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    It’s been exactly one year since I made my Kametsu account! Here’s to another year of enjoying awesome releases.
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    Find the request section and quit hounding me on daily basis with multiple requests!
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    It seems I can have some free time for encodes on Sundays. Neko has shared 5 and 6 volumes of Re:Creators with me, so I made my scripts and already encoding it. If I'll be free tomorrow (but probably not) I'll mux them and release. And now I have 1 Gbps connection, so uploading will be fast. Idk if I even need the seedbox now.
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    Those of you who expressed interest in the Monster 720p remux (especially @637gtr88): I have good news. We have decided that the awesome @EljayFlintok will be handling the Monster project instead of me. Same sources, same quality final product. Over the past few months, my motivation and interest to work on long shows like Monster has declined quite a bit. I doubt I would have been able to give it my all. I definitely feel like Monster is better off in the hands of EljayFlintok. Thank you all for understanding. As a result of this change, I will be able to focus more on my other projects.
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    Wow, time sure flies by so quickly! I feel like an old fart now (lol), and at the same time, I've been here for 4 years now. Yay me I guess?
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    Released: [MK] Food Wars! The Second Plate [BD 720p/1080p][Hi10][Dual-Audio] All details are in the release, but just as long as you know it's about the only good release with fancy subtitles so far, that's all that matters \o/. See you for Season 3. Updates: Few things: I've updated animk.info to have a collection of useful links all relating to [MK] stuff. The home page is basically just a mirror of this index. It's still very much a work in progress and I don't have any end goal in sight, just making use of the domain space I have. Project status wise, The Devil Is a Part Timer is being worked on by @Idle and myself. Assassination Classroom S2 has picked up again - I finally got around to TSing quiet a time consuming scene. I plan to make the topic thread when I at least have 5 episodes to provide. Also gives you a centralised place to pester me for updates. Attack on Titan Season 2 USBD should be out soon-ish, so expect the patch to update to FLAC/AAC audio soon after. The next one I would like to start work on is a dual-audio release of Kiznaiver, unfortunately the USBD hasn't been shared yet - my suspicions is that it's due to the price tag. More realistically, ReLIFE v2 would probably be the next to come out. ~ bye-bye
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    Completed: In terms of size-per-episode, definitely my biggest release to date. Will re-release if a better encode appears. I've also picked up High School DxD (season 1), which one of my favorite anime series. Video source is Beatrice-Raws (which looks much better than FFF). (And yes, assuming they do season 2 as well, I will upgrade my current release. )
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    Kazuma Miki, the light novel editor and an anime producer for Sword Art Online, stated at a "SAO and GGO New Anime and Original Work Stage" presentation at a Sword Art Online fan meeting event on Saturday that the upcoming Sword Art Online: Alicization anime will cover the entirety of the Alicization arc from Reki Kawahara's Sword Art Online light novel series. Miki didn't mention any information regarding the length of the new anime. The series will again star Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Kirito and Haruka Tomatsu as Asuna. Ai Kayano will play Alice, and Nobunaga Shimazaki will play Eugeo. The Alicization arc is in volumes 9 through 18 of the original novel series. The anime series has two television anime adaptations, an anime special, and a recent film. The franchise has also inspired multiple manga series, games, and a virtual reality demonstration in Japan. Aniplex of America releases the anime in North America. Skydance Television is planning a live-action series on Netflix based on the novels. The Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale anime film, which opened in Japan in February 2017, had teased that "SAO will return."
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    The "GA Bunko 2018 Happyō Stage" presentation at the Wonder Festival event announced on Sunday that Fujino Ōmori and illustrator's Suzuhito Yasuda's Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? light novel series is inspiring a second anime season and an anime film. The film is titled Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darō ka: Arrow of the Orion (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Arrow of the Orion). The presentation revealed the film's first visual, and also revealed that the film will have an original story written by Ōmori. The Twitter account for GA Bunko had teased last month that the franchise was getting a "new project." J.C. Staff adapted the novels into a television anime in 2015. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series for North America, and Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan. Ōmori and illustrator Kiyotaka Haimura's Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria spinoff light novel series inspired an anime that premiered last April. Sentai Filmworks licensed the anime under the title Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side and simulcasted the series in the United States on Amazon's now-defunct Anime Strike streaming service. Yen Press is releasing both the original novel series and Sword Oratoria, as well as their respective manga adaptations, in North America.
