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    When I was a kid I used to have to go to the circus to see the bearded lady, now a days I just have to go to the local confectionery!
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    Happy birthday to my brotha from another motha @(AC)
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    Honestly, RAW frames are perfectly fine. So we just encode the raw frames and we have a nice WebRip copy. Not perfect but more than good enough
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    netflix tool works great pity that i was not able to get hand on source code as it can be updated for amazon
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    Not replying to you @jax75, but for those who are pestering you: Like I said earlier, if anyone wants to seek out a Netflix script you have to discuss it on bitcoin talk, pestering people here is pointless. Also this thread is for AMAZON related discussion. So lets stop talking about Netflix, if you wanna talk about Netflix go here:
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    Paranoid much Data Rocks? Mystic may not have posted here in a while but he actually has contributed to this site before, i'd be more inclined to trust him than you based on that alone. I also think its hilarious how defensive you are getting about people potentially stealing your stuff when you're plotting to steal from Amazon. I've done quite a lot on Kametsu in the past, I guess I'm a cheater too huh? Does anyone showing a slight interest in this make them a thief/cheater? Don't misunderstand, I am super interested in this but I haven't contacted you or posted on this thread much is because I have nothing to add to this project. Honestly, i'll quite happily continue to do screencaps.
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    Hey all, I'm going to be taking a small break for personal reasons, so there will be a small period of inactivity when it comes to uploads from me.
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    It was in the description. But the thing is that yo don't need to conver it. Just do "right click" on the file you want (E-AC3 is the best quality. 192kbsp E-AC3 > 384kbps AC3) and then save the file as .mp4 Now, download tsMuxeR and then drag the file(s), if you get an error, change the .mp4 to .ac3 or viceversa, and select "demux", then "start demux" and you will have the file without the thing (container I think) that doesn't let you load it to MKVToolkixGUI. (Thanks for the utf-8 BOM thing, I didn't knew about it)
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    Jetsons is not HD on Boomerang, though its pretty good SD. And all of its on there as far as I know
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    Everyone should be watching Cells at Work (Hataraku Saibou).
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    To resume it up: - Web-DL from amz is not possible at the moment. - Decrypt and Decode could be possible. But you need dev or people with some c++ knowlege to program a tool for it. And most of the releases here are Rips from release groups whom posses the tool to web-dl from amz. Regarding Netflix: This is amz only thread. So I can not help you.
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    Had no internet
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    There is no way no make this work. WVDownloader uses old function to communicate with amz, so no correct answer is returning. And x-hgg-x/video_decrypter need a few changes to make is work with amz. This project can only decrypt content which runs on widevine L3. Amz uses L1 protection which only allows decoding, and the decoding part is not implemented there. Another point would be to change the "wvdecrypter" project to allow communication with amz licens servers. So at the moment, public available projects could only be used to decode amz videos. (Making a few changes). So if you are happy using decoded ".raw" files then people should start working on a solution for it! I'm one of those working on it. But all I can see in this thread are people with a few post asking for a solution and not really contributing to make this work.
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    Yeah, it certainly is. Though like I said, they were joined together because interest/activity for OST seemed non-existent and so the section didn't seem to hold it's own. Times have changed, new uploaders are around, etc... so maybe there is renewed interest? Hmm, if we can get 3-4 people who say they're willing to upload and maintain activity in the OST section if it was separated and removed from VIP, I'd be willing to give it another try.
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    The problem is there's money to be made in this, people would pay for that - and while people are motivated by greed this is a problem we'll always have I would rather put that money towards shows I want to rip, rather than buy a tool that might only work for a couple of weeks/days/hours. So in other words even if one of you figures this out, i'm not going to pay for it. I'd rather just use Kodi and Obs.
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    we go round and round about this discussion and we're just making a waste of time as people refuse to work together .
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    This suggestion might seem ridiculous but can you save an image sequence, like pngs? PNG because lossless. You could even use BMP if saving to PNG is too slow. Frame000001.png Frame000002.png etc... Because I know you can use ffmpeg to convert an image sequence to a video ffmpeg -i image-%06d.png video.mp4, with whatever encoding settings you want such as crf 17 and the like. I know theres probably a better way to do this, but this is a pretty simple way to go about it Even if that worked the audio would still be an issue...
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    The widevine_decrypter won't be able to decrypt only amz. Amz uses L1 widevine which forced to decrypt & decode. So you can update as much as you can, the most you could get out of it are the RAW Frames.
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    See thats the problem I have with most of the scene, too much ego involved Why can't we set aside our personal feelings for the benefit of everyone? Everyone including me has taken this whole thing way too personally before...
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    I think a lot of the misunderstanding that we've (or at least I) have had with Jax, is the language barrier I don't think english is Jax's first language so its quite easy to misunderstand him Sorry about that @jax75
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    Your right, I send him some code to achive the amz respons but he also was willing to help me. About @jax75 you'r right, He offerd me his Netflix-Script he bought, so he is a "good guy". Before there are some missunderstandings regarding me. I'm a quite person and prefer to talk in private about technical Stuff. So dont't expect much respons of me to some let's say "normal conversation". I hope together we find a solution here!
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    Lol @Data Rocks has been asking me for help like a noob. I told him that there was a frame decode issue and then he goes to GitHub as drt420 and posts "i was wondering why dont we save raw frames which was also done by wvdownloader in past" I told him that on skype and then he just left once he got some knowledge lol. You can ask @jax75, you can trust him but @Data Rocks have fun with your script. The Moral idea behind piracy is sharing. Collaborating is the only way youre going to get the decrypter working. The original WVStream and WVDownloader were created by a group of people and not just one person.
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