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  1. I've found that iTunes is virtually abandoned in terms of new content releases. Many of the big players, and even some smaller ones, have moved on to Amazon. This even applies to "upgrades" for shows already on iTunes, e.g. SD to HD.
  2. But isn't that a contradiction? If a show was made in 720p (not that I'm aware of any such shows) it was intended to be seen in no higher than 720p...
  3. That's outsourcing, though. What matters is the primary country (or countries) of production.
  4. @CHM-XAC Have you tried the Brave theme, though? It's very dark - only a portion of the header is white, excluding content like text obviously. In fact, I was just forced to switch to it after the old default theme disappeared for some reason - wonder if @Koby has any details on that...
  5. @Koby Thanks for posting that image - it's rare to get to see the admin panel and judge it for yourself! I would strongly recommend switching to Elasticsearch for this reason alone: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-scaleable-search-and-interface-improvements-r1062/
  6. I think you misunderstood my post. You didn't quote the second half of it, which helps explain what I meant in the first half. Please read it again.
  7. @Koby Please do not make it policy to close request topics, except in exceptional cases. Tagging them with "Filled" (or "Cancelled") is vastly preferable, because closing them encourages additional request topics on the same show - or even worse, request posts in the resulting Content Distro topics! Even if a request is completed a higher quality version of the show might become available, the show might get renewed, there might be additional material to request, etc. Also it prevents editing posts afterwards, e.g. in case of embarrassing mistakes.
  8. @Cesario @Koby The topic title heavily implies MEGA is somehow directly involved. I would strongly suggest changing it - just because ZDNet writes it doesn't mean we should here. Please stop reading and spreading awful anti-Firefox propaganda. It is essentially pro-Chrome brainwashing at this point because even if you don't use Chrome it is the only real alternative for the general public. Firefox was virtually unusable pre-Quantum because it had fallen so far behind the competition - whatever Quantum's minor technical faults, it leapfrogged every other browser with version 57, and hasn't looked back. Even with the Google services issue, it's often still faster on those sites than Chrome because it's faster overall! As for the privacy silliness - sure Mozilla has done a few questionable things, but the problem is that Firefox is incredibly dependent on Google for revenue which is very obviously a bad thing. So Mozilla does look for other revenue opportunities, while trying to ensure that users always have the opportunity to disable and/or opt out of any such "features" (sometimes opt in depending on severity). Complaining about when Mozilla goes too far is absolutely valid, but the vast majority of these complaints imply that there are better alternatives, when all of them - including the Firefox forks - are much worse for a variety of reasons. (You may want to read up on Brave before you make a mistake switching browsers, by the way.)
  9. I'm quite sure that's incorrect, as the cartoons download section has been hidden for years in my experience. Also, isn't that particular show in the VIP section, which you need a very large number of posts to access even with an account?
  10. Where are you seeing these "up-to-the-episode current cartoons being uploaded out in the open for even guests to get at"? Almost all of the content distro is hidden, including all of the cartoon sections...
  11. How are eBooks/audiobooks related to anime/cartoons? Because if we're talking general books, that's a great way to get this site shut down! And in any case, it would incredibly unfair to add unrelated sections when we still don't even have a usable soundtracks forum.
  12. Just made my 256th post, with another soundtrack upload actually.
  13. Did you not read the topic title somehow? You have to be a VIP.
  14. Well, that certainly explains the comics part - always interesting to read a bit of history about this site. But I think that if there were a dedicated OST forum, it would be used more. It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem, so the only way to really know is to create a separate forum and see what happens. And in any case, as long as the soundtracks remain hidden under VIP access I think it's going to be quite tough to get anyone to post them...
  15. Could this please be created? I don't care what happens to the current version (though I have no idea why OSTs and comics were stuck together), but it is a huge deterrent to uploading soundtracks here that most users cannot access them. Perhaps it could be restricted to cartoons only, if the anime community doesn't want this changed? It is especially a problem given the very strong competition from ffshrine.org (which only requires registration to access links, no posts at all!) - personally I'm much more inclined to put soundtracks there instead because of this issue, even though I would vastly prefer to keep all cartoon stuff on this great site.
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