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  1. Village of the Damned '95. Finally sat through the entire film after watching it in parts for 7 years on HBO and Starz combined. Leagues better than Firestarter, itself a horribly dated film.
  2. Go with the home video releases, the TV broadcasts are just... odd to me. Just look at Spongebob; 1 season is broadcast, then they air a new one midway... no, I have no time for that.
  3. While heading to work this morning, this dumbass bus op. intentionally drove at a slow pace and the commute was double the length. I apparently missed who knows how many trains. Arrived at work half an hour late. I'm very happy 2 other passengers criticized his stupidity because he deserved it.
  4. 3 hard drives.. 120gb - 12.5gb left 921gb unused 27gb - 12gb left
  5. I think it's bad enough for us to search even further for the content that's still missing from our end. It has been years since the dub saw any tv broadcast and i think we ought to settle for what we will have...
  6. Does it have the bumpers a few are looking for? And was it also recorded in HiFi?
  7. I want the latest iPad for that reason
  8. Anyone happy with the singing Jigglydope coming back?? I'm not. Why bring back an annoying "running gag" 14 years later?? That thing better stay in Kanto because I do not want to see it in Unova or anywhere else.
  9. The only legit way to *partially* bypass that absurd limit is to purchase a premium plan with them, notably the 8tb plan. Boy do i miss downloading 21gb of content in a few hours...
  10. Makes me wonder if MEGA will find a patch for that eventually...
  11. Regarding the content that can be posted here... you can still post someone else's content as long as you give them credit and you contribute in some way. For example, the Pokemon Collection thread; it's a mix of contributions from fans everywhere and I still lend a hand. Just a helpful advice.
  12. Well, what about animeforever's version? Or are both the same?
  13. .mp4 is crap when downloaded from youtube. Otherwise it's good. But MKV is preferable if viewed on a computer.
  14. Any update? If we have to give out something so rare in exchange for the recording, it's not worth convincing him.