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  1. sloppyjoe103

    Writing a Manga

    The first girl her name is Stephanie and the other is Professor Kira. I haven't worked out the last names of the characters. Thanks, it took me a while to get the shading down. No I haven't, but when i do i will post it. I went for a difficult pose to drawn to see if i could do it lol. I am currently compiling the story together so the events all go together.
  2. sloppyjoe103

    Black Clover

    Things are getting interesting now, I think.
  3. sloppyjoe103

    Writing a Manga

    I am writing a manga and have a decent about of it written and i would like everyone's opinion on the two characters i have drawn. You can be really critical or not, on my characters, I will take any feedback. I used a combination of Photoshop and a 3D model.
  4. sloppyjoe103

    Assasination classroom

    It has an interesting story to it and if you like Anime that involves teachers helping students, you should love it.
  5. sloppyjoe103

    PC vs Console gaming

    Positive for pc - Better control of it parts break you can just replace that part Negative for pc - That part might cost an arm to replace. Positives for consoles - You can easily take it anywhere because of the compact size A negative for consoles - With the new gen systems you have to pay to play online (reference to PS4).
  6. sloppyjoe103

    PC vs Console gaming

    What are your thoughts on PC gaming vs. Console Gaming? What are the positive and negatives of both?
  7. sloppyjoe103

    Assassin's Creed Unity

    I'm a die hard Assassin Creed fan along other things and I play it for the storyline and the idea behind the game. My question is what makes a game truly horrible, the mechanics or the storyline?
  8. sloppyjoe103

    Special Thanks to Kametsu

    Hello I would also like to give thanks Thank You for everyone who contributes to Kametsu and the staff of Kametsu, Keep it up!
  9. sloppyjoe103

    Greetings Everyone

    :)Hello Everyone I am finally back. School has been getting intense and I have not been able to make my appearance. It is nice to see new faces!