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  1. Arian

    Dinosaucers on amazon prime video

    It's a MySpleen exclusive. http://imgbox.com/w4bOF3Qf I can upload it here if the demand is high.
  2. My whole life...



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    2. Koby


      @Koby why you such a bully bro?

    3. gskumar


      tagging own name (□_□) SEPPUKU??????

    4. ElementalCards


      Mr Krabs is greedy, but my supv is more of an asshole than he is. I have no tolerance for bipolar people.

  3. Hey, @MarioSonicU is looking for the YTV broadcasts of DBZ episodes 54-167 and I was wondering if you had some.

  4. Arian

    Random Talk.

    I'm going to take this quote and re-post it from time to time to remind people of this because of how true it is.
  5. Arian

    Dinosaucers on amazon prime video

    It's already been ripped from Amazon, just for the record.
  6. Hey there. A while back you mentioned that you had ISOs of Madman's DBZ DVDs. Do you still plan on uploading them?

  7. Hello Arian, you might remember me, back in 2016 I came to this site to ask if you could record the episodes that Canada aired earlier of Transformers Robots in Disguise.


    Once again, our Canadian brothers are gonna get ahead of us in the USA with their airing schedule, The new show, Transfromers Cyberverse, Airs two 11 minute episodes every week in Teletoon instead of only one, in fact, this sunday, they aired both episode 5 and 6 instead of merely episode 5 like we got in USA.


    I'd like to ask if by any sheer chance you'd have a recording of the episode 6 of the show, and if not, I'd also like to ask if you would be interested in recording the upcoming episodes arriving in the upcoming weeks. It would be great if you could help us get our hands on the content faster.


    Thank you for your attention, cheers.

    1. Arian


      Here you are, friend.







    2. Turbomaster


      Awesome! Thank you Arian, you're the real deal, I'll share it with other fans ASAP.

  8. Arian

    Blu-ray disc refuses to be decrypted

    Well, I don't have another Blu-ray drive, I would have tried that, in fact I'm lucky to have this one. It rips any other disc just fine so I'm fairly certain about it's ability. I would love for someone else to try it. You're on! I'll have it to you right away. Would you like me to put the link here or on a Discord PM?
  9. I'm currently decrypting Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Season 2 on Blu-ray. The set comes in 6 discs, all but Disc 2 decrypted like normal. I tried ripping it on 3 different programs: DVDFab, AnyDVD, and MakeMKV. When none of them worked, I called Amazon.com and ordered a replacement copy. It arrived today. I put it in my drive, loaded it up, and guess what? Still claiming a disc error! What can I do to bypass this? All of the other discs work fine so there's no excuse for this one disc to be immune from all decryption. Can you guys suggest any alternative programs or methods I can use to try on it? Thank you.
  10. I sended you a PM. If you wanna go check it out :)

    1. DJStarfish


      @GordonQuid I wonder if you can rip Furiki Wheels in French from France 4. Because I want to see this show, but it hasn't been announced either any Canadian channel. If you rip them all, please PM me.

    2. GordonQuid


      Okay i will send you some episodes.

  11. Expect AMZN rips of Skatoony and Robotboy courtesy of TRAiTOR.

  12. Lesson learned. Don't try to conduct any sort of trade on BTN. You'll just be sorely ridiculed.

    1. DJStarfish


      I understand about this. Even though I recently joined HDBits, just want to join BTN in the future.

    2. DigiPokeMon


      Did you get banned or something on BTN @Arian ?



    3. Koby


      Oi Niko.

  13. Hey, I was wondering if you managed to save the DBZ Madman tapes. I specifically need volume 21, Transformation.

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    2. LTCProductions


      I was able to get into the Dropbox link, however, the RAR is somehow having a problem extracting, giving me a checksum error. Do you think you can provide the video?

    3. Arian
    4. LTCProductions


      I got it, thank you anyway.

  14. We all know you're talking about me, but you're stuck with me now, deal with it. XP
  15. Arian

    Rip closed captioning from TV?

    It can't be done with Canadian TV. Reason being is that most countries operate through cable cards, which allow the user of the terminal to transfer both live broadcasts and DVR recordings directly to their PC. But the CRTC frowns upon being able to do that, so the only way you're going to be able to get content from Canadian TV is to record it in real time with a capture card which doesn't include closed captioning. I guess you could just enable closed captioning and then record it, but then they'll be hard subbed into the content, there would be no way to disable them from there.