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  1. Great work @DarkRavie on keeping the topic alive ! Did you know... that based on research measuring the different levels of cognitive processing , violinists have shown to develop faster processing speeds compared to the average person who does not play an instrument ?
  2. Did you know... that the Sahara desert is the largest source of dust in the entire world ? 770 million tons of dust from this desert blows across the Atlantic Ocean to South America , where it fertilizes the Ocean and the Amazon rainforest .
  3. Did you know... that 111 million viewers watched the Super Bowl in 2011 , making it the most watched television program in American history ?
  4. Did you know... that the Komodo Dragons are as much as 8.5 feet long and weight as much as 200 pounds ? They can take down animals as large as wild boar , deer and water buffalo . To catch their prey , they use an ambush strategy . Matching well with the dirt surroundings of their island home , they lie in wait for an unsuspecting animal to pass by . They then sprint into action , landing a venomous bite before the victim can escape .
  5. Did you know... that each jukebox is comprised of 700-800 different components ? That includes : wood cabinetry , injection-molded plastic pieces , electronic stereo equipment such as : amplifiers , woofers and tweeters . Also turntable or disk player , lighting , mirrors , records or compact disks and the selection mechanism . In some cases , the bulk of the components are purchased from outside suppliers . Other manufacturers create everything in-house except the records or compact disks .
  6. Did you know... that the Guinness World record holder for the " Oldest Cat Ever " , a 38-year-old cat named Creme Puff , drank coffee every morning her whole life ?
  7. Did you know... that drinking fountains in the United States were often subject to racial segregation , until all legally enforced public segregation ( segregation de jure ) was abolished by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ?
  8. Did you know... that around the time of the Revolutionary War , dueling occurred in every state of the nation ( U.S ) regularly , often for even relatively slight offenses , such as insults , or to resolve gambling disputes ? Few laws prohibited this tradition inherited from the Old World , which continued to evolve . Although no binding set of rules governed the proceedings of a duel in the United States largely , no doubt , because dueling was outside the law , U.S. citizens adopted the European rules from their ancestors .
  9. Did you know... that one of the most obvious difference between monkeys and apes is that apes do not have tails ? ( there are a few isolated monkey species do not have tails either , like the Barbary Macaque , but they are the exception rather than the rule ) .
  10. Did you know... that in 2002 , Hakan Sukur scored for Turkey the fastest goal in World Cup history ( 11 seconds ) against South Korea ?
  11. Did you know... that not all dreams are in color ? While most people report dreaming in color , there is a small percentage of people who claim to only dream in black and white . In studies where dreamers have been awakened and asked to select colors from a chart that match those in their dreams , soft pastel colors are those most frequently chosen .
  12. Did you know... that it’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore ? In fact , no gum is bought or sold there . The law is said to be in place to keep public spaces clean .
  13. Fact of the Day - BATMAN Did you know... that Andy Warhol directed the first Batman movie ? Titled Batman Dracula , the first Batman movie was directed by Andy Warhol in 1964 . it was made without the permission of the DC comics and today , not many copies of the film exist . There was an earlier theatrical screening of Batman in 1943 but that was actually a 15-chapter theatrical serial , directed by Lambert Hillyer and stars Lewis Wilson as Batman and Douglas Croft as his Robin .
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