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    As you may have noticed, some updates have taken place over the last couple days. The software the forum operates on has been updated and all themes have seen updates along with it to adjust to these changes as well as add other nifty features. One of the biggest changes you may have noticed is the Reactions. Similar to Facebook, the Like button has seen an upgrade. On posts, status updates, and other content you can now give Like, Thanks, Haha, Confused, and Sad Reactions. I can add more if you have any suggestions (will also require some nice icons to go with them). Not only this, but I can assign reputation points for each action. They could be negative, neutral, or positive. Though just like the fact I've always had the dislike button disabled, I'll also maintain that no negative rep will be added. As of now Like, Thanks, and Haha gives 1 reputation point. While Confused and Sad are neutral (no points given or taken). Basically it'll work like the Like button always had, only it allows to better express yourself.
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    Quick list of updates... Work on Garo: The Animation (season 1) has started. Currently in the middle of encoding. BDMVs are plagued with heavy banding and noisy areas unfortunately. Final output with dual FLAC audio is somewhere in the 1.5-2 GB range. I will be providing a 720p version as well with AAC audio (which will probably end up in the 600-900 MB range). Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches (as requested by @basheer_naimi) is pretty much done at this point. I synced the dialogue and OP/ED/typesetting from SallySubs to Beatrice-Raws, updated the scripts to 1080p TV.709 and touched up all of the typesetting. So all that's left for me to do is make signs tracks and mux in the correct fonts. And of course wait for the USBD to arrive (Jan 9 2017). Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is on the verge of completion. I finished the project weeks ago but have been waiting on someone to share the USBD ever since. Thanks to several donations, we were able to purchase the USBD and it will be available on ADC soon enough. Once Garo: The Animation is completed, I will start working on the Monster remux I've been postponing for far too long now. At the same time, I'll be encoding The Heroic Legend of Arslan (season 1 + 2, 1080p and 720p) for my first joint-project with @Catar.
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    I can't believe a year has past since I first joined Kametsu. It's been such a great journey I would just like to say thank you to each and everyone making me feel welcome and just making every day I visit Kametsu fun You guys are great and like a family to me Thank You!
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    Update: Due to IRL things I haven't been able to work on current releases/ones I have planned. For which, I am sorry. Moody|Bot parsar, Bot and GDrive FTP have all be fixed with some redundancy put into place for 'next time'.
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    As you might have noticed by Koby's recent status update, Kametsu now has its own Discord server! Koby and I had a brief discussion about it, and he decided to go ahead and mess around with the idea. Soon as he had the invite link sent out on that status update, we got people connecting to it out the wazoo. We certainly didn't imagine it would catch on that quickly, but we are certainly pleased that it did. So if you guys are willing to make use of it, we'll make it official. Discord has multiple ways in which you can use it - it has its own desktop app, of course, but it also has mobile clients for both iPhone and Android users...and for those who don't want to install anything (or who otherwise can't, such as in a restricted environment), Discord also runs straight from the browser itself! Pick whichever suits you best - myself, I prefer the desktop app and the mobile client together. For you IRC channel regulars, don't worry. We are *NOT* planning on discontinuing IRC anytime soon! IRC continues to be an important communication method for us, as we operate our official XDCC distro bots on the IRC channel. In fact, we have set up a relay bot between our Discord server and our main IRC channel. This way, you can use both at the same time. To this end, we still HIGHLY recommend users continue to make good use of our IRC channel! The channels on our Discord server (as of the initial post) are as follows: #general - main channel of the server, this is where everyone will initially end up first. As the name implies, this is for general, anything-goes chat (except for mature content - PLEASE read below) #releases (NOT YET IN USE) - in the near-future, this channel will contain messages from a release bot stationed within, whenever Kametsu or LostYears puts out a release. Full details on this will be forthcoming. #nsfw - this channel is SPECIFICALLY for mature content (ecchi, hentai, or other similar inappropriate content). Such content should ONLY be posted here, and NEVER ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE SERVER. You will be presented with a warning before being allowed to enter it, confirming you are 18 or older. If you are NOT 18 years of age or older, DO NOT ENTER the #nsfw channel! #gaming - this is a channel oriented towards