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  1. ezikialrage

    DC's Doom Patrol (2019 DC Universe TV Series)

    I like the series so far. I just think the actor playing cyborg is too skinny looking. I never read the comics and only seen glimpse of the Doom Patrol in Teen Titans cartoon show. So I don't know how much of it is different from its source material.
  2. ezikialrage

    Goblin Slayer

    I enjoyed the series. I didn't really think it was that disturbing or intense. Then again I seen some anime like Higurashi no Naku Koro ni,Elfien lied, Ninja Scroll, Ninja Resurrection and some others.
  3. I loved both seasons of the Punisher. Very violent. I think if there was such a thing as super heroes and villains the heroes would be like the Punisher. For example just look at the Batman comics and cartoons. The formula is bad guy harms and or murders innocent people, he finds out who it is, he beats up the bad guy, the bad guy gets locked up and later that bad guy escapes to harm and kill more innocent people. What actual hero in their right mind would tolerate the bad guys they helped capture constantly escaping and doing the same shit over and over again? They wouldn't be spewing the line of they can't take a life because it would make them like the bad guy nonsense.
  4. ezikialrage

    ‘Arrow’ to End With Season 8 on The CW

    I started to lose interest around season five when they started to preach gun control with their ".Spectre of the Gun" episode.
  5. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Venom. I liked it. The way this venom looked is how he should have looked like in Spiderman 3. Tom Hardy's portrayal of Venom is way much better than Topher Grace's portrayal of Venom. I just saw a skinny nerd when I looked at Topher Grace doing Venom.Which the Eddie Brock character is not. I would have to say this Venom made up for the Venom in the Spiderman 3 movie. Donnie Darko (directors cut). I enjoyed the movie. I can see why its a cult classic.
  6. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Constantine(2005) - Good movie. But I do think there is a couple of flaws. Predator(2018) I enjoyed the movie.
  7. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Rampage. It was an okay movie.However there is a huge flaw in the movie.
  8. ezikialrage

    'Cowboy Bebop' Receives Live-Action TV Series

    I hope space science fiction is in these directors wheelhouse. If not then it might not turn out good. If the people who made Farscape, Andromeda , Firefly or any other decent television space science fiction series were to make a lice action Cowboy Bebop then it would be a pretty great series.
  9. ezikialrage

    Storage Options for Archiving

    I never had any problems with playback. Nor have I had any problems with copying information off the dvds. I usually use the cyberlink power2go program that came free with my dvd burder. I don't download 2 to 3 gig size episodes and 10 to 20 gig size movies unless there is no other option. True a hard drive is overall cheaper than burnable DVD. However 10 or 15 bucks for for a stack of burnable DVDs is is cheap. Plus its not like I am downloading a shitload of series all at ounce and trying to back them up on DVD. I use external hard drives for back up too. But if a hard drive goes out then I am out a bunch of series. If a dvd goes out then I am out a single or half series. If I find a better quality encode of a series then I toss out the old copy and burn a new own. A raid configuration does sound like a great idea. Most DVD players that can play video files from data DVDs are not going to play most anime encodes out there. A blu ray player on the other hand will. When I used to have a DVD player I would have to convert a lot of anime series to .avi container with a DivX or Xvid codec if I wanted to watch anime on my tv instead of my computer. If if was subbed anime I would have have to hard code the subs first before burning the files to a data dvd. They also couldn't exceed a certain video dimension size. If a dvd doesn't support playing video files from a data dvd then you would have to create a dvd video disc. Which you would need ConvertXtoDVD or some other similar program to create a dvd video. Which makes it play more like a traditional dvd with menus and chapters. If you are just wanting to watch download anime on your tv then A lot of blu ray players will let you pop in a USB flash drive. So you can just copy some video files to a flash drive, pop it into into the USB slot on your blu ray player and watch them on your tv. But you should check to see if that blu ray playe supports playing files from a usb flash drive and what formats and codecs your blu ray will play. However I don't know any that will play stylized soft subs.
  10. ezikialrage

    Storage Options for Archiving

    You need a dvd burner program and good quality burnable dvds. I use Memorex or Phillips burnable dvds. I usually do data dvds since they are they easiest. As long as you don't exceed the maximum space you should be able to easily burn anime to a dvd. The size of a burnable DVD I think is 4.7. Might be a little less than that, but most dvd burner programs will tell you if you exceeded the size. The number of episodes you can burn to a dvd depends on the size of the files themselves.
  11. ezikialrage

    Forgotten Cartoons

    Kidd Video. A cartoon from my youth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBQS1cgsEdU
  12. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Highlander. I watched this movie when I was younger and thought it was cool.When I watched it again I thought some of the scenes were were unnecessarily over the top or way over exaggerated. Anyone who has used a stone to sharpen a blade would never sharpen a blade like that.Also the idea someone who has lived for centuries engaging in countless sword fights would still have the same exact sword is laughable. As far as I know none of the movies released in the theaters never made their money back in the theaters but yet there is a bunch of movie sequels, a couple cartoons and a couple live action series.
  13. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Jurassic World. I liked but I find it flawed.
  14. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    An old early 80s movie called Deathstalker. Horrible special effects and make up and some plot holes. If the Conan movies were made by a B-movie director that is what DeathStalker is. It was entertaining and did have topless women in it. Dragon Slayer. Nice special effects for the time the movie came out.Although there did seem to be some inconsistencies in the dragon's size and some of the holes the dragon was supposed to use to get out of the cave.
  15. ezikialrage

    Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer.

    I like both Star Wars and Star Trek.But if I had to pick one over the other then I pick Star Trek.More movies, more series, and different cannons.