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  1. I managed to figure this out already!! lol I just removed the SD2VITA adapter and that "restored" my original softmod and copied over my ux0 folder to the SD2VITA adapter using VitaShell and rebooted my Vita!! Then I reopened Autoplugin II and reconfigured the settings for where the softmod is installed and now it's working as normal!! lol
  2. So I hacked my psvita sometime ago and now I managed to change a setting in autoplugin 2 to where my homebrew would be installed to the SD2VITA adapter then rebooted. It loads up the menu and my vita is at stock OS (My custom theme is gone, my homebrew is missing...) but I do still have the HENkaku Settings option in the Settings app!! lol I remember I did this once before and was able to get everything back the way it was before but I don't remember how I did that cause it was yrs ago now!! lol I have a Vita 2000 Enso - 3.60 FW SD2Vita - 400GB I also changed some settings from autoplugins 2 changed the install path for ux0 from internal NAND to SD2VITA!! lol If there's away to change this back let me know!! lol
  3. Ok I'll try to give as much detail as I can about this issue I'm having with one of my Mac Minis... So I have a Mid 2012 Mac Mini that I just installed OS X High Sierra via Internet Recovery Mode (Installed all necessary updates) then upgraded to macOS Mohave that I'm just using as a "Mojave" Server only to run 32bit apps on. Once that finished installing I (installed all required updates) went to System Preferences > Sharing pane and enabled Screen Sharing, File Sharing, and Remote Login just as I did when I setup my Late 2018 Mac Mini as my Emby Media Server that has macOS Catalina installed. Everything is on the same network in my bedroom and I use my Macbook Pro 13-Inch to connect to my Emby Server no problem in the Finder window, but for some reason my Mojave Server isn't listed in Finder at all. I have my Mid 2017 Macbook Pro 13-Inch connected via Wifi and both Mac Minis (Mid 2012 and Late 2018) connected via Ethernet and automatic login in enabled for quick access on both Mac Minis and two dummy HDMI adapters plugged in to each Mac Minis so I don't have to have them taking up HDMI ports on a HDMI splitter I have hooked up to my TCL 4KTV!! lol Thank you for all the help in helping me figuring out this issue I am having right now.
  4. I just bought a digital gift card off apple.com and was wondering how do you activate it to use in the Mac App Store running macOS?? lol I mean stupid question but it's a pain in the ass to figure out something that's supposed to be so simple!! lol
  5. I just jailbroke my PS3 Slim and I'm downloading game updates for the games I just ripped to my HDD and wondering is there an app for Windows 10 other than PS3 Updates Finder cause that app only goes up to 4.55 and want to download all updates for 4.85.2CFW I have installed?? lol
  6. That is so weird, anyway I just bought a VGA to HDMI cable off Amazon and should get here tomorrow!! lol
  7. I already tried booting with 1 RAM stick installed and same prob. @Bal60 When I press the power button I get just 1 amber light show up then a white light art the system turns on! My TV that I have this hooked up to just has HDMI so I bought an HDMI to Displayport adapter off Amazon.
  8. Inspecting the RAM to check if it were ECC Buffered I noticed that 1 stick says 2GB 1Rx8 10600U-9-10-A0 and the other says 2GB 1Rx8 10600U-9-11-A1 if that matters!! lol
  9. Na there's no problem with any of that!
  10. I had recently bought a Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF off ebay with no operating system installed but when I boot it up there's no Dell logo splash screen like usual to enter in the BIOS. I even took out a 512GB SSD with Windows 10 installed and put it in the 9010 and same problem! Specs: Intel Core i7 3770 4GB 1600MHz RAM 500GB HDD
  11. I'm thinking of buying a Dell Precision 3420 or 3620 and replacing everything in the case. My question is what size Motherboard is in either case (Mini ITX, ITX, etc.)?
  12. Alice your sig isn't showing up in the poll!! lol
  13. Ok so I've had my XBOX 360 E for a few years with a 3rd party HDD and just bought a Microsoft Brand OEM HDD from Amazon and I can't seem to be able to get to recognize in the 360! I did format it externally but I just can't get it to recognize it internally, but it does notice the 4GB RAM just not the Internal OEM HDD!! lol Is there a way to "de"register the 3rd Party HDD so I can use the OEM HDD as the default drive? lol
  14. I thought you wouldn't be entered if you didn't have a theme picked out!? lol
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