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  1. It is vastly inferior in so many ways, and youtube-dl is basically considered the professional standard at this point.
  2. The ONLY correct way to download from YouTube (and most similar sites) is using youtube-dl. It gives you the original quality (unless you tell it not to).
  3. To clarify: I am no longer looking for this because it is now widely available.
  4. Please note that this request has been fulfilled.
  5. Please note that this request has been fulfilled.
  6. 720p might be okay if nobody else is able to do it, especially for season 4, but 1080p would obviously be preferable.
  7. Please note that I am still looking for this!
  8. Please note that this request has been fulfilled.
  9. Please ignore my previous post in this topic - I am still looking for this.
  10. Please consider this request closed as I am no longer looking for this.
  11. As I pointed out, it just does not seem to be possible to rip directly at this time, but obtaining season 4 is important regardless of the exact quality level. It's bizarre - is there really nobody here able and willing to cap from Amazon US!? Finding a capper usually isn't the hard part, but it seems to be in this case...
  12. As mentioned in the updated post above, I'm willing to contribute for season 4 if needed. Is there anyone here with a US Amazon account and a high-quality HD capping setup (since it's apparently no longer possible to rip directly from Amazon)?
  13. This show has finally been released in its entirety, and in HD... but it's ludicrously expensive at $3 per episode. Anyone else willing to chip in for the first 3 seasons (I can contribute for season 4 if needed), and/or rip this?
  14. I'm talking about you making the post for him.
  15. No offence, but was there a particular reason why he was unable to post this himself?