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    Standards For Muxed Releases: The What and Why preface: these are the standards used by all CTR releases as of 2017-06-19. Older releases were not up to standard on all sections (mostly the Forced flag). this standard is not required and is merely a recommendation for future release groups to follow, because archiving is important, consistency is wonderful, and having information stored in the filenames and container tags is very useful. some content has been adapted from the BTN uploading guide. I. The Filename II. The Container III. The Torrent
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    So here you go, NHK gets the 'On Hold' treatment, simply because I know of an encode that is yet better than the 720p upscale. This encode is still in the making, actively being encoded as of now. So either I'll be taking that encode when it's done or point to the version the encoder puts together. He did tell me he wants to use the same sub/signs source as I intended to. As this frees me up and @Scyrous approached me asking if I wanted to take it up, I'll be focusing on >>Monster 720p 8bit AC3 (Dual Audio)<< This is going to take the 720p upscale by null, CBM subtitles, and audio from the DVDs. The main chunk of work here is the English audio. I may release these in batches of about 12 episodes or so. Thanks goes to @Scyrous for providing insight into what sources to take.
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    Completed: This one took waaaay too long. ._. Originally requested by @CyborgIcarus29 back in October 2017 or something.
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    As you're probably aware, Kametsu runs solely on funds gathered through donations: we do not display advertisements to help fund the site. We tend to try to maintain at least 6 months of funds stored up in case of events like right now, where in my absence donations have dwindled down. We've had like less than a months worth of funds donated within the past 3 months. As such, funds are being depleted far faster than they're coming in and as of this post, we have roughly enough funds for the next 3 months before it's completely dried up. I hate making posts like this, because I hate asking for things, but if you could spare just a few bucks, it'd go a long way. For example, if only 50 people donated $2 each (or if 100 people donated $1 each), we'd have funds for 2 months of server bills. Click the image below to make a donation:
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    back to top I. The Filename This might seem like a very simple thing at first, but honestly, there's a lot of confusion here in the anime crowd. cor.tv.witch.hunter.robin.01.[D934DE98].mkv [Exiled-Destiny]_Trigun_Ep01_(9A054944).mkv [Kametsu]_Terror_in_Resonance_01_[Blu-Ray][1080p][Hi10][2E1C4B94].mkv Shirobako.S01E01.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR.[87EFEFA9].mkv [GrimRipper]_Revolutionary_Girl_Utena_S01E01_[Remastered_R2J]_[Dual_Audio]_(f6373e4c).mkv Gunslinger Girl Ep 01v2 'Fratello (Siblings)' [Blu-Ray 1080p].mkv [Kametsu] ERASED - 01v2 (BD 1080p Hi10 FLAC) [EC9FFC4B].mkv [LostYears] Citrus - 01 (Web 720p Hi10 AAC) [FB0A14A2].mkv Only two of these actually follow the same standard. It's a mess. Why have standards at all? Why not just let people name things what they like so long as it's clear? Standardizing filenames does a lot for us. It means tools like Sonarr (an automatic download application), Kodi (a full-featured media center) and Plex (a media server and transcoder) can function properly because they don't have to try and figure out what on earth each file is supposed to be. Scene Standard vs Anime Standard (or lack thereof) The "scene" is a loosely affiliated web of release groups spread across various "topsites". Scene releases have been around since long before bittorrent was even a thing, and are generally the fastest to release any given media. The scene is largely responsible for establishing most of the rules followed by every other media type besides anime. This guide is advocating to follow scene standard so that compatibility is maintained with other media types. This ensures that applications like Kodi and Plex, as well as other future media centers can be relied upon to work properly without having to write strange exceptional rules simply to accommodate anime. They're not going to do it, most users aren't going to have a clue how to do it. Anime groups are punishing themselves by not adapting to a scene or scene-like naming scheme. But having periods and no spaces in your filenames looks dumb and outdated! Actually, the periods are not required. They do make a lot of command line systems easier by not having to deal with quote marks and the like, but it's not a strict requirement outside the scene. IF YOU WANT TO USE PERIODS: Their placement is very important in the name structure. A period should only be used to separate one of three things: A new piece of information in the filename. These pieces are detailed below. The channel count on the audio format. For example, stereo sound would be "FLAC2.0". Six-channel surround sound is usually "DD5.1". So on. More specific examples found in the Audio Format section below. Words in the episode title, found after the version number. Episode titles are optional and generally not included. The Two Acceptable Filenaming Schemes: Shirobako.S01E01.