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  1. Dickinson vs. Blaze
  2. Bump !
  3. Dee Snider still rockin'
  4. Epic !
  5. It's sad the way some of these guys go. Guy was good at we did and he had a family and everything. Things must've been really hard for him RIP Yes , first Cornell , now him in a month . It's tragic . Most of these guys despite their wealth and fame battle depression , especially after getting sober , relapses , etc. I liked their first 2 albums, but his voice was one of the best in rock since the early 2000's in my opinion .
  6. R.I.P Chester
  7. Does anybody have The Dreamstone series , especially season 1 - episodes 7-13 in english? Thank you very much !
  8. Swedish Rock
  9. Does anybody have the english subtitles for the 26 ep. series ? Thank you ! Goshogun : The Time Estranger will be released on Blu-ray in a few days on 27 June . http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Goshogun-The-Time-Etranger-Blu-ray/180364/ Discotek Media will release the entire 26 ep. series ( subtitled ) on DVD in 2017 !
  10. Bump !
  11. Indeed he is ! They kinda' are all the men , even if Tyler lost it in the last few years . 2 iconic bands ! R.I.P Adam West !
  12. Battle of the lips
  13. Aho !
  14. Get to the Choppa'
  15. Folkish