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  1. Switch: Hades KoA: Re-Reckoning Persona 5 Strikers TLoH: Trails of Cold Steel IV
  2. Doom Eternal (SWitch): Runs pretty good.
  3. Can't eat a hamburger or pizza without ripping it apart first. Habit I started when I had braces.
  4. How many Switch games do I have? Over 60? Why? Sales-Satan?
  5. @Tanis Did you switch to a different forum? You have been inactive for many months now.

    1. Tanis


      I haven't been very active online as a whole

      Even on 'real name' websites.
      No motivation, loads of work, and living in an area where the plague is getting worse.

  6. I'd be nice to live in a nation not run by idiots. :/
  7. I loved FF8 far more than FF7, so I'm down with this. Fix some of the translations issues (Is Ultimeca(sp?) Squall's daughter or Rionoa gone mad!?!) and expand the story so 'Eyes On Me' at the end can be even MORE devastating...and I'm good. Maybe fixing the BROKEN AS FUCK 'leveling' system would be nice as well.
  8. I love this series, but...at that point? I'll just get it for the PS5. It'll be another case of 'getting the collector's edition of a game for a console that I don't have yet'. :/
  9. Last season I watched was the one where the kid, Carel?, loses his eye. Sometimes stuff goes on for far too long.
  10. I haven't watched a new anime since 2018. Changed internet providers, so...getting kind of screwed with speeds. :/
  11. Necro bumping? For MegaTen thread? Tanis Approves. My heart will always have a spot for Revelations: Persona. It was the first non Square-Soft JRG that I not only played, but DEVOURED. I ended up wanting a PS2 because I heard Persona 3 was going to be exclusive to it...though I soon found out that Atlus sucked at releasing games 'on time'.
  12. I hope it doesn't suck...buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttt...yeah. Hey, at least She-RA PoP was pretty good.
  13. Aladdin/Lion King for Switch Found the special edition on sale, and figured 'why not?'.
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