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR.[87EFEFA9].mkv ERASED S01E01 v2 (1080p Hi10 BD FLAC) [Kametsu] [EC9FFC4B].mkv These two schemes contain the same information, in largely the same order and can both be relied upon for proper parsing. I'll break them down in order. Shirobako.S01E01.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR.[87EFEFA9].mkv ERASED S01E01 v2 (1080p Hi10 BluRay FLAC2.0) [Kametsu] [EC9FFC4B].mkv Title of the Show: This one should be obvious, and is placed at the beginning because that's the most important part of the media, and also serves to properly alphabetize media folders by show name. The name, including capitalization, should be taken from TheTVDB. Please note this does not mean all shows must be in English titles (although that would be preferable since this is a guide for English-oriented releases). TVDB does supposed aliases, as shown here: The reason we match to TVDB is because it is the primary media scraping database for virtually all media center software. Plex even maintains an official mirror of it for their users. Some media centers will support other scrapers like AniDB or even MAL, but these are inconsistent, not enabled by default and will not properly integrate with the rest of a given media library. Episode Number: Episode numbers should always follow the S##E## format, even for a single-season show. This is where the anime community will have to adjust most significantly. The anime industry and the anime community have a terrible habit of ignoring or misusing the season format. Despite shows clearly airing in a seasonal structure like the rest of the world, new seasons will be declared at seemingly random points for no particular reason, or won't be when they absolutely should. Without season numbering, any season past the first of an anime will simply not function in most media centers. Plex has started to adjust for this, but recognition is patchy at best and will miss any special episodes, OVAs, etc. without a lot of manual adjustment. We can do better than that. We can match to TVDB ahead of time and avoid headaches as well as preserve content identification by matching to an existing, ID-number focused database like TVDB. Episode numbering and season numbering should always follow whatever matches up to TVDB. Even if it ends up looking strange, this should still be followed. At the end of the day, filenames are only important to help identify what a show is. The database can give us all the important information after the fact, and the season numbering still shows the correct order to view episodes (with some exceptions, see Specials below). This does not account for shows with strange chronologies (Monogatari, Haruhi Suzumiya), but we can't accommodate someone wanting to watch a show in a different order than originally intended. Unless the ordering was actually incorrect and was fixed by a DVD release - in which case Plex and Kodi already have options built in to handle different orders for DVD vs Airing order, so the problem is already handled by simply following the numbering scheme to match the database. Specials, OVAs and Movies This is where naming gets weird. Unfortunately, there's no good way to handle filenaming for specials and movies. The best we can do is mark them to match up with TVDB so the correct information still scrapes, using the season 0 mark to identify it as a special episode. Cowboy.Bebop.S00E01.Knockin.on.Heavens.Door.22.5.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC5.1.x264-CTR.[22AE84B9] Why not name the episodes things like S01E16.5 to show where it's meant to be aired? This would be a decent solution, but unfortunately many scrapers will read this as another copy of "season 1 episode 16" (actually they'll read it as part 5 of episode 16, to account for multi-part single episodes, but I digress). Instead, we use S00E## format, matching the "Specials" season 0 according to TVDB. This will match the episodes to their proper entries, as usual, and it will also allow media centers and Plex to do some neat tricks. In Cowboy Bebop, by naming the episode S00E01, we now get the following episode listing: Notice that the movie has neatly inserted itself in between episodes 22 and 23, right where it's supposed to be. Now, you may have noticed I added a few extras to the special episode. On Specials, we include the title of the episode to help users identify what it is at a glance, since the numbering might be otherwise strange. I also included a rough episode number after the title, to help anyone who doesn't want to go look up episode chronology themselves and risk spoilers. However, these two pieces are optional and if you want, you can adjust these parts as needed. Specials are where standards are slightly more lax, so long as the basics are still accounted for. A few additional examples: Girls.und.Panzer.der.Film.S00E37.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC5.1.x264-CTR.