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  1. I went to the movies and watched Live Free or Die Hard.. Wait erm, I went to the movies since then and watched Rush Hour 3.
  2. MAL The story begins with Yggdrasil, a popular online game which is quietly shut down one day; however, the protagonist Momonga decides to not log out. Momonga is then transformed into the image of a skeleton as "the most powerful wizard." The world continues to change, with non-player characters (NPCs) begining to feel emotion. Having no parents, friends, or place in society, this ordinary young man Momonga then strives to take over the new world the game has become.
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  4. Anyone excited for this? I am. It's the continuation / ending for the Inuyasha series. It was recently announced to be airing in Japan this October, and Viz has licensed it already for dubbing. The same voice actors will be doing it. If you watch it.. will you watch it dubbed or subbed? At this moment there is no announcement as to when the English Dub will be released or how from Viz. It has been rumored or stated although I'm not sure if it's true... that Inuyasha: Final Act will be only 26 episodes in length although there are from what I hear 21 volumes of manga left (is that right?). Though I don't read the manga.
  5. List what Anime series you have started watching or currently watching. No need to continue to update each time you watch an episode with the episode number. Announce the series only and move on, when you start another series then come back to say so. Lately I been watching Tokko when it comes on Monday nights on the Sci-fi channel.
  6. For various reasons, I'm frankly curious what percentage of our community members prefers which type of download method.
  7. We’ve got some exciting news! After FUNimation's announcement of D.Gray-man HALLOW last week, many fans of the franchise have been wondering about the episodes that are not available from Funimation. Currently episodes 1-51 are available on home video and are streaming on FunimationNow but not episodes 52-103, which are the episodes that lead up to D.Gray-man HALLOW. Well, FUNimation has officially announced they have now acquired those remaining episodes (52-103) of D.Gray-man! For the timing of the release on these episodes, we will share more information as soon as it is available. Thank you for your patience, and we hope that this has brightened up your day!
  8. MAL Sword princess Aiz Wallenstein. Today, once again, the strongest female swordsman heads to the giant labyrinth known as the "Dungeon" along with her allies. On the 50th floor where mysteries and threats such as a decayed dragon's corpse that crumbles to ash and an irregularity that creeps ever closer to the party loom, Aiz calls for the wind and heads deeper into the darkness of the Dungeon. Eventually, she finds herself meeting a boy for the first time. "Um, are you OK?" In the Labyrinth City of Orario, the contrasting stories of the boy and the girl intersect! Spin-off of DanMachi, featuring Aiz as the main heroine.
  9. MAL Synopsis: Spurred by the flame raging in his heart, the Black Swordsman Guts continues his seemingly endless quest for revenge. Standing in his path are heinous outlaws, delusional evil spirits, and a devout child of god. Even as it chips away at his life, Guts continues to fight his enemies, who wield repulsive and inhumane power, with nary but his body and sword—his strength as a human.
  10. I was informed that Animorphs is up on Netflix. All that I've ever found of this show available were low quality rips from when they aired on Nickeloden all those years ago. So if someone can rip/cap them or knows of a better source please share!
  11. The 56th issue of Kadokawa's Dengeki Bunko Magazine published the final chapter of Hiroyuki Aigamo's manga adaptation of Reki Kawahara's Accel World light novels on Friday. Yen Press is releasing the manga in English, and it describes the story: No matter how much the times change, bullied kids aren't going anywhere. And fat junior high school student Haruyuki is one of them. But one day, Haruyuki encounters Kuroyukihime, the most beautiful and elegant girl at school, who gives him a mysterious program: "Brain Burst"...and the secret of the "Accelerated World." He may be at the bottom of the food chain at school, but Haruyuki and his destiny begin to "accelerate" with incredible speed in the virtual realm as he aims for the top!! Aigamo launched the manga in Dengeki Bunko Magazine in 2010, and Kadokawa published the manga's seventh volume last July. The eighth and final volume is slated for release on July 27. Yen Press published the manga's seventh volume (seen right) on March 21. Yen Press is releasing both the manga and the original light novel in English, and released the light novel's ninth volume on March 21. Kadokawa published the 21st novel volume in Japan in December. Kawahara's Accel World light novel series inspired a 24-episode television anime adaptation which premiered in 2012, and Viz Media streamed the series on Hulu as it aired in Japan. Viz Media released the series on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in 2013. It also inspired the Accel World: Infinite Burst anime film last July. The novels inspired two other manga: Akariryuryuu's Axel World and Ayato Sasakura's Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden, the latter of which will end this month.
