent me this: I have Blue Exorcist ripped I just gotta rename and upload the files. So I hope no one spends money or time they don't have to, because it is coming.
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    Completed: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) One of my best releases I'd say. Very happy with the amount of work and effort that was put into this, especially by everyone that helped. Enjoy!
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    The CTR-Kametsu Durarara project died a glorious death and was subsequently reborn as a forbidden taboo release passed from user to user in secret shady backrooms. It has every season complete with upgrades on the existing Kametsu releases (mainly unifying the OP names to all be Western-order as the official Drrr OP does, restoring all Russian dialogue, etc), but ended up having some timing and styling issues with the subtitles track. Basically, it's near-perfect for dub watchers and sub viewers will have some issues with it. It can still be obtained if you know where to look.
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    Released: [MK] One Punch Man [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual Audio] Indeed it is, at this stage, the patch maker is holding me back because I have to run it through Visual Studio on a previous version xD. Need to find the original one and get that up and running. No eta at this stage... sorry T-T
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    yeah, this was a little pedantic, but this (line 4) is what I'm referring to. If you're going to request something, make it clear what you're asking for. In this case, kitkat just dropped off a series title with absolutely no other information. I don't even know which series it is specifically. I really don't actually know anime that well. When someone asked me to do the movie for Tamako Market it took me forever to realize that meant "Tamako Love Story." besides that, there wasn't really any other information here. I mean, I get that I usually do all the research on encodes and whatnot anyway, but you could put a little bit into looking around for what's available first. in this case, it's a whole lot of nothing. honestly your request wasn't that bad since even if you had looked around you would have seen nothing (like I did) and therefore putting in a request was pretty reasonable. This was more of a reaction to the many requests by PM most people don't see. sorry for jumping on you, @kitkat. been having a rough week. pls forgive =(
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    CBM has a dual audio 1080p with styled signs/subs that might be acceptable to you. I have no interest in the show though. edit: also I don't see any good encodes at a glance anyway, just "alkasa" who I have no experience with. also i'm getting real close to just rejecting every request with a form response now if people don't read my request info box. it's not that long, guys =|
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    Gosick finished by tonight anyone???
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    Released: [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 [BD 1080p & 720p][Hi10][Dual Audio] This one got moved up the on the project schedule, thanks to @Scyrous , Speaking of the devil... joint-project with Scyrous! 5.1 TV audio for now because the USBD probably won't appear until 2018. Eps 7-12 will be released once Beatrice/Winter encode vol. 2, so be sure to follow the topic to stay updated. Updates will be posted everywhere.
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    I think I have a data hoarding problem
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    >>Basilisk 720p Dual Audio released<<
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    http://i.imgur.com/Dq1mEWC.jpg Accurate.
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    Neither. Didn't air on the Vietnam feed either: https://extraimage.net/images/2017/08/25/c555d325e1bcaa4a8b8ac018c1aef60a.png Schedule for today: https://extraimage.net/images/2017/08/25/b3ca898bb07df857b9432505b9c283e9.png
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    Well, I've decided. I'm going to buy the UHD Blu-ray of Batman and Harley Quinn, watch it, then rip it.
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    First you need to figure out what you really want. Because your initial thread is rather confusing. If you don't want any video quality loss, you should encode at crf 0, but that's completely pointless since you can just rip the BDMV to .mkv format using MakeMKV, DVDFab or any kind of Blu-ray/DVD ripping software. So what is it you really want here? An untouched copy of the BDMV in .mkv format, or an encoded (compressed) version? The latter, assuming you're completely new to encoding, is going to result in quality loss. Well the same applies to experienced folks actually, but the difference is a lot less because they're much more familiar with x264 settings and filtering and whatnot. Anyway, if it's the latter, I suggest downloading MeGUI or StaxRip. There's all kinds of GUIs for Avisynth/Vapoursynth. This is a good place to start. Or if you want an easier method, try HandBrake as suggested by @Fishmonster. I'd say HandBrake is a quick and dirty solution when it comes to encoding. x264 settings are very limited and same goes for the filtering. If you plan on batch-encoding lots of files for streaming sites or whatever, where quality isn't that important, go for it. Handbrake/DVDFab both offer a passthrough ripping method when it comes to audio (I believe MakeMKV does too). However, if you rip the audio to a lossless format like WAV, FLAC or PCM, quality loss is irrelevant because there is none. DVDs are different because they usually contain AC-3 audio (a lossy format you really shouldn't be re-encoding).
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    Basilisk 1080p/720p Complete - Enjoy!!
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    I know most of the shows I uploaded are down. I don't have much of the anymore, because I deleted them a while ago. I try to re-download and upload them again. I can add you to my Google Drive account, which I will regurlary update. I know I told you guys I quit, but I think this is very sad, so I will try to help you out!
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