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  1. Tanis

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Far Cry New Dawn MotherGunShip Mario+Rabbits
  2. Tanis

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Assassin's Creed Rouge Remastered Assassin's Creed Origins Everspace
  3. Tanis

    The Video Game Deals Thread

    GameStop is having their Pro Sale today...it's, okay. Best deals, I think, are the AC:O and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for 20USD.
  4. Tanis

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    AC: Rouge Remastered (PS4): It's probably my favorite AC game, given that it's set in AC3's map with AC4's gameplay. XD
  5. Tanis

    Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

    It's weird that the only 'exclusives' I can think of for the Xbox are also on PC... Weird, right?
  6. Now just waiting for them to get REALLY bold and, I don't know...make a FireFly anime. XD
  7. Tanis

    Captain Marvel

    I hope it's good...though I hope they don't just force though her origin. Seems like Ms Marvel is going to be written out of this film. Then again, that's probably not a bad thing given that one of the MS. Marvel's biggest story lines (in the comics) involved her getting brainwashed-raped, birthing her rapist, and then marrying her rapist. Probably no the kind of thing ya want in the MCU.
  8. Why is THREE HOURS such a huge deal? That used to be the NORM...but, I guess people are too damn fat and drink their giant sized soda to quickly.
  9. The first film was...just okay. Didn't really feel like it needed a sequel.
  10. Tanis


    Slime, yo.
  11. I hope Code Veronica is next. XD
  12. The movie series was basically Anderson saying 'look how hot my wife is doing action shit'. XD I hope the series is something more than just a retelling...
  13. Tanis

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Ace Combat 7 (PS4): Great game, wish there was more modes to play. -I'd LOVE for an 'endless wave' mod.