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  1. Anyone remember this? :)



    1. Saf


      uh no. but that's probably because it's a promo that only aired in the united states, so i never would have seen it anyway.

    2. DRX


      Damn I wish I was born in the US, the bumpers and promos were awesome and so creative :x Only a few bumpers and special events made it over to my country like CN Invaded, that was awesome too :D 

  2. Yu gi Oh; Duel Monsters

    ^The only dual audio of Duel Monsters is the discontinued uncut dub, and it's only 9 episodes. You'll have to settle with the edited 4Kids dub.
  3. Stretching 4:3 to 16:9 in Adobe Premiere

    Abismo de pasion <3 In case for those wondering, it's a Mexican telenovela produced back in 2011/2012and probably one of my personal favorites.
  4. Anime you cant get a enough of

    Although Pokémon and Sailor Moon are my absolute favorites as I invested a lot of time watching much of the dubbed episodes, teh original YuGiOh has so many so close yet so far and plot twist moments that keep me at the edge of my seat. Maybe it's because of how much the concept of cheating is heavily touched upon.
  5. Your Avatar? (v2)

    Might chamge it to something YuGiOh related one day... Serena from Pokémon XY.
  6. Dexter's Laboratory Madman DVD Questions

    yes yes
  7. Happy Easter? Happy April Fools Day?


    Take your pick I guess. o.O

    1. DRX


      Happy easter to you too bud ;) and to everyone on Kametsu :D

    2. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @ElementalCards More like Happy Easter Fools ;).

    3. NeutralHatred


      Well, I'm an atheist so, I guess it's happy zombie jesus day.

  8. APRIL FOOLS: A New Horizon for Kametsu

    Am I sensing a possible revival of DiC as they were with Disney at one point?
  9. Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Baby Boom, a great classic that aged well. Plus, the baby girl was too adorable, and cute!
  10. Yu gi Oh; Duel Monsters

    That I know, but 5D episodes were dubbed randomly after 3 seasons, thus leaving the series incomplete.
  11. How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    This I agree with. What saddens me is that much of the fanbase praised this awful saga for being "unpredictable" when in fact it was the opposite. How is remaking previous episodes "unpredictable" is seriously beyond me. And I bet the Johto remade episodes were praised while the original source didn't get any recognition whatsoever.
  12. What got you into anime, and kept you there?

    Sometimes good word of mouth/recommendation from a friend can help you remain active with anime. I really missed out on Yugioh despite having access to the episodes on tv back in the day. I do plan on watching all the spinoffs though, and potentially Digimon might be next.
  13. Count to 100,000

  14. Count to 100,000

    7878, GRRR
  15. iTunes vs. Amazon

    iTunes. Amazon Video can crash sometimes, which can be annoying. And "downloading" for offline viewing can corrupt for whatever reason, thus forcing me to use internet connection.