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  1. Does anyone use Crunchyroll and have a guest pass? There's something on it I want to watch :) Thanks

    1. Beave


      Here you go



  2. Do you know if the other episodes of D.gray-man are out yet? I want to wait for all of the dubbed episodes before I watch it ;)

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    2. NeutralHatred


      Bloat is just as bad, in some cases. Mini encoders are trying to keep quality but reducing size. Bloat is just... not needed. Unless you plan to just watch it then delete it. Which I suppose works.

    3. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      @Emrys I will work on it in June: 


    4. Inverti



      Unless you plan to just watch it then delete it.

      That is what I do. I delete the files right after I've finished watching.



      And good to hear, Kimiko.

  3. I just got these two today, the Hiei figure was pretty hard to take apart lol... https://imgur.com/FHo7Gki

    1. InvitationToHades
    2. emjay911


      Which company made these?

    3. Emrys


      @Invitation To Hades I do want the others but Hiei was the only one they had it stock and it was on offer :) they are about £70 - 80 each..

      @emjay911  Midoriya was in a loot anime (loot crate) mystery box, so they should be on eBay. Hiei is made by Kotobukiya.

  4. Has anyone got the dub of Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto? It should be out tomorrow but people usually get it before release. I'm really looking forward to watching it, looks good :)

    1. Scyrous


      Kinda depends on the title and licensor. Anohana has been available for ~3 weeks but hasn't been uploaded either (it will be very soon though - I got mad connections yo).

      For example, Haikyuu S1 was released on Nov 14th but was only uploaded to ADC today, 6 days later.

      Both Haikyuu and Sakamoto are Sentai titles, so it could take a few more days before Sakamoto gets uploaded.


      Added Sakamoto to the sheet btw. Someone might pick it up. Though I recommend you request it as well for increased visibility!

      Recommended sources: VCB 1080p HEVC & kBakara subs (aka Dragon-Releases remux).

      Perhaps @Dragoncb234 is interested in upgrading his own release?...

    2. Golumpa


      Daym wish I had an ADC account...

  5. Emrys


    Hi and Welcome to Kametsu Mostly inactive check your MAL for top fiv anime = Boku no Pico
  6. Emrys


    Hi and Welcome to Kametsu I hope you enjoy the site and comment more.
  7. Strange... wasn't there figures above these two in the other pictures..
  8. Do you have any anime figures? Show off your figure collection I recently signed up to a great monthly mystery box with anime items including Banpresto Figures, so I've started collecting some figures by Banpresto. Here are my figures. Update: I've moved some figures around and bought some more, so uploaded new images Post your collection below
  9. I hope we get "Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto" early because it looks great and I can't wait to watch it I liked Handa-kun and this seems the same sort of anime.

    1. basheer_naimi


      Hmmmmm the only good video source for this is Reinforce and it's 8bit and it's bitrate bloated

      and there's VCB but it's HEVC i don't know if there is someone who would do a release but i hope

  10. I don't use Chrome much, can someone help me with something? I'm downloading files to F: drive but my C: memory is also going down... does Chrome also save the files somewhere or something? Thanks.

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    2. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      As in mega being dumb af and taking hella adding data equal in space to my dl to my internal

    3. Emrys


      I downloaded the app but it did nothing... I'll just use Chrome and reload it every day lol.

    4. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      Ahh the actual app. Yea I use chrome with the browser extension (cuz sometimes big files tell me I'm out of html5 data space when I'm not even without it) and I just reload whenever I don't have enough internal space for the next dl without doing so

  11. Been rewatching Dagon Ball Z and I just got to episode 68 and noticed that all of the voice actors have changed :(

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    2. Emrys


      It's the DBZ blu-ray by DHD so the original?.. I haven't seen DBZ in like 6+ years... https://animebytes.tv/torrents.php?id=1219&torrentid=149821#149821/filelist  well if its the blu-ray then that would be the remaster, right?

    3. NeutralHatred


      If it's the BD, yes, it'd be the remastered. As the show original was only in SD.

    4. KillThad


      It's not that the voice actors change, it's that several of the performances are just re-used from the original dub back in 1999. This happens from episode 68 onwards.

  12. Rewatching Dagon Ball Z from episode 1, this is going to take me months lol... I just rewatched the first Dragon ball, but think i'll skip GT this time around ;)

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    2. Emrys


      Because of work.

    3. ElementalCards


      ^This i could understand. It took me a month to binge watch the old dub of Sailor Moon last year.

    4. chris191


      Im trying to watch dragon ball z ocean dub, but can't find it anyway. Can anyone help? 

  13. Does anyone here know about Lootaku? I just found out about it last month, it's a monthly subscription box. I was thinking about signing up for a monthly mystery box and I found about 20+ different ones, but Lootaku seems the best :) Here is the site if anyone doesn't know about it/is interested: https://www.lootaku.com/ I signed up for the September box which is a One Piece x Dragon Ball theme.

    Example unboxing:

    They also have a special JUNE 2017 Dragon Ball Box Variant for the people that missed it. This is the one in the video but with variant items. https://www.lootaku.com/products/june-2017-dragon-ball-box-variant

  14. Too many games and no time.... and now a new more powerful Xbox One console with 20+ new games coming out :( most of my games are on the PS4 lol...

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    2. Emrys


      A lot of them look great but...  they will just be added to my huge backlog lol... and I haven't even played the first game of the ones that are getting a sequel :(

    3. SaiyanPrince


      Sweet wish list, about all the exclusives are must-haves for me! With you know Assassin's Creed: Origins somewhere, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Anthem, Need for Speed: Payback. Nintendo Switch exclusives that i want from E3 but don't even have a Switch, Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid Prime 4? maybe.

    4. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @Emrys@SaiyanPrince Whoops, I forgot to include Nintendo as well lol.


      My E3 2017 Nintendo Switch Wish List:

      Super Mario Odyssey ($59.99) - October 27, 2017


      Fire Emblem Warriors
      Implosion: Never Lose Hope
      Metroid Prime 4
      Pokémon RPG Untitled Project
      Pokkén Tournament DX
      Xenoblade Chronicles 2



      Monster Hunter XX (Localization)

      Pokémon Stars

  15. I used to play games on the PC all of the time when I was younger lol... but now I literally only use it for internet and anime. I started collecting games a while back when i started work and I no longer sell them, so now I have about 13 consoles lol and no time to play them lol
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