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  1. My homie's back tho!! :DDD


    How was your 3 weeks off?

  2. Funny thing is I've owned OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire for years, yet they have been untouched due to a lack of a 3DS. With Y on its way and potentially either Sun or Moon i will have caught up with what i missed out. And I miss attending those Nintendo Events though, my last one was the legendary dogs back in 2010. Which games you missed out on?
  3. Pokemon Black2 & White2. So much better than its predecesor because it didn't limit itself and the Black Tower/White Treehollow are awesome.
  4. I will get a Nintendo 3DS soon and I've been way behind with Nintendo games imo.
  5. Anyone filed for taxes? I know I did weeks ago and the waiting game is painful.
  6. Paycheck is still crap from my end. How is it possible that I requested more cash 6 months ago and still nothing??
  7. Daytime person. Nighttime is exclusively for sleeping.
  8. Chrome and Firefox, though the android Chrome version is crap. I want easy access to the bookmarks and I have to hit a few buttons here and there to see it.
  9. Mew Mew Power 4Kids dub. Anything from them after 2003 or so is unbearable.
  10. Are they supposed to be the other 2 unknown trainners that never appeared on screen?
  11. I wouldn't mind a reboot. Interesting.
  12. I say that Serena would be the popular choice. Probably the only girl to have expressed huge interest in Ash, which is rare.
  13. Lesee if my comp can handle the work. I may give it a shot later on if I don't forget.
  14. In addition to the upload staff, yup.
  15. Just like Megaupload? lol