[4A03B7CB] Girls.und.Panzer.S00E34.This.is.the.Real.Anzio.Battle.7.5.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC5.1.x264-CTR.[0D30892A] Girls.und.Panzer.S00E36.Understanding.Girls.und.Panzer.in.3.Minutes.1080p-Hi10p.BluRay.FLAC2.0.x264-CTR.[14444104] You'll notice I did included an episode number on S00E34, as this episode is intended to be watched during season 1, after episode 7 (thus 7.5). However, since the movie (and the 3 minute mini-special) are both to be watched after the main series, I did not include an episode number. The standards are a bit looser, but at the end of the day, with or without standardized naming, all users would end up needing to look up chronology to know when to watch these. Given that, I think it's still worth using S00E## in order to support media centers, since it comes as no cost to non-media center users. Version Numbering: Ideally, you'll never need to use this, but we all know better by now. A version number should go immediately after the episode number. This is already standard amongst both scene and anime (though scene uses keywords like PROPER, REPACK and DIRFIX instead of numbering. I think anime is a bit clearer here, so I'm happy to switch to their standard here). A v2 should be issued in the event of any fixes that either Are created after a torrent was released. Torrents are considered publication, in a sense, and any revisions made after a torrent has been published should be labeled accordingly. Once a torrent has been released, it has already been mirrored a dozen times over by various scrapers, so there's no going back. Are created after a day or so of a DDL upload that's only on Kametsu. This one is a little more iffy, but I personally don't think it's necessary to v2 things when you're still actively working on a project just on the board. Up to you though, just remember to keep your downloaders informed. If you want to be strictly following standard, then any change that results in a new CRC should be a new version. We'll discuss CRCs toward the end. OPTIONAL: You can include an episode title after the version number (or lack of a version number). However, I personally don't like including episode titles. They're usually unnecessary fluff to the filename. On special episodes, they are included because identification can be otherwise difficult, but for normal season episodes I would leave them off. Video Composition: This is where you detail out what your media is made of. Specifically, the resolution and video profile. In the case of all my examples above, this is 1080p with the High 10 profile (10-bit video). This info can be found in any MediaInfo dump of your files, or usually from whatever your sources are if you're doing a remux. If you're the one encoding, you should know what this is already (and if you don't, you need to go learn more about encoding before you release anything). Other examples: 720p-Hi444pp (increasingly common, especially in airing releases), 480p (no profile needed on non-10bit), 2160p-Main10 (this is the Main 10 profile of HEVC x265). This section is pretty easy to understand and hard to get wrong. Source Media: Where your media comes from! Source tags have changed over time, and some abbreviations are okay if desired. Source Media tag only applies to video. Possible sources include: ENCODED FORMATS: The video was encoded from this source media. It has been compressed and possibly filtered by the encoder (tagged at the end of the file). BluRay/BD: feel free to abbreviate if you wish. DVDRip/DVD WEBRip: This is taken from a WEB source (Netflix, Amazon, Funimation, Crunchyroll, etc), either by a capture card or by direct download and then re-encoding the video. HDTV REMUXED FORMATS: These formats are the video taken from the source untouched, using software like eac3to, MakeMKV, etc. They can still be remuxed with subtitles, other audio tracks, etc, but the video track has not been altered in any form from its original source. BluRay.Remux DVD.Remux WEB-DL Audio Format: Audio formatting should be included as a notation of lossless availability or otherwise. This will also stave off questions of why your releases are so bloated if you include the audio and channelcount, as FLAC 5.1 is massive. Note that the channel count should be included. Most, if not all Western media (including virtually all Funimation dubs) is released in 5.1 surround, if not higher, but Sentai/Aniplex dubs are in 2.0, Hulu streams are in 2.0, etc. Channel counts can vary quite a bit these days, so it is a very useful piece of information to include. Audio formats and their respective tags: Free Lossless Audio Codec: FLAC Dolby Digital (also known as AC-3): DD Dolby Digital Plus (also known as Enhanced AC-3 or E-AC-3): DDP Advanced Audio Codec: AAC DTS-HDMA DTS Atmos TrueHD Channel counts are marked with a notation of Primary Channels.Low Frequency Channels. Stereo sound (e.g. Front Left, Front Right) is just 2.0. Standard surround sound (Channel positions : Front: L C R, Side: L R, LFE) is 5.1, as there is one LFE track. If multiple LFE tracks are listed, you might have 7.2 audio or so on. Some unusual cases occur, like Girls und