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  1. @CyberFame Thanks. Could you link some toons with spanish or mexican origin instead of dubs?
  2. I am looking to get in to Spanish language. I was looking for some cartoons and I dont know which are good cartoons. What are some good spanish cartoons that are available for download on Kametsu?
  3. @Tooncore If I am not wrong you are spanish (?) I needed some advice from you. What are some good cartoons to improve my spanish? I want to focus more on mexican spanish. Do you have any good spanish language cartoons?

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    2. Tooncore


      Oh sorry I'll try and find something for you. Anyways a good idea would be to find something that contains both Spanish and English audio and as well subtitles. That way you can watch and listen in Spanish whilst playing English subs or vice versa. Rosetta Stone is what used and it's a very powerful tool to learn fast. 


    3. Tooncore


      Here is a great example, both English and Spanish are present for Launguages and Subtitles. Also French is available.


      [MEGA] The.Flintstones.S01-S06.480p.DVDRip.DD1.0.x264-Tooncore

    4. olympustenay


      Thanks. Do you have any original spanish series? I mean series thats not a dub but it was made in spanish?

  4. olympustenay

    Muh Stuff -Updated 14/12/2018

    Ok thanks. Celebrity deathmatch is a cartoon. Could you upload that? Also moral orel?
  5. olympustenay

    Muh Stuff -Updated 14/12/2018

    Thanks for fulfilling my cartoon requests. I saw that you upload a lot of live action shows. Could you maybe upload any of these live action series? 1. Bewitched 1964-1972 2. The new addams family 1998-1999 3. Happy days 4. Mork and Mindy 1978-1982 5. Threes company 1976-1984 6. Small wonder 1985-1989 7. Celebrity deathmatch 8. Married with children 1986-1997 9. Alf 1986-1990 10. Mystery science theatre 3000 11. The fresh prince of bel air 12. In living color 1990-1994 13. Martin 1992-1997 14. Lois and Clark 1994-1997 15. The wayan bros 1995-1999 16. Sabrina the teenage witch 1996-2003
  6. olympustenay

    Muh Stuff -Updated 14/12/2018

    Camp lazlo has only a few episodes and in really terrible quality . I thought maybe you can find a better quality like with all of your stuff
  7. olympustenay

    Muh Stuff -Updated 14/12/2018

    Could you upload any of these shows? I have put them in the request section but could not get anything. I cannot find them on the internet also. 1. Sheep in the big city 2. Campl Lazlo 3. The Cramp twins Nickelodeon 1. Kablam 2. CatDog
  8. I don't watch a lot of anime but I absolutely loved Street Fighter 2 V and Dragon ball Z. What's the best action anime on Kametsu in your opinion?
  9. olympustenay

    Muh Stuff -Updated 14/12/2018

    I thought jimmy two shoes had multiple seasons? It looked cool thats why I asked. Do you think its worth it? Do you like the show?
  10. olympustenay

    Muh Stuff -Updated 14/12/2018

    Can I request these series please? 1. The continuing adventures of Popeye 2. Jimmy two shoes 3. The new three stooges
  11. Why do you like Top Cat so much ? :) I see it as your DP as well as your profile header. I have memories of Top cat as one of the first cartoons I saw. It was a nice show!

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    2. PrincessAlicia


      Scooby-Doo is also my favourite :D

    3. OMGosh!


      I always wondered this myself, thanks for sharing Tooncore. My first was probably Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes.

    4. marbleroll


      :D Yep HB had a bunch of good shows ;) (listing all the ones I like would take a whole paragraph :P )

  12. Removed. Sorry for my request

    1. Scyrous


      ''I know you're super busy with requests but I don't really care, so here's one more''



      Poor Tooncore. Might as well disable status updates / PMs at this point. :/

  13. Its a request. Please reupload  Hanna Barbera shorts e.g HuckleBerry hound, El Kabann, Pixie and Dixie, Peter potamus, Yogi, Auggy Doggie. I saw some other people uploaded them here but they were not good quality.

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    2. olympustenay


      @Tooncore Do you still plan to continue on your Hanna Barbera collection? You have stopped uploading :(

    3. Tooncore


      Zero days off at the moment with two jobs. Constantly uploading but won't have time to add links for a couple more days.

      Don't worry it's coming!

      And yes, Captain Planet is also coming, as many are waiting and wanting a re-upoad.


      Also have Tom and Jerry HB TV Series encoded and ready soon. PAL source with multiple languages and subs.

    4. olympustenay


      @Tooncore you are the best! Thanks

  14. Dear Tooncore. Do you have any plans to reupload your Hanna Barbera cartoons again? A few people upload them but they are not goood quality. I heard yours were the best rips but they are not avaiable anymore :(

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    2. nyuszika7h


      I signed up to CC when they had open signup recently, I'll try to grab them and reupload to Google Drive / 1fichier.

    3. olympustenay
    4. marbleroll


      @nyuszika7h Cool :) Some of the tvrips (if they're there) haven't been reuploaded anywhere yet