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Found 2 results

  1. I just started playing Far Cry 4, any tips to find weapons, collectibles etc.
  2. Now I know there is probably a thread for this already but I couldn't be assed trawling for it, plus this is for a fresh discussion. But anyway, here goes. Obviously everyone knows about the shootings earlier in Conneticut and the Aurora shootings are still fresh in many peoples minds. So today while watching the news Obama was purportedly trying to pass a new bill too limit the sale of assault weapons, high capacity ammo clips and obligatory back ground checks on all gun purchases. Now as someone who is an outsider and who doesn't live the US I feel that this is too little too late, but then again I've never lived in a country that has lax gun laws, where almost anyone can own a gun. Also, considering I've never liked guns (I'm a blade person myself, ) I've always found the American fascination with guns to be somewhat off putting and almost barbaric. This is not me intending to insult Americans or gun lovers in general, but how I feel about guns in general; they are tool designed solely to kill. So I come to the purpose of this thread. What is everyone's opinions on this matter? Do you believe guns should be regulated or even outright banned from civilian purchase? Do you think that, in the case of the Second Amendment of the US, that the right to arms is somewhat archaic or not needed in present society? Of course, I also ask the same for all gun laws, everywhere. Also, what do people think is another way to prevent gun violence and those that perpetrate it? Also, considering that not all of the population of this forum are Americans, what is everyone else's opinions on their country's gun laws or how they are handled/treated? Heck, what are peoples opinions on guns in general?
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