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  1. Are you there?

  2. Do you have Arthur S16 downloaded from BTN? If so, can you seed it for me, I'm less than 1% away from finishing it. T_T

  3. Also what episode of each series if you're privy to that information.
  4. Also what episode of each series if you're privy to that information.
  5. Stretching 4:3 to 16:9 in Adobe Premiere

    Yeah, but if the aspect ratio or something else is messed up, how are you going to fix it?
  6. Stretching 4:3 to 16:9 in Adobe Premiere

    I figured out how to do it. So you still get rid of the black bars by going to Sequence and then changing the width from 1920 to 1440. Then you don't do anything until you export it. Change the height back to a widescreen height there and then under Source Scaling, toggle to Stretch to Fill. Unlike with the MeGUI idea, you don't have to encode it twice.
  7. So I recorded something that's 16:9 but was stretched to 4:3, so I've got something that was originally 16:9, stretched to 4:3, and then pillarboxed back to 16:9. (I hate that shit! DX) I did set the picture to 1440x1080 which perfectly crops out the black bars. But the question is, how to I stretch it back to it's original aspect ratio? Any input welcome.
  8. The first is the Wakfu Kickstarter Blu-ray set that was discontinued following the Kickstarter. http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Wakfu-The-Complete-Box-Set-Blu-ray/124802/ The second is the Gravity Falls Journal 3 Special Edition released last year and then swiftly discontinued. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GRAVITY-FALLS-Journal-3-SPECIAL-EDITION-Limited-BRAND-NEW-/123032514081?nma=true&si=aoFpdrUbPtsubid9tGa1TVVIh9w%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If anyone here has one or both of these items, please respond and name your price. I hope it's nothing too outrageous though.
  9. Hey, man. Not to drive you bonkers with this, but could you finish seeding Arthur S16 for me? I'm like less than a percent away from being done. T_T

  10. Does this mean you'll finally get a reality show starring you and Adalee on ABC?
  11. Change iTunes to Amazon and I'm your man.
  12. Just pre-ordered my copy with a friend. Expect me to do something with it.
  13. iTunes vs. Amazon

    It's sad that you live in a world where iTunes delivers better video streaming than Amazon, it's just tragic.
  14. I can still hear the echos cheering my name.

    1. ElementalCards


      Did you win the Pokémon League at last? Or are the ladies cheering for you for a different reason? XP

    2. Saf


      Oh yeah? Well, two can play this game! Magikarp, I choose you! Use a splash attack.

    3. ElementalCards


      This is better than Splash xD