gaming-related chat. If you wish to use it for things such as a gathering place for your multiplayer games, you can. #kametsu-irc - this channel serves as our IRC <---> Discord relay bridge, a Discord bot sits in here and relays messages back and forth between it and our IRC channel on Xertion. While we do permit you to speak in this channel, we encourage you to make more use of #general instead. NOTE: These are just the current channels on the server. We may create more as the need arises, in which case this list will be updated here. So, want to give it a try? Follow these steps! I would recommend using the desktop app, unless you otherwise are unable to install programs on your PC. Download the Discord app from here: https://discordapp.com/download and install it. If it does not run automatically after installation, start it from your Desktop or your Start Menu (in Windows) - it will be in a folder named "Hammer & Chisel, Inc" IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE A DISCORD ACCOUNT - then register a Discord account from within the app, OR by going to https://discordapp.com/register - be sure to choose a good, strong password you'll remember. OTHERWISE: Login to the Discord app using your existing Discord account (email + password). Login via the app if you haven't already, using the account you just made. Once you have Discord installed and are logged in, join the Kametsu Discord server by clicking this invite link: https://discord.gg/pTC8JHP Congrats, you are in! As far as rules go...in general, the same rules that apply to our community in general, as well as the IRC channel, will ALSO apply to the Discord server, so bear this in mind. If you need further help setting Discord up to your liking, please take a look at this page: https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us - or you can ask Koby directly. ALSO: Once you have set up your Discord account, if you are part of a special usergroup on the forum, such as Donator, Uploaders, Project Crew, etc - PLEASE LET US KNOW HERE IN THIS THREAD! We mark users with their appropriate role on our Discord server, and we would like to make sure it remains consistent with your usergroup here on this forum. Give us both your Discord username and Discord ID - note, do NOT give us your Discord nickname, this is something you can set per-server. ^ this is an example of what we need from you, marked with a red box - this is your Discord username and Discord ID right below it. I would also highly recommend you go through your personal Discord settings and tweak them to your liking - you can access those settings by clicking on the little gear icon located in the same area as your Discord username and Discord ID (refer to above image). Again, any questions, consult https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us, or contact Koby directly. Thanks, and enjoy!
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    I have good news everybody. I had a streak of luck and managed to catch on ebay someone who put Season 4 & 5 dvd's for sale. It was online for 1 hour only and already had like 5 people watching it. Someone actually bought season 5 but I managed to convince the seller to sell it to me instead It was pricey but hey.. who knows when these will pop up again and at what price. Since Season 1 is not even that rare as it was actually released in the U.S. and other countries and is already being sold for $90+ on average. Next time someone sells these Thai exclusive they might put them for $100 or more each (I would not be surprised). I'll share the ISO's when I get them if you guys are still interested. I'll also (always) keep an eye open for season 3. PS: I also bought the PPG 10th Anniversary boxset.
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    Steven Universe S05E05 - Dewey Wins Synopsis: Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign. Steven Universe S05E06 - Raising the Barn Synopsis: Pumpkin goes missing! Steven Universe S05E07 - Gemcation Synopsis: Greg and the Gems take Steven on vacation to help him relax. Steven Universe S05E08 - Back to the Kindergarten Synopsis: Steven, Amethyst and Peridot try to spruce up the Kindergarten. Steven Universe S05E09 - Sadie Killer Synopsis: Steven and the Cool Kids start a band, but they have trouble finding their sound. Steven Universe S05E10 - Kevin Party Synopsis: Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited. All episodes + subtitles: https://mega.nz/#F!BXwARQyB!X0eAfl7N_xBSYBjrKcswhA
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    From a frequent uploader: please do continue to comment your thanks on things that really stand out. It means a lot to us, and it serves a double-purpose of helping others find good content by bumping those threads back up to the front page. Any support or encouragement goes a lot further than you might expect.
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    Completed: With that finally out of the way, I will be focussing my attention on 'Garo: The Animation' now. Both 1080p and 720p versions finished encoding a few days ago. Just need to create .pass files for every episode, sync the WhyNot dialogue and then (hopefully) fix scene bleeds using the keyframe snap tool in aegisub. Simply shifting by a set amount of frames/time or using Sushi still results in rounding errors, hence why keyframe snapping is needed. Plus QC afterwards.
