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  1. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    An old early 80s movie called Deathstalker. Horrible special effects and make up and some plot holes. If the Conan movies were made by a B-movie director that is what DeathStalker is. It was entertaining and did have topless women in it. Dragon Slayer. Nice special effects for the time the movie came out.Although there did seem to be some inconsistencies in the dragon's size and some of the holes the dragon was supposed to use to get out of the cave.
  2. ezikialrage

    Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer.

    I like both Star Wars and Star Trek.But if I had to pick one over the other then I pick Star Trek.More movies, more series, and different cannons.
  3. This is good news. I have been wondering when this is going to to get a second season.
  4. ezikialrage

    [movies and series: Dubbing or original]

    I prefer dubs. I would rather not read while watching tv.
  5. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Black Panther.Pretty good movie. The Last Jedi. It was okay, not great
  6. ezikialrage

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    Cartoons are cartoons regardless of where they are made and who they are made for. I know that to the Japanese all cartoons are anime. However outside of Japan when people say anime they are specifically talking about cartoons made in Japan primarily for a Japanese audience. This is why cartoons that were outsourced to Japan don't count as anime. If it outsourced animation work counted as anime then a lot of cartons from ThunderCats to Tiny Toons would be considered anime. Heck Family Guy would be considered Korean animation if we went by where a cartoon was outsourced to. I do remember in the 1990s buying anime and it was refereed to as Japananimation. Usually when anime fans outside of Japan are trying to call a cartoon outside of Japan a anime they seem to be unaware of the fact that anime is very diverse in animation and drawing style sand is diverse in what kind of stories it tells. They think because the characters have big pan cake eyes and tells a story that's interesting them that somehow that is the criteria for what an anime is. Lots of anime don't look Sailor Moon, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, or even Great Teacher Onizuka. Some of it looks like Dead Leaves, Tekkonkinkreet , Mind Games, Angels Egg, Crayon Shin Chan, Cat Soup, Tale of the White Serpent, Momotaro's Divine Sea Warriors, Kowabon, Cat Shit One, Belladona of Sadness, or even Japan's longest running anime series Sazae-san. Requiem from the Darkness looks like something comic book artist Sam Kieth would draw instead of what many would consider a typical anime style.
  7. ezikialrage

    Can RWBY get its home in the Anime Section?

    I think trying to classify something a cartoon outside of Japan as anime because it has some of the animation and drawing styles of anime is absurd. Lot of cartoons outside of Japan borrow animation and drawing styles from cartoons inside Japan and many Japanese cartoons IE anime borrow anime and drawing styles from cartoons outside of Japan.
  8. ezikialrage

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Justice league. I enjoyed it. Blade Runner. Watching this you can tell the creator of the Ghost in the Shell movie must have been a fan. I enjoyed the movie but it felt kind of slow paced Blade Runner 2040. I enjoyed it. It felt faster paced than the first movie but not as visually stunning as the first movie.
  9. ezikialrage

    What Movies Do You Want To See Remade?

    Willow The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Flash Gordon
  10. ezikialrage

    How did you guys found kametsu?

    Cartoon-world went down and was directed here.
  11. ezikialrage

    The best web browser on windows operating systems

    I prefer Firefox.Lots of add ons and you can easily configure it so that it doesn't save where you been. I don't like Google Chrome. I call it snitch-ware because it saves where you been and it seems like you got to constantly clean it with Ccleaner,Super Anti-Spyware out to get it to run right.
  12. ezikialrage

    Marvel's Iron Fist (2017 TV Series)

    I enjoyed Iron Fist.I enjoyed it a lot better than Jessica Jones.
  13. ezikialrage

    Manga Vs Anime

    I think anime is better. It brings motion to the characters and gives them voices. Thus in a sense making them appear alive.
  14. ezikialrage

    4K Media - Are you making the jump?

    I'll wait until the costs go down and there is a wider selection of 4k media.