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  1. 420SuperSaiyan

    Best Combination of Video Games

    What would be the best combination of two games
  2. Has anyone heard of Tales of Zestiria

  3. One of the biggest discussions: Who would win? Superman vs. Gokuhqdefault.jpg

  4. 420SuperSaiyan

    Gaming and Anime 4 life

    I just started playing Far Cry 4, any tips to find weapons, collectibles etc.
  5. 420SuperSaiyan

    Online Flash Games

    If you haven't played Sift Heads on PC yet, then your missing out on a great stick man, run and gun flash game. I recommend starting at sift heads world act 1 as its predecessors are not so great. As you get further in the acts the graphics get better and the game play becomes more versatile. Try out the game and comment your opinions and let me know about more stick man games with a good plot and game play.
  6. 420SuperSaiyan

    Assassin's Creed

    Too all you Assassin's Creed fans out there. Tell me who your favorite assassin is, and why?
  7. 420SuperSaiyan

    One Piece FUNimation Dub Discussion

    I've always thought of starting One Piece, but I'm not sure if its that good. any opinions