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    A Silent Voice will be released soon... Promise
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    Happy Birthday to our Friend @Moodkiller
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    'Cause I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
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    JT's Index Archive remux is the priority here, using the highest quality available for both audio and video along with subtitles and chapters. 10bit encodes, 1080p video and FLAC audio are the standards used for every release unless stated otherwise. My focus is to provide quality releases for anime that are not in the projects listing. No need to duplicate what someone else is already going to do, that would be counter-productive. It's also for me to know where all my releases are, if I do forget. Completed Projects Hoozuki no Reitetsu Season 1 (Sub only) K-On! Season 1 (Dual Audio) Current Project(s) Shomin Sample (Dual Audio) Project(s) Under Consideration K-On!! Season 2 (Dual Audio)
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    In regards to Honey and Clover, ANE's 576p DVD encode is still the best available. Blu-ray has random ghosting, color distortion, vanishing lines, lack of detail, etc.. All the things upscaled Blu-rays are usually known for due to bad filtering/"remastering" and then other issues that should not exist. BakaBT and various encoders all came to the same conclusion. shirohamada did a pretty good 720p from the Blu-ray that looked better than ANE in several spots and corrected a lot of the problems, but it was still lacking detail, had broken lines, and he dropped it about 10 episodes in. Been hoping for a while someone woulds remux ANE's release. I believe I asked Catar previously about it.
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    Fall 2017 Anime Chart Full Image | AniChart.net | MALChart Seasonal Hall of Fame Archive
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    Tales of zestria the x 1080p Haikyuu 1080p/720p Now being worked on.
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    5 days earlier than expected to receive my package. Quite surprised I'm really happy.
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    You're the reason I want to start a cartoon archive full of untouched sources, the work you do is incredible. I hope you will get the money for that PC, I would love to see more of your work.
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    Holy fuck! That's amazing the quality is so crisp and clear. I can't wait to see these releases man. Seriously and the fact that the comparisons was of my most favorite Cartoon I wanted a HD release of Perfection that's what this is.
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    I feel bad that you had to pay for these dvd's and there wasn't an other way of obtaining them, but thank you so much @icebox616 If you have the time plz do share the iso's that would be amazing and if your willing and have the bandwidth can you maybe upload the iso's of the PPG box set? Once again thank you @icebox616
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    Trying out Discord, check us out @ https://discord.gg/pTC8JHP
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    *top 10 anime betrayals* Heh, well uhh... looks like I spoke too soon I checked out the new 480p release and it's still pretty bad actually. Vobsub dialogue/signs instead of .ass, 720x480 encode with non-square PAR (instead of proper 640x480 1:1) and the black borders aren't even cropped. We're back in business! Also also also Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 720p project is finally completed!
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    Getting limited from being able to go to page 2 of the results is dumb as hell and shouldn't be happening. If it is, then it's something that'll hopefully be fixed in a later version (if it hasn't already been). Unfortunately I have no way of adjusting this other than editing the flood control period. In any event I've lessened the search flood controls. Crusader-0 and Guests still have a 60 second wait. Crusaders have a 15 second wait. Crusader+ have a 10 second wait. Donators and Staff have no wait. Cutting down Crusader+ and Crusaders to half their wait times should hopefully improve things.
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    So basically this is how requests work right now: Post it in this thread, and I'll take a quick glance but probably won't do it as I'm swamped enough in my life even without considering the anime projects I'm still running. I'll add it to our collective sheet as an open request (the purple boxes) with whatever details I gleaned from my own quick research or whatever you provide me. That way, all the current muxing group can see it and someone might pick it up. With the number of people we have on the muxing group now, it's got quite a good chance of being picked up after all, particularly if it's an easy one. edit @sfaxt: It's seeded on U2, and since it's freeleech I'm pulling it now. If anyone wants it for project I'm happy to provide.
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    PSA: Do not argue with trolls on Nyaa. They enjoy it. They love it. They keep doing it for the attention. We all know they can't do anything more than dupe releases. Nyaa mods see that, too. Calm down, guys. You make us look like children yelling at the bully on the playground.
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    Uhhh I might. I'm not particularly interested in the show myself, but I've heard great things about it. So a proper release is definitely in order here. I could do typesetting but I'm definitely not a subber. So would need to find a decent source for subs first. In other news, [Kametsu] The Testament of Sister New Devil just went up!
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    Just saw I won the day on November 22 Thank you so much to everyone that made it possible I know it's just one day, but it means I'm part of this great family and you guys accept me, thank you.
