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  1. i could put it on one of my XDCC bots, 3 eps and a special
  2. its a good series with a good storyline
  3. my rack's cost a lot, and thats not all my servers just my better ones
  4. ok do I need to post pics of my "storage" guess i have to nao there 4 of ..... yeah
  5. *stares at moodkiller* *pulls out my 8" floppy disk's* Will have more Soon
  6. tell them the truth, call it porn, or multimedia, and the drives i am replacing are OLD 6-8 years old 2TB drives i have 10 more to order over time gonna be a whore and a half
  7. just ordered 4x4TB more
  8. Current Home Server Storage Stats: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 222G 39G 184G 18% / /dev/sdb1 11T 1.7T 9.3T 15% /media/MainStorage shinobu:/media/storage 80T 67T 13T 85% /media/storage sakura:/media/ExtraStorage 26T 11T 16T 40% /media/sakura-ExtraStorage sakura:/media/MainStorage 37T 25T 13T 67% /media/sakura-MainStorage total 153T 103T 50T 68% -
  9. You PC specs are ticking some people off :D

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    2. SakuraChan


      anime archiving ofc this is Storage Server #2 i am talking about, Storage Server #1 has 24x4TB in RAID6 for ~80TB storage, gonna do the same 24x4TB in RAID6 on server 2 for a total of 160TB storage across 2 servers

    3. Nabull
    4. Nabull


      BTW if you see ninja dogs around your house just give them your CPU, monitors, servers, hdds. And they'll leave without causing any trouble. 


      Also, give them some food and belly rubs

  10. nope, NukuServ|Archive, hosted from home
  11. its in IRC channel however packlist is to large for that site to work
  12. guess you havent seen 1 of my XDCC bots "Total Offered: 26TB, 62806 files"
  13. i did, everyone complained at the sucky upload speed so i stopped that for now
  14. lol a LOT of money i put into it, and still plan on adding more storage have 20x 2TB and 2x 500GB drives to replace in 1 system with 4TB or maybe even 8's, then replace other stuff elseware who wants to help fund this?
  15. as i sit here with a new Ryzen build and attached to my network storage of ~180TB mmmmmm good times