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  1. This is the best website to download content. Its not like other websites where you have to go through multiple url redirections and dangerous popups before you get your download links. since we already have a live action section, can we also add a live action section for mainstream series?
  2. Well I wanted a sort of compilation of Halloween episodes. There was a Christmas compilation posted earlier(which is now gone). I wanted something in that spirit. Also I already have treehouse of horror episodes.
  3. There are a lot of halloween specials at youtube but unfortunately they are in terrible quality. I am looking for halloween specials to get in mood for halloween.
  4. Are there any other forums like kametsu for direct downloads of mainstream movies and tv shows. Maybe a forum for hentai?
  5. I had seen some anime shows before but never really go into it. I recently got really interested in anime due to this website. I have seen the following anime series before: I absolutely loved Street fighter 2 V and Tekken animated movie. I got into them due to the games. I watched little bit of Speed racer and Captain tsubasa, dragon ball kai and thought they were good. Yosuga no sora was pervy but fun I found pokemon, one piece, digimon and doraemon incredibly boring. Your thoughts?
  6. I cant access links from the adult section. Can anyone help me?
  7. Looked for it on kametsu but all the megalinks are down. Can someone reupload it please?
  8. Lost was an absolutely amazing show. I would recommend that show to you as well. Don't care about the complainers. Watch it by yourself to form your opinion.
  9. I hated been Affleck as batman. I always thought like he is pretending to be batman and the real batman(Christian bale) will come out
  10. I liked the inclusion of the hulk. I dont know how long his role will be but let's see. I haven't seen the first two movies so I will probably start with this one
  11. It seems everyone is going for a reboot. This is not a bad thing as I am actually a fan and I love it. Nickelodeon has similar plans for their series starting with rockos modern life
  12. CN City

    That's like a major portion of the shows from my childhood. I just remember those little ads in between shows.
  13. My trope is jealous female friend. A female friend who likes you and is jealous of your other female friends.
  14. I am into j drama but really old ones. Not the new ones. I really like the old martial arts series especially zu mountain saga. Sadly there is no way to find them and no one knows about these awesome shows.
  15. The cartoons you are talking about were tv series . The Disney movies were theatrical releases which means a lot of money and effort we're spent on them.