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  1. dealvidit

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Spring 2018

    High School DxD
  2. Cannot PM you because it says here "this user cannot receive PMs". Can you please clear a few messages so that I can PM you?

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    2. dealvidit


      Lol I really wanted to PM him because he stated that we can PM him if we want an AnimeBytes invite. I even bought a seedbox from seedboxes.cc so that I can maintain ratio and not get banned.

    3. deanzel


      Sorry, I don't do invites anymore as my invite privileges got revoked after I invited too many Kametsu people :P I thought that I deleted all mentions of PM'ing for an invite, but you found the one that still remained :o I just got rid of it. Easiest way to get in is to just fill out the application once they open up again.

    4. dealvidit


      Oh okay. Thank you for replying!

  3. I really love the Steins;Gate release! The amount of effort it must've took is instantly recognizable from that really detailed description! P.S. I was trying to PM you for the AnimeBytes invite and it says here that you cannot receive PMs. So is there any other way I can contact you regarding it?
  4. dealvidit

    Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Hey there! The content is much curated here than Nyaa!