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  1. Wow looks way too much like teen titans go idk what happened to the DCs animated shows like justice league and the batman ans.
  2. Some underrated Disney films are films Treasure Planet, Dinosaur, The Black Cauldron, Brave Little Toaster,etc.
  3. Thanks I dont think I ever seen or heard of this show
  4. Im extremely hyped for another season of this and I really hope that this can somehow live up to most of the hype.
  5. Seen a bit of this when I was younger and I might re watch the full show sometime in the near future
  6. Liked the first season of total drama island due to the cast and somewhat enjoyed the second season which was total drama action but didn't really care for the rest.
  7. Yeah I remember that it was one of the most popular cartoons in the mid 90s
  8. hmmm not that surprised about this because of the recent dead pool movie and how much money it made this was gonna happen eventually.
  9. Nice this was probably one of my favorite batman animated movies growing up
  10. Really enjoyed the original sonic the hedgehog show that was based on the early comic books it was really well done.
  11. I've seen a bit of this show as a child and I might have to look into this since I can't remember too much of the plot.
  12. Ive been rewatching marvel shows like Wolverine and The Xmen and The Spectacular Spiderman.
  13. lol Im not sure what I think about this reboot of ducktales.
  14. I enjoyed the original 90s xmen show and the other x men shows as well the but also enjoyed the more recent shows like x men evolution and wolverine and the x men .
  15. Hopefully Sega can somehow pull this off as sonic games of recent haven't been very good.
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