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  1. Early Access Patch #3: A few improvements Early Access version 2021-06-17 Change Log - Fast Forward can now be toggled by pressing once R3 / T. You can also still activate it as before by keep pressing L3 / F. - The "Steal" skill now better indicate if it succeeded or failed. - Fixed the pause menu window getting stuck on the screen - as reported on the discussions. - And a few more fixes / improvements.
  2. Colored title bars became available in Windows many updates ago, but the title bar of a window when it becomes inactive/unfocused is just white without any option to change it. It's even more glaring if you use Dark Mode. Many users are looking for a way to change the color of inactive title bars in Windows 10. Read this article to learn how it can be done. Open the Settings app. Go to Personalization - Color and turn on the option "Show color on Start, taskbar, action center, and title bar" if it is not enabled. Turn off the option "Automatically pick an accent color from my background" if enabled. Pick a color you want to apply to the title bar of inactive windows. It will be applied to the active window's title bar. Don't worry about that - it is exactly what we need. Now, open Registry Editor and go to the following Registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM Create here a new 32-bit DWORD value named AccentColorInactive. Don't set any AccentColorInactive value data yet. Double click the value named AccentColor which already exists in the DWM subkey. Copy its value. Then double click the value AccentColorInactive you just created and paste the copied value to AccentColorInactive. Now, return to the Settings app and set another color for active windows again. Voila. You can opt for focused and unfocused Windows to use the same color if you wish, but with this guide you can set them to be different.
  3. Demo Gives a pretty good in-depth view of the mechanics, job system, skill sets, etc. Actually somewhat interested in the game after seeing this... versus that shitty trailer that made me think it was going to be complete garbage. Shame no PC demo though. One thing to note is one of the biggest gripes from the E3 presentation trailer was the very basic character design and shitty outfit, but turns out they were just showing us the non-equipment version in the trailer cause they're idiots. Every piece of equipment changes the character. Would've been smart to show off a decked out character instead of a raggedy shirt. In the demo this is the only playable character. The other two guys just follow you around and are AI controlled. You don't even see their health bars though it does ask you to heal them when they're near death. Seems equipment has it's own level too. Not something you can actually level up or nothing... but for example: Twilight Tunic (Lv. 3) and Twilight Tunic (Lv. 5). So you can find equipment that is the same but has better stats. Also weapon type can change your job. Started off as a Swordsman, can unlock Warrior Job through the Swordsman Skill Tree, but then equipping a Mace type weapon turned him into a Mage.
  4. Premise Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action role-playing game in which players explore environments and fighting monsters of the Final Fantasy series. Combat takes place in real-time, with Jack being able to switch between two assigned jobs and use physical and magical attacks. Once an enemy's "break gauge" is depleted, Jack can perform a finishing blow that crystallizes the enemy, allowing Jack to harvest them and restore a portion of his magic meter. It is set in a dark fantasy interpretation of the setting for the original Final Fantasy game, with a group of people drawn into it from another world. The main character is Jack, a man consumed by a need to destroy Chaos. He is accompanied by his companions Ash and Jed, and during the journey faces the knight Garland who has taken on the role of Chaos; while seemingly the foretold Warriors of Light, each has doubts as to whether that is their role. Development Final Fantasy Origin is being co-developed by franchise creators Square Enix and Koei Tecmo division Team Ninja. It is being co-directed by Daisuke Inoue, Hiroya Usuda and Nobumichi Kumabe; co-produced by Jin Fujiwara and Fumihiko Yasuda. The story and scenario are being written by Kazushige Nojima. Tetsuya Nomura created the original concept, and acts as character designer and creative producer. Nomura created the initial idea for Origin after production finished on Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, imagining an action-focused game about conquering locations. When later approached for a new Final Fantasy concept, he combined this initial concept with a different concept of a game series focusing on an angry older protagonist to create the final concept. The aim behind the title was a mature, "brutal" take on the Final Fantasy series that would separate it from the rest of the franchise while retaining connections to it. The gameplay was designed to emulate Team Ninja's known style of challenging action combat; Team Ninja had previously worked with Square Enix on Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Commenting on the scenario, Nojima highlighted one line, "It's not a hope or a dream. It's like a hunger. A thirst.", as the mainspring of the story, saying it. The game's existence was leaked by industry insiders in May 2021. It was announced during a Square Enix livestream forming part of E3 2021; its platforms are PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. A limited time trial version was also launched alongside the announcement, intended as a standalone demo to elicit feedback from players to fine tune the game prior to release. The trailer met with a mixed response from journalists and fans due to its tone and characters designs. The demo was balanced so it was approachable using different playstyles, incorporating different job types and difficulty levels. At release, the demo was found to not launch due to corrupted files, prompting Square Enix to work on a fix. A patch released on June 15, fixing the corrupted files and allowing the demo to be played. The patch came included with first-time downloads.
