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  1. TF:D
  2. Berserk? Hotel (One Shot) Bitter Virgin
  3. Armored Core - Verdict Day Only AC game I didn't own/play until yesterday.
  4. Used to be torrents...but now I don't know. Nyaa was the last free tracker I regularly bookmarked/followed for anime. BakaBT is STILL down...so, yeah.
  5. It's also FUNNY. I mean, at least I found it funny. Kind of reminds me of 'Office Space' in humor.
  6. There's plenty of 'laptop' HDDs out there bigger than 2TB. Also: The issue with an external HDD is that it requires another power source and hardware. With a HDD INSIDE the PS4...there's a LOT less that can go wrong. I do tend to 'hoard games' because my internet isn't the best. Better to download once than have to wait a two or three days to replay it. They can actually go up to 8TB, if you can find the right drive. There are tuts out there for it.
  7. Just be sure to get a bigger HDD. I've got a 4TB in mine and it's GLORIOUS. Those updates and mandatory installs can get INSANE.
  8. 128GB micro-SD card or my N3DS. Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
  9. It's still Misty. :P
  10. Thanks to using a bus and my mom's chemo, which takes about 3-6 hours...I've been playing a LOT of my 3DS. SSB, Mario Kart, Pokemon, SMT4, etc. I'm still shit at SSB, but I'm finally getting the hang of it again. I'm going to get a bigger SD card.
  11. 6981
  12. Saga of Evil was fantastic. Demi-chan was cute. Maid was also a fun watch.
  13. PC has more options via things like mods, but the platform is also missing a LOT of consoles only games like Persona 5. Consoles lack, say, power and the best of the mods, but the games also just tend to 'work'.
  14. Digital Cable - Every satellite company I've used as sucked. Black Sabbath with Ozzy or Black Sabbath with Dio?
  15. Get it and then make sure NOT to update it. I just flashed my New 3DS. <3