Panzer, which has 2.1 audio (Channel Positions: Front: L R, LFE). Encoder: This one's really simple. Include whatever encoder was used to make the video. Possible options are H264 (usually only BluRay.Remuxes), x264, H265 (some WEB-DLs, UHD.Remux, etc), x265, so on. Group Tag: Your group tag goes here. A few important notes. DO NOT EVER USE THE ORIGINAL GROUP TAG. If you are remuxing an existing group, do not use something like "FFF-Remux" or any derivative of the original. You should only use a tag containing another group's name if you are directly working with that group to produce the release. If they don't give permission to use their tag in the filename, do not include it. Even if you only plan to do the one release and be done, still include a group tag of some kind. Even if it's just your username. Don't use a generic tag like [BBT-RMX]. By using a generic tag you've lost the entire purpose of having group tags, as a generic tag does not give any real information about what sort of release it is. Group tags should not have spaces or punctuation. Consider using a shortened version of your full group name if it's particularly long. For example, GoodJob!Media tags their files as [GJM]. I tag my files as CTR instead of "Catar". [CRC32]: A CRC32 is included at the end of every file. These are used to verify files did not get corrupted when moving between devices, as well as to verify one has the right version of a file. CRCs can be added to files easily using RapidCRC. CRCs will change if any part of the file changes, even if you only change one letter in one tag in the file. If your CRC changes, you should label it as a new version (see version numbering above). If you are just renaming the file, the CRC does not change. You can rename files as much as you like without affecting the CRC.
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    I want to wish a happy birthday to one of my best pals, @ElementalCards! He always has good posts and he's an understanding, reliable friend. I couldn't ask for a better partner and friend though our 4-year adventure! Feliz cumpleaños, buddy. I hope it's a good one.
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    >>H&C II Released<< Release Notes: - some timing issues for signs corrected - adjusted subtitle notes to the dub - English audio synced in - signs/songs track created - thanks @Pollux for watching this beforehand for QCing purposes
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    Hello, BTN I hope someday you'll find a way to let me in
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    Fios Gigabit Connection is AWESOME!!
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    The votes have been counted...and the winner of Anime Of The Season Fall 2017 is... The Ancient Magus' Bride Runner-ups: 2nd place - Inuyashiki 3rd place - Black Clover A huge, huge thanks to the community for voting! Look for a new poll at the end of the Winter 2017/18 season!
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    FUNimation Entertainment announced at its Katsucon panel on Saturday that it will release Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- on home video starting with "season 1 part 1" this summer. The 25-episode anime premiered in April 2016. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan. Crunchyroll is also streaming both the Re:Zero ~Starting Break Time From Zero~ and Re:PETIT ~Starting Life in Another World from PETIT~ short anime spinoff series. The anime's staff announced in September that an original video anime is in the works. The anime adapts author Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrator Shinichirou Otsuka's Re:Zero light novel series. Nagatsuki launched the story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in 2012, and Kadokawa is publishing the volumes in print. Yen Press is publishing the light novel series in English, and is also releasing Daichi Matsuse's manga adaptation of the series, as well as the Re:Zero Ex spinoff light novel series. The story follows Subaru Natsuki, an ordinary high school student who is lost in an alternate world and rescued by a beautiful, silver-haired girl. He stays near her to return the favor, but the destiny she is burdened with is more than Subaru can imagine. Enemies attack one by one, and both of them are killed. He then finds out he has the power to rewind death, back to the time he first came to this world. But only he remembers what has happened since.
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    Second season + movie adaptation of DanMachi announced :https://myanimelist.net/news/54097948 Feels good man.
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    Just sent $20 with Stripe! I don't really have any content to share, and I honestly have never been good at posting on forums much at all. But I check in here basically everyday to see whats new, and who has posted what, etc. Would hate for the site to go down . (Also this is like my third donation now, so I'd love to get that Donator status, cough cough )
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    Completed: Here you go @basheer_naimi. These scripts are the worst ._.
