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  1. I understood everything now, thanks for the explanation! I intended to get some old series etc, but from what you explained to me I think I'm going to analyze iTunes more, to see if I'll let it go, if I leave, I'll try another platform.
  2. I understood your explanation, but how and the process of these WEB-DLS that are in mkv? The files are from iTunes right? And also the music files already come in the m4a format? And can I play them on other devices?
  3. To get an iTunes file on the PC, I need to convert it? Example: I buy a season of some series, will it go direct to the files on my PC? Or is it inside iTunes for me to watch? And if I want the season of some series on Mkv do I need to convert it from iTunes? Or iTunes already give me that format? Can anyone explain how the TV Season purchasing process works in iTunes?
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