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  1. Happy birthday @L4ugh. Miss seeing ya around.

    1. Scyrous


      also happy birthday to my boy @eskimotaro even though he hasn't been online in over 10 years


  2. I wonder if Robin Williams' daughter will play Zelda.
  3. This half of the season has been a bit slow, hope things pick up soon.
  4. If you want to learn animation, I'd start simple by learning to animate with flash or even gifs. You're basically drawling a bunch of images that run as a slide show at a set fps. I took flash in college for a web design course and we covered some animation in it. If you lack the money for flash 'the program' or a college course, you may be able to try something like Synfig. I haven't tried it yet myself, but it's on a "things to do when I get motivated" list.
  5. Finally got to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I wish Marvel would put the same quality of work into a proper X-Men movie. Why can't all alien invasions have a 'dance off'.
  6. Yes it should, but johnflower is also right. If you go the dd route, i'd use something like lsblk in your terminal to make sure you have the right drive. You don't want to dd the wrong drive. Any live distro should come with dd so you shouldn't need to worry about installing anything.
  7. Have you tried formatting it with linux? Something like gparted or even dd should be able to do it.
  8. I was expecting this to happen, but I was a little disappointed by how it went down. Even Dale had a better death than Beth. It felt really forced, as if they were killing her off for a reason not related to the show. I really liked her character too, especially during the Beth and Daryl days. She felt like dead wait but her value seem to be more in how she changed the people around her.
  9. Parasite Eve Athena Tsukumo Yuma
  10. This is very unlikely to happen. I believe Koby treats all post made in this forum as belonging to the public domain. Deleting your account would delete those post and leave gaps in threads you posted in. It would also delete all the post of anyone that posted in a thread you created.
  11. If you're referring to the changes to the kametsu site, it's a cheap mod of my original userstyle I posted here. The GTK theme I created myself from the waldorf theme crunchbang linux comes with. I make them to match the websites I frequent often with the GTK themes my browser uses. It seems to be easier on my eyes and gives me less headaches. I'd give you the code to what is shown above but I've already altered it. If you want the newer code I can post it to the link above.
  12. Trying to create a nice dark theme but nothing seems to stick, always prefer my blue one more. Doesn't help that GTK is such a PITA.
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