  5. Square-Enix recently announced that the original Final Fantasy games are coming to Steam and mobile platforms as 2D pixel remasters. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series will comprise Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy VI, with each game releasing individually. For long-term fans that will be hugely exciting news - a chance to revisit some of their most beloved RPGs of all time in a way that perfectly captures the spirit of those original game.
  6. Finally started playing Pokemon Shield last week. Did the entire Isle of Armor DLC island before the first gym... which put me in a little predicament of being extremely overleveled to the point of my team being level 30-35. Had a few of them that wouldn't listen to commands very well as a result of not having the badges. Ended up wiping out Gyms 1-4 back to back without any trouble at all within like an hour tops. Then the next day I knocked out Gyms 5 & 6. Now I'm in Spikemuth about to face off against the 7th Gym. My team is between level 50 and 57. Still extremely overleveled it seems considering my daughter, whose also playing Shield, last night just finished beating the Champion Leon at the end of the game with Pokemon whose levels were between 48 and 60. I reckon at this rate I'll probably hit level 100 before I get to Leon. Especially since I still have the entirety of Crown Tundra DLC to complete. This is by far the easiest generation of Pokemon games I've ever played. I admit it's pretty funny though when non-dynamax Pokemon one-shot Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokemon. EXP is given away like candy and EXP Share is always on... so you toss a level 5 on your team and go battle some trainer with 3-4 Pokemon and your level 5 Pokemon jumps up to level 30 by the end of it. No lie, Addie was given a level 5 Charmander by Leon after becoming the champion in her play. She put it in her party and fought two trainers with a grand total of 7 Pokemon between them... and the end result was a level 40 Charizard. It also doesn't help that you get an item from the Dojo in the Isle of Armor that outright doubles ALL EXP and it seems there is no option to disable it. I've got about 14 hours of gameplay now... and roughly 4 of those hours were the Isle of Armor DLC. Current team is: Cinderace Urshifu (Single Strike Style) Bisharp (Shiny) Toxtricity (Low Key Form) Noivern Drednaw I'm thinking of replacing Drednaw but I'm not sure with what. Not really interested in utilizing Pokemon I've used from past games so that eliminates most of the Pokemon I really like. I'm trying to maintain an all new-to-me roster. I've only played Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, and HeartGold prior. I did intend to play Emerald but didn't get to it. I also have plans to play either Brilliant Diamond or Shiny Pearl sometime next year. Probably hold off on playing any others the rest of this year and I figure I'll have Shield done before the month is up. Just I plan to get back to my other games that I haven't finished up yet. Just got a wild itch to play Pokemon out of the blue and blazed through Shield pretty quickly.