  12. The CW series “The Originals” will end after its upcoming fifth season. Showrunner Julie Plec made the announcement on Twitter on Thursday ahead of the series’ San Diego Comic-Con panel later this week. Plec said it was only fitting to make the announcement one year after announcing the end of the series’ parent program, “The Vampire Diaries.” “It’s both a gift and a burden to be able to control the ending of a series,” Plec wrote. “Many shows are not lucky enough to have a hand in deciding when the end has come.” Fans will be able to attend a panel Q&A with the cast and creators on Saturday, July 22, at 12 p.m. PT at the Indigo Ballroom in the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel. “The Originals” follows Joseph Morgan’s Klaus Mikaelson and his family in New Orleans. Morgan stars alongside Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood and Riley Voelkel. Plec serves as executive producer with Leslie Morgenstein. The series hails from Bonanza Productions Inc., My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios. The show was one of several renewals for The CW for the 2017-2018 season. The other renewals were “iZombie,” “Arrow,” “D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Jane the Virgin,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and “Supernatural.” The network cancelled freshman series “No Tomorrow” and “Frequency.” It was spun off from “The Vampire Diaries” in 2013. “Vampire Diaries” wrapped up earlier this year after eight seasons and 171 episodes. The series marked Plec’s fourth with The CW. In addition to “Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals,” she also created “The Tomorrow People” and “Containment” for the network, with both shows airing for one season.
  13. http://lostyears.kametsu.com As SimulDubs have become extremely popular, evermore so each season, I've decided to start another group (as I wanted the releases to be easily distinguishable from Kametsu releases) with a different purpose than the Kametsu Projects group, with a different goal in mind: SimulDub dual-audio remuxes. Releases Summer 2016 Berserk (2016) (Koby) D.Gray-man Hallow (Koby, professa X) Fall 2016 Alderamin on the Sky (NeutralHatred) Drifters (NeutralHatred) Izetta, The Last Witch (Koby) Winter 2016 Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas (Koby) Fuuka (NeutralHatred) Interviews with Monster Girls (Idle) Masamune-kun’s Revenge (NeutralHatred) Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (NeutralHatred) Saga of Tanya the Evil (Koby) The Dragon Dentist (Koby) Spring 2017 Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (Idle) Alice & Zoroku (NeutralHatred) Attack on Titan 2 (Koby) Clockwork Planet (Idle) KADO: The Right Answer (Koby) Love Tyrant (Idle) Sakura Quest (NeutralHatred) WorldEnd (SukaSuka) (Idle) Summer 2017 Knight's & Magic (Idle) New Game! (Season 1) (Idle) New Game!! (Season 2) (NeutralHatred) Tsuredure Children (NeutralHatred) My First Girlfriend is a Gal (Scyrous) In Another World With My Smartphone (NeutralHatred) Classroom Of The Elite (Idle) Gamers! (NeutralHatred)
  14. The spin-off series by Saki Nakagawa takes place in a junior high school setting with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, 104th Trainees Squad members, and other characters. There will be comedy gags that focus on the misadventures of the characters and the titans from the original series. PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm3WBqihF-A
  15. MAL This is a world of the skies, where many islands drift in the sky. A boy named Gran and a talking winged lizard named Vyrn lived in Zinkenstill, an island which yields mysteries. One day, they come across a girl named Lyria. Lyria had escaped from the Erste Empire, a military government that is trying to rule over this world using powerful military prowess. In order to escape from the Empire, Gran and Lyria head out into the vast skies, holding the letter Gran's father left behind—which said, "I will be waiting at Estalucia, Island of Stars."
