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  1. i did, everyone complained at the sucky upload speed so i stopped that for now
  2. lol a LOT of money i put into it, and still plan on adding more storage have 20x 2TB and 2x 500GB drives to replace in 1 system with 4TB or maybe even 8's, then replace other stuff elseware who wants to help fund this?
  3. as i sit here with a new Ryzen build and attached to my network storage of ~180TB mmmmmm good times
  4. get yourself a NAS or get an old used server slap in the closet and load with drives as most eexternal drives have weird SATA to USB cards in them that tend to die off soon
  5. LOL yep, screw encodes its all about storing BDMV's!!!
  6. when you have more storage then I do come talk to me untill then have fun with your drives in the red
  7. i just realized my upcoming build will only have 1TB of NVMe SSD and SATA III SSD storage space
  8. lol VM's websites running other tasks, you could say plex was an afterthought
  9. the art of computers = spend your monies
  10. you do realize there is multi RAID levels, your thinking of level 1 mirroring, and still its not really a backup just urge everyone to burn stuff to disc, cloud is you just store shit on someone else computer
  11. RAID is NOT a form of backup period you still have to back your stuff to discs or tape as i did loose a RAID5 volume in the past and lost my shit anyhow, so yes i had to redownload 60TB+ of data again my ISP was super happy
  12. you do realize you can do the advanced replacment crap they ship you a new drive and you can then use the same crap they use to ship it back, sure your out ~10 bucks but hey your the one that fucked up anyhow by placing it where you did, honestly i'd not even let you return it, and i dont believe they would honor your warrenty because it was not a defect but you just being clumsy, read the fine print
  13. anyhow my plex server consists of enterprise class server that holds 4 CPU's with 12 cores each, might upgrade later to 16 cores each, so right now 48 cores @ 2.1GHz sure might not be super fast but it does the job well, and with 128GB of ram, ~90TB of storage (not all for plex but a large chunk), I do have a "shit-ton" of BDMV's i plan on encoding/ripping to add to my overall library so i have my work cut out for me when i stop wanting to be lazy and set up the encoding jobs
  14. and the audio?
  15. start burning disc's