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  1. @Topken: You're thinking of someone else. Last time I was an active uploader is when MegaUpload was still a thing and Rapidshare/MediaWHATEVER didn't suck. XD
  2. @Topken: Maybe posts got eaten, or I logged out for too long or or or or...I actually have no idea how this system works. XD
  3. Wow...so, yeah. That story description did NOT sell me.
  4. I still have the originals, but it is nice to see such a fantastic group of games getting some remastered love. Now, if only, Atlus would release some kind of 'MegaTen' collection.
  5. Probably Robotech. Sure, it's a bit of a fucked up chimera, but it's got a good nostalgia factor for me.

    >At Wal-Mart.
    >Fat lady is screaming at manager(?).
    >Turns out it's because her heavy ass is too much motorized shopping cart.
    >She's demanding gift card.

    >Manager gives it to her.

    >'Murica: Thank Gaia I don't work retail anymore.

  7. When a religious/ethnic/gender/etc MAJORITY starts talking about how they're 'not ashamed for who they are' and start playing like their oppressed. It's make me wanna go...
  8. The OG Star Wars online. They REALLY fucked that game up. >>
  9. Use MAL? A lot of series have a 'if you liked this, you'll like this' section.
  10. Just here to tell ya the Steven Universe links have been replaced!
    Only just finding out about this 8 hours later after you posted

    your message haha!

    Thanks, also love your Tanya avatar!

  11. Elder Scrolls Online
  12. ESO: I kind of dig the game, too bad my bounty is so damn high. XD
  13. I'm not sure. I've got the whole .hack series for the PS2, and I'm told they're pretty pricey. I've also got an insane amount of Atlus games, including the original Revelations: Persona and Rule of Rose. So...yeah. Also I have three versions of Marvel VS Capcom 2. Xbox - Dreamcast - PS2