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    back to top II. The Container We use the Matroska video container for releases (.mkv). This container has a lot of features that can be used to store information. This section will be very image heavy. ~PRO TIP~ You can edit all of these fields in the MKVToolNix Header Editor without having to remux the file. This will save you a lot of time as you won't be sitting around waiting for disk I/O. It will take a bit to get fast at editing the fields, but you can work through a full series very quickly with proper hotkey usage. Here's me working through a small set of Arslan episodes for a future release, as an example: Ctrl-Tab, Shift-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab will move you between files, and excessive use of Tab/Ctrl-Tab and copy paste will let you work through stuff very fast. I trust this more than batching, as I can visually see every episode being set properly as I go instead of relying on batches that have failed me in the past for inexplicable reasons. Container Overview Dual Audio releases are typically aimed at English dub viewers, hence the track order listed above. To move tracks up and down, use Ctrl + Arrow keys when selecting a track. Tracks should be ordered as follows: Video Track(s) English Feature Audio Track (the primary dialogue, sound effects, etc.) Japanese Feature Audio Track Extra English Feature Audio Tracks (Descriptive audio, alternate dubs, etc.) Extra Japanese Feature Audio Tracks Bonus English/Japanese Audio Tracks (Commentaries, etc.) English Sign/Foreign Dialogue Subtitles (aka Signs track). English Full Subtitles (aka Subs track) English Commentary subtitles (and any other subtitles) Chapters (note that this will automatically always move to the bottom, and can't actually be re-arranged. If you have any tracks below it, they will be moved when you re-open the file). Video Tracks Video tracks should be labeled with the encoder's tag. The Language tag should be set to the origin country of the source media. If this is unknown, mark the language as unknown. Many encoders include the full file information in this tag already; if it's already included, no need to change it. Multiple video tracks can be used, as in the case with [philosophy-raws] release of Ouran High School Host Club. Because the US BD is less cropped and contains more details, but the JP BD had less banding, philosophy-raws elected to encode both. In that case, you would label both video tracks with their respective language tags, so the viewer could see which to choose from. Audio Tracks The audio track that you intend the viewer to watch in should be set as default and listed first. If this is an English-dub dual audio release, put English audio first and set as default. Audio tracks naming isn't technically required, but I include it as a convenience to Kodi users as well as a way to credit my audio sources (generally @Etzimal). In Kodi, audio will appear in the menu as such: The Language tag is already rendered, so there's no need to include it in the title over again, but the format is not, so I include it in the title tag. There is a slight redundancy in that 2.0 and Stereo are both listed, but Kodi does not handle formats like 2.1 very well, as seen in Girls und Panzer here: Given this, having the channel count always included is better in the long run. Subtitle Tracks Traditionally, subtitle tracks should be marked according to the language track they should be played with. For example, English audio and English signs would get the ENG language tag, and Japanese audio and English Subtitles would get the JPN track. This is a standard established by dual audio groups like Exiled-Destiny way back in the DVD era, but is not necessarily required anymore thanks to the Forced flag. This is where we can do some cool things. There is a flag on all tracks called "Forced". This flag is a little unintuitive, so bear with me: A player loads the video and audio tracks, then decides if it needs to have subtitles or not. Most players assume by default that a viewer does not want subtitles. If a player encounters a Forced track, however, it will then enable subtitles regardless of the user's preference. The player will enable the Forced subtitle track that matches the user's language preference for subtitles. However, if the player does not find a Forced track that matches the user's subtitle preference, it will fall back to the default subtitle selection. The Forced flag is intended to be used on the default audio track for all subtitles and signs not in the default language. This is a standard flag used by all media, and is even included in Netflix WEB-DLs, BluRay video files, etc. If a user has set their player to ask for Japanese, the Signs track will not be enabled, even if it has the Forced flag. If the user has set their player to ask for English, the Signs track will be enabled. If the user has not set any preference (THIS IS THE MAJORITY OF USERS, ESPECIALLY NEWCOMERS), the Signs track will be enabled alongside the English track. This is ideal, as Signs tracks should always be enabled for English audio viewers, and this also means that users don't have to have special subtitle rules just for anime. The Forced flag also is the only way to differentiate subtitle tracks in Plex currently. Unfortunately, Plex (and some other players) do not support the Title tag for subtitle tracks. Because of this, the Forced flag can be utilized to show which track is the Signs track. (This also means that remuxers who prefer all subtitle tracks to be in English can use it to differentiate their Signs and not use Japanese as the flag). The Forced flag has no disadvantages for Subtitled viewers of dual audio releases, and significant advantages for English/Signs viewers. It should always be applied. Chapters Chapters have never been standardized, even among scene. The general consensus amongst anime is that at minimum, there should be a chapter mark at the OP, beginning of the episode proper, the ED, and any post-ED content, as applicable. Extra chapter marks can be included at the muxer's discretion (post-episode preview, mid-episode break, etc.) An easy rule of thumb is that if it's on the original BD, it should be on the release. For example, Madoka Magica has a full set of named chapters throughout each episode. This is rare, though. A typical chapter set will look like this: Extras The MKV format includes a field in the main container for "Movie Name". This is still used by some players to identify the video title. For maximum compatibility with your users, you can fill that field in here: however, in all honesty I've never filled that one out myself (and received some complaints for leaving it out on occasion). Fill in as you wish.
