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Found 2 results

  1. TheShadowDragon

    iTunes vs. Amazon

    This is the first time I've ever posted something on my mind and sharing it with the rest of the community. Anyways, I learned that Amazon delivers way more episodes of your favorite shows that seem somewhat exclusive even for iTunes to follow, such as Bunnicula from Boomerang. Although the new episodes have already aired either on television or online VOD/streaming. In fact, I've compared two different sites: iTunes vs. Amazon Also, it is my understand that Amazon offers videos in their correct aspect ratios while iTunes sometimes doesn't. Then I compared how many MB both Amazon and iTunes WEB-DLs hold. And although Amazon contains less MB than iTunes, AMZN WEB-DLs still retain their high video and audio quality. You could say that AMZN WEB-DLs gives users more space in their hard drives (internal and external) than iT WEB-DLs do. In conclusion, I trust and like Amazon way more than iTunes.
  2. L4ugh

    Amazon Customers Beware!

    So I was watching the latest episode of Tekzilla today, and then they mentioned this blogg post. Amazon apparently decided to delete some women's account, and all her purchased books along with it. To make matters worse, they never actually told her what she did wrong. They just fed her a bunch of BS and told her good luck finding someone else. While the blogg post isn't entirely accurate, it seems the kindle was already broken, they did delete her account. Tekzilla hinted at the reason being due to her bouncing her ip address. She was apparently trying to gain access to books she couldn't get in Norway. Even if that is the case, I still don't see justification in deleting her account. What do you guys think of this? It seems to be yet another example of how big business is ruining the internet. I would definitely back up your ebooks after buying them. It would've saved this women a lot of money. You can find the Tekzilla video here. The part about Amazon starts around 3:30. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Thought that since it had to do with ebooks/readers and internet purchases, that this would be the better place.