  7. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is an action role-playing game, a first for the main-series of Pokémon games. Despite this distinction and the changes that come with it, Legends: Arceus is said to honor the core gameplay of past entries in the series. It features an open world setting building on the Wild Area introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The game is set in a bygone era of the Sinnoh region's history, long before the events of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl take place. It was stated that the objective of the game would be to create Sinnoh's first Pokédex. The mythical Pokémon Arceus will play a major role in the story. Players can capture Pokémon directly in the overworld immediately without going through a battle, and can engage in battle by releasing Pokémon they have previously captured near a wild Pokémon. Poke Balls in this era were made of wood and puffed steam when the Pokémon was caught. At the start of the game, three starter Pokémon options are available: Rowlet (from Pokémon Sun and Moon), Cyndaquil (from Pokémon Gold and Silver), and Oshawott (from Pokémon Black and White), making it the first main series game to feature starter Pokémon from three different generations of games.
  8. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl released within Generation 8 for Nintendo Switch in 2021. These games retell the story of the originals with higher fidelity graphics. These games are to be faithful to the original Pokémon Diamond & Pearl games and feature the same story and features with the latest improvements in gameplay that have come in the Pokémon franchise Details about this game are currently scarce.
  9. Koby

    Edge of Eternity

    June 11th Patch Balancing: Multiple balance modifications to nightmare difficulty Performance: Fixed some popping issues on NPCs Fixed a bug with the framerate limiter where it was not working properly, the game will now start with a 60 FPS limiter (that can be uncapped increased or decreased) Polish and Improvements: Improved Daryon model and rigging to reduce his hands sizes and improve his hands shape Fixed a blendshipe issue on Daryon that was exaggerating some wrinkles and creating lighting issues sometimes on his face Improved some battle camera reaction in edge cases Made the skip delay for victory ui smaller so the end of combat ui can be skipped more quickly Added weapons to multiple NPCs Polished multiple sidequests and events Improved some characters clothes Added the possibility to skip special attacks Added animations to multiple NPCs overworld Added an option to select button prompt type for controllers (Xbox / Playstation) instead of the auto mode Added prompt confirmation when trying to change difficulty to prevent unintended difficulty change that would invalidate the achievement Bugfixes: Fixed a rare softlock case on Oboros backstab tutorial Fix Rejuvenescence spell not healing Fix Stone Flesh FX not displayed Savepoints are now visible on minimap Dodilus hunt boss now respawn over time after being defeated Fixed multiple collision issues Fixed a bug that was causing blurriness in depth of field when using FXAA or disabled AA Fixed a bug that was causing artifacts with the inel road (overlaped with everything) when using FXAA or disabled AA Fixed FOV slider not working when using FXAA or disabled AA Fixed save slot listing not displaying correctly some portraits Fixed multiple UI superposition cases Fixed Dododilus not attacking after a few turns Fixed a bug with the battle camera when it had a weird static plan at the beginning in scripted battles Fixed some combat camera collisions edge case, it no longer takes a wide angle to avoid collisions with walls Fixed a bug on shopkeepers where the money sum was not bound checked properly and was able to make the amount of money negative in some rare case Minor localization cleanups Multiple environment fixes and improvements (objects not reachable, collisions, pathing) Roadmap Support for the game will continue after launch with the developer revealing a post-launch roadmap. Q4 2021 sees the release of Xbox and PlayStation versions, an additional party member, new monsters and quests, extra “special” additional content and more. In January 2022, there will be endgame content, full Nekaroo farm and breeding, secret dungeons and New Game+. Check out the full roadmap below for more details.