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    Posting this partly because I'm an authour and always want more readers, but also so that I can pop up in a few sections besides the download center =P I finished my first novel about six months ago now, and posted it for free online. If anyone's interested, I'd love some feedback on it. Link and a brief synopsis inside:
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    It is a pain but I'd still rather do it that way than rely on people with an ego You're welcome. I heard flixgrabs people are working on Amazon too, I hope so.
  31. 4 points
    I may start providing a link to view and watch from my plex server to people as a test im going to be doing. Anyone interested PM me.
  32. 4 points
    Did someone say OVERLORD II ??? Episodes will be uploaded on a weekly basis - starting today. If you have a moment to spare, please thank @kBaraka and @CaptainJet for making this possible
  33. 3 points
    Do not trust that guy. He claims to own the Amazon tool and isn't selling that...but sells the supposedly equally rare Netflix tool? Something's up.
  34. 3 points
    I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that possibly won't work in a week. If I could get it cheap or free I'd be interested. I fail to see the point of making tools exclusive to a few people. If more people had it, we'd have more people sharing ripped stuff. The usual answer to this is "but X will patch it faster!"... Will they now? As if Netflix isn't already aware of your tool or Flixgrab and already working on countermeasures. Even though I am willing to go along with keeping such a thing exclusive if I have to, nobody is willing to trust anyone with the things. Must maintain... ego, if more people have tool I will be less... important! No offence but i'd rather throw my money into a fire than pay for that thing. This is a money making scheme, nothing more.
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    Excellent guide and I even learned a few things. I'm not actively subtitle styling ATM so I'll just bookmark this and also save it as a PDF in a folder. On the 'new things learned' side, the 'forced' flag was something I didn't understand at all. So now I know. On the language marking for subtitle tracks, even E-D has had periods when they've been inconsistent. One of the major problems here has been end users naively assuming the language markings work the way they expect them to work. i.e. Most new users assuming the subtitles are marked with the language they are in. Understanding that the language marking is supposed to tie to the audio track being 'translated' {JAP for the English subtitles translated from the Japanese audio track and ENG for the English subtitles 'translated' from the English sound track} is counter intuitive for most people. The real problem is that there should have been two language descriptor fields for any given subtittle track. Language field 1 should have been the languange of the subtitle. Language field 2 should have been the audio track the subtitle is associated with. This all stems from a lack of foresight. Even this setup implicitly assumes {almost} all dialog is in a single language. True bi-, tri- and more language audio tracks completely break the model. Sit at any ourdoor cafe in Belgium and get an earful of multi-language conversations at any single table. Films in such settings that _aren't_ bi- and tri-lingual are not true to the setting. Then throw in different uses for subtitle tracks like 'signs/karaoke', 'dialog', 'closed caption' and also compatibilty uses like 'ass', 'srt' versus 'vobsub', 'pgsub' rendering, everything becomes a big, confusing mess. On a personal level, Japanese culture as a whole doesn't appear nearly as rigid as Western culture when it comes to naming and partiioning {making 'sets' - your complaint about seasons}. Hence the large variance and outright {to Western eyse} grouping schemes and stylized names/logos. This just adds even more confusion. Especially for anyone old enough to be entrenched with Western library filing standards. Raise your hand if you were a past master of using the library file carding index and the Dewie Decimal System. And of course, there's the whole thing with character sets. We will NOT go there. No. We won't. I personally don't use TVDB because I recognized a long time ago that it simply couldn't account for how weird naming can get. The general problem can be categorized as meta-data or lack thereof. While the MKV container format does have some built-in space for meaningful meta-data, the ability to make use of these doesn't really exist where it needs to exist. For example, I can't see Microsoft building into their software an open approach to presenting and making use of meta-data. Instead, they're mickey-mousing that stupid file context tool in the top of the file browser which does nothing but irratate me. And don't forget. Back in the late seventies, MS ripped off CPM's 8.3 DOS naming scheme. And then promptly ignored everyone else's pre-existing