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  1. Bloodsport and Lionheart are my two favorite JCVD movies!
  2. I just caught Kong: Skull Island today and I really liked it. For some reason it was giving me some real "90s action movie" vibes, and I mean that in the best way possible. Something about the cinematography or the pacing, or maybe just Sam Jackson that gave it a real nostalgic feel for me.
  3. NoEgo

    What OS is beter?

    I've bailed out entirely on Windows since the Windows 10 Creators Update. Not worth all the tracking and telemetry bullshit, constantly resetting default apps, and I just despise the "ecosystem" of UWP apps they are trying to build. It's fugly and unintuitive. Whitespace, whitespace everywhere! What I wouldn't give for a reversion to MDI interfaces... I've since transitioned entirely to Linux, all my servers and mobile devices were already Linux derivatives so it was pretty easy. Now I'm running KDE Neon, and quite happily I might add. I was already running primarily open source apps that were cross platform so it was as smooth of a transition as it could probably have been. I'm dual booting my old windows install just in case I want to play a game, or use Audials to record something off Amazon Video, but I haven't done that in months now that I'm thinking about it.
  4. Fedex bunked my vintage VCR. Cracked up the face of it. Luckily all the pieces are there, so I can glue it together, but it's not what I was hoping to find when I opened the box. Otherwise it "works" just as the seller described, but makes a loud squeal from the power supply, and one resistor is shaped like a pear. But hey, I got this thing because they were made to be repaired, not disposed. I guess it's exactly what I asked for, lol.
  5. That explains where the live section went. I was gonna post some stuff up there a while back while I worked on my cartoon projects, and it had disappeared. Sucks, I've got a TON of live action shows.
  6. I always thought I was one of those guys that it couldn't happen to... Boy was I wrong! I recently had all of my drives fail virtually at once. As one began to fail, I ordered a replacement. The very day that the replacement drive arrived, my second drive began throwing some catastrophic failures, and then croaked entirely. I was able to salvage the data on the first drive, containing all my movie collection and personal backups. But I lost all the data from the second drive. I've even swapped out the PCBs and ROM chips. It's gone. So there goes my entire television and anime collection. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is missing. I'm kinda bummed I can't find Qrazed release of Dragon Ball Kai now, but I am slowly rebuilding what I had. Lucky for me I was running Sonarr, Emby and a Kodi/mysql setup so there is a detailed documentation of the stuff I had, if not the specific releases. I dunno where I am going with this rant. It just sucks.
  7. Kai is a complete re-dub with a more accurate script, and all filler has been removed. It is more faithful to the original Manga than the original anime. It also has new score. It isn't a remaster as much as it is fixing everything that was wrong with it the first time around. I prefer and suggest Kai over all the other versions, personally.
  8. The DHD (DBNL) encode of DBZ is the reason I decided to make my own personal encode of the series. I guess I gotta give them props for giving me the drive to start ripping my own stuff, though
  9. Games and toys from childhood?
  10. How is everyone? I hope this evening finds you well. I've come in search of quality entertainment and ribaldry. I hope to both partake in, and receive great joy in the community and content located here.
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