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  1. mcmxcixmm

    Avatar is an anime!

    Everything for Avatar but the actual animation was made in America. It's American.
  2. mcmxcixmm

    Avatar is an anime!

    It depends on language, not country. In Japanese, "anime" means any animation in general. In English, "anime" means Japanese animation. The exact same word can easily mean different things in different languages, even if the root word is the same.
  3. mcmxcixmm

    Avatar is an anime!

    No. Anime is Japanese animation. Avatar is American.
  4. mcmxcixmm

    questions about deinterlacing DVDs

    HandBrake has separate Deinterlace, Decomb, and Detelecine filters. You seem to be confusing those.
  5. mcmxcixmm

    questions about deinterlacing DVDs

    Never, ever re-encode audio unless you absolutely have to! Use a method called passthrough (in HandBrake), or stream copy (in other applications like FFmpeg). That will preserve the original audio stream bit-for-bit. (And re-encoding in AC3 makes no sense anyways.)
  6. Now there's something we can certainly agree on! (OTOH the accounts of Kametsu users are almost literally a drop in the ocean of MEGA, so even if everyone here stopped paying for it, it would not change a thing.)
  7. Free MEGA account users (as opposed to completely anonymous users) seem to get a full 5 GB every time.
  8. mcmxcixmm

    questions about deinterlacing DVDs

    Hold on, there are people seriously recommending AviSynth for casual use!? @wit6 The program you should be using for the actual encoding is HandBrake. To get rid of the interlacing with minimal quality loss, you want the Deinterlace filter set to Decomb and the Interlace Detection set to Default (these are both default options). I strongly recommend setting Preset (the middle option) to EEDI2 - it is not the default, and it will make the encode much slower, but I have found the other options there to produce highly inferior quality in my personal testing. You should also determine if your source disc is telecined or not (if it's at 29.97fps and only about half the frames have combing that's probably the case), if so set the Detelecine filter to Default. And of course, do read up on the various other options HandBrake offers so you don't waste lots of time on an encode only to realize you should have changed a parameter or two.
  9. mcmxcixmm

    MKV vs MP4

    Nobody should be using MP4 for releases anymore. MKV is the standard for very good reason.
  10. XDCC is beyond terrible. I just went into detail about that in another topic, which this one should probably be merged into BTW.
  11. I actually forgot to mention: the rare stuff was usually on the slowest bots, and also quite often the most difficult ones (sometimes impossible) to even access.
  12. You bring up one (and only one) very strong point, but miss two others. First of all, MEGA can auto-resume downloads that get cut off, at least in the default web interface. (This may or may not be true for downloader apps, but I personally haven't seen any use for those with MEGA since the limit bypass was fixed in any case - you can batch download in the web UI too, after all.) Second, unlike free accounts, which force you to stop after every 5 GB, with paid accounts you get the entire quota allocation right away. So it becomes extremely tempting to download a bunch of stuff at the beginning of each month... leaving you facing the free limitations for the rest of the billing period. Although this is a psychological downside, as someone who used to constantly run into monthly Internet quotas that worked the same way: it is VERY real.
  13. I don't think you understood what I was saying. You can download 600 GB per month for free, with no plan at all. You are paying $5 every month to increase your bandwidth to less than double that amount. It's ridiculous.
  14. You're basically paying for less than double the bandwidth: 5 GB * 24/6 hours * 30 days per month = 600 GB, as opposed to the 1 TB for the $4.99 plan. It's a ripoff, not a bargain!
  15. It is the worst method for longevity in particular! Back when it was more popular, you have no idea how many times I wanted to download a file, only to find that the user wasn't online at the time, the trigger had been disabled for various reasons, or - surprisingly often - the user had seemingly decided to leave the server. And that's to say nothing of the ridiculous problems with download speed, or even worse the impossibility of connecting to some servers because of port issues.