  10. Koby

    Edge of Eternity

    June 4th Patch Balancing: Fixed multiple balancing issues with level syncing Performances: Improved GPU performances with DLSS and CAS upscaling Reduced memory usage and improved overall game stability Polish and improvements: Improved a few animations Improved Ordo lipsync in Chapter 0 Improved Khalder lipsync in Chapter 1 Added Theia Special attack Added sounds to Battle items menu Added Pilitch Egg items and effect Dododilus new AI Polished multiple sidequests Added victory pose for Ysoris, Fallon and Myrna Added new version of the twitch plugin Added a weapon to Vaughn Added VFX and SFX on multiple cutscenes Minor UI cleanup Added new inn scenes animations Cleaned up multiple combat animations Added new inn scenes Improved some battle camera edge cases where it could fall through the ground Added presentation cutscene in Inel Multiple environment cleanup Added new physic to Fallon hair Bugfixes: Fix bad display in Scan Interface spell category Standard quest marker will be displayed instead of an area marker when you need to travel to another map Fixed wrong input displayed in Shop Interface Fixed bad input displayed for french and russian language for weapon crafting tutorial Fixed Generator Offseted during Mercury Fight Fixed Big Nepentha Root named "Null" Fixed barrier aura missing icon and name when using scan Fixed the possibility to toggle pause menu during orokko chase if the orokko is stunned Minor fixes on Shop interface navigation Fixed multiple sidequests softlock Fixed ocean disappearing when teleporting from Inel to Wurldendz Improved AI pathing in combat Fixed shop discount not applying on the shop dynamic event Fixed new battle transition not working with DLSS Fixed Daryon sword swapmodel after chapter 0 Colliders cleanups (softlock cases) Fixed Oboros animations when using a controller with a slow stick press Fixed ballista bonus objective on corroded croctas fight Initial pose in autocutscenes are now set at start without transition (prevent the NPCs from chest problem to slowly transition to the fence at the cutscene start) Fixed multiple control blocking issue with world collectibles and exploration attack Fixed wind not working on grass shader Fixed stacking teleport menu and save menu with quick presses Fixed some wrong positioning issue in battle in some rare edge cases Wardrobe is now using localized entries instead of english ones Fixed some minor quest marker issues Fixed UI not restoring correctly when switching back from immersive mode Fixed some animation stuck case with some autocutscenes Fixed some font sizes in Chinese and Japanese Fixed some localization issues Digital Deluxe Edition You can extend the experience with the digital deluxe edition, a bundle which contains the first part of the OST composed by Yasunori Mitsuda and Cédric Menendez, the artbook, the world map and the digital poster of the game. Edge of Eternity is available now! Here we are! From the Kickstarter campaign in 2015 until now, we have gone a long way thanks to the continuous support of the community. Your feedback, recommendations, advice or kind words were very important to us to bring Edge of Eternity in an ambitious project. Initiated by four passionate developers, our team has grown to 14 members in order to provide you the experience you deserved. Today, we’re glad to announce that Edge of Eternity is out of this Early Access state to become a full complete experience. Check out the launch trailer below and start your journey on Heryon with a 15% off during one week. Roadmap announcement soon... We will communicate tomorrow about a brand new roadmap for the next months!
  11. Final Fantasy V is the fifth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, developed and published by Squaresoft. It was released for the Super Famicom in Japan in 1992, and has since been re-released in Japan and in the west on PlayStation in 1998, on Game Boy Advance in 2006, on iOS and Android in 2013, and on Microsoft Windows via Steam in 2015. It was directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi, with Yoshitaka Amano providing the character design and Nobuo Uematsu composing the score. It was the only installment on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System that was not released outside of Japan, with Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy VI both releasing in North America titled Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III, respectively. It was the first Final Fantasy to use kanji in text as well as hiragana and katakana. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, and centers on a group of four strangers brought together by circumstance to save the Crystals that have mysteriously begun shattering. The one behind the phenomenon is the antagonist Exdeath, as part of a plan to release himself from imprisonment and gain the power of the Void, a realm of nothingness, which could bestow absolute power on one able to resist being absorbed by it. The four become the Warriors of Light and turn their attentions to defeating Exdeath and stopping the Void's energies from consuming their world. The key feature of Final Fantasy V is the job system, which allows each of the four characters to switch to one of twenty-two jobs, and master the jobs to retain their abilities and stats when using a different job. The four can use the abilities of their current job and any mastered abilities they have equipped from other jobs. Battles are fought using the Active Time Battle system. Much of the strategy revolves around mixing up combinations of jobs, or learning the right skills from a job to use in combination with skills from another job, to defeat challenging dungeons and bosses. Final Fantasy V has had a great