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  1. Anyone one who was expecting Nintendo's online service to remain free is an idiot. It happened with Sony. Also, the prices of the accessories are atrocious. I'm still glad I got the Masters Edition of Breath of the Wild lol.
  2. From my understanding UEFI is a newer version of the BIOS interface which can support higher than 2TB capacities. Any BIOS Utility that has a GUI is UEFI. The older interface (regular BIOS) just has a blue screen with text. This is what a UEFI interface looks like (look at the top left), it has a GUI: Whereas the old BIOS interface looks like this: But again I'm not sure.
  3. Don't worry I'm aware of this. Usually if the drive is clean then Windows would set the drive to GPT instead of MPR. But the important thing is for the motherboard to support UEFI.
  4. Thanks for the help guys! I just wanted to be sure since the term "Enterprise SSD" kinda scared me. Good to know it works like a regular drive. I was going to use the normal Samsung 850 Pro (2TB) as my OS drive. But since I was given the 3.84TB SSD and the fact that I install a lot of programs I thought it would be appropriate to use that. Also I've read that Enterprise SSDs last longer so I thought why not.
  5. Hey, guys I just got one question. I just got a Samsung 3.84TB Enterprise SSD from someone (it was free), and I was wondering if it works on standard PCs. I am aware that enterprise SSDs are mainly used for data centers, but I just wanted to know if I can add it to my PC with no issues. Can it also be used as an OS drive?
  6. Rumors are suggesting that the Switch might be using the Maxwell architecture instead of Pascal. Basically the Switch will have a version of the Tegra X1 that's gimped (so technically they're using a custom chip, just not a good one). So much for wanting a robust system (for a handheld that is). I know it's a rumor but so far every disappointing news about Nintendo always turned out real. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2016-nintendo-switch-spec-analysis
  7. I'm hoping it's rocking Nvidia's Pascal architecture. If so that would be awesome.
  8. Consoles are going to be like smartphones lol. We'll be buying new ones every year.
  9. Mighty No. 9 Can't believe I backed that piece of sh*t. I want my f*cking money back!
  10. I understand the hate for 4K. 4K didn't have the same smooth transition as 1080p. Heck TV manufacturers are already making 8K displays.
  11. Actually there were rumors saying that it's weaker than the PS4. Since this is Nintendo I believe it. NX will likely be extremely underpowered compared to the upcoming Neo and Scorpio. So it will definitely disappoint in terms of power. But I'm hoping I'm wrong. As for cartridges I'm interested to see how it's going to be handled.
  12. I've always wanted an Elder Scrolls styled Zelda game. So I'm very much looking forward to this. This is honestly the first time I've looked forward to a Zelda game in a long time (Didn't care for Skyward Sword).
  13. Yo! How've ya been?

    1. Arian


      Ayyy!! :D


      I've been okay, how 'bout you, bro?

    2. SenshiKeizu


      Busy with Uni. Overall good :)

    3. Arian


      Glad to hear it. We should talk more. ^^

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