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  1. i should just create a sub fourm or so call it Sakura's Hardware Corner and give people my 2 cents on hardware recommendations and stuff lol
  2. hmm well internal or not grab one of these https://www.ebay.com/itm/132743334304
  3. threadripper NAS uh waste of money, and the 2x network cards, get yourself a quad socket 1gbit or a 10GbE card + switch then maybe if just a NAS threadripper can be used for something else completely different
  4. operation download the internet is more or less haulted as i dont know what else to grab, 52TB free space, got my 24 bay 2.5" diskshelf online awaiting drives, had to wait for the $40 special SAS cable to come in to connect to an LSI controller and the diskshelf is Netapp branded so yah fun times
  5. its the running gag to have more then I at least on IRC
  6. thats weak, rookie numbers! @sunnycheeba
  7. overkill or go home, ok bed time
  8. you could load "xpenology" onto it however FreeNAS is known to do a ton, it comes with 2x1gbit connectors and i believe USB 2.0, you can install a 10 gigabit network card in it as well as a USB 3.0 card if enough PCIe slots are in it, you can load Windows server on it however dont really recommend windows your call, however i hear software drivebender (windows/paid) is good, however i run 4U 24 bay servers with linux loaded + RAID controllers for now (48x4TB total), as with Synology your locking into their eco-system and have to rely on their parts that can cost a ton in the event something fails, getting this unit for 900 is a damn good cost, you can replace the PSU's/mobo/etc whenever for something more "beefy" and with Synology, you have to buy their parts to "expand" which will cost more money, if money is not an issue then your call, just here to help save you money and do what me a storage hoarder does/thinking about buying for expansion/etc as to 45drives.com stuff its still a bit costly, and generally buying used hardware is ok for most (cept HDDs) millage may vary
  9. well you could store it in a closet/under your desk/etc, load with FreeNAS power is depending on how many drives you have installed, if 24/7 should eat no more then 500 watts fully loaded, however not sure on this, and depending on your power cost per kWh fully loaded might run you 15-25 USD/month however you can run plex, webserver/etc on it if you installed Linux itself and configured everything by hand instead of a simple GUI after a text installer
  10. well lets see, I was thinking on getting https://www.ebay.com/itm/153129096302 however dont have 900 to spend right now
  11. at that rate might just go with a 3/4U rackmount server and build your own at half the cost, like I have
  12. my nuku server died last week tried everything i could think of to get it back up but looks like the mobo gave up, and this is a $700 board if i replaced it with an exact same model, found a cheaper version of the board that is only 275.00 atm does not come with something I need, so board + a card + cables would come up to $450.00, if anyone is willing to help me get my main server back up and running PM me, thanks

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    2. SakuraChan


      one of my personal home servers with 64-cores and 128GB of ECC ram i use for websites, BD/DVD encoding, VMs, remote encoding for others to use, etc

    3. DJHulp


      Love to see a picture! ;)

    4. Golumpa


      I would if i could but my new figure purchases has set me back a bit...

  13. Tacos! but seriously Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
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