influence on the series. The job system has inspired later games, including Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy X-2. It also introduced many conventions to the series, such as the Blue Mage, and the recurring mini-boss in the form of Gilgamesh, who himself has featured in many games since. The anime, Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, is an OVA sequel to Final Fantasy V taking place two hundred years after the game's events. The PC version on Steam currently still seems rather broken out of the box. Here is a few fixes I've figured out which should help make the game playable: Controller Fix By default controllers don't seem to work. Luckily for us the fix seems pretty simple. Just go into the Final Fantasy V installation folder. Find "opengl32.dll" and rename to "opengl32.dll.bak". Voila, you should now be able to utilize your controller. Fullscreen Fix It seems there is an issue with DPI settings that make the game unable to correctly play in full screen as you'll only see a portion of the game frame on screen once again requiring a simply fix. Go into the installation folder and right click & select properties on "FFV_Game.exe". Then go to the Compatibility tab and click on "Change high DPI settings". On this window put a checkmark on "Override high DPI scaling behavior." Now you should be able to properly play in fullscreen mode. Portrait Matching Not actually a game breaking bug, but it's something I personally took issue with and wished to correct. The portraits used for dialogue often don't match the designs of the sprites for the characters. Example being a blonde-haired portrait for a pink-haired character. Luckily there is are two fan-mods that fix this complaint. You can find the mods here & here along with directions as to how to install it.
  12. Early Access Patch #2: Hard Mode Early Access version 2021-06-06 Change Log - New option: Hard Mode - that you can toggle anytime on the title menu - featuring a challenging battle difficulty similar to the initial release. - Fixed the shops UI getting stuck when exiting - as reported in the discussions. - A few more bugs fixed.
  13. In the latest FireFox release they did away with the Condensed Density option for Toolbars, hiding it away in the about:config page. This guide is to re-enable the option to utilize it if you, like many others including myself, feel that the Normal & Touch Density options are just simply far too big. 1. Type about:config in the address bar and hit enter. 2. Search for compact, in the displayed results, toggle the browser.compactmode.show pref value to true. 3. Click on the hamburger (three lines) menu button and select More Tools > Customize toolbar 4. At the bottom, click Density and choose the now available ”Compact (not supported)” option. Voila. Enjoy good ol' Compact density while the option lasts. Here's to hoping Mozilla doesn't fully terminate the option in later updates.
  14. [Official] Early Access Updates Coming in the next update - New option: Hard Mode - featuring a difficulty similar to the initial release. - And more! Coming a bit later during Early Access - The in-game Tips system featuring Miyu - A new (very) short story featuring the mysterious girl - unlocked after completing Haru's story. - And more!
  15. Bend Studio, the team behind Days Gone and Syphon Filter, has announced it's working on a new IP. The studio shared the news on Twitter yesterday with an open letter to fans. The reveal doesn't share any details regarding what sort of game it is, when it's expected to release, or much else beyond "we're working on something." The news comes after a recent report that the studio isn't moving forward on production of a Days Gone 2. Despite the lack of substantial details, it's always exciting to see a studio delve into something new, especially if you're a fan of its previous works. You can take a look at the announcement in the embedded tweet below. If you’re unable to follow the link, here is the transcribed text: "We are beyond grateful for your support with Days Gone and are truly honored by the amount of passion our community has shared with us for our world and characters. Your enthusiasm motivates us to continue to improve and create experiences that will last a lifetime. From the Syphon Filter series to Resistance: Retribution, to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Days Gone, we are very excited to announce today that we are expanding the Bend Studio portfolio with a brand new IP. We hope you embark on this new journey with us, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on." Naturally, we’re all curious about what sort of game the team is working on but I’d wager it will be at least a year or two before we get any real inkling about what the project entails. Since it’s a new IP, that of course means it won’t be a follow-up to any existing series in its portfolio. The only real guarantee is that whatever this is will be a PlayStation exclusive since Bend is a first-party Sony developer. The last game that Bend shipped was Days Gone in April 2019. Despite releasing to middling to average reviews it’s returned to the spotlight as of late. The game recently arrived on PC, and Days Gone’s director and former Bend employee Jeff Ross recently shared that a sequel was pitched to Sony that would feature a shared co-op universe. Unfortunately for fans, Sony allegedly turned it down. That hasn't stopped enthusiastic Days Gone players from petitioning Sony to greenlight a sequel. Bend Studio’s next project could be literally anything. Given the developer’s past works, what sort of game would you like to see from it? Something within its wheelhouse or would you like to see the team tackle a new genre? Share your thoughts in the comments!
