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    January 29th 2019. Beyblade the original first series on SDBD! English language dub. Includes all 51 episodes in standard definition on one Blu Ray disc! Region A.
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    Completed: Legend of Korra soon™ Edit: also @sfaxt I just happened to come across this comment so I guess this one's for you.
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    A year sure passes fast.. I just noticed I joined just over a year ago on the 22nd... and in that time I've made lots of friends and found tons of cool stuff here of course that's in addition to finding the CN Reborn project by icebox and then getting introduced to Flashpoint from that with the games So Thanks Kametsu and all my friends here as well! (I don't want to ping too many people but maybe they won't mind since there isn't a whole lot..? ) @PrincessAlicia, @megajew, @icebox616, @ElectricAngel, @Duckgoose, @RyanEsau, @DRX, @ElementalCards, @TheOneWhoSees (I don't think I missed any? )
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    ~RELEASED: Cross Ange 1080p v2 batch~ has a new encode, plus some minor subtitle fixes. nothing super new but it's the best encode of the bunch.
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    HIDIVE Downloader NX (nodejs based hidive.com downloader)  Quick description: "HIDIVE Downloader NX" is a script program for direct downloading of videos and subtitles from hidive.com. Readme: https://github.com/seiya-dev/hidive-downloader-nx/blob/master/README.md Download and source: https://github.com/seiya-dev/hidive-downloader-nx
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    If anyone wants something ripped from Boomerang's Streaming Service, name it, name it, NAME IT! I can get to work and upload it really fast ...well excepting seasons...which of course, they take a while
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    Completed: See you guys in 2020 for part two...
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    To be fair it worked for 6 months after someone leaked it so thats not entirely true, netflix or amazon can't magically flip a switch to break the tools. Plus they'll break either way, the main reason people won't share amazon or Netflix tools is because people like having things other people don't Look at them, they can rip amazon, they're hot shit! Theres plenty of people who can be trusted with the ability but people are too paranoid or egotistical and thus hurts their own cause in the end. More rippers means more content. I have the money and time to rip a ton of shit (not having the tool probably does me a favor) while as someone else with a tool might not have the time or money. Woo.
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    Does anyone have the 1080p iTunes WEB-DL of The Legend of Frosty the Snowman from Tooncore? I lost it on my old hard drive I had. If anyone has it, please reupload it!
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    To Love Ru is getting a English dub my hairy friends. https://mobile.twitter.com/SentaiFilmworks/status/1070044133010616321
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    How's that saying go again? Oh, I remember now. "One man's trash is another man's treasure". It's all about perspective, right?
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Have a great day with Family and Friends. Right now Pumpkin Pie is healthier than Lettuce, so go for it
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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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    I figured out how to fix my tool, i'll drop a massive hint on anyone who still wants a fix... it has to do with profiles... profffilleess. I thought about asking but I doubted anyone would tell me, so tracked it down myself.
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    As per the rules of private trackers, we do not permit openly asking or sending of invites. Many private trackers would ban the inviter and their entire invite tree if discovered to be handing out invites in such a form. They're intended to be given to people you know and trust to maintain ratio and good standing with the tracker as anything they do reflects back on you as the one who invited them. I've personally had my invite privileges revoked on one tracker because of one friend I invited breaking the rules (even though the other 15 people I invited were all outstanding members). If you wanna hand out invites, please do it in private messages.
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    Neat bug I found: plugging in or unplugging a USB device while capturing video causes dropped frames.
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    Now on to anime... It was a hard day in FMA.
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    Unfortunately I have another tool and I can not do anything
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    I will say that the archive was not lost. Just external access to it for the time being. Absolutely no promises on future access though, so for now consider it simply offline. still holding about 180TB in storage.
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    Added episode 47-48 of BRAVEST WARRIORS.
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    I don't think this is a complete list of what I have. I haven't completely organized some of this stuff, so I likely missed things if it was still under some other name (some other language or scrambled). Again, not all of this has English audio included, but I don't have notes on what does or doesn't have it. I tend to like to release my own encodes with at least Spanish audio in addition to English if I can get a hold of it, so I might have Spanish or English audio packs lying around in addition to the actual DVD releases. Where's Huddles? Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch! SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron Snorks (First season only) The Super Globetrotters The Perils of Penelope Pitstop The Pirates of Dark Water Birdman And The Galaxy Trio Challenge of the GoBots Dastardly And Muttley In Their Flying Machine Flintstones (most or all seasons) The Magilla Gorilla Show Moby Dick And The Mighty Thor Goober and the Ghost Chasers Space Ghost and Dino Boy Wacky Races Jonny Quest Shazzan Secret Squirrel Various Scooby-Doo shows/movies
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    HIDIVE announced at Anime NYC on Sunday that it will offer dubcasts for Release the Spyce and Tsurune this season. Tsurune's dub will premiere on November 21, while the Release the Spycedub will premiere on November 24. As part of its dubcast initiative, HIDIVE will stream local-language dubbed versions of select anime simulcasts within two weeks of the first simulcast episode. Sentai Filmworks has licensed both anime; Release the Spyce is streaming on HIDIVE with English subtitles, while Tsurune is streaming on Crunchyroll. Release the Spyce premiered on October 6. The project is a collaboration between Yuruyurimanga creator Namori as original character designer and Yuki Yuna Is a Hero creator Takahiro for the original concept and series composition. The anime marks Akira Sato's directorial debut at Lay-duce. Satoshi Ishino is adapting Namori's characters for animation. SORASAKI.F is credited for the original work. Kyoto Animation's Tsurune premiered on October 21. Takuya Yamamura (Violet Evergarden episodes 7 and 12 director, Sound! Euphonium episodes 3 and 10 director) is directing the anime as his series directorial debut, while Michiko Yokote (Shirobako, Children of the Whales, Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san) is in charge of series scripts. Miku Kadowaki (Beyond the Boundary, Amagi Brilliant Park, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) is designing the characters. Harumi Fuuki (Miss Hokusai, The Piano Forest) is composing the music.
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    Thread closed. No one who has the ability to rip Amazon is sharing the tool publicly or freely. So topic is useless and is only leading to drama.
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