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Found 3 results

  1. greetings... this is my first post and i would like to give advice based on my experience in playing video games since 1988, for modern games i would wait for like 3 to 6 months until buying one, that way the game gets little bit cheaper, issues and bugs or glitches get fixed, also i would go for the pc version instead of console version, that way you would get fixes faster, that is for player who have powered-up PC's. and if there's no pc version, only console version, i would go for downloadable games because of faster loading and faster multiplayer experiences. even though i'm new here, i don't mean to brag or anything, i just wanted to see your replies so i can benefit from those who can advice me on better game playing experience.
  2. Japan has relaunched a slimmer, more compact and less bigger version, without the gorgeous OLED screen, sadly. The lack of OLED thankfully decreases the cost of the console, thus making it more accessible to tighter wallets and a broader audience. The new slim Vita is almost 20% less thicker, a less premium build (like the original Vita), with LCD screen, a longer battery life (circa 7 hours) and the mysterious ports on top disappear, to make room to two LED lights that indicate notifications and the power state of the console. Another difference is the lack of a 3G option which I think won't come missed, as the console's purpose was made for gaming, and not calling. Despite it not being as quality feeling as the previous, the new slim Vita is still considered as a durable console. It also comes in more colours and has 1GB of memory already built in! I already own the original and don't plan on taking a minor step back by purchasing this one, the premium version is just fine for my tastes. What do you guys think, anyone thinking of purchasing it? Let us know!
  3. Dae314


    Forgive me if this topic has already been created, but when I did a quick search nothing came up for OUYA so I assume I'm the first. OUYA is a game console that's currently in the early development stage. The principal of OUYA is to provide an open, affordable, and easy to use TV gaming console to people. Their project is up on kickstarter, and they've been extremely successful (there's even donors at the $10,000+ range which you rarely see). In less than 12 hours they were already over their goal of $950k, and at the time of this post they've gotten over $2m in pledges. You can read/watch to learn more about the console yourself. The projected shipping date is March 2013. What you can do right now is basically pre-purchase this console for $99 (since most of the other categories were limited and have sold out). Why should you purchase this console or not purchase it? That's what this thread is for. You still have about 28 days to make a decision, but IMO this console could be a much needed open and affordable competitor in the largely closed console market. Honestly, depending on how this console fares in the future I can even see the PC gaming master race losing a few members. It's way early to speculate the impact that the console will have on the market though. My personal view on this is that this is a $100 console. You don't see those very often unless you're buying like an old gamecube or something. Given what it is I think that's a pretty good deal, and if you have money laying around it's worth a shot investing in it. What do you think?
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