  16. Episode 02 - Early Access Patch #1: Battle Balancing Early Access version 2021-06-01 Change Log: Most enemies now have less HP, and do less damage. Kid is slightly stronger (STR) - can do more weapon damage now. Corrections on the French script thanks to @chtichoko. Each playable character have their own weapons and armors - now better indicated in shops. New option on the Title Screen > Options: Savepoints Sound. When unchecked the ringing sound of close-by savepoints will be disabled, as requested in the discussions. Removed the "Shorter Battle Animations" option. This only affected summons. The new behavior is full summons animation the first time, and then the short version after that. And a few more minor improvements / fixes. neko.works also stated that they're planning to add a Hard Mode option - with the original balancing. It will be purely optional for those wanting a bit of challenge - no differences in achievements or events. So expect that in a later update.
  17. Following the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Live Stream earlier this week, there's been a little bit more information revealed about the big reveal, Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate. The official Dragon Quest Twitter account has confirmed the game is powered by Unreal Engine 5. The previous entry, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age was obviously running on UE4. And in case you're wondering - yes, Unreal Engine 5 does in fact support the Nintendo Switch. Apart from this, series creator Yuji Horii shared a statement on the Square Enix career page - revealing the story in the new entry has already been completed. Takeshi Uchikawa will also be returning as the director of the new title. Uchikawa also worked on XI as the director. Dragon Quest XII has been described as a much "darker" and adult-themed take on the long-running series. There'll also be some decision-making in the game that will shape how the game unfolds, and the command battle system will undergo some changes. Platforms and a release date for Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate haven't been confirmed yet, so keep an eye out for this information in the future.
  18. During the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary live stream revealed that Square Enix and NHN PlayArt are developing a new Dragon Quest smartphone puzzle game titled Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi (literally, Dragon Quest Erase-Erase). The game is slated to debut on iOS and Android devices this year.
  19. One other Dragon Quest game announced during the 35th-anniversary celebrations was Dragon Quest Treasures. Producer Taichi Inuzuka explained how the game would be a spin-off, centering on Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. The game will focus on the childhood of siblings Erik and Mia, and will center on treasure hunting activity. The game's development team mentioned during the stream that the game will still be an RPG, but "non-traditional." Release dates and platforms are yet to be decided, but it's expected to be a simultaneous worldwide release.
  20. Square Enix's Dragon Quest 35th anniversary live stream on Thursday revealed that the Dragon Quest X game will have a new "version 6" update this fall. In addition, the Dragon Quest X development team announced a new Dragon Quest X Offline: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku game. It will be an offline version of the Dragon Quest X game with a new SD (super-deformed) art style, and it is slated for release in 2022. The stream did not reveal a platform for the game. Square Enix released Dragon Quest X in Japan-only for the Wii and Wii U consoles in March 2013, and for PC in September 2013. Nintendo has also since released Android and Nintendo 3DS versions of the game. Square Enix released the game's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions in 2017.
