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  1. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    This is my current progress: Original Series - Complete E15 preview version, 273 episodes, 5 movies/shorts, Mewtwo Returns Advanced Generation - Incomplete S7-8, Movies 6-9 and the Mirage special complete. I need to see the preview version of the first 2 episodes, rewatch the last 4 episodes of Advanced and all of Battle Frontier, as I don't know which ones I saw. I have not seen the Island Adventure short despite owning the 9th movie DVD for years... lol. Diamond and Pearl - Incomplete I've seen some of DP and the first few episodes of Battle Dimension, which includes the movie version of the first 3 episodes. No interest in finishing up at the present time. I only saw M10 and 11, though I may watch the last 2. Black and White - Incomplete Saw 15 random episodes and that's it. I plan to watch it eventually with all the movies/shorts and Origins. XY(Z) - Complete E796-797 preview version, 141 episodes, M17-19 with shorts and prequels, and Mega Evolution specials. Sun and Moon - Ongoing/complete E937-938 preview version, 43 episodes and M20. Oh man, this movie was extremely boring! I prefer the fandub work of the Mirage special than this drek.
  2. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    North America lol, I only watch the English dub. In other news, I finished with XY last night which includes the Mega Evolution specials (well, everything lol) and I already miss XY.
  3. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    With only 16 episodes left of XY (excludes The Legend of XY&Z as I saw it after XY124), this will be the first time I watch an entire saga from the new dub. Can't wait to catch up in the future.
  4. best image viewer.

    Windows Photos and Microsoft Paint
  5. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    ^Sounds like what's happening in Sun and Moon. I personally believe that he doesn't travel like he used to and the school is somewhat featured from time to time.
  6. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    You should resume watching XY, the episodes cannot be described in words other than awesome. These are worth watching:
  7. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    The quality was below par, especially their Legend of Thunder dub which was unfortunately hacked to bits. It wasn't necessary for them to snip many scenes here and there just because. That, and the pointless paint edits and idiotic rescoring really hurt the dubbed episodes. I'm just glad that TPCI is creating new music for their dub instead of reusing dated 4kids music, totally unfit for current episodes.
  8. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    Topic says it all. Here is my current status: This is my current plan for catching up: Any other extra stuff that may not tie in with the main series I may watch at a later time, such as the Mystery Dungeon and Origins specials. There might be more but I don't feel like remembering. As for Chronicles... yuck, that is all. I couldn't stomach watching the 4Kids dub of AG again and the horrible Chronicles dub, but I have to make an exception for those 4 AG episodes, blech. As for DP... I may watch the last 2 movies and call it a day because I don't plan on watching the episodes anytime soon.
  9. Hi! I'm almost finished downloading your encodes! I need to finish up XY Kalos Quest and take care of XYZ. ^_^

    1. jdcox215


      Awesome! I'm glad I could be of help :) Still waiting for that Advanced Battle Complete Collection to be announced :/

    2. ElementalCards


      Maybe sometime between March and early June.^_^

  10. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    New York/USA
  11. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    I can tolerate it. Hell, there have been days where there's no heater activated at work.
  12. Which player do you play your files with the most?

    Hated it back in the day. XP was a big improvement, but still had problems. Windows 7 was by far, the best out there as it rarely crashed and was the quickest.
  13. Summer or Winter [What do you prefer?]

    Winter. Absolutely hate the summer as I'm very prone to sweating.
  14. [movies and series: Dubbing or original]

    Dubbing if it can be done correctly. Applies for Hollywood movies too.
  15. Torrent or Legal content?

    I'm a bit iffy on this. Torrent if the content can't be purchased legally, or if said content can still be purchased but content differs from TV broadcasts (such as preview versions of a particular series/season) Other than that, I managed to secure legal purchased content.