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  1. RIP College Football season. Since Nebraska wants to be COVIDiots... they can just be kicked out of the Big 10.
  2. Well I beat it. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD is over unfortunately. I'll be honest... this was probably the best Final Fantasy game I've played in a LONG time... possibly ever. i totally don't like it more than ffxv i swear I've entered the Galar region so it'll be awhile before I stream again since I don't have the ability/whatever equipment is needed to stream Switch games. Hm? The next PS4 game I'll play and the next game I'll stream? Well....... Here........
  3. Well... I finished Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. I also got the Platinum trophy for it. I have no idea how I missed this game still. I really don't. I just don't get it. Obviously it doesn't matter now but still. GOOD GOD. THIS GAME. ALL OF IT. JUST ALL OF IT. Great story, great characters, great gameplay, great battle system, great music, EVERYTHING in this game was just AMAZING. It's pretty much instantly become the favorite to win GOTY 2020 for me. I'm sad to see it go honestly. But go it shall... Well... it's finally time everyone. Lots of negativity about it. But I will finally be playing it for myself, and making my own decisions about it. I have finally started playing Pokemon Sword for myself. I'm not against trying a Raid but I need to get a good-ish team first and get them to decent levels first obviously. But I'll see what I can do if anyone wants to do one with me. lol Team as of this post: Shinra the Scorbunny and Crow the Rookidee.
  4. I'll be waiting for the english dub version of this for sure. lol
  5. Farewell Final Fantasy Type 0 HD. I still have absolutely no idea why I didn't buy/play you far before now. I suppose it really doesn't matter at this point though. Because... in your wake... you have instantly become the favorite to win GOTY 2020 for me.

  6. Here's the YouTube version. Spoilers begin at around the 20 minute range https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC0folOIXtA I'm off to the Galar region now everyone!!
  7. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD stream will begin between 5-5:15 p.m. EST. Endgame spoilers. Keep that in mind if you come. You've been warned. https://www.twitch.tv/megachamp89

    1. CardGames


      Stream has ended. GOOD GOD. THIS ENDGAME. IT'S FIRE.

    2. CardGames


      The YouTube version is up/available. Spoilers begin around 20 minute range.

  8. I keep hearing about this and it's been recommended to me... But with some of the images I've seen of some of the animation styles/derps/weirdness/whatever you want to call... makes me worry about actually watching it. lol. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise though.
  9. Hey everyone. Before I announce what's probably already obvious already... I just thought I'd let everyone know that to stop further confusion... I've changed my username on Twitch and YouTube to my Discord name. Or to as similar to it as I could anyway. I made the YouTube username back in my teens so it was probably time to change it anyway. Though the link to it doesn't really change. Except for Twitch of course. lol. Anyway... to state what's probably already obvious... I'm going to be streaming Final Fantasy Type 0 HD again this week this Thursday at 5 p.m. EST. Yes I'm aware of the PlayStation State of Play and honestly don't care. It's either I do it now, or I don't stream it again at all. Because I'm too close to the end of the game at this point. I really love this game to much not to stream it again. So I'll be doing it because that's what I want to do. I wish I knew about this game back when it originally came out. I really do. I am seriously loving this game a hell of a lot more than I was expecting to. How I didn't know about this game until now is still beyond me. lol. Truth be told, this game has practically already became the favorite to win Game of the Year 2020 for me. That's how much I've loved it. Obviously I still have lots of games to play still so that could still, and possibly will, change but that's just how much I seriously love this game. I've been doing a bunch of sidequests though. So there are 2 possibilities for this stream. Either a boring sidequest stream that I don't care is boring because I love the game too much so I'll stream it anyway, or a beginning of the endgame stream. So that's why there may be endgame spoilers for this stream. There's your warning. Just be aware of that if you choose to come and watch it. But I love this game too much to not stream it again. So it'll be done. Whether it's 'boring' or not or whether anyone comes to it or not because of the State of Play (not that it matters because no one came to the last one either lol). So yeah. Come if you want, just be aware there may be endgame spoilers.
  10. Here's the YouTube version of the stream I did. RTS missions aren't really a good example of why I like this game so much but it's still a really great game regardless so don't judge it simply based off my performance in it. lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alZSmhAoVgk
  11. Let's try this again. Final Fantasy Type 0 HD stream will start at 5 p.m. EST.

    1. CardGames


      Stream's over. RTS missions are kind of boring. But I still LOVE this game.

    2. CardGames


      YouTube version is also now up.

  12. DEFINITELY looking forward to watching this. i'm still waiting for that Digimon Adventure 2020 english dub though...
  13. Well... time to see what the big deal is all about... I have officially started watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Yes I'll be watching the movies as well. Yes I know 2 of the movies are pretty much recap movies/movie versions of the anime. Movie 3 isn't though. It's an original. I think. This... is going to be an interesting ride...
  14. I'll be waiting for the english dubbed version. However... looking forward to this all the same. S1 was fantastic. S2 should (hopefully) be the same, if not better.
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