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    Ok, so after 14 hours of rendering I managed to make a sample of 00:15 sec scene from Season 1 (YES 14 hours for 15 seconds you read that right, I could have done an entire episode in that time with a 1080 TI) to better showcase how the remaster will more or less turn out in motion. Enjoy
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    If you guys don't mind me posting them, I have 2 screenshots from the 5th season Thai DVD I have. They appear better on my TV than they do on my computer, I think.
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    Thank you so much @icebox616 Looking forward to all your future prospectsTomorrow you'll be getting a few likes since I can't currently like anything because I've reached my limit.
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    @szimek and @DRX Sure! Here is a comparition between the DVD (lossless upscale) and after (post waifu2x and costum filters, which I use while trying to preserve all details and optimized for each Series/season). Link Personally I think the result is scarily similar to the recent Samurai Jack official remaster. Edit: Improved the final result, it required a little bit of croping on the edges, it was inevitable due to a powerfull filter's side effect but the result was worth it over the previous test, managed to keep a little more detail while at the same time make it sharper. Fun Fact: If you look at the SJ Official remaster they also cropped a little bit on the edges, could it be they remastered it using a similar settings? (I doubt it, but still a nice coincidence)
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    That's awesome @icebox616, looking forward to your custom remasters Finally someone doing a HD remaster of the good old days. Plz if possible share some Screenshots of the quality, would like to see your work
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    Yes it is and I will gladly upload it to a filehost and share it with you guys
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    Pleasure man, I've been searching the whole of Kametsu for iso's of anything cartoon related
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    Thank you for loving the idea of an archive for cartoons, your contributions are appreciated more then you can imagine As for the Johnny Bravo iso's I think they are in the comments in this thread:
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    First off the thread your referring to with the iso's of EEE S1 D1 and S2 both discs is my thread I started awhile back, unfortunately only S2 Discs are working iso's as for S1 disc 1 the disc has no menu nor subs just the episodes. If your willing to share those courage dvd's it would be fantastic thank you. Johnny bravo iso's of S2 - 5 are available on Kametsu, but S1 I'm still searching for. Your probably wondering why I want all these iso's well here's why:
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    I wouldn't want to undermine icebox's efforts. If something falls through or extra help is needed, I'll see what I can do. I still need to locate a few discs anyway.
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    The latest installment of the Fate series just received a dub on Netflix - I would like to request a Netflix rip of the first 12 EPs.
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    In the meantime I ripped the iTunes version so you should check that out, I honestly can't see the blurays being that much better than them
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    If I can fix the remuxing it'll even be in 1080p. Steven Universe S05E?? (E136) - Raising the Barn US Airdate: November 10th, 2017 at 3AM EST (online) Synopsis: Pumpkin goes missing! 2 minute preview + subtitles: https://a.pomfe.co/liorzl.mp4 Images:
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    Kametsu will, but the isssue is the JPBD has hardsub kanji over signs that were already in English. So we're wanting to see what the USBD looks like. If it doesn't have the hardsubs, we may mask the scenes in the JPBD using the USBD, or if the quality is pretty much the same, we may just roll with the USBD. In any event, subtitle work has to be done. OCR official subs, edit, typeset, add songs, whatever. So no guarantees if it'll be out before New Years, but I certainly hope we'll have it out for everyone as an early Christmas surprise.
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    I hope it doesn't just cover what the movies covered. Would rather see something new in the same world.
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    https://mega.nz/#F!UYoAVQaY!c52Rm0P5OXh9NT3bvy0X6w Episode 3 is from Tokyo MX and is Japanse Audio Episode 11 is just Japanese Audio Episodes 12-15 are Dual-Audio (English & Japanese)
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    I think I'm going to delay HTT's release for Your Name. The UKBD eng audio tracks are very poor quality.
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    Thanks for stating sources! Let's see... USBD release date is set for January 9th it seems. Only 12 episodes so that's a plus. Definitely not something I'd watch, but I don't have much planned for 2018 so might as well do it I guess. Will be 1080p-only project. No specials or OVAs since Beatrice/SallySubs didn't do them (not even sure if Funi will dub them). So yeah uhh, another SCY release coming in 9-10 weeks. Yay.
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    I've bought season 1-3 with a 30 gift card of my own and a 30 au gift card bought by @guitarron So i'll be releasing those starting later today tomorrow. Keep forgetting my upload speed is complete crap Season 1 is uploading now.
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