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CardGames/AnimeDamage/MegaChamp's Random PS4 Streams

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8 hours ago, CardGames said:





evil plan back on


Nice. Do you happen to know what the chances are of Yojimbo pulling off that attack at specific amounts of Gil? I always hated tossing Gil at it because it always felt like I'd run out and need it for something.

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20 hours ago, Koby said:

Nice. Do you happen to know what the chances are of Yojimbo pulling off that attack at specific amounts of Gil? I always hated tossing Gil at it because it always felt like I'd run out and need it for something.


There's a chart with probability percentages in an FAQ on GameFAQs.


The one I found was here:



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In case you haven't been keeping up with stuff I've been saying on Discord... (because this forum is dead-ish... 😅) I'm pretty much at the end of FFX HD. I'm not sure if any of the final scenes of the game are 'blocked' or not and since PS4 Broadcasting is my only method of doing this... I don't want to risk that happening.


So I most likely won't be doing anymore streams of FFX HD. FFX-2 HD is another story altogether. But FFX HD streams are mostly likely done. Besides... I'm pretty much doing sidequesting now and that isn't exactly 'exciting.' I've also decided to go FULL FORCE with my 'Zanmato all ridiculous superbosses' strategy. Borderline cheating? Maybe. But it's just a much a mechanic as 'stat maxing' is... so... 🤷‍♂️


That's not exactly 'exciting' either plus there will likely be A LOT of hard resetting the game so streaming me doing that isn't exactly viable/a good idea either plus I run the high risk of FFX 'true players' harassing me for 'cheating' so... yeah... 😑


I'll make up for it by streaming the beginning of FFX-2 HD. I'll check though to make sure that no scenes there are blocked though to be safe. Besides... I'm apparently the only person who likes this game. FFX-2 I mean. So you know... that'll be fun and I won't be harassed there either I'm sure... 😓


Anyway I'll keep you posted on my 'Zanmato strategy' update I guess.


See you in FFX-2 HD!!

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Once again... in case you haven't seen my Discord posts... my strategy FAILED MISERABLY even though it really shouldn't have. BECAUSE DARK YOJIMBO RUINS EVERYTHING. 🤬


So I decided to just finish the game. The game got 'revenge' on me though, and for whatever reason, decided to make me do the final boss twice just to get the trophy. But whatever. I guess. 🤔


So I'm moving on to Final Fantasy X-2. The game that everyone (except me) hates. Well... most people hate it anyway. But I LOVE it. So that's all that matters. 😍 But you might as well also call this 'the death of me.' Why? Because I want 100% Story Completion & Perfect Ending. The only way to do this? To beat a ridiculously hard superboss in a dungeon filled with even more ridiculously hard superbosses. Oh... and BTW... no Zanmato to save me this time. 😓 So... yeah... I haven't even BEGUN to be put through ridiculous BS and this is most likely going to be CONSIDERABLY WORSE then what I just went through. Just... wonderful... 😭


So I'm going to be streaming the beginning of the game this week. BTW... it's blocked. So how can I do this you ask? Well... I Googled/YouTubed and found a method that I'll be trying for pretty much for the first time (though I tested it out first obviously). With a program called OBS. Which I know nothing about. What can possibly go wrong...? 😖


Honestly... it's fine. I was getting tired of the 'blocked scene' BS nonsense anyway. Although if anyone on here knows about it and can help... feel free to message me and/or help me out. So new method. No more blocked scenes. Yay? 😅


I'm posting this early because I'm going to be busy this week. So the stream will likely take place once again at the same time always. This Thursday at around 5:30 p.m. EST. Feel free to come and help me out with the new method and if you like it/how it is. So there's that.


What does Yuna do after defeating Sin for good? Yeah... about that... 😅


Come and find out. 😝

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Here's the YouTube version. It went pretty well except for one small part where the framerate dropped. But it only happened for a moment. So I think I'll probably use this method from now on. You can still give improvement suggestions if you want though. Also... I don't know how to fix the mic issue honestly. That's about the only thing I just don't know what to do about.


Anyway... here it is.




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Sorry for the long wait. Trying to find a good point to stream this is not exactly easy. Especially since I'm trying to get Perfect Ending 100% 😅


Either way... I should be able to finish up the rest of the 'boring' stuff this upcoming Tuesday. So... another stream of this game will be coming this week at the same time as always. Which pretty much means this Thursday at around 5:30 p.m. EST.


Chapter 3 is probably one of the better/if not the best chapters anyway (other than the final chapter of course) and Chapter 4 is unstreamable PERIOD. So this is probably my only chance to do this.


Things are about to get CHAOTIC though. SO MUCH FOR THE ETERNAL CALM. What exactly is going on? How is Yuna handling it? Um... come find out? 😓


(P.S. still doing pretty well in my endeavor. No screw ups yet and some things have gone FAR better then even I expected them too. I may explain in the stream)

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