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  1. Hi, all. I'm currently working on an archive for the short-lived edited version of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The first 135 episodes were released on DVD, I have Cartoon World's encodes for 136-209, and I have 210-220 taped off of YTV. But there's one thing I overlooked. The movies and the special. Each one of the following had aired on Cartoon Network/encoded by [C-W] and {C_P] before seeing a DVD release: Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village! - Aired on Cartoon Network on May 19, 2007, released on DVD on May 22, 2007 Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow - Aired on Cartoon Network on September 08, 2007, released on DVD on September 04, 2007 (Though the DVD predates the CN airing, this movie was still encoded {C_P}, I don't know about [C-W]) Legend of the Stone of Gelel - Aired on Cartoon Network on July 26, 2008, released on DVD on July 29, 2008 Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom - Aired on Cartoon Network on November 08, 2008, released on DVD on November 11, 2008 So if anybody has these encodes or any intel on where to get them, it would be most appreciated and put to good use. Thank you. -Arian
  2. He told me he digitized his tape himself already and asked me what's wrong with my copy. I told him but he hasn't replied back to me yet. I may have to message him again.
  3. @animeforever likely did tape everything, but she only has some episodes, not all. Gathering Kids' WB tapes from 2000 and 2001 would likely have Cardcaptors on said tapes and would help our collection.
  4. Don't know but unless I get confirmation from a TV Guide or something, I won't say that. They're complete in the sense that the guy taped the whole episodes of every episode. But he didn't tape any of the cold opens or other segments, so if I could get those elsewhere and splice them with our current tapes, that would be magic right there.
  5. Well, I've decided. I'm going to buy the UHD Blu-ray of Batman and Harley Quinn, watch it, then rip it.
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    2. Arian


      Yeah, totally. Especially at that price? Go for it!

    3. jasonnguyen648


      Windows 10, Intel Core 7th Generation (Kaby Lake, between 4 and 8 cores), 8 GB RAM, and SSD drive is the recommended requirement to rip Ultra HD Blu Ray movie. Could take 1 hour to rendering.

    4. DabDeity710


      Your boy huh? This "friend" of yours sounds pretty shady to me:confuse:

  6. I know this place too well, but screw it, I'll try. I'm looking for a few pieces of lost media that aired on Kids' WB once and never again basically. I just need tapes of a few shows. I'm going to list what shows and what I need of them: Pokémon - The banned episode, "Beauty and the Beach" which aired once on June 24, 2000 and was never seen again on any platform. Cardcaptors - Any episode. First aired on June 17, 2000, last aired on December 28, 2001 and never again. This show had a limited VHS/DVD release, and a lot of segments/footage is missing from them, so TV tapes of this series is crucial to completing my collection. Yu-Gi-Oh! - Two hybrid episodes that aired once a piece and never again. These episodes merged two episodes into one half hour. The first being "Into the Hornet's Nest/The Ultimate Great Moth which aired as a half hour on October 20, 2001 and The Light at the End of the Tunnel/Winning Through Intimidation which aired as a half hour on February 02, 2002. I know there's a very slim chance these will be procured because of limited broadcasts, but I'm still hopeful. If you're interesting in donating your tapes to me, or would like to talk about it beforehand, reply to this thread or personal message me. Thank you kindly. -Arian
  7. What brand of disinfectant did you use?
  8. Still, even with Trump in charge, the Internet is set up in such a way that you would be fine. The real question is, why do you have to send dick pics to Ivanka Trump and Mrs. Brady so effing badly!?
  9. Doing something like that over the Internet is not really illegal unless the recipient is underage. Now doing that in person is another story.
  10. Can you actually download it from the source or will you just screengrab it? Also, would you upload the files to a cloud or just on your streaming site? The point being, I currently have a trial going and I know someone who can download Hulu content so I'll ask him if you're unable to actually download the content.
  11. Links aren't available yet but they will be. I have the season 1 Blu-ray set and I'm just looking for the time to rip the episodes. Then I'll be quick to put them up here: I hope that answers your question.
  12. The format keeps changing. Right now it's *w= 640, h= 480, fps=25.00, fcc=YUY2, bit=16 Sometimes it's 29.97fps, other times it's 25. Currently I've got the blue screen of death even though I checked everything three times and made sure I set the input to Composite, set the video standard to NTSC_M_J, and still I'm getting no visual.
  13. Kids' WB schedule for June 24, 2000. Featuring Beauty and the Beach at 9:00am. Peter Paltridge from ToonZone claims to have recorded the episode on tape, the bad news is that he's a moderator and probably won't be willing to digitize it let alone give the tape out. http://www.toonzone.net/forums/threads/cartoons-with-banned-episodes.5240241/#post-80891681 I'll let you all know if I make any progress with this.
  14. Is anyone planning on getting/uploading KanColle: The Movie on Blu-ray? It comes out in Japan today. I was hoping to get a copy of it as I'm almost done with the series.

  15. Can anybody suggest capture software for me that's not OBS, AmaRec, or VirtualDub? I'd like software that I can use to capture VHS tapes and TV broadcasts in 1080p60 and PCM audio (lossless). OBS' settings are far too low for my taste, AmaRec keeps falling in and out of audio sync, and VirtualDub wouldn't even start capturing for me. Thank you kindly. -Arian