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    I haz internet now. Thanks to everyone who helped out!
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    As much as we love our toons, we'd never change our name to Cartoon World, so if it's cool with everyone we're just going to stick with Kametsu, thank you.
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    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I just don't have funds for a server like MEGA anymore, sorry. If Kametsu had it's own tracker for torrenting you could count me in, however I'm generally not interested in public trackers as that would be worse trouble for me than MEGA already is. When I do and can return, I'll probably just stick with the HB content. Ultimately I would like to keep this up for all to enjoy!
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    Things to do .... #1. Dig a hole. #2. Call it love. #3. Watch people fall in love. Anyways, The Simpsons S29 is uploaded on CC. For those have access maybe someone can bring it here for the masses? Also, Bob's Burgers and American Dad will be up in the next few day! Cheers! TC
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    http://www.speedtest.net/result/7345688347.png \o/
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    Completed: ~ embrace the jank ~ also special mention for @CyborgIcarus29 since he was interested in this Terra Formars for Kametsu is almost done, by the way. Just need to resample the subs for the 720p version and mux everything. Estimated size is ~31 GB for 1080p and ~15 GB for 720p. Will likely have everything released this week.
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    Good news everybody! I moved my stuff off my failing HDD and onto a new, not failing HDD! Everything transferred, except one game I haven't played in months! Best part is, everything seems to still work the same; didn't have to recheck anything in Steam. I'm quite proud.
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    Do I win @Catar? https://twitter.com/MK_Moodkiller/status/1009027501845200896
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    Thanks to everyone who sent me well birthday wishes over the weekend. I really appreciate it! I just kept forgetting to actually thank you guys. XP
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    If a user is spamming, please simply report them... no point in calling them out in a post on their profile.... Come on, people.
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    [Kametsu] The Legend of Korra - S01E01 (4KBD 2160p x265 10-bit HDR Atmos 7.1) [UWiSH2019].mkv
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    WARNING Hello Kametsu, I decided to finally let you guys know exactly what my CNReborn project means to be about. Basically, I want to take and create the perfect Cartoon Network experience, they way I (and many others I am sure) used to see Cartoon Network as kids. I want to repropouse that nostalgic CN experience but enhanced and improved. Right now I'm after the best possible sources for each of the cartoons in the list below, including bumpers, commercials and Games. I will even attempt to remaster some of the shows. After I'll have all the sources and all is done I will upload EVERYTHING about the project and create "smart playlists" that one will be able to launch from the pc that will play the day's "programming" with selected bumpers depending on the next cartoon, time of day, or season (summer, winter etc). About this latest feature, this is in order to simulate a live programming, specifically and an example is the way CN used to air the CN City bumpers, they used to air the bumpers that take place in the evening in the evening, the ones that are in winter, aired only in winter, and so on. One will be able to ignore this feature anyway, and simply chose to freely watch whatever he/she wishes from this library. This would be just an extra feature. This is an enormous project and will take me years to complete but you'll be able to keep an eye on the progress on this thread. Also, this project will be “Region Free” by that I mean that cartoons that aired exclusively on Europe or Latin America can, might and some will be featured in this. (Always in English though) Another clarification, the shows picked to be in this are again “picked”, this won't therefore be a complete CN Archive, it does not aim to be so. The list you'll find below is very likely going to be subject to change anyway (most likely to add shows though but for now these are the picked essentials). So if you want a show in here please don't be annoying and stressful about it, you can do requests but remember that in the end this is my project and is what I decide to offer (you can add all the shows you want privately yourself anyway). So, below is a brief list of tags that are next to each entry that expresses its status in the project: [Req DVD ISO] : Required the ISOs copies of an existing DVD release of the series. [Req BD ISO] : Required the ISOs copies of an existing Blu-Ray release of the series. [Req HD-DL] : Required HD WEB-DL copies of the show that are buyable on a certain streaming service. [Req SD-DL] : Required SD WEB-DL copies of the show that are buyable on a certain streaming