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  1. https://dbproject.info is officially the worst site on the Internet. At least the worst forum. You need to have points to download stuff. You need to make posts to get points. You need to have posts to make posts. Like, what the fuck? And horrifyingly, people are actually offering their archives to this site. They'd be much better off doing it here.
  2. Hello i just wanted to know if you have the Dragon Ball, z MOVIES from madman dvd as they have in fullscreen the same masters as funi but with better compression making them better


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jazzie
    3. jazzie


      I guess it depends on the movie


    4. kojiroryuga




      even the widescreen have issues it's not a pb, if you watch the tv series you also have issues too even if it was made fullscreen

  3. My homie's back tho!! :DDD


    How was your 3 weeks off?

  4. I'm more of a Shanghai Noodles type guy, but I guess I'll go with Chow Mein. I used to kill stir-fried rice in high school though. Quentin Tarantino or Hayao Miyazaki? (Apples and Oranges but hey. XD)
  5. Shouldn't it be red vs. blue? I think you just wanted to compare Starfire and Raven again, didn't you? XP I'm gonna go with red hair. Purple hair is cute too, but there's something about red hair and blonde hair that's a turn-on for me. Kimono or French maid outfit?
  6. Oh, definitely House Music if that's what Daft Punk is. Danish or Eclair?
  7. I have a Tooncore update for anyone interested. He says he has two free MEGA accounts, but he can't post much content as he used to because he has a 120GB cap on his Internet and he's always working so he doesn't have the time to post much anyway.

    1. noob447


      *and the heavens opened up with a bright glow as the choir sang*

    2. spaceman99


      Let's hope the links (once uploaded) don't get DMCA'd right away...I recall that was the cause the last time he tried, before that link sharers...

      Be great to see TC back in action!

  8. I'm gonna say Chicken because there are more things with Chicken to be enjoyed. That said, I fucks with beef. Techno or Synth Rock?
  9. I sleep on my side more often than not, but overall, it's pretty even. Japanese or Korean (Food)?
  10. Batgirl, f'sho! She's the real deal. Arthur or The Berenstain Bears?
  11. Getting asked out by a girl would boost my confidence a little, so I would like that more. Disney World or Universal Studios?
  12. Your going to do Fighting Foodons!! Your a GOD, I have been looking for a version of this since I discovered the internet


  13. I will be getting the DVD and ripping it. Always wanted to see Fighting Foodons ever since it was on the FoxBox.
  14. I am a soda FREAK so soda. I won't pass up a glass of juice though. Have a brother or a sister?