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  2. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Last night I started a new game in Civ5:BNW. Biggest map. Largest amount of city states and AI nations. Quick research. The French, they are my bitches. They tried to take out one of my major cities with their crossbow armies...I took them out with my WW1 soldiers. Took half their territory before they finally asked for surrender.
  3. Random Talk.

    Watching the news and there's been ANOTHER mass shooting.
  4. What is your favorite ps 2 videogame ?

    Another game to look out for: SkyGunner - It's a open air flying shooter, like Ace Combat, but more 'anime style' and arcade like. Fun game, though at times tough as hell.
  5. What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Prey (PS4): Extra Creditz made it look pretty interesting. Wipeout (PS4): Less new game and more PSP/V games with some nicer graphics, still a fun game. Ys 8 (PS4): Got distracted by the pretties...gonna beat this game some day.
  6. Laptop Buying help!

    It was closed. VERY strong, industrial strength, open acid bottle was put near my laptop in the break/lunch room (a 'no chemicals of any kind' place) because of new guy with no brains. It got knocked over and burned though the screen, into the the guts itself, and even ruined most of the table. You'd think the dozen or so 'death' - 'this shit burns' - 'warning: fumes can liquefy your flesh' - 'serious, fucking DEATH MAKER' labels would have clued the guy in. -He got 'let go' a few days later...can't have someone working around that level of danger who is dumb enough to take and open a bottle of acid in the EATING area. Thankfully I'm pretty anal about my back-ups so the most I lost was the time needed to restore, plus my company paid for a replacement (2 years newer, so, YAY!).
  7. Laptop Buying help!

    Buying a mac is like buying a shirt with the Mickey Mouse on it. You end up playing way more for just the logo, at least that's how it was about 5 years ago when I was building custom PCs. Laptop MAY be different, but given Apple's history of style-first, I doubt it. Personally, I've never had any major issues with HP laptops, the last three have been 17in and have all lasted several years...even in the face of my rather harsh treatment of them. -Only for days at a time, on during a bus ride, being used in the oil industry. My last laptop had to be replaced because some acid accidentally got on it. RiP old fried, burnt a hole right through the screen. XD
  8. What is your favorite ps 2 videogame ?

    @olympustenay: Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam It's a solid B-Movie type game with an INSANE roster of mobile suits to play with.
  9. who is your favorite comics superhero?

    Bomb Queen?
  10. New Star Trek Series To Start 2017

    It's a pretty good ride, thus far.
  11. What is your favorite ps 2 videogame ?

    I...don't...know. I've got 500 PS2 games. So...uh...yeah. Maybe MSG:GvZG? SO MANY to choose from.
  12. What game have you spent the MOST time playing?

    Either TES game or Chrono Cross.
  13. [Voting] Anime of Summer 2017

    Knight's & Magic was a LOT of fun, and it looks like SE2 is going to happen. Made in Abyss I still haven't seen yet, the art style just throws me off.