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  1. Who wants Steam codes for Star Wars games? I just bought the Humble Bundle Star Wars III, only some of the games I already have. First up is Battlefront II. First come first serve.

    1. RikuoAmero


      Also available is Jedi Outcast II

    2. ZeroPenguins


      Can I also have your steam account? k thx

  2. Hello Kametsu. Guess who's back. For those who don't know, I was a member way back when. Joined in '10, haven't been around since '14.

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    2. ZeroPenguins
    3. teshro


      @Tanisdo you have any proof to be able to make these claims?

    4. Tanis



  3. What is it with women? Two cute girls I've been talking to on OKCupid just deleted their accounts without warning, and not only that, but my oldest sister, whom I haven't seen in about 17 years, found me on Facebook. Sent a message asking if I am indeed her brother, I reply yes, we exchange Skype contacts...and then complete silence. I'm like WTF? I've left her messages saying when I'm free but nothing at all from her end.

    1. UltorCorp


      She probably wants the D, but has conflicted feelings about for obvious reasons

  4. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140731/15051528076/court-says-who-cares-if-ireland-is-another-country-course-doj-can-use-warrant-to-demand-microsoft-cough-up-your-emails.shtml Even if Microsoft USA order MS Ireland to hand over the data...MS Ireland employees would talk to their Irish legal counsel, who would tell them to not do it, so...doesn't the US judge realise that at that point, MS USA's hands would be tied?
  5. Any Star Trek fan not excited about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMqtorzgKb8 doesn't deserve the title. There's a couple of Trek regulars there and at least three regulars from Battlestar Galactica in it (Saul and Ellen Tigh, Tom Zarek)

  6. Okay, going to attempt to set up my Raspberry Pi as both a VPN and an email server. Wish me luck guys!

  7. Then I'd simply point out that the particular bot in question was not mine and I had no control over it to begin with. =pNone of my bots say that; nor would I type with such poor grammar. Sounds more like shaq's bot. Ahh...but the bot talks on the Kametsu channel on IRC, a channel you set up and operate. Now they can paint this as a conspiracy...shit I shouldn't be doing their work for them
  8. I'm watching a blu-ray rip of Oniai, meaning I get to see nipples with none of those annoying sunbeams in the way. However, one of the girls just flipped the bird...and that got censored. WTF?

  9. LG Smart TV you say? https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140511/17430627199/lg-will-take-smart-out-your-smart-tv-if-you-dont-agree-to-share-your-viewing-search-data-with-third-parties.shtml https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20131119/06503625288/lg-smart-tv-caught-collecting-data-files-stored-connected-usb-drives.shtml
  10. They use to let you refute suspensions. FUNimation, etc.. tried 3 or 4 times in the past to get out Paypal shutdown by lying and saying we were "forcing" people to "pay" for downloads as well as "using money earned to buy their products to release". 1. We've never had any fund raiser to buy shit from FUNimation for distribution. People distribute VOBs/m2ts/ISOs elsewhere for free. 2. We've never forced people to 'donate', and funds that were donated were never used to purchase anime (except the one Zatch Bell fundraiser I had). Now though Paypal just suspends without warning and doesn't tell you why and they say you're not able to refute the claim either. One thing you've got to understand about lawyer types is they are paid to twist words and definitions. I would not put it past them to use this line I got from one of the bots on IRC "Do you enjoy download BLu-ray Like Encodes at uncapped speeds, then plz donate to keep the server alive." and paint that as 'forcing' people to pay for 'downloads'. They'd twist it by saying that this sentence means that minus donations, you would shut down the bot and thus restrict downloads. If this ever came to trial (not outside the realm of possibility), I wouldn't be surprised if this argument swayed a jury member or two. ...but this means I'd have to get off my lazy arse and actually, you know...walk into the bank and give instructions!
  11. Goddamit! I really should have booked time off work to go to the annual anime con next week. MasakoX is gonna be there!

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    2. RikuoAmero



      "Hello, [Work-place] HR Office"

      "Hi, this is [My name] [My Section]. I'm calling in sick."

      "Oh my, what with may I ask?"


    3. Arian


      Go with the flu, that's common.

    4. Nintendon't
  12. Anyway, Koby, your chaoxide paypal account can't receive money. Thought I'd let you know.

  13. That's odd. My status updates here seem to keep disappearing. I've left two in the last couple of hours, and they don't show up when I refresh the page. I've tried loading this page in a browser that I never use, and my status updates still don't show up

  14. So with my landlandy having visitors over to look at the apartment to entice them to buy...would now be a good time to go into the Ecchi section of the forums, print off a few pics and stick them on my wall? ^_^

    1. Dirty Coin
    2. RikuoAmero


      Ah yes, the infamous toothbrush 'rape' scene...classic

  15. If you install Origin on your computer and redeem the following product key I-LOVE-THE-SIMS (with the dashes in between), you'll get Sims 2 with all expansions and stuff packs, for the low low price of 0. 12GB download

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    2. RikuoAmero


      Hmm...I've downloaded it and installed it, and already have problems. Namely, I'm stuck at 800x600 resolution. Never had a problem with my torrented copy...

    3. Spacecreepkitan


      odd, I haven't installed it yet. But yeah, I didn't have too many issues with my torrented copy either... but I installed that so long ago.

    4. ZeroPenguins


      Oh sweet, thanks for the status post!

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