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iTunes vs. Amazon

iTunes vs. Amazon  

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  1. 1. Which of the two different video-providing sites do you like and trust more?

    • iTunes
    • Amazon

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This is the first time I've ever posted something on my mind and sharing it with the rest of the community. Anyways, I learned that Amazon delivers way more episodes of your favorite shows that seem somewhat exclusive even for iTunes to follow, such as Bunnicula from Boomerang. Although the new episodes have already aired either on television or online VOD/streaming. In fact, I've compared two different sites:


iTunes vs. Amazon


Also, it is my understand that Amazon offers videos in their correct aspect ratios while iTunes sometimes doesn't. Then I compared how many MB both Amazon and iTunes WEB-DLs hold. And although Amazon contains less MB than iTunes, AMZN WEB-DLs still retain their high video and audio quality. You could say that AMZN WEB-DLs gives users more space in their hard drives (internal and external) than iT WEB-DLs do. In conclusion, I trust and like Amazon way more than iTunes.

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Amazon is better for HD most of the time though there are cases where iTunes and others have been better so may be worth comparing each series.

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15 hours ago, ElementalCards said:

iTunes. Amazon Video can crash sometimes, which can be annoying. And "downloading" for offline viewing can corrupt for whatever reason, thus forcing me to use internet connection.

It's sad that you live in a world where iTunes delivers better video streaming than Amazon, it's just tragic.

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I've found that iTunes is virtually abandoned in terms of new content releases. Many of the big players, and even some smaller ones, have moved on to Amazon.


This even applies to "upgrades" for shows already on iTunes, e.g. SD to HD.

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The thing is, legally iTunes gives you a download you can view offline, while Amazon is streaming only. I believe Amazon does have some sort of offline viewing mechanic, but if it's still around it was a pretty poor implementation with a lower quality video selection, etc.


However, in pirating terms, Amazon WEB-DL is typically better quality than an iTunes WEB-DL, while generally having smaller file size. Not always, such in when a show is really grainy and bitrate is needed, Amazon actually gives it the bits needed while iTunes doesn't. iTunes generally has a specific size set for everything and so some things will be bloated while other things will be overcompressed. Like for example, one show may be 800MB an episode at iTunes but 2.2 GB an episode at Amazon, while another show may be 800MB an episode at iTunes but only 500MB at Amazon.


Audio is typically better at Amazon too... Since they offer 5.1 E-AC3, while iTunes tends to be a lower bitrate 2.0 AAC.


Generally for some odd reason iTunes seems to crop like 4px on the sides and release 1916x718 instead of 1920x1080 in a lot of cases.


That isn't to say Amazon is always better though. Comparisons are needed on a show by show basis.


Amazon will sometimes be bitrate starved when iTunes isn't.


Sometimes Amazon is sharper but full of compression artifacts while iTunes is blurrier and over-cropped. So it's sometimes simply selecting the lesser of two issues as neither may be perfect.

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