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PC vs Console gaming

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Positive for PC is that multi-plats look the best, and best of all runs the best.


Positive for consoles is exclusives that you don't get on PC.


Negative for PC is that sometimes you get crappy ports and you don't own physical copies of games.


Negative for consoles is that they're under-powered.

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What are your thoughts on PC gaming vs. Console Gaming?

What are the positive and negatives of both?

About the only upside I can see to consoles are games exclusive to consoles. Sure I can run emulators on a pc but that is not always a guarantee.With PCs I can download games off the internet.If the PC is getting a little slow I can upgrade it.I can usually emulate old console games on my pc.

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One big thing consoles have for them are convenience, with PCs you have to be a bit tech savvy with what drivers you need and what-not, consoles are very easy, but that convenience comes with a flaw, it's limited, there's so much you can do with a console, no mods for example.


Also with PCs you get (usually) multiple controller support. 



EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to add this, with consoles you get stuck with outdated hardware as the years go by, while with PC you can upgrade when you feel like it, no waiting 8 years for the next console! 

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I think it's less 'PC vs Console' and more 'I/My Parents-Only-Had-Money-For-One-Thing-So-Now-I'm-A-Fanboy/girl-For-A-Specific-Platform'.

Same shit happens when you can get the SNES AND the Genesis AND gaming PC AND the Wonderswan.

Kids get all annoying about it and become annoying, sometimes militant, fans of whatever platform they HAPPENED to buy or be given.

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I work quite a bit so I can afford most console releases and have a no bad PC, plus I work from home so its a plus that I can play games on my breaks.

I would love to be more a main stream PC gamer but my PC is mostly done for work but I also just love the ease of consoles. Sooo

Advantages of PCs

  • Massive selection of games to choose from, you can play the most modern games or use emulation to play all the old classics that made gaming that is today.
  • The cost of games, with Steam sales and all those great bundles like Humble, games prices on PC are amazing.
  • Indie game selection is huge and I love any small time game.
  • The best visuals, if you are in to that sort of thing.
  • Accessories, consoles just can't match what you can plug in to your PC to make gaming more fun. While these days first person shooters are not bad with a control, the keyboard and mouse still lays waste to the old joypad. More selection of steering wheels, joysticks and other wee gizmos you can find.
  • Charity, what? charity? what am I on you ask. Well as mention Humble is a great place for games but also does some great things for charities and especially ones I can get behind.
  • Socialable. For some reason I keep seeing on twitter how PC gaming isn't all that socialable, what are they talking about!!! Some of the best gamers I've played with are on PC and they are a friendly bunch. MMOs are a great meeting place and lets not forget the access to forums like these and others on the net.
  • Probably more but getting sleepy lol


  • Hardware can be quite expensive
  • Damn those console exclusives
  • Bad developers with those lazy ports.


Consoles Advantage

  • Console exclusive games, its all about the games.
  • The sheer ease of set up and running a console
  •  Physical copy of games is very much still a thing


  • Accessories can be expensive
  • Games can be expensive, digital and hardware.
  • Console exclusives lol
  • Pay walls, especially for online gaming.

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Positive for pc

- Better control of it parts break you can just replace that part


Negative for pc

- That part might cost an arm to replace.


Positives for consoles

-  You can easily take it anywhere because of the compact size


A negative for consoles

- With the new gen systems you have to pay to play online (reference to PS4).

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I'm becoming more a pc gamer but still play on cosoles. I find anyone who says one is intrinsically superior is usually ignoring the disadvaneges of their chosen favorite. What you find superior is dependent on preffereces predominantly. could go into details but thats already been done above.

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Oh I know we've had one of these before! Well to reinstate; I have no preference. I just play what I play how I play when I want to. Sure there's the money factor but Rome wasn't built in a fucking week and nether was my collection. Taking in that factor and how long I've been gaming I see an advantage on the console side but when I got my first rig the definition of gaming changed for me and suddenly it was weird not to play with folks. Personally I am very seclusive but I've gotten good at controlling it and social skills have been added to my arsenal of life skills because of PC gaming, not to say that I still don't seclude myself but allot less than before. I guess you can say that's why I was on for an extended period of time but then would just fall off. So to conclude... PC Master Race.

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there is one argument which i think should be made for pc's as it is something that is very important to anyone for whom it is relevant and that's portability and size. even though desktops aren't portable gaming laptops are and while console developers have attempted to make consoles more travel friendly over the years the reality is they never really succeeded. not to mention that a laptop takes up very little space so if your pushed for room their a good option. The downside on the other hand is that gaming laptop pc' cost more, do less and are harder to repair. oh and i use a gaming laptop (obvious) though if i didn't need to move it about so much I'd probably be a console gamer with a lower spec gaming pc for a few of my favourite indie games.

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Expensive as shit to maintain.

Epensive as shit to build anything worthwhile.

You have to wait forveer optimizing your games before you can play assuming you don't get some error you have to fix before you can even play it at all.

You wait longer or forever for multipltform ports.

You also get watered down games, i.e. game is restricted to console limitations.

Very few worthwhile exclusives.

Usually no split-screen.



Pay to play.

No mods.

If you get a problem with system/game you only have a limited amount of options to fix it or you're fucked.

System locked save files.

Limited in control options.

You have to wait for official support for patches if they ever even happen.

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I''m varied


While PC for me is the best way to game, it requires a bit of money to do so. You gotta update old hardware so you get the most just on gaming.

It's just an added expense, plus actually buying the game. Well..... you can download the games for free. But I'd still be paying more.

But in the end, the games play so much sweeter and and the graphics are just.... better.


Consoles are pretty easy to use and don't require upgrading as all the games are set to a specific setting. The down side is.... come about 4 years later and the games don't look that good on the console, and you see these guys gaming on the PC and the graphics look so much better than on your PS3. And if you got some shitty error, you're pretty much screwed unless it was just a one time thing.


In general, PC gaming is better than console.

However, not everyone has the cash to make their gaming experience on the PC a pleasure.


So this debate really depends on how much money you got XD

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I prefer console gaming because it's easier, but I do realize that PC gaming has superior advantages.


Maybe after I get a job I'll build an awesome gaming rig and only play console exclusives etc.

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