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  1. Thanks for uploading more new episodes, Arian. Also, I found out that "No Day Like Snow Day" is now available on HD at Amazon. Here's the link - https://www.amazon.com/Spooooky-Game/dp/B076XXKVB1/ref=sr_1_1?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1513625305&sr=1-1&keywords=unikitty. In case you need to update that episode.


    I just wanted to let you that in case you didn't read one of my previous messages from months ago.

  2. When will Hoshi no Kabii (Kirby of the Stars) become available for download on MEGA?

  3. Are you sure that's your Discord number? I tried lots of times, but no such luck.
  4. This is the first time I've ever posted something on my mind and sharing it with the rest of the community. Anyways, I learned that Amazon delivers way more episodes of your favorite shows that seem somewhat exclusive even for iTunes to follow, such as Bunnicula from Boomerang. Although the new episodes have already aired either on television or online VOD/streaming. In fact, I've compared two different sites: iTunes vs. Amazon Also, it is my understand that Amazon offers videos in their correct aspect ratios while iTunes sometimes doesn't. Then I compared how many MB both Amazon and iTunes WEB-DLs hold. And although Amazon contains less MB than iTunes, AMZN WEB-DLs still retain their high video and audio quality. You could say that AMZN WEB-DLs gives users more space in their hard drives (internal and external) than iT WEB-DLs do. In conclusion, I trust and like Amazon way more than iTunes.
  5. I believe Avast and CCleaner are the best Antivirus softwares. I used it lots of times and no signs of virus on my laptop.
  6. P.S.: "MythBusters" is at discovery.com just in case the show isn't available at sciencechannel.com.

  7. Hey, Chuck! Just wanna thank you for uploading videos for all of us to download. BTW, I was thinking of downloading 1080p WEBrips of shows, such as "Outrageous Acts of Science", "How It's Made", "MythBusters" and "Outrageous Acts of Danger" from sciencechannel.com. I love those. If for whatever reason you are unable to do so, perhaps you could help me find someone else who will.

  8. 'Sup, Tooncore? You've provided with so many awesome videos. BTW, when will we get to download more new episodes of Family Guy?

    1. Tooncore


      I only have a free MEGA account at this time and Hanna-Barbera will be my main focus as I originally planned.

      I'll be skipping Family Guy and a few other shows until I can get myself another paid account. As well as HB, I'll be adding Ruby-Spears and Filmation content. 

    2. DigiPokeMon


      Hasnt Arian give you acess to his new server yet @Tooncore ?


    3. Arian


      I've made every attempt to make it available to him, but he just doesn't want to accept. I sent him a text today saying that he can still use my server, but he hasn't responded.


      Anything that happens to his accounts is his problem, but unfortunately it will be all of your problems as well because you'll be without his content.

      So I don't know... :(

  9. The Nintendo Switch is super awesome! I would love to own this very first hybrid console, but I think I'll stick with the Wii U for a little while longer.
  10. When will Hoshi no Kabii (Kirby of the Stars) become available for download on MEGA?

  11. When will "Technoscare" become available for download?

    1. PM62


      It hasn't been released by TVSmash yet. I'll get in touch since it looks like it's been released on iTunes on October 15th.

  12. Did that guy ever upload Kirby?

  13. I don't mean to be impatient, but when will subtitled Hoshi no Kabii (Kirby of the Stars) be up for MEGA download?

  14. How'd you manage to find all the episodes of Hoshi no Kabii (Kirby of the Stars)?

  15. Thanks for uploading Beavis and Butt-head. But when I checked every single episode, I couldn't help but noticed that "Plate Frisbee" is missing. Any chance of uploading that, please?

    1. Beave


      That is all I have for Beavis and Butthead. 


      Sorry about that.

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