  21. One of the six games revealed during Square Enix's Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary live stream earlier today was Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake. According to the game's producer, Masaaki Hayasaka - who has previously worked on games such as Octopath Traveler, the "HD-2D style" combines pixel art with 3D effects to produce a sense of depth and atmosphere like nothing else. The development team is aiming for a worldwide simultaneous release on home consoles, so a Switch release sounds promising. The release date of the game hasn't been decided yet, so stay tuned for that. They also slipped up during the announcement and suggest that Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II would receive the same HD-2D Remake treatment at some point.
  22. The Dragon Quest 35th anniversary live stream has just concluded and while it was packed out with six announcements, the highlight of the lot was arguably the very ending of the show - revealing the name and logo for the next entry in the mainline series. It's called Dragon Quest XII and the subtitle translates to "The Flames of Fate". Details are limited right now, but the game's theme is "why do people live," and series creator Yuji Horii described the game as "darker" than other installments of the series, and a "Dragon Quest" for adults." Horii also teased that the series' traditional menu-based combat system will see some changes, though he said that it will remain familiar to veterans of the series. Horii also said that Square Enix is "aiming" for a worldwide release, but did not reveal a release date or platforms. They're still in the prototype stages right now, which indicates the game might still be a while off. No release date or platforms have been revealed just yet, but Horii says there'll be more updates in the future and that it should be a worldwide simultaneous release.
  23. Koby

    Edge of Eternity

    Balancing: Skills balancing pass on Fallon Increased by 100% healing spells efficiency Increased ATB manipulation buff / debuffs efficiency (Daryon Timeloop / Accelerate) DOTs damages use now an effect value formula instead of being HP percentage based Reworked some shopkeepers and hunting quests rewards Loot tables balancing fixes (increased some drop rates) Performances: Improved GPU performances by removing screen space reflections, replaced now by a better reflection probe system Polish and improvements: Improved audio transitions between cutscenes Uniform pass on characters and NPCs (Lighting / Shading) Added in addition to the input auto switching mode a manual mode to choose between Controller and Keyboard / Mouse in the settings Improved multiple cutscenes and auto-cutscene animations Fixed multiple cutscenes where characters like Ysoris / Myrna / Fallon could have their weapon misplaced Full rework of the movement function in battles, prevent a bug where monsters were able to attack at 2 case range, use the pathfinder to prevent a character from moving through a wall with the movement action, more exact calculations will result in a more predictable gameplay Reworked graphic background of special attacks Implemented unlockable food through the different quests in the game Reworked multiple environment assets Blocked cinematic camera during puzzles to prevent some visual issues Fixed fanfare victory poses for each characters Bugfixes: Fix visual FX not destroyed on Auger Spell Fix Softlock occurring during potion tutorial in chapter 0 Fix Drone will no longer shot a rocket on itself Fix Scan is no longer focusing burrower when he is underground nor invisible entities Fix Remaining Spell Lines when several spells are ready to be cast Fix Softlock occurring during equipment tutorial if an equipment is already set Fix Dauntless Distress skill that wasn't ejecting dead entities Fix Missing dialogs Fix Game Over not toggling if a hacked drone is the last player side entity alive Fix Hacked drone will now move to a free nexus if they share a nexus with an enemy Opening state menu will not display a greyed out content when using keyboard and mouse Fix for a rare case when switch some menus too quickly could result in the crystal equip tutorial softlocking Fixed a bug that was making Selene battle items not selectable in the menu when using a controller Fixed a bug that was causing the camera to fall from the sky after a special attack Fixed Unbeknownst master quest in Chapter 5 where the NPC would have no dialog Using the new battle-grid calculations solved the issue where monsters could skip turns and not move during battles (for example during Olphara tower defense) Fixed multiple UI icon issues Fixed multiple tutorial issues
  24. Light Fairytale Episode 2 released in Early Access today on Steam for $7.49 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1199760/Light_Fairytale_Episode_2/ 25% off for the launch week! Episode 2 resumes the adventure right after last episode's cliffhanger. Play as Haru and Ayaka as they uncover the mysteries of the Deeplands while looking for a way to reunite with Kuroko, meeting with a mysterious silver haired girl along the way.
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