naming use with their own naming. Taking over use of .DOC from {I think} WordMate was a classic snafu for a lot of businesses. People and businesses just name things however pleases them most and sucks the most for competitors. The same principles apply for realease groups. So everyone keeps thrusiting meaningful information into filenames in a haphazardous, willy-nilly, "I'll do it my way" manner. Dot and underline delimiters are rooted in ancient history. Context parsing {think rules regarding use of single and double quotes and escape sequences} with whitespace is _hard_. Data and field delimiters should have been something altogether new rather than a new use for some existing punctuation characters. On a personal level, I've given up on expectations of standard naming for all of my media. In the meantime, I use calibre library software for all my books, a fully nested directory structure for all my anime, a relatively limited directory structure for Western TV and Movies. Everything else is grossly categorized. All the above may sound like I don't support some kind of standardization. That couldn't be further from the truth. I'm all for anything that makes my life easier. The reality is that I run my own very large personal NAS. I have about 2500 anime franchises represented. It simply not possible to keep up with someting like this without somekind of rational orginization. I take the time and effort up front when I add new animes and related media to be sure it's added correctly. In other words, I don't worry about other people's naming conventions. I have everything already organzied. Once you understand how the directory structure is organized, playback is easy. And everyone else in our household doesn't need to learn any thing new to find and play whatever they want to play. This includes visitors. When I get around to releasing stuff again, I'll certainly be looking at the guidance here for naming. After all, I have to give names to all the files and diretories anyway. It's no problem or extra work to be consistent with naming. But I'm not holding my breadth waiting for the rest of the world to get a clue. This leads me to my last point. Codfying and explaining existing standards is a great thing to do. It's important to understand the history and rationale behind them. I think you've done a great job of this. The next step is getting it in front of people's eyeballs. This means getting it in places like various public and private tracker wikis and FAQs, subtitling sites, yada-yada-yada. Ya'll know the drill. Standards only work when people know about them. Good luck with that! I guess I've semi-ranted, and spouted more than enough. All in all, I liked the guidance and I'll likely follow it in the future. But it touches a _LOT_ of different issues and sore spots.
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    Uploading Cardcaptors Sakura S2 dub. Will post in approx 20 minutes.
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    ~RELEASED: March Comes In Like a Lion (Volume 1)~ because SHAFT. Volume 2 sometime in April, assuming someone buys it at Aniplex prices. $130 for 11 episodes, kids :^)
  39. 3 points
    YESSS !! ... all 22 episodes of the first season of "March comes in like a lion" are available in English. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-02-06/crunchyroll-adds-english-dubs-for-march-comes-in-like-a-lion-occultic-nine/.127423 We need an official forum release now !!
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    you're in the wrong thread for that one, sorry. this is a thread for bloated releases, so we'd pretty much only use the philosophy-raws encode. I'd recommend posting in the Requests board instead. Also: ~RELEASED: a long rant/guide about how to mux and name things up to standards~ for all the aspiring dual audio muxers out there.
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    Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade to be adapted into a Korean movie! This is going to be some really hard drama/thriller for sure .. hopefully ! Love Korean movies !
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    Wow! I can't believe I got 2,000 reacts!
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    I apologize for being MIA for a few months now. Being a mom and now have started college again to get my degree. I have been a little busy and haven't really been on much of anything. So a temporary hello.
  46. 3 points
    Soooooooooooooo, It's been a while since I have worked on shit, but now I am back for a bit I guess. Check the main post for the status and order of which I am doing things.
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    Yesterday I borrowed The Loud House DVD from my library. I have remuxed all of them, can't wait to upload them later this week. The only main reason why i'm uploading it since it has 5.1 audio and French audio.
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    Uploading episode 1 of Katana Maidens.
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