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  1. @olympustenay: Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Zeta Gundam It's a solid B-Movie type game with an INSANE roster of mobile suits to play with.
  2. Bomb Queen?
  3. It's a pretty good ride, thus far.
  4. I...don't...know. I've got 500 PS2 games. So...uh...yeah. Maybe MSG:GvZG? SO MANY to choose from.
  5. Either TES game or Chrono Cross.
  6. Knight's & Magic was a LOT of fun, and it looks like SE2 is going to happen. Made in Abyss I still haven't seen yet, the art style just throws me off.
  7. TMNT: MiM - Great game, with the expected quality that a Platinum game delivers. C&C2: Yuri's Revenge - I think the series never got better than this or Tiberium Sun. Metriod: Samus Returns - Yes, it's good.
  8. This game kind of broke my heart. It's got everything I want in a Gundam game, except it's a MP focus. -Plus, it has something like 50USD in DLC! WTF? I don't like MP focused games...it's just not my thing. Shame...maybe when it hits the 20USD mark I'll pick it up.
  9. Knight's & Magic
  10. 9 PS4 games
  11. Just waiting for the second season... Already own all 5 books...
  12. Here's my question...Why can't I play 3DS games on the Switch (or WiiU). Hell, even just DS games? I've got a DS emulator that runs pretty good...why the hell Nintendo?
  13. Your post is bad and you should feel bad. Not only is the term 'tranny' inappropriate...you also, clearly, lack any knowledge of the show's lore. The Doctor. The Master. Neither were the first of the Time Lords/Ladies to switch 'genders'. Hell, some from Gallifrey even have had more than one head. So, yeah.
  14. IT'S OUT! IT'S FUN. IT'S THE NEXT GENERATION FOR Ys! The music is really amazing, I can't wait for the full OST to drop. The game play is solid and requires a bit of thinking. The mini bosses are fun, with enjoy variety to justify their pop. New comers should enjoy the new graphical style, you don't actually NEED to have played any of the previous games to 'get it'. Old comers should enjoy the evolution of the series, it's still the game series you love...just a bit more modern. The 'building a settlement' aspect is pretty cool and kind of reminds me of Dark Cloud 2, plus the character heavy drama is nice. My only, major, issue is the DLC. While not NEEDED to play the game, it does suck that there's several 'add-ons' that basically function as 'if you're lazy and you know, pay us to wrek dis gaem.' Never really been a fan of DLC that doesn't add anything, it's like the 'pay to have all collectables found' crap from Assassin's Creed. Seems like a shitty way to cheat.