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  1. Thank you both for the advice and options.
  2. @Nabull: I have that bookmarked already. XD Still, nice to know I was in the same general direction. @Scyrous: That looks pretty good as well. Question to both of you/anyone...is it worth getting those 12GB, instead of 8GB, of RAM for multi-tasking? And, as someone who has never had a dual drive option (separate SSD and traditional HDD) is there any issues with having two drives in a laptop? I've had multiple desktop with several HDDs, but never a laptop.
  3. @Nabull: A combination of media, such as video and some gaming, plus multitasking. As long as I can run games like GalCiv3 and Civ5BNW smoothly, that's all I really need gaming wise. -I've got a 3DS, Vita, PS3, PS4, etc for anything else.
  4. So my current, barely functional, laptop is finally on the way to the great junkyard in the sky. Between a battery ON FIRE, and 5/6 years on travel abuse...it's time to move on. As this is my workhorse, being treated more like a desktop than a laptop, I'd love to get some recommendations to replace it. Would rather not spend than 500USD, though I'd be willing to go up to 700USD if there's a good enough reason to. Also: Don't care about touchscreen. My current is an HP w/o touch and I'm happy with it.
  5. You kids. I still have every Pokemon game, with their box, from the GB to the DS. XD Yes, even the damn Pinball game. -AAA batteries FTW!
  6. FF12ZA:CE
  7. I can't do pictures...I've got over 1000 games. XD
  8. But, seriously, I do preper Win8.1 After the, well...usually...uninstalling of useless/bloatware shit, it's run damn good for years.
  9. Have they fixed the 'spying on you' feature of Win10?
  10. I'd say go with Win8.1 Win10 is a clusterfuck and, at least from personal experience, Win8.1 runs better than Win10.
  11. Stronghold.Crusader.HD.Enhanced.Edition
  12. Batman: Brave & The Bold (WII): It's a REALLY solid side scroller.
  13. A Pro-Athlete makes lots of money, but a Scientist actually contributes to the betterment of humanity. HOWEVER, a Pro-Athlete could use their love of science to fund multiple scientists...thus bettering humanity while at the same time being rich as fuck. So? Pro-Athlete...who funds the scientists. Question: Would you rather never have to consume substance again (didn't have to eat/drink, I mean, ya COULD, but you wouldn't HAVE to) or would you rather never have to sleep again?
  14. I can't afford the medication I need for my chronic migraines. 'Murica, fucking aye.
  15. The female enemies from God Hand. I mean, you use the nut buster on them and all they do is laugh at you. Dayum.