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  1. gumby

    AT&T Buying Time Warner!

    This is so crazy to me, hope they plan something well for it. They charge so much but I'm grandfathered at the same time...
  2. This whole series is just so good. Top 5 Cartoons IMO
  3. gumby


    I love Hanna-Barbera cartoons. I love that their legacy may live on in new forms but worried they won't be as good as the original incarnations
  4. I LOVED this cartoon, wish it was never canceled. Anyone else remember it?
  5. I like to follow chronological order. Sometimes I won't do it by accident though.
  6. gumby


    RIP Monty I hope they keep up the quality
  7. gumby

    Amazon Cartoons

    Where did you come across a list like this? Would like to know for the future shows, thanks
  8. gumby

    Samurai Jack Returns

    Darkness GOOOOOOOOD
  9. gumby

    Are you ready for Legend Quest?

    Pretty cool concept, tried not to have my expectations too high and thought it was ok
  10. gumby

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    The Tangled sequel
  11. gumby

    Samurai Jack (Season 5)

    Links are down but thank you for still taking the time to upload!
  12. gumby

    One Piece FUNimation Dub Discussion

    I watched the One Piece Gold Dub in the theaters and really enjoyed the voice acting This is coming from someone who grew up watching the sub. My friend wanted me to tag along.
  13. gumby

    Dragonball Super Dub (Funimation)

    Crazy it's finally happening!
  14. At the end of the day just don't let them hinder your fun and don't feel bad if you like something they don't