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  1. dn_angel000

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    That is so weird, anyway I just bought a VGA to HDMI cable off Amazon and should get here tomorrow!! lol
  2. dn_angel000

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    I already tried booting with 1 RAM stick installed and same prob. @Bal60 When I press the power button I get just 1 amber light show up then a white light art the system turns on! My TV that I have this hooked up to just has HDMI so I bought an HDMI to Displayport adapter off Amazon.
  3. dn_angel000

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    Inspecting the RAM to check if it were ECC Buffered I noticed that 1 stick says 2GB 1Rx8 10600U-9-10-A0 and the other says 2GB 1Rx8 10600U-9-11-A1 if that matters!! lol
  4. dn_angel000

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    Na there's no problem with any of that!
  5. dn_angel000

    Dell OptiPlex 9010 issue

    I had recently bought a Dell Optiplex 9010 SFF off ebay with no operating system installed but when I boot it up there's no Dell logo splash screen like usual to enter in the BIOS. I even took out a 512GB SSD with Windows 10 installed and put it in the 9010 and same problem! Specs: Intel Core i7 3770 4GB 1600MHz RAM 500GB HDD
  6. dn_angel000

    Dell Precision 34/3620

    I'm thinking of buying a Dell Precision 3420 or 3620 and replacing everything in the case. My question is what size Motherboard is in either case (Mini ITX, ITX, etc.)?
  7. dn_angel000

    SOTW #293: Uniform

    Alice your sig isn't showing up in the poll!! lol
  8. dn_angel000

    XBOX 360 E HDD HELP!

    Ok so I've had my XBOX 360 E for a few years with a 3rd party HDD and just bought a Microsoft Brand OEM HDD from Amazon and I can't seem to be able to get to recognize in the 360! I did format it externally but I just can't get it to recognize it internally, but it does notice the 4GB RAM just not the Internal OEM HDD!! lol Is there a way to "de"register the 3rd Party HDD so I can use the OEM HDD as the default drive? lol
  9. dn_angel000

    SOTW #276: Bokeh [VOTE NOW]

    I thought you wouldn't be entered if you didn't have a theme picked out!? lol
  10. dn_angel000

    SOTW #272: Underwater [Vote Now]

    old sig... THEME: Render
  11. dn_angel000

    SOTW #261: Food [CLOSED]

  12. dn_angel000

    SOTW #261: Persona 5 Game [CLOSED]

    THEME: Overwatch
  13. dn_angel000

    SOTW #260: Dark Souls [CLOSED]

  14. dn_angel000

    SOTW #259: Halloween [Vote Now]

  15. dn_angel000

    SOTW #246: Toradora [CLOSED]

    DBZ Resurrection F