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Found 10 results

  1. I have just started a channel on Youtube of piano performances of tunes from Anime and game related music. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2u9dYszD6sPA7Ck8L38i7A While the video quality is average at best due to the encode i'm using, the Audio is at high quality. as of the time of this writing i have recorded 5 vids and i will be keeping the channel regularly updated. Please drop by and subscribe, see if you recognize any of these tunes from the beautifully composed anime and games of this world
  2. ab8895


    Before playing Jump force, how many episodes of an anime should i watch atleast? I've Seen One piece up Until 325 and Naruto (not shippuden) until 198. I've seen the other. The reason I'm asking this because i don't want to see any transformations of the characters before i watch it in actual Anime.
  3. What would be the best combination of two games
  4. Hi everyone, nice to meet you all. I'm currently living in Singapore and I read manga/light novels, watch anime and play Japanese games and also other PC games. I speak and read English and Japanese. I'm looking for friends in Singapore who are also interested in manga, light novel, anime and Japanese games. If you happen to also live in Singapore, you can also PM me so we can exchange our contact no and meet offline (if it's OK with you off course)
  5. Introduction: Once again like most other times I bring to all this years new DBZ game. Unlike before this game is bring brought over to the new generation of consoles, so we will see this on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS3 and Xbox 360. This years game as most do look very nice in the early stages. In terms of graphics it seems to be a mix of DBZ Burst Limits and Ultimate Tenkaichi and Battle of Z's. As for game-play, still to early to really say but seems to be a mix of Battle of Z and Raging Blast, hopefully it will allow you to have as much variety as Raging Blast and not as limited as Battle of Z. Update: 22/10/14 Update: 16/7/14 Dragon Ball Xenoverse apparently is set for release in March 2015. So looks like the 1 DBZ game a year deal seems to have some fine print. We will not be seeing this game this year. Also the game seem that it will continue in some form from the battle of Gods movie. Quote: "Video Game Plot To Feature Manga/Anime Continuation Story Of Goku And Bills Travelling The DBZ Multiverse!" Source: http://www.kdramasta...elease-date.htm Who knows really guess we will have to wait and see, sadly I was hoping to see this game this year but, I guess the more time they spend on it hopefully the better it will be. Fingers Crossed. Update: 13/7/14 Sorry for the late update, this information came out awhile ago but never got around to putting the information in this thread. At the Japan Expo DB Xenoverse was showcased. Two battles were shown, Goku vs Vegeta and Goku vs Cell. The Goku vs Vegeta looks by far the better fight in terms of showcasing how the game will fight out while the cell fight is more of showing off certain aspects about the game. Also a new mystery character was teased, maybe a new villain that fits in with the capsule corp mystery character: Expo Video: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XC9BebbxWA Update: 18/6/14 Update: Masayuki Hirano Interview E3 2014 Quick Notes of points covered: (See Post #10 in spoiler tags) - Game made for playing in the DBZ world not around characters - New unknown character and level to play major role in xenoverse - Cut-scenes for moves reduced, (eg finishers moves like spirit bomb or combo cut-scene moves) this game will take on the role of the player controlling the moves not cut scenes - Combo system made so player can make there own combos during the battle giving more gameplay life with the game. - At this time it is a 1 vs 1 game, They are unable to say anymore on this at this current time, so it may have more vs elements to this game like battle of Z than just 1 vs 1. - Character roster cannot be fully details at this time, in future they will reveal more. Obviously we will see characters from saiyan saga all the way through to the buu saga. Movie and GT characters unknown at this time. - Brazil fan base Only: Too early in development to say if this game will make it to Brazil with the correct dubbing, but keep an eye out for more information on this. What are your thoughts?
  6. Hello everyone! The premise is really simple. One post asks a certain question while the other answers and posts another question! You can only answer with the given answers. - Let's try to be polite and not include any vulgar questions with each choice being disgusting! - It would also be really great that with every answer everyone would give some little info as to why they chose it. That is not needed, but would be appreciated! All of it should look something like this: Post #1: "Would you rather eat strawberry or chocolate ice-cream?" Post #2: "Stwarberry definitely! They're my favorite! Would you rather kiss a boy or a girl?" ..and so on and so forth. Let the games begin! My question! Would you rather live in a medieval or a sci-fi universe?
  7. BluerGost

    Dota 2

    I began playing dota 2 a few days ago. So, Is anyone else planing it??
  8. Hi I'm Jason, and I've been trying to spread the word about our game for a while. It's a Space Sci-Fi RPG http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sierra-ops-a-space-sci-fi-action-rpg/x/6041733 , it's somewhat Gundam inspired but more inline to Space Battleship Yamato as there are no mechas in the game. I'd like to know your opinion about it and what improvements could we make in the gameplay aspect. We're still polishing a demo for everyone to test, but based from the gameplay video for now (it's just an engine test), we'd like to hear out what you think. As for the dialog having lags,it's because of fraps, I apologize about that. We're also at Steam Greenlight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=214614458 if ever you feel like voting for the game, just drop by if you think we're deserving to be in Steam. If you have questions, please let me know or you can email us at http://innomenpro.com/contact-us/
  9. STARBOUND Okay, so one of the devs from Terraria broke away to make his own thing and I am so excite. And I don't excite easily over new games because apparently nobody wants to cater to my specific tastes. It's still deep in development so there's no release date at the moment, but there's a lot of little snippets of what they've done to whet your appetite. And those little snippets are amazing. It's similar to Terraria in the way Terraria is similar to Minecraft. There's the blocky and sandbox aspect, the random worlds aspect, but Starbound takes it further by having an infinite number of procedurally generated planets, each unique in terrain, weather, gravity, difficulty, flora and fauna, and even the items! It addresses the issue I have with Terraria in that it's not exactly endless--once you kill all the bosses, you're left with... nothing. Just the same enemies, the same biomes, the same spread of corruption and hallow until they can't spread any more. My bestie and I have played a lot of Terraria in the past few weeks (I forced him to get it because I'm bossy) and then we beat the game fifty different ways and back. The only thing we have left is creating massive pixel art, which, honestly, doesn't appeal to me. I just want to play the game forever. That is why I play the Sims. I also don't really care for Minecraft because reasons. I think I'm too stupid to enjoy it?? Anyway. Here's some cool stuff from the devs! What do you guys think? Let us discuss. Screencaps! Videos! [media ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JF9gYfRTuyo&feature=player_embedded[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kXWeUc_e8c Leaked music!
  10. Hello all! As stated, I am new to the forums here and I thought "what better way to introduce myself than show you what I do for a living!?"...... Soooooo, to briefly preface this post..... I have been paying the bills with art for many moons... my primary medium is tattooing (most lucrative for me) but I pretty much do anything I get paid for..... After working in street shops and doing A LOT of typical flash-tattoo (pictures on the wall) type stuff, I decided to move on to doing more specialized completely custom work...... And of course, while I'll do whatever my clients want, I have fosterred a small rep for being "that anime and gaming tattoo guy" locally (which is perfectly fine by me!) Anyhow, enough of my babble..... on to some pics... A miku inspired piece I am currently working on for a clients forearm. (concept) A everyones favorite saiyan prince for a leg piece! (concept) Start of a Mega Man X half sleeve! (tattoo) Who doesn't want a mario mushroom on their body forever!? (tattoo) Better than mario... its yoshi!! as a foot piece (tattoo) When I have more time I'll post more! I just wanted to quickly throw an example of what it is I do out there! Thanks for looking
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