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  1. Kind of thought this would happen. Rockstar are to set on turning Red Dead 2 Online into what GTA V Online is now, which makes a lot of money for them. From a business stand point it does make sense as it makes the company more money to focus on online content which contains micro transactions rather than a once off story DLC that will only make them a smaller amount of money. From a Fan stand point it is disappointing as I find Online shallow and boring. Its Read Dead but I find the online community terrible to play with as most will shoot and try and kill you on sight. They don't even offer you to make your own private server like GTA does.
  2. I have never really been a fan of the way EPIC do things, sure they do offer the best revenue back to game developers over steam but every time I here about EPIC store it is never for the good reasons even if some of their intentions are good. Steam will always remain my favourite place to get games as it has many more features and to me is more user friendly, I feel EPIC's pursuit to challenge steam is just to underhanded and shady one as if they can't win against them in a fair fight. Sure Steam isn't for everyone and some like EPIC and I am not one of them but I feel they need to shape up and restore their image if they want to have hopes of becoming a better store for games.
  3. Not sure how I feel about a sequel, don't get me wrong I loved to original but sometime I feel a once off good film is ruined by a sequel. Who know they may do it well only time will tell.
  4. Must say I am surprised and excited by this news but as already stated above a little worried too. Code Geass was a great series (Have yet to check out the new movie series that has been coming out as I am hoping they dub it thus why I am yet to watch it.) but adding too it has a chance to ruin it. For one the story may not be as good, it could be in someways rushed or have bad animations (look at Super or Berserk with its 3D animation). But this could very well be just as good as the first two seasons. I look forward to this!
  5. I'd imagine that must be quite annoying when the anime changes the ending like some do. I have done that on a few occasions only to find the anime didn't follow the manga so that it could end quicker or the director felt like they wanted to go in their own direction. I don't read much Manga, I usually like to watch and anime rather than read, but do have a few Manga on my to read list because the anime cut it short or didn't end the best way (or according to the manga that is.)
  6. Gotta love those who think PC is the master race and don't even give consoles a second thought. Don't get me wrong, PC does have its advantages but it all depends on the type of PC. Most people I know can't afford a good PC thus they by consoles to get their gaming fill. And I find games more pleasant and easy to play on a console rather than a PC or Laptop seeing as there can be that many conflicting programs or errors you can get as a result of the way your PC's programs can be set up. I have spent weeks fixing issues on my laptop just to play one or two games that all I would need to do on a console is put in the disc and enjoy. But with my laptop I do enjoy having steam, getting cheap games and modding my games. I find that PC and console games are good in their own areas and I play on both so I am not really biased towards consoles or PC gaming. Both have their limitations and both have their advantages. If I was to pick one I would pick consoles are better for basic gaming, if you want to take it a little bit further and then PC is your main bet, that is if you have a PC or Laptop that can run good quality games smoothly (I do not have one). My Laptop isn't crap it can run some pretty good games but can't hold a candle to top quality laptops (Such as High end Alienware Laptops or even specially built PC's).
  7. Here is a recent Q&A I found explaining some things about the new Xenoverse game:
  8. Update: New Teaser trailer showing off some game play, must say my hype for this game is at a high! Will definitely be looking forward to this game:
  9. BERSERK 2016 It seems with all the recent hype with Berserk has given birth to a game. Check out this E3 Teaser Trailer: Announce Trailer: Promo Trailer:
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