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  1. Yellow-Flash is a softsub mix of DVD R1 and AonE for most of the canon episodes. For the rest there is only DVD R1 and CR, so you would have to transcribe the AVI.
  2. OG Naruto DarkDream and the Movies are on xdcc https://xdcc.kametsu.com/ No idea on Shippuuden though.
  3. Gin

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    The comics became boring too.
  4. The Fairly Odd Parents. Though Timmy was abused he is still a jerk.
  5. Gin

    Best Quality Spongebob Squarepants' episodes

    I think all dvdrips are with handbrake so there won't be much improvement no matter which rip you get. In other words DVD is best, but for current rips you can just compare them with the mediainfo details.
  6. They are on xdcc https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=cloaknsmoke one piece -720p
  7. Yeah, The R1 are better than the cropped R2J log sets and the rentals but the R2J retail are better than all 3 and those are what SOFCJ used. The comparisons you are talking about only compared R1, R2J log sets and the R2J rentals. The R2J retails were never compared.
  8. Urotsuki said they were planning to re-do the SOFCJ R2J 1-206. Not sure if they still are.
  9. Can batch remux (after bulk rename) these or the ones by yellow-flash Subtitles: https://animetosho.org/file/naruto-subtitles-contains-naruto-shippuuden-subtitles-too-7z.528683
  10. I think SOFCJ (cropped Animax HD) and SB-Raw (R2J) are better?
  11. Gin

    Bleach Subtitles Quality

    Bump, also curious. I checked a few lines of one episode and so far I prefer Lunar.
  12. Most live action 1080p is much more bitstarved than 720p on iTunes.
  13. Gin

    How to cut a video?

    Avisynth and MeGUI AVS Cutter https://kametsu.com/topic/62489-splitting-in-megui/ http://blackstaranime.forum.com.bz/t406-cutting-splitting-merging-video-and-audio
  14. Gin

    Need info on this anime.

    Direct: https://animetosho.org/search?q=Cossette Torrent: https://nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=Cossette&s=seeders&o=desc
  15. Gin

    Need info on this anime.

    Le Portrait de Petit Cossette/コゼットの肖像/Cossette no Shouzou