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  1. You may be pleased to know that ToonAVision will be available to me soon, according to them.



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    2. Arian


      I just talked to a Bell representative and they told me they have no control over that and they just broadcast in whatever resolution the channel is offered in.


      I have to go by their word. Because honestly, what's talked about in forums is a lot of back-and-forth speculation. Plus it looks damn good either way and has way less pixelation than Rogers had for example.

    3. Arian
    4. dangerousvhs


      Yeah, I guess without access to the data there's just no way to know. May as well be 144p for all we know. I'm surprised it's better than Rogers though. Well, hope it serves you well.

  2. Rest in peace, Stephen Hillenburg. You were an inspiration and a gift to me and a lot of us growing up.

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    2. TheOneWhoSees


      @MarioSonicU it will probably just keep on going until the end of time.

    3. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      While I do feel sad for the talented animator, I can't say I ever liked Spongebob, not to mention that SP kinda ruined Nick, sending them onto a quest to find a series just as successful - a quest that still goes on and keeps burying good series which didn't manage to attract as many watchers.

    4. Arian


      @Bersu Ryvec While that's true, that's not on Hillenburg at all. To suggest that he's at any fault for simply creating a well-received show is ludicrous.

  3. Arian

    Any deviantART Users Here?

    Did you use fanart of existing characters or stock images? Don't get me wrong, it's stupid either way, but I'm just wondering how stupid they are.

    1. ElementalCards


      Lol wtf?? 😂 I would be pissed if I only earned $13 for solving the puzzle. Also, lmao at the edited puzzles.

  5. Rocking the Sailor Moon/Usagi/Serena look in honour of my two good pals, @ElementalCards and @OneEcchiBoi


    Love you guys to death!

    1. (Kirito)


      Love kametsu after death too ☠️😇😍.

    2. OneEcchiBoi
    3. ElementalCards




      My sincere apologies for not seeing this before. I reverted back to my Serena avatar just because... reasons!


      Your a wonderful friend, thanks dude. We have to catch up this week, that's a promise.

  6. https://www.amazon.ca/Batman-Animated-CSR-Blu-ray-Various/dp/B07J3BBYSS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1540943392&sr=8-1&keywords=batman+the+animated+series+blu+ray
  7. Arian

    HIRING: Request Section Moderator

    Personally I'd love to help out and clean up the muck that gets littered on this site. While I don't think I'll get chosen due to a few misdeeds of the past, I'd at least like to talk to you about it and see where it goes. Plus, I think you'll need need someone with experience in organizing threads and whatnot.
  8. Arian

    Dinosaucers on amazon prime video

    It's a MySpleen exclusive. http://imgbox.com/w4bOF3Qf I can upload it here if the demand is high.
  9. My whole life...



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    2. Koby


      @Koby why you such a bully bro?

    3. gskumar


      tagging own name (□_□) SEPPUKU??????

    4. ElementalCards


      Mr Krabs is greedy, but my supv is more of an asshole than he is. I have no tolerance for bipolar people.

  10. Arian

    Random Talk.

    I'm going to take this quote and re-post it from time to time to remind people of this because of how true it is.
  11. Arian

    Dinosaucers on amazon prime video

    It's already been ripped from Amazon, just for the record.
  12. Expect AMZN rips of Skatoony and Robotboy courtesy of TRAiTOR.

  13. Elementary school or high school, it's all good. What was the type of class you sort of looked forward too? Also, what was the type of class you most dreaded? (I know there's at least a few)
  14. Lesson learned. Don't try to conduct any sort of trade on BTN. You'll just be sorely ridiculed.

    1. DJStarfish


      I understand about this. Even though I recently joined HDBits, just want to join BTN in the future.

    2. DigiPokeMon


      Did you get banned or something on BTN @Arian ?



    3. Koby
  15. We all know you're talking about me, but you're stuck with me now, deal with it. XP
  16. I have reason to believe that Cartoon Network Canada got all new HD masters for their late night airings of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.


    I only caught the tail end of it but according to TV Passport it was Lazy Bones/Two Old Men and a Locked Box, a Season 2 episode. Not even Hulu has that in HD if memory serves correct.


    Let me know what you think, dude.



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    2. dangerousvhs


      Sorry to disappoint but this isn't all that new. https://kametsu.com/topic/58209-mega-the-marvelous-misadventures-of-flapjack-27-46-tvrip-1080p-complete/

    3. DawnShadow.


      Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It’s episodes 1-26 that need updating. Thanks again for those, @dangerousvhs! :)

    4. dangerousvhs


      They're probably still SD I'm afraid.

  17. Arian

    Official Vent Thread

    Did something piss you right off today? Take the time to post about it, it might get your anger out. Let me start. So I'm this Dragon Ball group on Discord. One of the members recorded Dragon Ball GT off which was airing on Fuji2, which means high quality, Stereo Japanese audio. Everyone in the group is supposed to have access to them, but what do I get when I click on the link? I ask everybody including the ADMIN of the group and all I get is "Ask person B." I even asked the uploader of these files, who isn't person B, and he has the balls to say that everyone has access. Then the douchebag says that he won't re-upload the files and to "bother" person B with this, not him. Now why don't I just ask this person B? Apparently person B won't give you access to these files which aren't even his unless you have something to give him in return. So it's all just a bunch of selfish horseshit!
  18. Arian

    Official Vent Thread

    This weekend has been a real spirit breaker to say the least.
  19. Arian

    Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS

    The dub is coming out on September 1st. This could be your chance to see something when its new. Haha.
  20. Arian

    AT&T Now Owns Crunchyroll

    I don't blame you. If nothing else, a few big companies controlling everything isn't good.
  21. Arian

    Say my name...

    1. SSJLuffy


      You're Heisenberg

    2. Arian


      You're goddamn right I am.

  22. Arian

    DBZ Kai Ocean Dub

    That is all dependent on whether or not their dub of Kai airs on TV. While it's entirely possible that Wow! would contract FUNimation for their episodes of The Final Chapters and Super, I don't personally see that happening and it certainly wouldn't be consistent with their actions to recover Ocean's dub from the ruins. So for the time being, they just have Kai 1.0 to distribute, and it's up to Wow! Unlimited to finance more episodes getting made. As well as the company that contracted Ocean in the first place. It would be downright foolish in anyone's eyes to dub any more of the franchise until a distribution platform is properly set up for them.
  23. Arian

    DBZ Kai Ocean Dub

    Well, it's not so much Ocean, but who hired Ocean, which we won't know until it possibly airs in Canada. Ocean is currently in talks with Wow! Unlimited Media who just registered their own network in conjunction with Bell Media regarding broadcasting it. If Toei signs off on it, and the price is right for everybody, we'll be seeing it. But as far as the production itself, that's all said and done, they've dubbed all 98 episodes of Kai 1.0 already.
  24. Thanks to everyone who sent me well birthday wishes over the weekend. I really appreciate it!


    I just kept forgetting to actually thank you guys. XP

    1. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      You're very welcome!

  25. This is the Gravity Falls Journal 3 Special Edition released last year and then swiftly discontinued. Poor girl never even had a chance... https://www.ebay.com/itm/GRAVITY-FALLS-Journal-3-SPECIAL-EDITION-Limited-BRAND-NEW-/123032514081?nma=true&si=aoFpdrUbPtsubid9tGa1TVVIh9w%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If anyone here has this, please respond and name your price. I hope it's nothing too outrageous though.