service. [SD Logoless NA] : Required any Logoless SD version of the episodes, this is not mandatory as no known (to me) public available (neither Phisical release nor digital) copies of these exist yet. [HD Logoless NA] : Required any Logoless HD version of the episodes, this is not mandatory as no known (to me) public available (neither Phisical release nor digital) copies of these exist yet. [HD Likely Exists] : An HD Version of this entry probably exists, but it has not been released as of today. [Partially Available] : The season is only partially available in this release. [Remastering] : Remastering of the series is In Progress. [Remastering Queue] : Series picked for remastering. [Got DVD ISO] : DVD ISOs obtained. [Got BD ISO] : Blu-Ray ISOs obtained. [Got HD WEB-DL] : HD WEB-DL copies obtained. [Got SD WEB-DL] : SD WEB-DL copies obtained. [Got TVRip] : TVrip with logo copies obtained. Currently the best available public quality so far. The show is not available anywhere else to be ripped. [Remastered] : Remastering is completed. And here is THE list (TAGS often contain a link showing the required DVD/Blu-Ray or digital source of interest) Progress: As stated above, this will likely take YEARS before it sees completion, by the time this project will be complete I'll have figured out how to share 5TB+ of stuff with you guys. Also, this wouldn't be possible without Kametsu and each of the active member here, so THANK YOU. Since it is such a big project, anyone who wants to help out to complete it faster is VERY welcomed and appreciated.
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    Damn, the price of the three CN Halloween volumes on eBay are ridiculous
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    Day 1 is tomorrow. I'm quite excited (and admittedly, a bit nervous! - I haven't had to get a new job for almost 9 years). From May 30 until the end of July, I will be unavailable Monday thru Friday - these are my training weeks. I will only be around in very limited capacity during the weekends, or sometimes not at all depending what exactly we're doing, during this time. You all better be on your best behavior, else I sic a Mod or Koby on you guys
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    It's not even June and I'm already done with Summer. People who enjoy drowning in their own sweat are batshit crazy.
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    FYI: Starting today, I will no longer be around at all online - that's IRC, forums, Discord, etc - except for a very limited time during weekends, for at least the next 2 months. This is due to my new full-time employment + the need to shift my focus to that. You can, of course, still leave me private messages during the week but odds are I'm likely not to be able to respond until the following weekend. Wish me luck in my new venture, and with luck I'll be a little more free after these next 2 months.
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    Region locks are dumb
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    Update: 'Pokémon the Movie 11 - Giratina and the Sky Warrior (BD 1052p Hi10 FLAC) [43CC3996]' is now available for download.
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    Completed: Joint-project with good ol' kBaraka \o/ Editing for Pokemon movie 11 (Giratina) was completed yesterday. Next up is checking and retiming everything, followed by making an alternate track with English names. Not sure how long all of that's gonna take.
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    At the moment MPC HC + madvr + LAV filters etc builds are still stable. However, MPC is no longer being supported. Its last update was almost a year ago I think. That is why Moodkiller is providing this an alternative instead. Really the benefits come down to preference and simplicity of the install at this point. madvr gives you some great control over postprocessing (changing the video to suit your preferences basically) but, most users do not use it as it is relatively advanced. MPV gives you a great range of customisation with scripts to tweak and configure the player the way you want it on the other hand. Though I am not too familiar with it. However, with MPC no longer getting updates, it is only a matter of time before it losses stability.
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    Hands Down, it's Scooby doo and most of its iterations , particularly SD where are you, something about the animation, the ghoulish sounds the simplicity of the story, the quirks. This is there right along with Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.
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    Accel World Infinite burst + the ovas are finally getting a dubbed release. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156479028453552&id=281874918551
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    I decided to change my name. I have never fully grown accustomed to my current one (EljayFlintok). My new handle will be pixxelherz. I'm implementing the change across every platform that allow username changes, including IRC. For those who may be wondering, the second part of the name is actually German which translates to heart in English.
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