  16. My favorite genre would have to be action with horror close behind it. I like shows like The Fast and the Furious, and stuff. =P
  17. Personally I prefer the Anime. =P
  18. Amazon's Anime Strike channel has announced its full lineup of summer simulcast titles and their premiere dates. Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu: July 1 Love & Lies: July 3 DIVE!!: July 5 Altair: A Record of Battles: July 7 Vatican Miracle Examiner: July 7 Made in Abyss: July 7 Welcome to the Ballroom: July 8 Hitorijime My Hero: July 8 Princess Principal: July 9 Lights of the Clione: July 12 Hell Girl 4: July 14 In addition, Anime Strike will continue its stream of the Sagrada Reset, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, and Re:CREATORS anime. Of the summer titles that will stream on the channel, Sentai Filmworks has so far announced that it has licensed Love & Lies, Vatican Miracle Examiner, Made in Abyss, Hitorijime My Hero, and Princess Principal. Aniplex of America has licensed Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu. In the United States, users must subscribe separately to both the Amazon Prime Video service and its Anime Strike channel to view the streaming titles. For territories outside the United States, only an Amazon Prime Video subscription is required. Amazon will stream the first episode of the Welcome to the Ballroom anime on the Twitch livestreaming website worldwide on July 6 at 9:30 p.m. EDT, with a special pre-show at 9:00 p.m. EDT. Anime Strike subscribers will also receive a free download of the first volume of Tomo Takeuchi's original Welcome to the Ballroom manga.
  19. Welcome to the forum. Good to hear that people are willing to listen and care about the survival of links to such an excellent archive.
  20. Did DDY ever do a batch? Cause their release via volumes had a lot of issues like subtitle lines missing, timing, etc... all of which they claimed they would fix in their batch. Last I heard they also planned to include the previews somehow in their batch whether it be OC or as separate files.
  21. I thought [Doki] had the previews on their release. Did they not translate them?
  22. MAL TV version of Little Witch Academia. Akko Kagari is an ordinary girl who joins the renowned witch academy for witch girls, Luna Nova Academy. When she was younger, she went to Magical Festa, a magic show hosted by a witch named Shiny Chariot. Akko was so mesmerized and inspired by Shiny Chariot's performance that she dreamed to someday be a "cool" witch like her. This young and impressionable Akko takes Shiny Chariot's words as her own motto: "Never forget, a believing heart is your magic.“
  23. The official website of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt has announced on Monday that the second season of the net anime will receive a compilation movie with new scenes. Titled Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower, the movie will screen in Japanese theaters on November 18 for two weeks. It will also pre-screen at Anime NYC between November 17 and 19. Following the theatrical screening, the movie will be available via Bandai Visual Club, and will also be released in Blu-ray and DVD on December 8. Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt adapts Yasuo Ohtagaki's manga by the same title, which has been serialized in Big Comic Superior since March 2012. The first season of the net anime streamed online for four episodes between December 2015 and April 2016. A compilation movie containing additional scenes titled Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky premiered in June 2016. The second season of the anime debuted in March 2017 and ended on Friday. Trailer
  24. I've never liked the original Kingdom Hearts that much, as the camera system rather sucked, and I always seemed to get lost. I've never played Chain of Memories, and well I played Kingdom Hearts II and loved it. I loved Kingdom Hearts II enough that I beat it on all modes; easy, normal, and proud! I've even seen the secret (or additional) ending that shows parts of whats expected to be Kingdom Hearts III!
  25. MAL Reuniting the franchise's iconic characters, Dragon Ball Super will follow the aftermath of Goku's fierce battle with Majin Buu as he attempts to maintain earth's fragile peace. How long can this show survive on Nostalgia alone? Hope it has more to offer in future episodes but I don't have much hope. Seems Akira has run out of ideas and they're just milking the franchise since it's a cash-cow. All the new transformations are simple palette changes rather than new designs and it's pretty lackluster so far. DB Super thus far seems to be trying to replicate the comedy of Dragon Ball rather than continue the action packed Z story.